Saturday, May 30, 2015

Stinkin' Cute Scrapbook Page

Another page from my girls weekend. Again I was using some Project Life style cards I had here and mixing them in with Stampin' Up papers that I had.  This is also an older Stampin' Up Stamp set that I've always like and held onto. I tell C he is Stinkin' Cute all the time so it is very appropriate for him.

Happy Scrapping,

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Vroom Cool Scrapbook Page

When the girls came to my house the other week to scrapbook I wanted to use some of my Project Life kits but to make full 12x12 pages with them.  I like to do a mix of the two styles and I had a pile of random pictures so it was time to play.  This is a page I made by grabbing my Stampin' Up Project Life Playground kit.  I love the Stampin' Up kits so  that the colors are easy to match with the products I already have.  It makes putting a page together easier.

Calypso Coral is not a color I normally gravitate too but with the bright colors in the Playground set and the colors in Cs outfit and "ride" it just kindof fit for me.

One of the things I love about the Stampin' Up Project Life kits are the little accessory bundles. They have lots of fun little doodads for your pages. I used the bicycle and alphabet stickers here.

And a little arrow flag here.  

All in all a simple and bright page that is just fun.  It will be great to add to my book.  As usual my list of products is below. Right now we are getting ready for a new catalog to be released on June 2nd so some items are marked down. Of course that means they won't be available in the new catalog and unfortunately that is the case with the Playground Project Life kit.  So if you are interested in getting it now is the time!!!

Happy Scrapping,

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I'm back for another Thursday and a check-in and link up with Jen for some Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • C and I really haven't done a ton this week and we don't have many plans. We are going to make up for it next week with everything thing planned but for now he is happy to stay home and play with his stuff. ;) He gets this way when we've been out of town he just wants to touch all of his goodies.
  • We got a new hammock that I hung up outside to check it out real quick. I don't think this is its final spot but N loves it and has been in it every afternoon so far.

  • I've said this before (I think) that they are building a new shopping center just a few minutes from me and while I'm already excited that my new Target has been open for awhile they are now working on the other side and it has tons of restaurants.  I got a little to excited to see the Panera get signage yesterday and that it has a drive through.  My boys just don't love Panera so I'm glad that I will be able to easily pick something up for myself and take it home.

  • Who else plays words with friends? I only play a handful of games but one is against M and this is what I found yesterday.  I thought it was so cool of course I screenshot it. LOL I think I have Disney on the brain but really when do I not have Disney on the brain. :)

  • N has school this Saturday as his last makeup day from all the snow back in Feb/March.  I have no idea what C, M and I are going to do but I feel like we should do something that morning while N is gone.
  • Speaking of next weeks plans I need to get them in my planner. We have a new playgroup we are trying on Monday, then we are going with our normal neighborhood playgroup to the Lavender Farm on Tuesday and then to the pool on Wednesday. Then on Tuesday night I have my mom's movie club to go and see Pitch Perfect 2. It is looking to be a fun week and I can't wait.
So that looks to be my randomness for now.  Have a great rest of the week and weekend.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons oh my page

I have so many pictures from strawberry picking since it is a favorite spring activity of ours and since I've already done the regular pictures with strawberries on them and other things I went outside the box for this one.  I picked some right paper and bright buttons and went to town.

Don't you love the row of buttons?  I though it was a fun twist on the bright pictures.  Oh and I did thread each of them with linen thread since there can be no naked buttons ;)  Just a thing of mine but I don't like seeing button hole without something in them so I take the time for either some thread or ribbon or if you want you can even cut a very slim piece of paper and put it through them. That is a great way to add something coordinating to a page.

As with my other posts a link to current Stampin' Up products is listed below and you can see the whole Stampin' Up catalog through my online store link on my website

Happy Crafting!!!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I'm back again and linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently Monday post again.


Reading--- Well I'm getting ready to start reading Kresley Cole's Dead of Winter. This is the third book in the series and I've had it awhile but I haven't had a chance to really get started. This is my plan this week and I hope to dive in.


Enjoying--- the beautiful weekend. My boys and I headed to my parent's house for a couple days and all N wanted to do was go swimming.  The water was pretty cold so I didn't get in much but you know that doesn't really matter to a little boy ;)

Laughing--- at C. He is such a hoot. Last week he decided that he wanted to watch Barbie and the Dreamhouse.  We watched all the episodes that were on Netflix and he was looking for more. No idea what made him think about that show but it was all he could think about until we pulled it up.

Planning--- I posted last week about Cs end of year teacher gifts and now I need to work on Ns teacher appreciation gift for this Friday and then his end of year gift for June.  Not sure what I want to do for either of them. I'm thinking maybe a similar mug for teacher appreciation that says Orange You Glad it's Almost Summer and then just a more standard gift for end of year. Of course I have very little time to get it all together this week so we'll have to see how it goes.

So a day late but it's the recap of the week and what is coming up.  All the fun of Currently just on a Tuesday. :)

Have a great rest of the week!!

TV Talk "Now It's Time to Say Goodbye" 2015 Edition

Well now that most of the season/series finales have aired and we've had the upfronts I want to do a Now it's time to say goodbye post. This is going to be about the shows that I've either dropped this season or that have been cancelled.  I will do a post soon about the shows that I think really stepped up their game later on.

Who remembers my post back in the fall with the chart for the shows I plan to watch this season?  If you want a refresher you can see it HERE. Lets go day by day based on my Fall Chart.


  • Gotham - I never really got into this show. I had high hopes for it and I set the Tivo to record it but I somehow just never felt the need to watch it and I finally dropped it all together.
  • 2 Broke Girls - While you won't see it on my chart there is a note about it on the bottom. I'm not sure what is up with it this season but M and I have about 10 episodes left to go. I'm sure we will watch them this summer but if this causes a conflict in the fall I'm ready to let it go.
  • Forever - This one has me really sad as I really liked this show and I think it really was gaining strides as the season went on. Unfortunately ABC decided to cancel it and while it is making a big uproar online and there is talk of it going to another network we are still left without a show for now :(  I will miss this one next season.
  • Red Band Society - I don't really know what to say about this one. I did record it and I did watch it and I liked it but it never really caught on with anyone and it just kindof played out its run and ended. They did kindof know it was going to end though so the finale was good and really ended the limited run.
  • Two & a Half Men - I think I'm one of the rare people who stuck with this show the whole time.  While this final season wasn't my favorite I actually liked Ashton taking over and his story line. My favorite was when Amber Tamblyn was on. She was a hoot.  I do think they really jumped the shark on the last episode. I mean if you are going to build up to a Charlie Sheen return you really need to have him return or just go in another direction.  I was left a little flat with that but otherwise it is a show I will miss.
  • Constantine - Again another superhero show I had high hopes for but then never got around to watching.  Hmm maybe that is why it was not picked up ;) I did hear it was pretty good and there is a chance it could go to another network so if that happens I'll have to make sure to catch up and try it out.
  • Glee - This was a midseason show that while I never watched it religiously each week during its run I felt compelled to watch the last season and really it did not disappoint.  I enjoyed them closing out the storylines and really getting back to the main kids that we have always cared about.  The finale was also great. I love when a finale either does a lot of flashbacks or shows me some flash forward and Glee did both. They did an hour where they showed how everyone met and then in the last hour they did a 5 year jump forward to show us a glimpse of what everyone is up to.  Very well done Glee very well done.
  • I don't think I dropped anything on Sunday this year :)
So I think those are the shows that will not be on my chart come fall 2016 either due to me or due to the network. Do you have any shows you are really going to miss or that you just had to ditch this year?  Be on the look out for another post with the new shows I loved, the shows that didn't make the chart but I ended up watching and loving, the shows coming up for fall 2016 I'm looking forward too and possible a season finale post with my thoughts.  I think I have a few weeks before the summer shows start and I'm going to try and do as much chatting as I can.

Have a great Tuesday,

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thanks for a Grape Year Teacher Gift

As I said in a couple of my other posts C had his last day of preschool this week and I knew I wanted to do a small gift for his teachers.  I had seen a box on Instagram that said Orange you glad its almost summer and my friend said she liked Thanks for a Grape Year and my mind started spinning. I was so excited and I was off to do some shopping.  I was planning on using a box and filling with goodies but then I saw these mugs at Target and decided that was the way to go.

It's hard to take a picture of a mug when you put a band on it :)

I first saw the mugs and then decided to add a water enhancer, some tick tacs and pens to the insides. C really wanted the purple tissue paper so we wrapped the goodies before stuffing into the mug.

I went hunting for some Designer Series Paper to use and while this isn't the best colors it the one that C loved so we used it.  It is Rich Razzleberry from the Polka Dot Parade retired paper.

I loved this stamp set as soon as I saw it was available during Sale-a-bration this year. I have not had a chance to use it yet so I was stoked to get to pull it out.

Next up was figuring out the bunch of grapes.  I grabbed my small circle punch and made a pile of them. Then I made a bunch and glued them together.

Here is where I was roughing out the size of my bunch of grapes.

I didn't manage to take a picture of the band before I added it to the mug :( Blogger fail but I do have pictures of both sides. :)

And the second side take 1.  I sent this over to M to show him and he was surprised since he assumed I was going to say Thanks a bunch which would have worked just as well but what I realized was I had forgotten to put Cs name on it. LOL so of course I grabbed out some more new goodies to add to the tag.  

I love these stakes and while they do have a garden feel I'm planning to use them more for things like this. Where they will stick out and have a little note or comment on them. I thought they would be great for Project Life books too,

So what do you think? I'm pretty in love with these and I'm thinking Ns teachers might get a similar thing when it comes to his end of year gifts.  Since I used my Stampin' Up products a list of items will be at the end of the post.  I love that I was able to grab so many things and make them work together. I also love that I got to use some of my new goodies that I hadn't used yet.

Happy Crafting,

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Thursday Thoughts

Oh WOW I'm not sure how it has gotten to be Thursday already but here I am linking up with Jen for some Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • C had his last day of preschool yesterday. :( He had a great time and loved his class so much but now he is home until September. So far he slept in until 9am this morning. I do not foresee this happening everyday so I'll take it while I can.
  • We have a new gas station near me which I will admit has me a little to excited. LOL We did not have any gas stations really close to me even with all the shopping we now have so it was always a planned trip to go out and get gas. Anyway they are running a gas special so gas was only $2.29 and then since I have their card I get $.03 off so yes I got gas for $2.26.  I was smiling all day after that.  
  • C wanted to get chocolate and graham crackers at Target so of course I had to get marshmallows too. I always forget how much I like microwave S'mores.  They are so yummy and so quick to make.

  • It is a rainy overcast day today and a high of only low 70s so of course I put my jeans on. Again I'm a little to excited to wear jeans when it has been so hot the last couple of days.  I had to do carpool yesterday and it was 88°F while I was waiting in the car and its going to be just as hot if not hotter next week. I'm not ready for summer weather yet.
  • I have a couple posts I need to work on so maybe this rainy day will be good for that. Oh except C and I have to venture out since we seem to be out of extra rolls of toilet paper. :(  I appreciate that the boys are replacing the empty rolls but really they need to start telling me when they take the last one out of the stash.  Maybe we'll work on that next ;)
Have a great holiday weekend!!!  Are you doing anything exciting? It looks to be good weather here this weekend.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


So the regular season is winding down and we've had some finales the last couple of weeks and even more this week. I can't wait for the Flash tonight and Supernatural tomorrow. :) but for now lets talk about some of the other shows that have just finished.

Let's start this week talking about Reign.  I've said this before and I will again this is one of my favorite shows.  I love the whole period drama look and the characters are engaging.  Now for that finale. I really do think that Conde loves Mary and he is just getting caught up in a world/life that he can't control. I have no idea who set him free though. I would think maybe people loyal to Elizabeth but possible his brother. I bet we will be seeing more of this next season. I do love that Mary has kindof come to her senses and going back to Francis. I think he loves her but he does seem to be going back to her out of obligation and to try and protect her the best he can.  Next season will be interesting with Queen Elizabeth in the mix and with her working with Catherine nothing good can come of that. LOL

Holy Crap lets take a minute to talk the Vampire Diaries.  From the finale it almost looks like they are doing a whole show reboot. I mean I knew that they would have to do something different with Nina Dobrev leaving there wasn't going to be a love triangle to go back and forth with anymore. They have now said it will concentrate on the brothers ala Supernatural which you all know I love so I'm curious to see how this plays out.  So with Elena leaving the characters got to kindof say good bye to her and that was sweet and nice but what I really want to bring up is the Gemini coven. Holy crap on a cracker they are all gone.  Kai really just wiped out his whole family and then Damon ripped off his head which was AWESOME.  I was expecting them to let him wither away with his werewolf bite  but nope Damon took charge and killed him.  He so deserved that for what he did to the coven and especially Jo. I mean really poor Alaric he loose everyone he loves and then to lose her and the twins was just so sad. I expect to see the return of drunken scruffy Alaric next season which is welcome but so so sad.  So what did you guys think of the ending? Matt was an officer so I'm thinking a bit of a time jump but I'm not sure how long and what in the world was Damon doing up on the clock tower and the town was in total shambles and a dump so what in the world.  I can't wait for next season now and that really isn't something I've said about VD in recent years.

I love the Arrow and the finale did not disappoint.  I'm going to jump to the end and say I love that he drove off into the sunset with Felicity. He deserves a break and to be happy for awhile and while I know it obviously can't last it is such a nice thought and I'm hoping for a bit of a lighter Ollie next season.  Now for the rest of the show I love that he says he won since he relied on his friends which is very much something that does not come easily to him and it takes a big man to admit that and then to actually let him happen. I'm glad that he didn't end up being the next Raj but I'm sure having Malcolm take the lead will come back to bit him in the rear down the road. LOL

I'm going to do a post coming up on first thoughts on the new fall season but really just look at this chart and you know that I will be watching the CW Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Friday. LOL I mean do I really need any of the other channels? (ok yes I really do but the CW really is the channel I watch the most of and no I am nowhere near the demographic I'm sure they are going for. ;))

So what finales have you enjoyed so far this season? Any that you thought were just awesome and done perfectly?


Monday, May 18, 2015


I'm back again and linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently Monday post again.


Loving --- My boys. I know I say this all the time but they are so AWESOME. N had a makeup school day on Saturday so that meant we had tons of errands to run on Sunday and they were great. Even letting me take a cool and fun picture of them at Home Depot ;)

Missing--- my sister. She goes to school up here so I've seen here more then normal but now that she is done for the summer she went back home.  However she was up this weekend and we got to do lunch and some Menchies Frozen Yogurt.  She starts her first real job/internship today and I know she is going to rock it. She will be back in the fall for her senior year at NC State.  Woohoo

Smiling--- I love the way that C plays sometimes. This was his set up the other day. He told me that they were having a party and they all came by ship and boat so they parked outside.  Sure kid whatever you say. LOL I love how he lines them all up and looking at this I realize that we have a lot of Jake toys ;)

Excited--- With the boys getting bigger our playset needed an upgrade. When we bought it second hand it had monkey bars with it but my boys were too small and the wood wasn't in great shape so M took the bars and recreated them now.  N can already go almost the whole way across and I'm sure that C will be up there soon enough. This will be lots of fun this summer for everyone I'm sure.

Hungry--- For one of my sisters classes she had to plant something from a seed that would grow and she could eat. Due to the timing of her class she planted a lettuce mix at my house and we had some great salads with it awhile ago. This is probably the last harvest I will get since its getting a little to warm here for lettuce but we had a huge salad last night and it was delicious.

Well that is my Monday and what I'm Currently thinking about. How are you guys doing today? Are you up to anything fun?


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Good Morning!!! It's Thursday again and I'm linking up with Jen for some Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • With the pool opening this week we finally went yesterday after we picked N up from school.  The water was pretty cold but we seemed to adjust quickly and it was fine then.  

  • We did get a chance to go for a walk the other night. After a major meltdown by N we had a peaceful evening and the walk was fun.  He wanted to make sure that I took pictures on the "picture wall" LOL that is what he call this particular retaining wall we pass.  And no I'm not worrying about the outfit choices he makes.

  • Speaking of a the meltdown I love how they can be loosing it one second and then a few minutes later they are so nice and sweet. I really think sometimes they just need to get it out and then there is a calm afterwards.

  • I'm going on Ns school field trip tomorrow and I'm glad the weather will be in the 70s.  Last year on this trip it was upper 90s and so muggy. It should be beautuful to wonder around the museum and check out the animals.
  • Have you guys seen the commercial for Shick hydro Silk TrimStyle razors?  Uhm yea I die laughing everytime I see it.  It really seems like one of those that someone in a meeting said wouldn't it be funny if women were trimming a bush and then somehow it actually got made. LOL  It is just hilarious.
  • I'm working my way through the TV show season finales.  I just watched Arrow this morning and WOW it was good.  I know it got an early pick up so they knew it was coming back but they really made the end feel like it could have been then end if it had to be.  I also watched this weeks Supernatural and WOWsers I can't wait until the finale next week. It was OMGosh amazing.
  • I've been busy working lately planning trips for people to Disney. More availability has been released for the FREE Dining promotion this fall. If you are thinking of going check out my facebook page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel and send me a message to start planning your trip.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Paper Pumpkin 50% off sale!!!

Updated - Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of the My Paper Pumpkin special. If you are interested in trying it out now is the time to get your first two months 50% off!!!

If you haven't tried Paper Pumpkin, now is a great time to sign up-get 50% off your first two months.
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The Fine Print:
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  • Please select Jenny Louthan as your demo!!!!
And sit back and enjoy getting a monthly craft box in the mail!  A new project each month!  
Check my blog for My Paper Pumpkin projects!

TV Talk Tuesday


Oh WOW its been awhile since I've done some TV Talk.  We are really getting into the end of the season for a lot of shows.  My Tivo is very happy with all the recording its doing but I'm very behind in some of my shows so I will get to do mini-marathons once the finales are over which will make me happy.  I have seen a couple of the finales so far so lets talk now. :)

I did watch the finale of Once Upon a Time this week.  I really liked the twist on the heroes and villains and how things turned out. I  think they also set up an interesting story to start next season with too.  I'm a little sad since I'm guessing that Rumpelstiltskin is now gone?  It looks like he passed away but again this is Storybrook so I guess you never really know.  It will be so sad since even though he was a villain he was trying to warn them and keep the dark one at bay so it wouldn't hurt the people he really cared about.

Scorpion's finale was a couple weeks ago but it was really good.  I mean we all knew that they would rescue Walter but I am glad they didn't leave it as a big cliffhanger and we got to see the actual rescue.  Also I always kindof knew that Cabe was a badass but WOWsers he really showed it in this episode and I  mean really hanging like that and grabbing his arm was just WOW.  I'm also glad that we know Paige is staying and that we don't have to figure that out next season. I know they will still probably do the will they or won't they for awhile but it is still exciting.

Oh my let's talk General Hospital. I will say I come and go with GH and then I will have it on while cleaning, cooking etc but when its time for the Nurses Ball I am glued to the screen.  I think its so funny and I love the actors getting to do something kindof out of character for them.  And uhm can we say I like the Magic Milo acts however this season wasn't nearly as exciting as some of the ones in the past have been.  This week should be interesting as they are doing two shows LIVE.  I just can't imagine trying to do all the dialog and action live on tv and I think it will be a hoot. I remember back in the day when ER did a live episode and remembering a couple of the funnies that happened but overall it went pretty well and I'm betting this one will too but I still think its fun.

This week brings the finale for many shows and also the upfronts where the networks tell us what shows they are cancelling and which ones will be back next season. So far there are a few surprises in there.  In the coming weeks once I've caught up a bit I will do my TV chart overview and how my watches changed as the season went on and some thoughts on the schedule for next season looks to me at least at first glance.

Which finale are you most excited for this season? Has it been on yet? What did you think?
Happy Viewing!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015


I had so much fun last week that I'm linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently Monday post again.


Wondering--- How in the world the pool can be opening today. N has decided he wants to go on Wednesday so I guess we will head there right after school and give it a shot.  I'm thinking the water will be too cold for me but the boys will be all over it I'm sure.

Annoyed--- Android forced an update on my phone the other day and it is horrible.  It took forever to load and then to updated everything.  I've been spending time going through all the apps and making sure they work and are setup the way I like. My email is also glacially slow which is annoying me to no end. I've tried so many things to fix it and nothing. M says he will look at it when he gets home.

Loving--- My silly boys. We had a pretty low key Mother's Day but the highlight of their day was getting to play out in the rain right before they had to get ready for bed. They wanted me to take a picture but I had to wait until they got in their pose. LOL

Enjoying--- How C is "reading" to me. This was yesterday and he opened each page and was going" And then Emmit...." or "Now Emmit ,,,"  It is too cute and I love his imagination and love of reading already.

Watching--- All of the season/series finales on the tv.  I've seen a couple so far and they are all so good.  I'll be back tomorrow for some TV Talk and then my big season over view in a couple weeks.  

Have a great week,

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