Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So What Wednesday

Its So What Wednesday over at Life after I Dew and I'm linking up. Today I'm saying So What If....

  • I've never done a link up before and really have no idea what I'm doing :)
  • my boys have worn the same shirt every other day since we got it.  I have washed it but some people will wonder.
  • I cancelled a couple subscription boxes only to join some others. ;)
  • There are still so many boxes I want to try
  • Its also Supernatural Wednesday and I can't wait to see it
  • I still haven't seen Les Miserable
  • I kindof want to see the Warm Bodies movie and I'm pretty sure that I'm way to old for it. LOL
So that's my list for this week. What do you think and what are you saying so what to today?


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goodies Jan 2013 Review

I've been waiting for my box. My friend who lives about 5 minutes away got hers on Saturday so I've been stalking the mailman. ;) It was well worth it and I was not disappointed. I can't wait to try all the yummyness in this box.

First look and it was such a pretty box. The theme this month was New Year New You.  The card says that this months box is loaded with a scrumptious selection of sensible foods to enjoy while you're living life on-the-go.  Since I'm often grabbing a snack when chasing after my boys this made a lot of sense to me.

And here are the goodies!!!

  • Cascal - This is a natural soda and it looks interesting. I placed it in the fridge so I'll try it this week.
  • Wild Garden Traditional Hummus and Pita Chips - I can't wait to dig into this one. C and I love hummus and this is such a cute togo kindof package that it could be good for parks and museums and while we are out and about.
  • Go Nola - hmm I'm not sure about this one. But the boys and I will give it a shot.
  • Flamous Brands Falafel Chips - I have never heard of such a thing but I'm a chip girl so I will grab these for a much later this week.
  • Skeeter Snacks Cookie - N has already scoped this snack out. He didn't get it today but I know it will come back up this week.
  • Stretch Island Fruit Chews - These are no sugar added, made with fruit only fruit snacks. Fruit snacks could be another food group in my house so once the boys realize this is what is in this bag I'm sure it will be gone.
  • Nature's Bakery While Wheat Fig Bar - I like fig newtons and this looks like it in the picture so if it tastes like one I'm all in.
So overall I love this box and you can't beat the price of $7.00 a month.  This is such a great assortment and I love getting this box every month.



Monday, January 28, 2013

Noah's 5th Birthday!!!

I'm really not sure how my Mr. Man got to be 5 years old today!!!  Time sure does fly. As luck would have it his preschool was cancelled today since the public schools had a delay. He thought that was great and said they did it just for his birthday. :)  It will be an awakening next year when they don't cancel kindergarten just for him ;)

We are having a Star Wars themed joint birthday for my two boys in a couple weeks and I was able to order them some matching shirts from Bits & C.  They are awesome!!!

Here is the beginning of the invitations that I'm making. I'm using Stampin' Up s My Digital Studio to create them and then I will print them and send them out.

I hope everyone has a great day and Happy Birthday to my Mr. Man. I love you!!!


disclaimer: yes I am still a Stampin' Up Demo so if you click my link above it takes you to my website. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have. :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cravebox Zatarain's Big Game Box Review

Yeah what is better on a wet snowy day then getting a box in the mail. :)  Today was a Cravebox day and I love getting their box everytime. Its so pretty.

For those wondering Cravebox is a little different from my other boxes in that you sign up and then they will announce when a box is available and you say if you'd like it or not. There is then a drawing and you might or might not get it.  I was lucky enough to get this one and then since I tried so early in the process they sent an email that they were doubling the goodies so I got two of everything.  Double bonus.

And onto the goodies:

  • Jambalaya Mix - M will be so excited we got this since he loves Jambalaya. We are going to have to make this soon.
  • Red Beans and Rice - Not normally one of my favorite meals but I've never tried making it at home so I'll give this  a shot and see how it goes.
  • True Lemon Iced Tea - who can't use some tea.
  • Cajun Mustard - If you know me then you know mustard is my go to condiment. I can't wait to try this one out. I have a notion in my head that this will be great with a pretzel so I may need to make some of those to go with it.
  • Creole Seasoning - Two containers of this is a lot of seasoning. I will have to share one of these with someone but I'm glad to have it. I can see a modified form of a shrimp boil one night here.
  • Then of course the big game is in New Orleans so no party would be complete with out some beads. We love these beads at my house so the boys will love this.
I'm very excited with this box and so glad that they doubled all my contents. I love a full box and this box would have been a little wimpy looking with just one of each item.

Did you get this box? What did you think?


Thursday, January 24, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Jan 2013 Box review

It was a good day today for me my POPSugar MustHave box came.  I love getting this box every month.  It has a try grabbag feel to it since there isn't a real theme each month and the items could be about anything.  For those wanting to know this box is $35 a month and is always a full box of goodies.

Here we go...
 First glance. :) It always makes me smile when I get this glance of the wrapped goodies. This box is also very heavy so another happy  moment.

The first reveal after the tissue is opened. I know why the box is so heavy.

And onto the contents:
  • Must Have Fitness - Merrithew Stability Ball - I actually don't own one of these and as I'm working towards getting more active this year (well I cleaned off my elliptical and bought some new tennis shoes so I've started the thought process;)) I'm going to try and put this to use.
  • Must Have Fashion - The Remix Timebomb - This is the pink watch. I love this and can't wait to wear it for fun. 
  • Must Have Beauty - Epicuren Discovery LipBalm - really who can have enough lip balm?  I'm addicted to it and will try this one out.
  • Must Have Food - PopBar Hot Chocolate on a Stick - ok these are awesome.  I can't wait to make it tonight. Basically you place the chocolate stick in steaming mug of milk.  I'm planning on trying it tonight while watching my Vampire Diaries. :)
  • Must Have Food - Jet-puffed Vanilla Mallow Bits- These will go great in my hot chocolate. 
  • Special extras - Think Thin Bars - I've never tried any of these and they say they contain little to no sugar. Not sure how good they can be with that statement but someone here will give them a try.
  • Also included is a $15 gift certificate to Casetagram but I haven't looked up anything to see if its worth doing yet or not. I don't usually count these in my box since you have to buy something to use it but occasionally there are some that are free ones so they are worth looking into at least.
So do you get the  POPSugar MustHave?  What did you think of this month?  Overall I thought it was ok everything is fun and good in it just not mind blowing but I'm not sure what I'm expecting so not sure what they could have changed.


disclaimer: Yes that is my affiliate link up there. When you join through me I get credits and eventually free boxes. 

Citrus Lane Jan 2013 Review

Woohoo!! I came home the other day from a couple days away and Citrus Lane was waiting for me to open up.  I love coming home to packages and for those that don't know Citrus Lane  is a monthly subscription box that is aged for your child and sends some great things each month. It costs $25 a month but if you order through my link you will get $10 off your first box. (ETA use code TAKEHALF and you can get 50% off your first box) They are currently changing up a little bit so soon they will go older but for this month they still have an upper age of 3yrs old. I actually age C up a little so that we get things he can move into. This month we got a box for a 27month old.

I love opening the box and seeing everything wrapped up nice and neat.
Zoo plate & bowl set from Skip Hop - This is perfect for us. I've been cleaning out my kiddie plates that have seen better days and this fits right in. C has already been using these.

OK so blogger is giving me some issues so sorry about how its looking. :(  The spray on the left is To-Go Disinfecting spray from Cleanwell. I've never used a spray but this is a great size and I've already tossed it in my bag.  The bag on the right has some Soothing Creme and some playful wash packets from Episencial. Both my boys have very dry skin so I'm always looking for some new lotions and we use a ton. This will be put to good use.

This book is from Barefoot Books and is really cute. C loves books and tractors so this is great. It also includes a cd with songs that I can't wait to put in my car and listen to the boys with. We are kindof tired of what we have in there now. I can't wait to see what this one is like.

Overall a great box and full of items we will get lots of use from.


disclaimer: You guessed it my affiliate link is included. Not only will you get $10 off your first box but I will get a $10 credit in my account too. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BirchBox January 2013 Review

Yeah my Birchbox came today!!!  The shipping said an expected date of the 18th so I wasn't hopeful. :( and lots of people were already getting theirs so I was ready. :)

This month I got box number 34 out of the 34 different boxes. I will admit that I am loving this box way more then last months lotion fiasco. LOL 

As always the boxes come with a flyer insert that lets you know what is in your box. This one also came with a fold out flyer with 25 ways to make 2013 awesome and let me say they are really funny.  Nothing to serious here.

Now onto the goodies:

  • Number 4 clarifying shampoo - This is actually a great sample size and I can toss it in my togo bag.  I've seen this shampoo at the store but never purchased it so I can't wait to give it a try.
  • theBalm Put a Lid On It - I am very excited to get this even though the sample is really small. I don't think I will use much at a time though since it goes on your eyelids so this should last awhile.  With all the cool new eyeshadow I've been getting in my boxes this is a great addition.
  • Clark's Botanicals smoothing marine cream - I just need to say that I really hope this one doesn't become a must have since a full size jar is $115 WOW!!!  I can tell you now I will not pay that for a face cream but I am curious to see how cool this is to get that price.
  • Skinny Chic perfume - This actually smells pretty good.  It says its a mix of green apple, sweet mint and warm amber. I might actually try to wear this one out some.  Now if it does what the insert says: "Sexy, zesty, and bursting with energy Skinny Chic is your daily cure for the common bore. A spritz a day keeps you feeling young, slim, and beautiful" then I will be all about getting me some more of this.;)
  • Juice Beauty Daily essentials to go - This is a 1-2-3 step process so even though its foil wrappers I think its only meant to work once so that's not too bad. I've tried some of the other Juice Beauty product samples I've gotten so I can't wait to give this a go.
All in all a decent box and there are some products that I can't wait to try out.  So let me know do you get Birchbox?  Which box did you get this month? Do you love it?  For those that need to know Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that cost $10 a month and you get a little box of samples to try out. They also have a point system so once you get your box you can review the items and get points to use towards full size products in their store.


disclaimer: This post includes my affiliate link. If you order through my link then I will get credit for it. Even with the credits the opinions and reviews are my own and are how I feel. :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ipsy January 2013 review

Yeah my Ipsy bag came today.  I was hoping to get it Saturday like last month but I'll take today. :)  I'm really excited for this bag every month and this month was no exception.  For those that want to know Ipsy is a monthly subscription bag that comes with beauty products in it for only $10 a month. And for my local NC girls this one ships from Harrisburg, NC so we get it early in the delivery process.  This makes me really excited since some of the other subscriptions seem to take forever to get to me. ;)

And without further to do here is the bag....

Now I will admit this isn't my favorite bag.  Its a goo size but its a navyish color with stars and just not my thing.  However it will make a cute gift holder or something so I will share it like that.

Onto the good stuff:

  • Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play - this is one of those brands that I have seen but never purchases and I love this size since its great to take on vacation. I see this getting used when I head to Vegas in March.
  • Nailtini - I love this polish and we got a great glitter one the other month. I know there are two colors that were sent out this month a red color and then this light pink.  Its called Frappe and while not a color I would normally buy I do like it as a neutral and since I have alot of reds already this is great to add into the mix.
  • Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil - I have no idea what this is but reading the packaging it sounds like a great all over moisturizer.  It can go on your face, nails, hair, in the bath etc so I'm sure to try it out.
  • Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter - I just need to say this smells delicious.  I read someone say that and I was like no way but now that I have it I'm all in and loving the scent.  I can't wait to use this.
  • Soho Concealer Brush - Since I'm getting all of this new makeup and fun stuff monthly its nice that they sent a brush.  I don't really know what a concealer brush is used for since my normal concealer is a cream but I will look into and put it to good use. Who doesn't need a good concealer.
Over all a great bag and contents.  I can't wait to see what we'll get next month.


Stampin' Up Paper Pumpkin Monthly Subscription Box

Can I just say I love Stampin' Up. I've been a demo since 2005 and I've loved every minute of it. :)  Now since you are reading my blog you know that one of my current obsessions are monthly subscription boxes and who would have known that Stampin' Up is now going to offer one themselves.  I can't sign up fast enough.  I'm going to paste the information below but the basics are that for $19.95 a month you will get a box to make some stamped goodies in it.  With your first order you will get a special gift of a clear stamping block so that you can use all the stamps they will send. I can't wait!!!  Just do me a favor when you sign up and it asks for your demo put my name in there Jenny Louthan that way I can get credit. :) Thanks in advance. (ETA 1/26/2013 it looks like you need to know the state I live in too. I live in North Carolina. If you need anymore information just send me a note. Thanks!!!)

Here you go the info from  Stampin' Up!!!

Sweep away the mundane-your creativity carriage awaits!
I'm Paper Pumpkin . . .
I come to your door each month (a fully decked-out creativity carriage). I'll help you to escape your life with some paper fun.
I come in a sweet box, but you'll really love what you find on the inside:
All the stamps, ink, paper, and accessories to create pinable projects. Create stuff like cards, journals, décor, and more!
Paper Pumpkin by Stampin' Up! is a new monthly kit program that anyone (even you) can enjoy!
Get Started
It's so easy to get started. Simply sign up for the program starting Monday, January 14 by visiting and click Get it. Every month a new, surprise project kit arrives at your doorstep. Just think of the anticipation of creating a fun project to pin, showoff, and share with your friends and family-every month!
Of course, you'll want to know more. So here's the nitty gritty:
  • Each month we send you a unique, surprise kit with a project-cards, journals, décor, and more! (We've even color-coordinated, measured, and cut everything for you!)
  • Each kit includes stamps, ink, paper, and accessories-everything but adhesive.
  • Each kit gives you and your customer a 30-minute creativity escape.
  • We will ship your Paper Pumpkin on or around the 15th of the month.  
  • You need to sign up for a kit by the 10th of the month to get that month's kit. If you sign up on the 11th of the month, your first kit will come the next month. (Let's say you sign up on May 10th, we'll send your kit around May 15th. If you sign up on May 11th, we'll send your first kit around June 15th.)
  • A Paper Pumpkin membership is $19.95 per month (and shipping is included!) The commissionable amount is $14.95 for each Paper Pumpkin.  
  • There's no commitment, you can cancel your monthly Paper Pumpkin at anytime. You can also skip a month if you want.
  • Starting in early March, we'll offer a Try-It kit if you'd like to try Paper Pumpkin for one month.
Here's How You Order
Sign up for your monthly Paper Pumpkin starting Monday, January 14 by visiting and click Get it.
Starting in early March, you can try Paper Pumpkin for one month by visiting our online store.
A Free Gift in Your Very First Kit
The Welcome Kit is the very first Paper Pumpkin you will receive in your first month of membership. The Welcome Kit includes a free gift-a clear acrylic block!
Questions? We've Got Answers
Why are we offering Paper Pumpkin?
Paper Pumpkin is the perfect introduction to Stampin' Up! We designed it for crafters that want to create a project each month, but aren't quite ready to build a stamp collection (yet).
How does shipping work with Paper Pumpkin?
Your Paper Pumpkin will be automatically shipped to you each month (so fun!). Because we are auto shipping these, the pricing structure is slightly different from our other Stampin' Up! products.

So what do you think? Are you ready to try another monthly box?  I can't wait.

Let me know if you have any questions,

disclosure: As stated in the post I am a stampin' up demo so I will get credit if you order through me.

Hi everyone!!!

hmm I thought I posted this the other day but here it is still in draft.  Sorry everyone but here is the post. :)

WOW I can't believe its been so long since I wrote a post. :(  I'm so sorry and I promise to get back into it. Its almost delivery week for most of my subscription boxes so I know I'll be back with those and there are some exciting Stampin' Up new items coming out this week so I will post those too.

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