Tuesday, April 5, 2016

TV Talk Tuesday

We have so much TV to talk about today.  It was a crazy weekend on the TV front.
 As always there will be SPOILERS below so enter at your own risk.

Of course as I mentioned in yesterdays post I NEED to start with the Walking Dead. Oh my goodness what did everyone think?  I will say I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I thought he was awesome in his introduction of Negan. As far as the rest of the episode it was really blah and very slow.  I'm pretty much over Carol right now so I don't need to see any more of her and then the whole getting Rick and gang to drive around was slow to watch. I get that it was showing us how large and together the Saviors are and that will come into play I'm sure next season since we know that Rick et al have killed a ton of them and there are still so many more out there.  I also have a random thought about Dwight and Daryl. I'm wondering if in his own way Dwight was trying to help Daryl by shooting him.  With him injured it seems less likely that Negan would pick him to kill and if he wasn't hurt Dwight knows that he would put up a battle and that would get him killed.  Dwight has issues with Negan and is kindof stuck so just a thought but I'm guessing we'll see that played out.  So speaking of Negan and killing who all do you think it was?  I have not read the comics but I do know who it was in them and I'm thinking it has to be the same.  As much as I love Glen and will hate to see him go I think he is the most likely candidate and the one that will propel the story along the most.  My other thought is Abraham but I just don't think he has the same emotional punch that Glen's death will have.  But for now all we can do is wait and discuss and over analyze everything until Oct or at least until they start filming again and we can get some casting updates. :) I'm all about spoilers so I read it all and love it.

Next up is Supernatural. I feel like its been awhile since I've talked about my boys and well they had been on hiatus and then I was behind so I've watched the last couple of weeks recently.  I love Jim Beaver and his portrayal of Bobby.  I think having the boys basically on the same hunt that Bobby and Rufus did back in the day was a great way to have both sets of players on at the same time even though they didn't interact.  It did give a hint of a way that they could possible interact in the future if they could find another nest since it operates outside of time and space they could (well at least a version of them could) both  be in there an work together somehow.  Last weeks episode really tugged at the heartstrings and just thinking that Sam might die was agony. I'm glad it wasn't such a case but Dean is going to loose it if/when that every happens for good but really it is supernatural so death is hardly every permanent.  I am ready for the end of the season and the pick up of the Darkness story line and seeing where that leads. There are not many episodes left so the action will really be picking up.  

So I binged and caught up on Shadowhunters. I'm really liking where it is going and can't wait for the finale tonight.  I have not read the Mortal Instruments books so I have no idea if it is following along with that but either way I'm wondering if I should pick them up and give them a shot.  There is still a whole lot going on and I'm hoping that some of it will flush out in future seasons.  There is so much going on right now that I'm not even sure where to begin talking. The wedding last week was awesome and I loved it,  Clare and Jace being siblings is a bit weird and unexpected, Valentine is a baddie but is he really the end all baddie?  So much going on and I can't wait to find it all out.

Happy viewing,

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  1. yessss i'm ready for the arcs to pick back up. that ep was really good. remember NO SPOILERS until thursday night! sobs. the waiting is torture but not watching it in shit SD is worth it.


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