Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Late but still linking up for Friday Phone Dump with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

It has been feeling a bit like spring is coming lately and the trees are starting to leave.  I can't wait for full fledged spring.

 Peek a Boo - with all the nice weather we played outside today. C kept asking if I could see him.
We also used some bubbles. He was running with the wand and then just blowing the air. Very cute and he did make bubbles so he was happy.

My silly boy this morning. He was all on my lap and wanted to take pictures but then he didn't want me in it with him.

And yesterday same picture but in a different outfit. He was buck naked as he would say and just needed some mommy time so he sat on my lap most of the day. We read lots of books and watched some shows.

So that was my week.  Not a ton of pictures but fun ones with my C man.  I really need to start taking some more pictures of N but when he is in school I do not get as many pictures of him.

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jenn for Thursday Thoughts.

  • I'm so really dreading going bathing suit shopping.  I don't mind the actual wearing a bathing suit but the act of going from store to store and basically getting naked to try and find the one that fits best. I might as well grab jeans when I go in there too since my other most dreaded shopping trip. Anyone have any favorite stores for bathing suits?
  • Have I told you all how excited I am for the Veronica Mars movie coming out in March?  LOL yes I know I'm a little obsessed but its getting so close and I'm working my way through the whole series so I'm ready to go and it is just as good now as I remember it being back in the day.
  • I'm pretty excited for my trip and getting to read books and not be interrupted.  I'm thinking of taking three books with me.  Hmm I wonder if that is enough?
  • C and I are going to Target once I pick him up. He's been asking for days and we are finally going. He loves to look at the toys and then he'll sit in the cart and let me do the shopping. Hoping we get everything we need so we don't have to go again tomorrow. ;)
So what are you thinking of today? Any big plans for the weekend you are getting ready for?


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I Love Wednesday

Hmm still not loving my title but I'll work on it some more. Either way I am sharing some of my love today.

Have you guys had these yet?  They are what I like to call Cookie Crack. I seriously can sit down and eat the whole package at one time.

Balenciaga, Balenciaga Classic Work

So I'm hunting for a new spring/summer bag. I'm normally a Katie girl but I'm really loving this Balenciaga bag. I want a bright colored bag but one that doesn't scream summer.  Too bad these are so expensive I could totally get into this one.

I've shared this photo before but I'm working my way through my Produce Box this week and I will say it is way better to eat then to look at :)  I can't wait for my next box tomorrow.

And again I'm loving my C.  He is such a character and today he has decided is a jammie day and said we were to stay home.  Then he asked if he could wear his jammies and go to the mall said he needed to look for something.  LOL I said maybe later and he went back to his little fort he has built.  I guess he got tired of holding up Ns Ipad. LOL If only he would use his own it has a stand ;)

So that is what I'm loving right now.  What are you loving?  Anything I need to check out?


So What Wednesday

After taking a week off I'm linking up again with Shannon over at Life After I Dew for So What Wednesday.

This week I'm saying So What If...

  • I leave for a cruise next week and I still need to find a new swimsuit for this year.
  • Speaking of that cruise I have not packed a single thing or gotten the boys ready to stay home for the week with M yet. 
  • The boys and I went to dinner right after I picked N up from school yesterday.
  • I have so much that needs to be done but C and I may have an at home day today. I'll see how he is doing when he gets up.
  • I get up an extra 30 min early in the morning so that I can watch the news and blog or read messages and just have some me time before my house gets crazy. :)  Now if I only went to bed earlier to off set the morning. :(
  • Carpool is so hard for C.  I don't always do carpool I'm very lucky that N rides most days with a neighbor but yesterday I had to pick him up and poor C just can't make it.
  • I take way to many pictures of C sleeping.
  • I'm on the hunt for a pink hoodied bath towel to fit a  3yr old.  Anyone with girls have an idea where to look?  C is really wanting a pink one and I'm lost when it comes to that color.
Well since I've been extra random in my So Whats today I'm going to sign off for now.  
What are you saying So What to today?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Wantable Feb Makeup Box Review

Oh my was I excited for today's mail.  I had skipped my Wantable makeup box in January since with the holidays I hadn't gotten to to using my December box but it was a very long wait then to get this one.

Oh happy mail day it was for me.  

Here is my list for this month. As usual I get on and modify my survey up each month just a little at least depending on my mood. They have the best survey around and in your box you should get more things that you love and like and never get what you dislike. I love that feature.

And now onto my goodies this month. :)

  • Mistura Beauty Retractable Brush ($18.82) - This actually could not have come at a better time. My blush brush is getting a little rough and I have a couple trips coming up so getting a nice retractable brush that is also cruelty free.
  • ncLA Nail Lacquer in Laurel Canyon Lolita ($16) - Reading the description of this one is making me laugh. It says that it is a fuchsia that is shall we say it, grown up! This baby was born and raised in Laurel Canyon, so she's wise beyond her years and sexy as all hell.  Not sure I could say it any better then that and they are also a 5 free lacquer.
  • La Bella Donna compressed mineral blush in marcella ($27) - Blush is one of my go to products and I wear it everyday so it is one of the items I do go through faster then others. This is a nice lightweight formula and while its not as pink as I normally wear its not too orange for me either and I think I could like it.
  • Be a Bombshell eye base in Chrome Sweet Chrome ($14) - This is totally something I would by myself. Its a highly pigmented long lasting cream eyeshadow base.  I've been having fun with cream eyeshadows lately and I don't have this color so lots of fun.
  • Sorme Anti Aging Trial Size - I take these little samples when I travel and with my upcoming trips I've been collecting them.  This one says that it is fast drying makeup enhancer instantly evens out skin discolorations, smooths skin texture, and fills in fine lines and wrinkles so that makeup goes on evenly and lasts longer.
So what do you think of my goodies this month? I'm kindof loving them and can't wait to get a good chance to use them all. Over all I came up with a total of $75.82 for my box this month. Not bad since Wantable is only $36 a month if you sign up for the monthly subscription or $40 if you want a one off box.  Wantable also makes it easy to skip a month if you need/want to like I did last month and if you are not completely happy with your box you can send it back. I've not had to try that feature yet but I do like knowing that its there.

Now I have a couple weeks to wait for my next Wantable Intimates box and then a month to get my next makeup box. As its looking recently Wantable has some of my favorite boxes coming. They make me so happy each month.

Happy shopping,

disclaimer: As you can probably tell that is my referral link up there. If you decide to order through me then I will get credits for a future purchase.

Monday Morning Musings


Good Morning everyone!!! Monday morning an we are at it again.

Weekend Update: The weekend was pretty fun and full.  We went to my SIL and BIL on Friday for dinner to celebrate my MIL birthday.

Then Saturday we spent it around the house and then I got to go to a friends house to do some scrapping. However I didn't get much scrapping done but we did get lots of girl time in and it was very much needed and oh so fun. Sunday was more fun with the family and getting ready to start the week.

Upcoming Week: No big plans for this week so far.  N has a dentist appointment and C and I have a play date today. I need to make a ton of appointments and probably will not be able to get them in before my first cruise but at least they will be on the books and I can go from there.  This weekend I got us tickets to the Lego Kidsfest and I can't wait. N is going to love it.

Box news:  I have a Wantable makeup box that should be here this week.  I skipped Jan since it was a crazy month so I can't wait to get this months. I also ordered my Julep box for March but I don't think it will make it this week but I can hope.  Oh and as I told you last week my local Produce Box started last week and I'm so excited it looks and tastes delicious.

Business News:  Stampin' Up Extended the free In Color Marker special until 3/31/2014 so you still have time to jump on the My Paper Pumpkin deal.  You can check out my post HERE for more information.  Also if you are still planning your next vacation check out my facebook page for Jenny at Love the Mouse Travel and let me know if I can help in anyway.  I specialize in Disney travel but I can help with cruises, Universal, Sea World and many other vacation locations.

After a week of warm weather we are getting cooler again this week and another chance of Snow :(  Shouldn't be bad since it will get to about 40 here but still ugh I don't think I want to see the S word anymore for awhile.  All I have to keep thinking is only 12 days until I leave for my cruise.  Ahhhh I can't wait.  Are you looking forward to anything? How is your week looking?

Have a great week!!!

disclaimer: As with most of my posts those are either referral links or products I sell and as usual however all opinions are my own. Thanks

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Scrappy Saturday - Valentine's Day Bags

With last week being Valentine's Day N wanted to make his Valentines for school.  He had originally wanted pencils but we found these cute erasers and decided to go with those instead. We've had them for awhile and I grabbed some little bags onsale and right away I knew just add a topper and away we could go.

Have supplies will craft. This was one of our snowy day activities. Most supplies are from Stampin' Up and you can see the complete list at the bottom of this post.

We punched out the hearts and the Top Note.  Then we folded the Top Note in half and N wrote his name on them.  The Love stamp is from my January My Paper Pumpkin.  I love when I can reuse the stamps from my kits. :)

After that we stapled them to the bags and added the hearts we had punched out with glue dots.  Lets just say he loves his glue dots. :) He decided to do girl and boy bags so the girls get rainbows and the boys get sports.

And the back of the bags. You can see the staple here so that is why we made it the smooth side of the staple and hit the open part under the hearts on the front.  It really did fit perfectly and there was plenty of room for him to write his name since if you have a Kindergartner you know they do not write anything small. LOL

That picture just will not rotate for me so sorry its sideways.  Here is the group of them before he bagged the whole lot and took them to school.  He was very excited when he came home after passing them out.

Did you get crafty this Valentine's Day? What did you make?


disclaimer: The links above either take you to my Stampin' Up homepage where you can then go to the store or to a post that has links to one of my pages. 

tams# 353

Product List

Friday, February 21, 2014

Citrus Lane February 2014 Box

One of the boxes I got the other day was my Citrus Lane box for this month. I haven't gotten them in a couple months but due to a friend ;) we are getting it again.  I get this box for C but I have him aged up a little bit so we get things he can move into so this month he got a box for a 39month old. Citrus Lane  is a monthly subscription box for kids age 0-5 for $29 a month but that price goes down if you buy a longer subscription.

I had seen spoilers for this month but there was some variations so I was curious to see what we would get. Some people actually had gotten an email to pick one of the items in their box.  We didn't get that email and Citrus Lane  said it was something they were trying out so maybe next time we will get to too.

This months goodies:

  • Zoo Storage bin from Skip Hop - This was the item that some people got to pick.  They were sent and email and could select which one they wanted. Since we didn't get the email and we don't have a certain Skip Hop pattern going on here I didn't really care which one we got. We got the doggie and it is really cute. C already has his stuff in it but I'm thinking of taking his toys out and using it on the bookcase to hold some of the bigger books we have.  I saw someone do this and its a great idea.
  • Tie-Up Shoe from Plan Toys - C is way to young ( at least in my opinion) to learn to tie his shoes but we have been working on it a bit with N so this will come in handy and once N is done we will have it for C too.  Gotta love toys that can go for both kids.
  • Skip Through the Seasons from Barefoot Books - We love books in our house and have always liked the Barefoot books we have received.  This one is already set aside for a read this weekend.
  • Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream from Juice Beauty - My hands are so dry right now with this weather and I am using so much lotion. I already set this one on the counter for use.
If you get Citrus Lane  boxes what did you get in your box?  Do you age up your kids? I haven't decided if its a good thing or not since it seems I always like something in the boxes for the other group. LOL If you click through my link to check out or sign up for Citrus Lane  you will get 50% off your first box and I get credits for the Citrus Lane  store. Win-Win for us both. :)  I'm so thankful to be getting this box again and I can't wait for next month.


disclaimer: This post contains my referral link up there and as I said you get 50% off your first box and I get credits for their store. Thanks.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ipsy February 2014 Review

So after not getting any mail on Tuesday I was very excite to see this in my box on Wednesday. I of course had looked at my GlamRoom for Ipsy spoilers but its always better to get them in my hand. If you don't know about Ipsy they are a monthly subscription box that for only $10 a month you will get 4-5 beauty products in a cute little bag.  

And now onto the good part.  All of the goodies.

  • POP Beauty Plump Bout Mini in Peony Petal - This is a cute color and I've liked other POP products I've had. Since my bag is a little late this month I've heard others comment about the smell so I will have to decide if I can live with it and use this one.
  • Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow and Base in One in Ambrosia - This is really interesting to me as its a cream eyeshadow but says that you can put shadow over it. I'm going to have to play with this one and see how it measures up. I almost think it will be like a paint primer but for the eyes and could be awesome for when I need my makeup to last.
  • IPKN NY BB cream - I've never tried this cream before and with all the sample creams I get I will never have to buy them again. I will be adding this one to my stash and since it came in Light its a shade that will work for me.
  • City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon  - Blush is goto in my book. I wear it everyday and am always looking for a new favorite.  This is actually more pinkish then the picture shows which I'm loving since I like a pinkish blush for me.
  • Zoya Nail Polish in Dot - I will say I was hoping for Odette which was the other color available this month but I can make this one work with some glitter over it or something.  I love Zoya polish and so I'm beyond excited to get one this month.  Pretty much give me a polish each month and I'm a happy girl.
  • The bag - The bag this month is kindof plain being just a hot pink but its a really decent size and I use them to stash little misc stuff in so I'm sure to put this one to good work too.
Did you get Ipsy this month?  What options did you get? I'm happy with my options even if I wish I had gotten a different color polish.  For only $10 plus tax a month its a great deal and I love the surprise every month.


disclaimer: That is my Ipsy link up there. If you decide to sign up through me I get points to use towards extra add ons in a future bag. Thanks.

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up for some Thursday Thoughts with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • Since I've been giving the Veronica Mars love lately I am loving going back through the episodes and they are just as good now as when they premiered. I've seen them hit or miss in reruns when they were on SoapNet but watching them in order is awesome.
  • Why are the weeks that I get good boxes to blog I have a crazy busy week and I have a hard time getting around to blogging them and its what I really want to do.  New boxes yesterday so hopefully the blogs will be coming soon.
  • I'm still loving the Olympics and they are part of what is taking my time as all I want to do is watch them.  I'll be kindof glad when they are over and things are not so exciting.
  • Still wondering what happened to my mail on Tuesday and why it didn't come at all. At least they made up for it yesterday by coming three times. LOL 
  • Don't you hate when you know you've seen things you like but then when you decide its really what you want you can't find it.  :(  Another reason I've been so crazy this week running around.
So I think that is what is randomly on my mind today. What are you thinking about today? Anything interesting?


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What I Love Wednesday

Hmm well I'm going to have to work on that title box but it will work for today. I've seen lots of people do a post like this on Wednesday and thought I would do one of my own.

This week I'm loving...

Veronica Mars.  When Emily was here for the snow days last week I discovered she had not watched them yet so we settled in and got through about half of season one.  Now every time I sit down I just want to keep watching more episodes. I can't wait for the movie to come out in March. Just in time for my birthday. :)

Ns school project. They have been talking about progression and in that how they were babies and now they are in school etc.  He took in some baby pictures and baby clothes back before the snow and this project was basically a scrapbook of When I was ___ I ___. He had a blast looking at old pictures and picking which ones he wanted to use and talk about in class and then I let him have free reign of my stickers. I will not let the sticker use get to me ;) I think he did a great job and he did it mostly himself which is great.

C. He is such a silly boy and is at such a great fun stage.  This was a picture from his Valentines Day party at school yesterday. He wanted to take pictures of us when we finished out reading center.  He can be such a hoot.

M says I'm addicted and I may just be. I really can't go a day without using this at least once a day. I do mix in some of my others but this is my go to and I always have it with me.

So that is it for today. What are you loving today? I kindof like this post so I may need to work it into my rotation.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Target Deals

So I have never done a Target deals post and I usually rush right out when everyone says things are on sale and I get nothing. Its so sad but I think with all the snow we had last week our Valentines stuff was still there so I got some stuff.  Nothing that is a surprise and I found all of this in the Valentines section but still fun for me. :) I've heard that some Targets are at 90% all ready but mine was still only at 70%.  I may see if anything left when they go a bit more.

Now I do not plan on using these as our Valentines next year but I want the goodies in them.  All the cute notebooks, pencils and glows sticks. They are not themed Valentines and can be used for anything.  These all came up as $.90-$1.20.  I can't beat that for fun goodies.

Some more of the goodies.  Little Mermaid notebooks and Sophia play packs.  The play packs were $1.89 each and will be great goodies to add to my stash for little girl parties.

These were both in the Valentine section for the tissue and the card section for the bags.  I buy all of my tissue around the holidays and use it all year.   The small packs were $.44 each and the larger one was only $.89.  I recently did a huge purge of my gift bags. I had been hoarding and reusing so much that the glue was no longer holding them together.  I cleaned them all our and have bee rebuilding my stash. These were on an end cap near the other bags and cards and at $1.75 each they are a great deal.

This picture was actually scattered around the store. C and I went this afternoon and wondered the end caps looking for goodies. As luck would have it I saw that Ns teacher has trinkets for the treasure chest, highlighters, and stickers on her wish list and I found them all on clearance. She will be getting a bag of goodies tomorrow with these things and some other stuff I've been collecting.
Pompoms were $.98 I haven't decided if we are keeping these or sending these in yet. Since really can you have to many pom poms?
Scotch expressions washi tape $1.48
Sack of little erasers $.90 these are all pirate themed and kindergartners love erasers. We have so many here and N is always wanting more.
Package of stickers $2.08. These are going to school.
Highlighters $.57 each. These are a great deal and are going into school.
Color Wonder travel pack $3.98 This was 50% off and located near the arts and crafts aisle.  I like to have these for trips and for on the go.  My store had about a dozen so I'll keep an eye out if it goes even more ;)

I was so excited to find these and then get my other stuff that I just needed.  I did let C pick out an Imaginext  toy and when I checked it on Cartwheel it was 25% off. Score. He was happy and I loved saving the extra money. 

ETA: I totally forgot that I had this still out in the car. 

My stores have alot of frames and other household goodies on sale but this frame was only $6.98 and had a cartwheel coupon for 15% off that.  Awesome score. I can't wait to get pictures in it.

Did you do any clearance shopping yet? Did you get any goodies? 


Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Morning Musings


Monday morning has come again.  Today is a shopping day for C and I. With the snow last week and being out of town this weekend we need to hit it and have some fun. :)

Weekend Update: Since the roads seemed to be ok on Friday be headed to Charlotte. My family had not seen the boys to celebrate their birthdays and my moms birthday was last week and my grandmas today so we headed down for a big birthday celebration.

We had a huge spread but when you get my family together we are up to 11 people and that isn't even extended family. Biggest non-holiday meal we've had in awhile.  My brother did most of the cooking even with being diagnosed with a broken finger earlier in the day. 

And can I say only my brother could break his finger in 3 places while putting his shoes on. LOL  I do feel bad for him as it has to hurt.

Upcoming Week: N took his Valentines to school today. They had a makeup day on Saturday that we didn't go too since we were gone and I'm guessing they did them then but he can pass his out today. He's fine with that. Be on the look out this Saturday for Scrappy Saturday to see what we created. They came out really cute.  Cs party was rescheduled for tomorrow so I'll head over there with him for that.

Box news:  Well since Ipsy didn't show up last week I'm pretty sure it should be here this week but with the weather our mail is pretty wacky so who knows.. I'm also expecting my Citrus Lane. We haven't gotten it for a couple months but are starting back this month. I've seen some spoilers and they have me excited. I should also be getting my My Paper Pumpkin this week.  Oh and not really a box for anyone who doesn't live near me but my produce box starts back up this week and I can't wait for fresh fruit and veggies to come each week.  Beyond happy for that.

Business News:  Stampin' Up Extended the free In Color Marker special until 3/31/2014 so you still have time to jump on the My Paper Pumpkin deal.  You can check out my post HERE for more information.  Also if you are still planning your next vacation check out my facebook page for Jenny at Love the Mouse Travel and let me know if I can help in anyway.  I specialize in Disney travel but I can help with cruises, Universal, Sea World and many other vacation locations.

The crazy weather will continue this week but in the other direction as they are calling for near 70degs later this week.  If it isn't raining the whole time we are going to try and head outside and enjoy the sunshine. What are your plans this week? Anything new going on?

Have a great week,

disclaimer: As with most of my posts those are either referral links or products I sell and as usual however all opinions are my own. Thanks

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Scrappy Saturday

Another page I put together at Archivers the other weekend. I just love this picture of C when he was little and knew I wanted to use some bright colors. I went looking through my stash and came upon the retired World Spectacular Designer Series Paper.  The other side of these papers are kindof circus related and I was keeping them for that but then I looked at the back and the colors really popped.  This layout was created from that.  So a note if one side of a paper just doesn't do it for you then make sure you look at the back as it could be totally AWESOME and really jump at you for a certain page.

Happy Crafting,

Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Linking up as usual for some Friday Phone Dump/

We got two days of school in this week and then the snow came and then the ice and then more snow. LOL It has been an at home kindof week. The boys have been loving it.
So is officially 3 and 3 is so hard. The first couple of days he had a meltdown every afternoon.  I will say he did not care for me taking his picture.
 The boys did have a ton of fun sledding. Pretty sure they would stay out there all day everyday.


 If you can't tell from above C had a blast and has been loving it out there with all of his friends.
N had set the cube up in front of the fire to sit on when warming up and Kali decided that it was the perfect spot for her. She loves the fire too.
 Just too cute not to share. C is so silly sometimes and this is what we get when he wants to take pictures of his self and mommy.  Selfies :)

Poor C. This is what happens after he is outside or at the neighbors for almost 6 hours today. He wanted a few minutes with his Ipad and he didn't even make it 5minutes before he was out.  Snow is hard work.

So there you go my random week in pictures. We didn't do a ton productive but just played around and enjoyed the weather. We will not be enjoying it when they try to figure out when we will make up all these days but for now we will enjoy.

Have a great weekend everyone,
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