Monday, August 31, 2015


Good morning!!!  I'm back for my weekly recap and to link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post.


Remembering--- all the fun we had last week with my niece.  She and C had a blast and did really well until the last day when during carpool they had a very lengthy but civil conversation about how they were not inviting the other one to their birthday parties. LOL  They are a riot.

Crafting--- the fun with the kids last week.  We did cute as a button picture frames and also did a little body tracing in addition to all of the pictures we made all week.  #thesekidslovetocraft

Smiling--- at Cs new favorite thing to do which is to make a mean face and tell me to take a picture and then we have to also do a happy face so noone thinks he's always upset. LOL

Amused--- at Ns sense of style.  I'm all about kids showing their personality in their clothes and WOW does N have a loud personality. LOL  He had school pictures last week and we went shopping for new clothes. He got to pick it out himself and this is what he choose.  Uhm yea I'm not sure bright orange is the color for my little ginger.  I'm sure with the bland backgrounds of school pictures the bright will look great but still probably not my first choice.  Oh and what is it with boys and socks up to their knees? I mean we live in NC and it was almost 90 last week when he wore this but that doesn't really matter he wears the knee socks even when it is over 100 outside.  \

Planning--- all the things C and I need to do this week before he goes to school after Labor Day. I feel like we have tons of errands this week so I'm sure next weeks Currently will be full of very random pics of our adventures. :)

Have a great week everyone. Are you up to anything amazing?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stampin' Up Weekly Deals Aug 25 - Aug 31, 2015

Are you starting to think of making your Christmas and Holiday Cards?  If so then this weeks Stampin' Up Weekly Deals are just for you.

Check out the Gold Glimmer Paper and the Silver Glitter.  I love them both and I mean everything NEEDs a little sparkle ;)  The deals update every Tuesday and I post them to my facebook page Stampin' with Jenny so check me out there too.

Happy crafting!!!

TV Talk Tuesday and a linkup


I've take a couple weeks off for summer and things just being crazy but now that the summer shows are ending and new shows are starting I'm back. :) Let me know what you are watching and what I really need to check out.  I record almost everything so sometimes I talk about shows that have been off for awhile or are a couple weeks old but I love spoilers so go ahead and talk the new stuff if you want.  If you would like to join in the fun I'm adding a link up to the bottom so join us and talk some TV.

So I'm writing this right after I watched the premier of Fear the Walking Dead and I will say my overall first impression is pretty positive. I do think that it had some slow parts but then there is always so much set up in a pilot episode that it is to be expected.  I like how they kindof played with it being a figment of Nicks mind.  We know that it isn't but I'm thinking that is a bit of a play on how somepeople say that Walking Dead is all in Ricks comatose mind. It was a cool nod to that while also playing with the story.  Based on the previews I'm thinking the whole story will pick up pretty quick coming up.  Oh and if you watched did you freak out when they went to Thunder Road? I texted my friend right away and said "OMG Thunder Road" LOL just a little fangirl freak out going on. Did you guys watch? What did you think? I'm thinking it will be a good fill in until the Walking Dead comes back.

I finally caught up on Astronaut Wives Club and I didn't realize that last week was the finale but I can see how it was finishing up. I enjoyed the show for its limited run but I wouldn't say it was anything exciting. I was just a nice show to watch and see how the women behind the men were handling things then.  It made a good summer show.  I know they say there will not be another season and I can see that but I would love to see how and if the ladies kept up with each other over the years.  I read an article that said most of them did end in divorce but they all seemed to have great lives over the years.

So I am way behind the times but you know that happens when you have kids. Heading out to the movies just isn't as easy as it used to be. Anyway I had heard great thing about The Fault in our Stars but I hadn't seen it. This weekend I watched it on the TV and WOW it was good. It was so happy and sad at the same time. I have not read the book but my sister keeps telling me to and that I would love John Green's books so I might have to pick them up.  Of course this might not have been the best movie to watch for someone who has had melanoma twice but that won't stop me from watching it again when I catch it on the tv. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Stamp Garage Sale Info Saturday, August 29,2015. This weekend!!!!

Calling all papercrafters! 

The 8th Annual Stamp Garage Sale is next Saturday Aug. 29 10am-1pm. It's indoors in Cary,NC and there are 28 consigners participating so it's an unbelievable amount of stuff! 
Stamps, patterned paper, cardstock, ink, embellishments, scrapbooks, ribbons, tools, Big Shot dies, you name it! 

I've posted about this the last couple of years and even did a quick pictorial of it HERE but this is a great sale I work for my upline each year.  

 If you are over near me in the Cary, NC area shoot her a message at and/or leave me a comment or send me a message and I'll get the address over to you!!!

I'll be there working so say "HI" if you come out. Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Crafting and I hope to see you all there,
smile emoticon


Good morning!!!  I'm up this morning and linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post and my weekly update.  


Excited--- for a fun week around here.  My niece is here for the week and we have lots of playtime and park time planned out. Now hoping the weather cooperates.

Loving--- that N loves school.  He really is loving 2nd grade and it makes getting up and ready so early in the morning.  I know this won't last as the years go by but for now I'm loving it.

Thankful--- for a great flag football season. N had a blast and loved playing his first real organized sport.  I really need to look at the schedule and see if we can work a fall season out around Wolfpack football games.

Bewildered--- that I'm really at a loss on what else to share this week. LOL  I somehow took very few pictures last week and this weekend and those are usually how I come up with my post. :)

So I guess that is it for me today.  Anyone have any big plans the week?
Have a great Monday,

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ipsy August 2015 Prep School bag review

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link for Ipsy and if you joining through me I will get credits for future goodies.

I'm back with a look at this months Ipsy.  It is a little later this month since I've been busy with the boys and with the bag just not really WOWing me I wasn't all gung how to share. :( but we'll get to that in the review.  They still come in the hot pink envelope and I love seeing them in my mailbox each month.  This months theme was Prep School. I really liked the theme and the concept and the spoilers I just don't think I got the interesting and good ones.

In case you need a reminder  Ipsy  is a monthly beauty subscription that gets you 5 items in a cute little bag each month for only $10!!!! (plus tax in certain states).  This is the only makeup type bag I'm getting right now and I still love it. While not every month is a great one for me overall I'm usually pretty happy.

And onto the goodies for this month. I actually am really loving the houdstooth pattern on the bag and its hard to see in the picture but it has a good texture to it.  I'll definitely be reusing this one.

  • Eco-Beauty good night, night cream (~$11.50) - This is pricey for a sample so I love being able to try it out.  It is a night cream and does a heavy hydration. My skin is pretty dry from the summer and sunscreen and pool etc so I really should use this soon and see how I like it and if it really works for me.  I'm pretty picky with lotions so we'll see.
  • Albertini Divine Skin Hydrator ($1.78) - This in interesting to me as it says that you apply it to wet skin in the shower.  I'm a shower gel kindof girl so I'm not sure I'm going to add another in shower step but it does sound interesting.  Oh and when I clicked over to their website it says it was created for women over 40. I mean I know I just turned the big 40 but I think it is very funny that they included an item like this and didn't put that little tidbit on the ipsy page. :)
  • Noyah Natural Lipstick in Desert Rose ($4.50) - I'm not a lipstick girl so I won't use this one at all but I'll pass it on to someone else.  This is an all nautral lipstick and has bamboo packaging, is made in the USA with no parabins or sulfates  It sounds good just not for me.
  • Lord & Berry Ultimate Lipcolor and liner in nude ($1.80) - I will probably use this sometime since when I do want a little more color on my lips I tend to use a liner all over and then put my lipgloss on top. However this is another just hmm product for me.
  • Doll10 Beauty Hyrdagel Blush in Flirt ($12.50) - this one does have me intrigued.  I use blush everday and usually a powder. I have not found a cream that I really like but this is like a hybrid and that sounds interesting. The color seems ok for now since I need a bit of a pink tint to my blush for my skin tone.  I'll try this one when I have some time.

This really just wasn't my bag this month. I think if I'd gotten almost any of the other spoilers then the lip products I would have been more excited.  It is also one of my lower value bags at just over $30 which is still a great deal since it only cost $10.  I do want to try a couple of the items so that works and I'm sure next month will be amazing. I love more fallish colors so as we start to get into those I get even more excited.

Did any of you get an  Ipsy  bag this month?  Did you love yours? I know I've read some posts and people are really happy this month.  What was your favorite item? I'm always excited to see what other items people get since we don't all get the same thing. :)


disclaimer: This post contains a referral link for Ipsy and if you joining through me I will get credits and cash them in for extra goodies.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday and while I missed last week I'm back this week to link up with Jen for some Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • We've have had a pretty busy week around here.  N went back to school so C and I have been hitting the parks and the pool. Today is a home day so hoping to catch up on some housework and other things.
  • We went to a new park this week and N really liked it. It has tons of wooden structures around that the kids can climb on and play. He said it looks like a castle and I pretty much have to agree.

  • Once C goes back in a couple weeks I hope to get back onto my regular blogging pattern. I'm also waiting for my EW to come with the new fall shows so that I can make my new fall TV chart. :)
  • I have a client going to Disney in November and she booked after her 180 day dining window so we've been working on her first choice options and this week I was able to work some pixie dust and get her a reservation for Cinderella's Royal Table. This is a huge deal and she had tried herself on a couple trips without luck.  I'm so excited to get it for her and I know they will have a great time. It really is a rush getting a clients wishlist item and I'm still smiling today thinking about it.

  • Have a great week everyone. Anyone have big plans for the weekend?  We have Ns last flag football game and then no other real plans.  I'm pretty happy for a slower weekend.
Hi from Carpool!!!

Have a great Thursday!!!

Monday, August 17, 2015


After spending most of last week at my mom's house I'm back today linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post and my weekly update.  I'll apologize now for the picture heavy post this week. We did so much last week and had so much fun.


Excited--- for the week we spent at my mom's house.  The boys had a blast and we swam so much in between all of our other activities. They even shared the pool with Sasha.  C finally discovered that he could jump all on his own which was so fun to watch and he did it over and over.

Crafting--- my mom took N to paint pottery once so when she saw a Groupon she grabbed it and we went back.  This was Cs first time and he took it very seriously. I can't wait to see the final products once they are fired. Oh and the cute selfie of the three of us is when we were waiting in the parking lot for her to meet us there.  I had to share since the boys are just too cute.

Laughing--- at my boys. This is a random shot of their new flipflops. As you know C loves his rainbows and he really outgrew them so we went to get some new ones. The store didn't have any that he really liked so we opted for some Reefs instead but that isn't why I'm laughing.  I'm laughing since yes I have two boys but whenever I go to do my pedicure I end up doing three sets of toes. LOL you can't really see in the pic but C has on a lime green and N has on black and blue.  Gotta love my boys.

Loving--- as always my boys and especially that they will still wear matching jammies. I mean who doesn't love little kids in matching jammies? :) Oh and C isn't upset he just kept moving around so N told him to stand still like a soldier so that is his soldier pose.

Exhausted--- we spent a day at Great Wolf Lodge while we were there and after 6 hours in the waterpark I was a goner. The boys of course were still raring to go and I'm pretty sure could have stayed another 6 hours.

Exploring--- while at the mall we saw that the SeaLife Aquarium had a deal if you ordered your tickets online so we jumped on and grabbed some. The boys had a blast and C got to meet Kwazii which he thought was AWESOME.

Ending--- this post with one last picture of us at Ns flag football game.  This was C in I'm pretty sure the only minute he wasn't up and moving and talking to my mom and my mother-in-law who were both there to watch the game.  He was one busy bee at the game.

Have a great Monday and week everyone!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015


It's Monday morning and I'm back linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post and my weekly update.


Loving--- the weather.  N had football Saturday morning and while we have been melting the last couple of weeks it was so cool and lovely this week.  Now if it could only stay like this for the last couple weeks of the season.

Enjoying--- all the family time we've had the last couple of weeks.  As the schedules have worked out the boys and I have spent a lot of time with my SIL and the cousins.  In the great weather Friday we went to the park to feed the ducks and play. It was a perfect fall day.

Obsessed--- as usual with Nothing Bundt Cake :)  We were close on Saturday and just had to stop in for a couple cakes.

Amazed--- at C and his swimming.  At the beginning of the summer he would pretty much spider monkey me anytime we got in the pool. Then he started doing more and more on his own and this weekend he even got in my mom's pool on his own and only a noddle. This is huge improvement and he even was swimming some on his own. Love it.

Laughing--- We went to dinner last night at my dad's house and C sat up next to him and started showing him how to play a game on his Ipad. My dad is all about the war games so they had a blast.

Planning--- the week.  We are with my mom and will be doing lots of shopping, swimming, hanging out and visiting.

What are you all up to this week?  Big plans? Have a great one!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Stampin' Up 2015 Yard Sale

I've posted about this the last couple of years and even did a quick pictorial of it HERE but this is a great sale I work for my upline each year.  The sale this year is August 29th from 10am - 1pm.  I'll be there working so make sure to say HI if you come.  If you are over near me in the Cary, NC area shoot her a message and consign and/or come to shop!!!

Happy Crafting!!!

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday and as usual I'm joining the link up with Jen for some Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • We have had some big plans for this week and have been really busy.  Monday was a down day but then we did the park on Tuesday, the museums yesterday and the kids movie today. Tomorrow N wants to go and feed the ducks so if it's not raining we will be heading out again. :)

  • At the museum even with N tracked out of school he decided he wanted to take a notebook and he actually took some notes of cool things he learned. You have to love the desire to learn in a kid.

  • In the not what I was expecting column you all know I have two boys so why is it when I sit down to do my nails during the day I end up doing three sets. LOL They always want to get theirs done too.  We pick colors and paint away. Today it was toes all around in shades of purple, blue, green and black. :)
  • I posted this picture on my Love the Mouse FB page the other week and everytimg it pops up on my feed it makes me smile.  This is so me.

  • We have a busy weekend and next week coming up. N has his football and then we are heading to my mom's house for a couple days. She wants to take each of them out for a day so the other one and I will do some shopping and hanging at the pool.  Then before we know it N will be back in school and then C will be going too.  It will all happen before I even know it.
So what are you guys up to this week? Any big weekend plans?
Happy Thursday,

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday and link up


Time to talk some TV. If you would like to join in the fun I'm adding a link up to the bottom so join us and talk some TV.

Let's start today with Big Brother. I am addicted to this show each summer and I find it hysterical most of the time.  Last night was no exception. I wanted to scream at Shelly "What are you thinking" when she gave James the HoH.  She seems to think that noone knows they are behind the last couple of weeks but the other guests are not stupid and totally are out to get here. She needs to know that you never give up the HoH unless your direct partner is the other winner.  Well that is good in most cases since I'm sure that hasn't worked out for everyone either ;) I'm still not sure who I want to win this season. Noone is really a stand out to me but they are all entertaining so we'll see how it goes.  Do you have a favorite? Who do you want to win?

Summer time and time for Mistresses.  It is really heating up this season and the new girl is really uhm not even sure what to call her but she is not great.  I don't really think that Calista did it but it sure is looking that way now. She also should have stuck by Joss and figured it out together and not just let her get accused.  Oh and let's talk about the new boyfriend of April. He seemed all nice to start but he is giving me the creeps now.  He needs to just get to going so she can get with Mark.  It does seem a little skeevy that he came to town with the Mistress of her husband but we all know that they are going to hook up sometime.  I'm guessing just intime for said "allegedly" dead husband to come back or the other women to head back from her job.  I do like him and think he is good for her so that should be a fun time.

That is all the talk today. I haven't really been watching a ton of TV this week since we've been so busy with N being tracked out.  I'm excited for the fall new TV season and once my EW gets here with my preview I will get a new post up with that one too.  I'm loving all the commercials coming on for the season though and the onset pics that actors are posting of being back to work.  Such a fun time and I can't wait.

If you'd like to link up join us below.  Have a fun viewing day!!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ipsy August 2015 Spoilers - Updated 8/8

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link for Ipsy and if you joining through me I will get credits for future goodies.

New Spoilers posted at the bottom!!!!

 I logged into my Ipsy account and it said that early access was coming soon and gave me a sneak peak so I thought I would share it with you. :)

Lots of goodies in there that I wouldn't mind having.

Then I pulled up the Ipsy FB page and saw they had another sneak peak.

SNEAK PEEK #1: You can be the Queen B (Blair or BeyoncĂ©) with one of these amazing finds in your#AugustGlamBag. Lip liner, lip stain or HD powder? Which one are you hoping for? #ipsy #PrepSchool
PS: Check back later today for a behind-the-scenes look at our #PrepSchool theme!

 I also saw on their page the bag for this month.

You can sit with us. #ipsy #AugustGlamBag#PrepSchool

Cute bag and I can't wait to see the texture and quality of it.

Next up I saw they had an early sneak peak of the one above on  Ipsy Snapchat so I jumped over and saw a sneak at Sneak Peak #2.

Updated 8/4 with Sneak Peak #2 from FB.  These are the same and the look last night from Snapchat but it gives you another peak at them.

Updated 8/8 with Sneak Peaks #3, #4, and #5 from FB.
SNEAK PEEK #3: You'll be looking so fetch with one of these in your‪#‎AugustGlamBag‬. Eye liner, eye primer, or lipstick? Which is your pick?‪#‎ipsy‬ ‪#‎PrepSchool‬

SNEAK PEEK #4: You know you love us. Especially when you get one of these luxe must-haves in your#AugustGlamBag. Which one is catching your eye?#ipsy #PrepSchool

SNEAK PEEK #5: Flawless skin and hair so big, you won't need the secrets. Which product are you hoping to get in your #AugustGlamBag#ipsy #PrepSchool

And finally I did a sneak peak of my bag and here is what I will be getting.

I'll do a full post and update when it gets here.  :)

So far I think its looking like a good month. I'm sure we will get a peak into our Ipsy bags soon and I'll share mine with you when I can get it.

What items are you excited for? Any that you would love to get in your bag?

Have a happy Ipsy day!!!

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link for Ipsy and if you joining through me I will get credits and cash them in for extra goodies.

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