Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Morning Must-dos

So I've decided I actually do better when I have a to-do list so I thought I would share with everyone. :) This way you can all hold me accountable ;)

So lets start the week of with some to-dos:

  • Work on the teacher end of year gifts. N doesn't have much longer in preschool and we are going to miss his teachers so much.
  • When I get those done I need to put away and organize all my scrappy stuff. Shh don't tell but its still all over the table from scrapping with friends last weekend.
  • I downloaded my first audio book onto my hand-me down Ipod touch. Thank you Emily.  So now I'm ready to get back really into my elliptical. My plan this week is to get on it at least three times. I did it twice last week so I'm moving it up one.
  • So this is a basic one but pick up toys. The boys and I have a huge mess here.
  • This week shouldn't be too crazy running around but I'm sure more and more will come up.  

So check back in next Monday to see how I did and see whats on next weeks list.

So tell me what are on your to dos this week? Anything exciting or fun?


Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday phone dump

Friday photo dump

I missed a couple weeks of photos so I'm playing catch up today with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  Since I don't have an Iphone I just call it phone dump and go from there ;)

I got crafty again.

The weather has been so great lately that we've been able to harvest a couple of our strawberries out of our plants. This is the first year we've grown them at home but N loves looking everyday to see if any are ready. He also wanted me to take his picture as he was jumping. We managed to get a full blown action shot.

I'm sure most of you know I have an Oh Caleb file. LOL this little one is so wild.  I'm thinking of making my This n' That book all with the pictures I take of him. In the first picture he got on the counter and took down some of Ms candy. Its almost gone and he said we need to go to Target and get more candy.  He even remembered the next day when we did go to Target.  N is almost always in underwear only but C usually prefers to be clothed.  This week he wanted to be naked like N and then he proceeded to climb all over everything.l

It was so pretty yesterday that we spent a good portion outside. The boys decided it was a good time for N to try and teach C how to roll down the hill. It didn't go to well but they had fun.

So that's my photos from the last couple weeks.  How is your week looking?


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stampin' Up 2013 Retirement List

The retirement list is here!!! Check out my site for the list and all the latest promotions.

FYI items are as available so if there is something you really want don't wait to order.  Some items are discounted and there is alot of paper, inks, embellishements, stamps etc to choose from.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box

I did pretty good at my yard sale the other weekend so I decided to jump and grab the Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box.  For those wondering Julep is a monthly subscription box that specializes in nail polish however they do have lotions, lipsticks, scrubs etc.  It is $19.99 a month but unlike some other boxes they send an email each month with the box you are going to get and you can then change to another box or easily skip if you don't care for the offerings that month.  They also offer special mystery boxes on occasion and that is what I grabbed up this time. We were guaranteed to get one of three sea salt polishes and then some other extra goodies too. :) I've never tried a textured polish except for glitter so I'm anxious to get it on my nails.

My first look. I love when my little boxes are jam packed full. :)

 According to my paper work I got box #7.

  • Jill - This is my sea salt color. It is a dark beige. This may be the next color I put on since I'm so excited to try it.
  • Claudette - Julep says this is a Smoky Brick Red Creme. I love dark colors so I can't wait for it to cool down some so I can go with a dark red.
  • Viola - Deepest Dark Purple Creme. Again another dark color for me to love come fall and winter.
  • Sarah - This one is no longer available on their site so I had to GTS to get a description. I found that it is a sheer pink coral with iridescent glitter. It looks really pretty and I'm thinking it will go great over top of some of my other polishes this summer.
  • Rock Star Hand Creme - I'm actually really excited to get this. It was in the boxes back in March but I skipped that month so I didn't get one. I'm been trying really hard to use more lotion on both my hands and feet so I'm going through it pretty fast.
  • a nail file - really who can't have another nail file? :)
  • toe separators - Question does anyone use these when doing their toes? They always use them at the salon but I don't use them at home. Maybe I should try.
This mystery box was $24.99 and I'm so glad I jumped at getting it since I got tons of colors to try.

Did you get a Sea Salt Box? Which colors did you get?


disclaimer - The link up there is an affiliate link. I get points with Julep if you order through me.

March 2013 Goodies Box Review

My March Goodies Box finally got here end of last week.  My original box tracking said it was delivered but I never received it so I contacted Goodies and they sent me a new box. :) Very happy that it is here and expecting my April one soon too so I'll have lots of snacks.

 First look. The info card told me that this months theme was Rise and Shine so I was expecting alot of breakfasty type items. I am not a huge breakfast eater but I will grab breakfast type snacks throughout the day so I was intrigued by the theme.
 First opened. This was an odd shipped box. I think the samples were smaller so it didn't fill out the box as well and being that mine was a replacement I think it was tossed in. Usually their boxes are very nice and full.
And now for the Goodies:

  • Alo Water Waterman & Peach - This has me excited since I drink way to much soda so I'm always looking for something else that will grab my attention instead. I decided I needed this to be cold to drink so I put it in the fridge. I plan to grab this one day this week on the way to preschool
  • Jovan's All Natural Instant Breakfast - These are not my thing at all but I will pass it along.
  • Erin Baker's Breakfast Cookies - This looks really yummy and if I don't get to it I know both of my boys will love it.
  • Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves - Confession I don't like jellies or jams or anything like that however M does and I can see him having this. Now I need to plan a meal so he can use it. Hmm any idea?
  • BelVita Cinnamon Brown Sugar Breakfast Biscuits - I've had this brand before and liked them so I'm thinking these will be good too.
  • Ola! Handbaked Granola - again since I don't do alot of breakfast I'm not a granola eater but my mom loves it so I'll have this here for her when she comes to visit. :)
  • Nabisco Newtons Triple Berry - These I already had and they were delicious. I love Fig Newtons and these were similar so yummy.
  • Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Coated Granola Bar - I'm going to grab this one morning on the way out too. I love to grab a granola bar to go since they are so easy.
Overall probably not my favorite box but that's because I'm not a breakfast person. The box as a whole was pretty decent and had some good samples in it.  I'm also very pleased with the way they treated my missing box and that it wasn't too hard to get a replacement. I just emailed and then it came. It took a couple weeks but it did get here and I got an email telling me when the new one was on its way.

Did you get a March box? What did you think? Are you getting the April box? I'm waiting but they seem to be shipping later and later each month. :(


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birchbox April 2013 review

Yeah my Birchbox came yesterday and I was excited. This month was a a collaboration between birchbox and Women's Health.  The theme was Tiny Tweaks, Big Results.

First look. This month the normal  Birchbox box came with a sleeve around it.  Very cute.

First look inside.

Now onto this months goodies:
  • Nexxus - Youth renewal Rejuvenating Elixir - This says it combats 8 signs of aging hair: volume loss, breakage, less shine, roughness, dryness, brittleness, unruliness and loss of color vibrancy.  My hair is pretty boring and straight so I'm for giving this a try. Lets see what this can do.
  • Weleda - Body Lotion - These are three single use samples of lotion.  I got Sea Buckthorn, Wild Rose, and Pomegranate scents. These are great for travel or just to have in the bag of quick grabs.
  • Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics - Anti-shine mattifier - As you guys know I live in NC so shine in the summer is a given. I can't wait to try this out and see how it handles the NC humidity.  Sidenote: This is in a cute little metal tin and since I got the great holder in my Ipsy last month I'm going to toss it right in there.  I really may need more of the pot holders.
  • StriVectin - StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles - I've heard of this before and have just recently decided I really should try and do something with my eyes. You know I'm not getting any younger. I do have dark areas under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get so I can't wait to see if this can help that.
  • Caudalie - Divine Oil - Hard to see in the picture but there is a little vial inside the sleeve. This says its a multitasking wonder that gives skin, hair, and nails a gorgeous glow. I've tried other oils with good results so anxious to see how this one stacks up.
So that's what was in my box this month. For those that don't know Birchbox is a subscription box service that sends you a box of samples each month for $10.  You can then review the items online and get points to use in their store.  They send multiple different boxes out so you never know what you are going to get.

Did you get a box this month? What was in yours?


disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.If you click through the Birchbox link and then join I will get credits in my account.

So What Wednesday

Its So What Wednesday over at Life after I dew and I'm linking up.

Today I'm saying So What if:

  • I have a group of ladies coming over to scrapbook this weekend and I haven't even touched the house cleaning. Sorry ladies I was reading the new JR Ward book ;) I know they will understand.
  • I made money at my yard sale last Saturday and I've already spent it all. I NEEDED the new mystery box from Julep I really did.
  • I'm getting hooked back on General Hospital. I had stopped watching about a year ago but with all the old timers coming back and the new stories its really good again.
  • I'm stuck on level 65 of Candy Crush. All of you who play how do I get past this level? I don't really want to buy any helps but is it possible without them.
Ok I think that might be it for today.  What are you saying So What to?


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ipsy April 2013 Review

Well my Ipsy took a little vacation this month. I live about 2.5 hours from where its shipped so I usually get it super fast and some of my friends still did but mine decided to go to Georgia and Kentucky and then back to Georgia before it got to me this month. Ipsy switched from plain USPS to DHL/USPS this month so maybe that had something to do with it but since every ones didn't get all messed up I'm betting mine wanted a little vaca. :)

And now onto the goodness that came this month.  This month there were multiple either/or items and unfortunately I think I got all the ors that I didn't want. Not that they are bad just I think I would have used the others more.  This months theme was Pretty in Pink.

Here we go:

  • be a Bombshell Sweet Cheeks Blush - I'm very excited about this blush. I don't think I've gotten a true blush in any of my subs so far and I wear pink blushes so I will be using this one.
  • Big Sexy Hair Powder Play volumizing & texturizing powder - this is one of the either/ors.  If you know me my hair is straight and thick and I've just not gotten into the dry shampoo powder type products for my hair. Maybe I should be but I'm not there yet. The other item was a Soy Renewal treatment and that sounds more interesting to me.
  • Sation Nail Laquer in Love at First Byte - another or product. I normally wear louder polish on my nails so this being a beighy pink just isn't my style.  I can probably add some glitter over it to oomph it up but just not feeling it right now. I will say the other color was a little more pink but still pretty light for my taste.
  • two cosmetics Heartache Duo Eyeshadow - Again an or product. This is a set of pinkish hued eye shadows.  Cute but just not sure I will wear them much. The other product was a shimmer powder that sounded awesome.
  • Finally the bag.  If you don't know Ipsy sends a bag each month. Some I love and some I don't. This is white with pink and its cute but I'm just not thinking a white bag with all my makeup in it is going to be any good for me. LOL  Just saying but I can see it covered in color pretty fast. ;)
So as you can see not my favorite Ipsy but not horrible either. Ipsy is still my favorite sub I get and I do use most of what comes in my boxes most of the time.  Here's to hoping next months doesn't need a vacation and I get it super speedy ;)


Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday photo dump

Hmm it doesn't look like Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom has her link up but I'm doing it anyway. ETA looks like its all fixed now. :)

I got a little crafty with this one.

This was at my moms house last week. The Easter Bunny brought a bubble machine and it was tons of fun. I forgot it at her house so we'll have to get it next time but we did buy some new bubbles to put in it.

My mom bought the boys some new shirts while we were there and after N first said he wanted to exchange his he decided he liked them and this was one morning this week. We were trying to take a picture for grandma with their new shirts on.  Sure glad they were so helpful and you can surely tell what they are wearing.LOL

And the rest:

  • My and C chilling the other day. 
  • Out first produce box of the season.  N's favorite thing is the bread. The Great Harvest Bread company just happened to come to his preschool this week and talk about how they make the bread and then we got some in our box. He's been downing the wonderful Honey Wheat Bread. 
  • My little man. I'm in a group and they are having a fun and games with a task each day this month. One of the days was to take a picture of your youngest. This was C posing for my pic.
Thanks Jennifer for the link up and I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I'm linking up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts

  • Why did I start reading the new JR Ward book at 10:45 last night. Its so good and I stayed up way to late. I think the boys maybe on their own some today so I can keep reading. :)
  • Wondering why my Ipsy bag went to Georgia and Kentucky on its way to me this month.  I live 2 hours from the shipping location in the same state and others near me didn't take the detour. I want my Ipsy bag and I want it now. 
  • I didn't get my Goodies box last month. It said it was delivered but I didn't get it. They said they would send out another one but its not here yet. If its not here before this months get here we are going to have an issue.
  • I dislike hiatus on tv shows. I know we only get so many episodes a season but I don't like skipping weeks at a time.  Either make more episodes or show them all together and have the hiatus longer between seasons.
Well this turned into kindof a complaining thread this week. Oh well its whats on my mind today.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So What Wednesday

It's So What Wednesday over at Life after I Dew and I'm linking up. This week I'm saying So What If:

  • We've spent the last two days looking for the PS3 remote and this morning C gets it from the shelf under the PS3.
  • I spent all last week watching all of Season 3 of the Walking Dead. :) Now I'm hooked and I hate waiting for the new season.
  • My boys have played the claw game once eat at two different pizza places and they each won once. Not sure if we should stop or keep playing.
  • We turned the air on this week and its only April. 80degrees + is too hot for me.
  • I bought the new JR Ward book last weekend and even though I haven't finished the last book I was reading I'm going to start on this one.  I can't wait to check in on my Black Dagger Brotherhood boys.  Yummy!!!
So that's what I'm saying So What to this week. What are you?


Monday, April 8, 2013

Julep April 2013 Review

So I know I'm a little behind but my April Julep review. My maven box came right before I left for Spring Break and then I was waiting for my add-ons to get here to write my review. It is all here now and I can't wait to give these colors a try.  This months theme was Turn on the Brights and the colors were all so bright and fantastic.

 First look. I always love this box and the way its all wrapped up.

 When you sign up for Julep you get a profile and mine is Classic with a Twist but the great thing about this box is you get to preview your selections and change if you want. I decided to go with the Bombshell profile this month. This one came with:

  • Ally - an electric blueberry frost
  • Janel - a pink raspberry frost
  • Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum - this says that it will repair dry and damaged cuticles. I can't wait to give it a try.

Each month they allow you to get a couple add-on items at a discount or with your points. You get points with each purchase.  So I added on:

  • Mackenzie - a sour apple green frost
  • Freedom Top Coat - I've heard great things about this so I'm ready to give it a shot.

So for those that don't know yet Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription for $19.99 a month. When you sign up you will get a profile and then they will email you each month and let you know what colors you will be getting. If you don't like yours you can easily switch to another profile or even skip the month.  If you want to give it a try you can get your first month for Free (you'll just pay the $4 shipping) by using the code COLOR2012. 


disclaimer: yes that is my affiliate link up there. If you order through me I get points to use as discounts on extra products.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stampin' Up Color Refresh and Free Shipping

Hi everyone!!!  Its been a crazy week and I just got home today. Playing catch up with everything but there is alot going on at Stampin' Up and I wanted to make sure you got a heads up.

Lets start with the biggest news in awhile. FREE SHIPPING!!!!  Yeap they are having free shipping this weekend 4/6-4/8.  WOW I know I need to stock up on some supplies. This is a great sale and has me very excited.

Now onto the other news. They are having a color refresh this year.  Here is the new chart.

I am usually sad when I see the discontinued colors but then I start looking at the new ones and the ones we are keeping that we thought we had lost and I get excited.  

Take a look through you stash and the list and see if there are any that you need to stock up on. This weekend would be a good time but so you know the discontinued colors are while supplies last.

Let me know if I can help with anything and happy shopping.


disclaimer: I am a Stampin' Up demo so if you order through me then I do get a commission incase you didn't know.
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