Tuesday, February 23, 2016

TV Talk Tuesday

Time to talk some more TV. I've been in a TV mood lately so I'm working through some shows. As always there will be SPOILERS below so enter at your own risk.

We NEED to start with the Walking Dead.  Oh my gosh I really liked this weeks episode.  It was a little more light hearted then the last couple and that ending oh my.  I mean you could see it coming and can see how it could easily happen but I wasn't really expecting it yet. I am however all for Richonne.  They make a great couple.  Now lets talk about Jesus.  I know he is from the comics so I've been told a bit about it and I think I like him. At least so far.  Even though he is messing with our boys it seems to all be in fun and he had chances to really hurt them and doesn't so he could be good in my mind.  Of course waking two naked people from their sleep was probably not the best idea and I can't wait to see what they do about that next week.

Saying Goodbye!!!

So this is a little different from my normal talk but I've been doing some Tivo cleaning and season pass cancelling and I'm on the fence about a couple shows.

So far I have deleted and cancelled the season pass for :
CSI:Cyber - I just couldn't get into this season 
Colony - I never even started this one.

I've got episodes on the Tivo that I just haven't watched and am not sure I will:
ScreamQueens - I have 5 episodes left and I just don't know if I can watch them. The show really is horrible and I can't believe it was picked up for next season. I keep thinking I should just watch out the episodes but I'm leaning towards just deleting.
2 Broke Girls - I really liked the first couple of seasons but it is just stupid and bad now.  I have a dozen episodes recorded and I really doubt I will watch them all.

Shows I haven't started yet but still kindof want to.  Both of these look good and I want to watch but need time.
Mr. Robot - I still want to watch this one so it sits on the Tivo just waiting.
Zoo - This one is coming back this summer so I will try and watch before then. 

So what about you? Any shows you've given up on this season already? Ones you wanted to start but just haven't gotten into? Thoughts on my list and a reason I need to keep and/or watch any of them?

Happy Viewing,

Monday, February 22, 2016

Currently 2016

Good Afternoon!!!  I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. I will say today is really a Monday for me. I stayed up late watching the Disneyland special and then I just HAD to watch the Walking Dead so that meant I was up later then normal.  I am dragging today but I am here to check in for my weekly post with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently.


Smiling--- at the jammies I found C on clearance at Target.  He loves onesie jammies and these are great for around here. He gets so hot with the feet kind so hopefully these will be a bit better for him. Plus they are minions and who doesn't love minions.

Loving--- my little men.  It was just us yesterday afternoon so we ran out to PDQ for lunch and they wanted a milkshake.  They would share but said they HAD to have their own straws.

Ready--- for Ns basketball clinic to be over. He goes every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and while it has been great and he has learned a lot poor C and I  just have to hang out and make our own fun. He has been a real trooper but I'm pretty sure he is about done with me of course you can't tell by this happy boy picture from last week.

Excited--- I'm hosting an online Usborne party and my consultant posted this picture. It is so true and I love it.  I love reading stories and getting lost in the world the author has created and I can be anything I want.  I'm working on that with my boys and letting them really discover the world of books and where it can take you.

Ready--- for my next Disney trip.  I was able to work on my Fastpass reservations this weekend and was able to get the coveted Anna & Elsa reservation and I'm totally making my boys go to see them. :)  they can just deal with all the girlie stuff I make them do at Disney. LOL but I really think they like it and they can just use me as their excuse saying that their mommy needs to check out everything so they had to meet the princess, eat with the princess, ride the kiddie ride etc.  Gotta love the mind of little boys.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TV Talk

Back again after being away and just really need to talk some TV. As always there will be SPOILERS below so enter at your own risk.

Let's just start right in with The Walking Dead.  OMG they started off with a bang this spring season. I kindof knew about Carl and that whole scene from the comics but it did not start out how I was expecting. I didn't think that Daryl, Sasha or Abraham would be killed but the others getting blown up was just WOW I'm not sure what to say about it. But can we just say how awesome Abraham is.  His little side remarks are just great and I love them. So glad they came and saved the town.  I can not wait for next week.

We are a little behind but M and I just finished up the fall season of the Librarians.  I LOVE this show. It is easy to watch and while very corny it does have an overlying story and mythology going through it. Plus who doesn't love watching Christian Kane each week? ;)  Since it had been awhile since it aired I didn't remember if the final episode was a season or a series finale and I'm not sure they did either when filming so they left it with something they could work on.  I loved the going back to Shakespeare and weaving the story characters in even more.  I'd love to see more of Moriarty but not sure he can come back with Prospero gone at least for now.  We will for sure be watching when it comes back this spring.

I can't go without the talking Vampire Diaries.  I know some people aren't really liking this season but I'm liking the new Damon. I am a bit confused with all the flashbacks and the Phenix stone stuff but it makes for a good story.  I said earlier this season seeing the 3 year time jump is still a great way to give some meaning to some of the goings on in today's time.  It seems like they will be dealing with the Huntress chick for awhile since she is still around in 3 years.  I do wonder what is going on with Enzo and where he was. We know that he ends up with Bonnie so she must forgive him for whatever he does.  Oh and let's not forget to talk about the ending of this weeks episode. I'm ready for Damon to get some of his swagger back even if it is with a weird who knows what kindof chick.

So those are what I have on my mind right now. What are you watching? Anything new I need to check out.  I have a ton of things on my Tivo but they just aren't calling me so I may need to do some cleanout soon and just say I'm not watching some shows.  I really need to look into that.

Happy Viewing!!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Currently 2016

Happy Monday everyone!!!  N was supposed to track back into school this morning but we are having an ice issue here so he's home :(.  He NEEDs to go back to school and he is ready to go back so hopefully they go tomorrow. Of course they have a field trip tomorrow so not much of a first day back. LOL  This is going to be a C heavy post again today but he is much more into picture taking right now then N is so that is what you get.  Have a great week and don't forget to check out the link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently.


Cheering--- for my little man to turn 5.  His birthday was last week and he had a blast.  You can see how silly he currently is and he keeps thinking he is going to kindergarten right now. He thought it when we registered him and again now that he's 5.  Sorry kid you have to wait until July for that. :)

Partying--- with C for his school Valentine's party.  Don't preschools do such great fun with parties? I love out preschool and all the fun that we have.

Crafting--- for Valentine's Day. We had a melted crayon kit here that both boys wanted to use.  C was the first one so we made some really cute melted crayon popsicles and candy to bag and give to his friends.  We also used the Paper Pumpkin January 2016 kit to add the tags to the edges.  I still love my kits and if you are wanting a fun monthly craft box the 3 month sub is on sale and you will get a sale-a-bration item. That is a great deal. You can check it out HERE.

That is my quick catch up for today. I'm still in major shock from the Walking Dead last night and I want to try and watch it again today.  Hmm maybe I'll send the boys out to play in the Sleet so I can watch ;) I'm sure they won't mind. LOL

Have a great Monday!!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Currently 2016

Oh WOW how did it get to be February already.  I swear we just celebrated New Years and now we are onto the second month of the year.  Craziness I tell you.  The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic around here so I haven't had a chance to blog but I'm back tonight to check in with my normal Monday link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post and a little recap.


Happy--- that the snow is over.  It snowed on a Friday and then again on Saturday and the kids were back to school by Tuesday. That has to be a record here for NC. Of course last weekend and this week we are hitting 70 so the snow still in the shade is even melting.  I'm ready for spring already.

Unbelieving--- that my Mr Man is 8 already.  It is so hard to believe that N turned 8 last week. He is tracked out of school so he got to hang out with me and decided he wanted bundt cake for dessert after having cicis for dinner.  We love bundt cake in our family. :)  Since he is growing so much he got a new bike for his birthday and we've been able to ride it a lot so far.  It looks so big on him but he'll hopefully get a full years out of this one.

Enjoying--- track out so far.  We had our snow and now we have mild weather so they can go out to play. N has taken full advantage so far with going to the library, sitting in front of the fire and taking a basketball technique class at our clubhouse. He is learning so much.

Smiling--- at C. I can't leave him out this week. He just makes me smile he is so stinkin' cute.  Both boys got bean bag chairs for Christmas and as you can see they love them. This was how he played the other day and said take my picture so of course I did.

Loving--- my cat Kali. I feel like I've posted about her a lot lately but she has been really lovey and all over me of late. I have a feeling that its not a great sign since she is 18years old but I'm enjoying it as much as I can.

We have another big week of errands and clearing out here and basketball.  N is home for two more weeks before he goes back to school so we are going to try to work in a museum or two and some other fun day outings while we can but he really is happy being home and just vegging some. I swear his being 8 makes him act more and more like a teenager. LOL

Have a great week everyone,

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