Monday, April 4, 2016

Currently 2016

It is Monday and I'm exhausted from all of last nights excitement but I'm here and back linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post on a Monday morning.


Enjoying--- the weather we've been having here lately.  Besides all of the yellow pollen that is everywhere we've been able to enjoy the windows open and daily walks.  Even M laughs now as we stop at the picture spot to take pictures with every walk. This falls under the you know you are a scrapbooker when your kids do it without being asked. 

Dreading--- the upcoming weather.  While I know some of you guys are having snow today and worse weather the rest of the week we will just be getting cold.  With a high of 79 today I am not looking forward to the 50s later this week.  Of course that does mean I can use my fireplace again which does make me a little happy. :)

Thankful--- for a great mom.  When I asked C what he wanted to do for spring break he said go to grandma's without N. LOL not too hard since they are on different schedules this year but she was more then glad to have him and even brought him back on the train.  He thought it was AWESOME and can't wait to take another trip.

Over-analyzing--- the Walking Dead finale.  LOL  I will have more in my TV Talk post tomorrow with my true thoughts and spoilers but for now all I'll say is REALLY?  Ugh I can't wait until October and new episodes. And because I was up watching this and Talking Dead and chatting with everyone I am exhausted today. :)

So that's is for my update.  We have a pretty normal regular week this week and then my friends come for a weekend of scrapbooking and I can't wait. I NEED me some girlie time.

Have a great week,


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  1. I am looking forward to our last cool weather because you know that 90s is coming!!!! And: Walking Dead finale.....sucked....except for the last 15 minutes, Negan IS AWESOME!!!


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