Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Day of Kindergarten

How oh how can it be the last day of kindergarten already?  N was so excited and sad at the same time.  He will miss his teachers so much and tells me he will stop in to visit them next year when he is on his way to his 1st grade class.

I walked him in today to help carry in his teacher gifts. It is Friday so that is spirit day and he couldn't go to school without wearing his school shirt.

Here is his teacher. Ms O'Donnell she is a great teacher and he has learned so much this year. I can't thank her enough.  He is really going to miss her next year.

His assistant teacher Ms Brown. Another wonderful helper and she really got N. He is going to find and visit her next year too.

Being that it was the last day of school they were going to have a picnic lunch outside. However it started raining right as we went to walk the kids out so they adjusted and they ate on the floor. :)  N had a great time and loved that he had C there. He kept telling everyone that he was his brother.  So sweet.

So hard to believe that my Mr Man is going to be in 1st grade in only a month.  To see him go from barely knowing his letters to sitting down and actually reading and writing is just amazing to me. I can not say enough for kindergarten teachers and all that they do. It is amazing and they are amazing people.

We are now on our summer vacation and will be spending it having fun and enjoying our time until he goes back on July 28th.  (and no I am not already counting down the days ;) but ask me again next week. LOL)


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jen or some Thursday Thoughts.

  • Tomorrow is Ns last day of kindergarten and we had his performance yesterday.  It was so cute and I was doing so good until they said they were the class of 2026!!!  I mean really that seems so far. (I'm putting some pics in this post of yesterday :))
N's class

  • I watched Big Brother last night and it got off to a good and fun start. I can't wait until the other 8 join tonight and see how that all works out. I do want to say I will root for the the NC boy Donny to start the season but I always change my mind as the game goes on.  I usually like the person causing the most havoc in the house and I just don't think that will be him. LOL
You are my sunshine
  • We are headed down to my mom's for the weekend and we have no plans. N says he just wants to hang at the pool. After the last couple of weeks that sounds perfect.
Hi Mom!!!
  • I'm loving the weekly kids movies at our local Stone Theater.  Lots of the surrounding theaters have a movie but this one also has kids drinks and popcorn for $1. This week we saw the Croods. It was really cute. Next week is Smurfs 2. N is excited to be joining us for the next couple of weeks.
me and C waiting for The Croods
  • I got to do some real crafting yesterday to make gifts for Ns teachers.  C was being cooperative and I got most of it done.  I will be posting some of them coming up soon so you can see.  His class did a gift card bouquet but we are also doing a little goodie bag for them just from us.  It is so much fun.
we decided that N can either sing or do the dance. He opted to sing most of the time ;)
  • I'm watching SYTYCD as I'm typing this this morning and the kids look really good this year.  I love this show each summer and seeing how awesome all the dances look.  This is a show I would love to see being taped.  The energy just seems so up and fun.
So I think that is all my random for the moment. I'm going to go back to watching my show while C is playing. I know that it will be fleeting since he is in rare form this morning :)  Have a great day everyone!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Musings

Monday Monday Monday.  WOW is it just me or did today come way to fast.

Weekend Update: M worked on Friday and I had to pick N up from school and he had a plan. We went to Wendys for dinner and then the library for some new books.  It was a happening evening ;) Then on Saturday we went to the pool during the day and spent the night building Lego sets. Sunday we had to run down to Greensboro to pick grandma Norma up and take her home which took the afternoon so last night we had Wendys again (what can I say the boys are obsessed) and then we built more Legos
Doesn't everyone take pictures when eating at Wendys?

Upcoming Week:  We have a busy busy week this week. This morning C and I went to the park. 
It was a new park for us and it really is cute. We will be making some return trips.  Tomorrow C and I will be going to the weekly kids movie. Wednesday is Ns kindergarten program in the morning so we will all go to that. Thursday is our slower day and then Friday is Ns last day of kindergarten and we are going to head to Charlotte for the weekend.  Can I say how in the world did we get to the end of Ns kindergarten year. I can't believe that I will have a first grader after Friday. He is excited but also sad that he has to leave his class. He loves his teachers and tells me he is going to stop in to see them next year. :)

Box News: I don't think I should be getting any boxes this week. I did decide to get a Julep box this month but with their new shipping that will probably come next week. Citrus Lane also had a code this weekend and I ordered some more Mickey bags in difference sizes so those could possible get here :)

Business News:  I am so close to getting 200 likes on my Facebook page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel and once I do I will be doing another great giveaway over there. So if you get a chance please go over and like my page to keep up to date with the latest deals and other info.  Then let me know how I can help you plan your next vacation. It is not too late to plan for this summer or to start planning for fall.  We are expecting 2015 rates out in July so if you want to be added to my list for that info just let me know.

Did you know that the Stampin' Up new idea book and catalog is available now?  Let me know if you would like one and you can check out all the goodness and order online in my store. HERE Let me know if you have any questions.  I've cleaned my craft area and I'm ready to get crafty again. :) 

That is the highlights and randomness of my week. What are you guys up to this week?  Lots of fun I hope!!!

disclaimer: Those are my referral links up there so if you decide to join/order through me I will get credits. :)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Day of Summer!!!

Today is the first official day of summer but it is not to late to make plans for a fun vacation. Check out my Facebook page Jenny@Love The Mouse Travel and then contact me today to get your vacation planned!!!

Happy Summer,

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Time again for some Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • N has one more week of school but its summer in my head and I'm so lost on my days. I actually ran around frantic last night trying to find his school shirt for him to wear.  They have spirit day every Friday so he wears a school shirt.  I finally found it and set it out when M asks me what he is wearing tomorrow since its only Thursday. Ugh oh well. LOL
  • I should have known what day it was since C and I went to the movies to see the Lego Movie yesterday as one of their kids movies.  Can't beat $1 movies, popcorn and drinks.

  • I sometimes wonder if C really just wants to go to the pool for the snacks during break time. LOL 

  • Speaking of the pool I really need to go more often.  I think its been about 2 weeks since I was there but I have sent M and N without me.  I know that once N is out of school he will want to go more.  He wanted to go today when he saw us getting ready but nope off to school he went ;)
  • Heading off to Greensboro tomorrow to drop my grandma off with my stepdad and I keep wondering where I can stop and shop while I'm down that way. LOL I'm sure there is something down there that I need to go to that I don't have up here ;)
  • My Disney Project Life stuff is still all over my table. I can see the end and I need to just work on finishing it up so we can have our table back. :)  I did get a great deal on an album so the pages aren't just sitting on a chair and are in the album so that helps. I also got some more pages so I have some more variety in my protectors to finish it up.
Well that is randomly where my head is today. What are you thinking about this Thursday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Citrus Lane June 2014 43month Boy Box Review

disclaimer: This post contains my referral link.

Again I was surprised by my Citrus Lane box today.  Originally the tracking said Friday so when I got an update today saying it had been delivered I was a little confused but sure enough my box was here waiting on me.  As usual I had looked at spoilers but I hadn't seen our exact age yet so I wasn't sure what we were getting except for one item which I got to choose.  This month we got a box for a 43 month old boy.  I have C aged up a bit so we have things he can move into.

Each Citrus Lane box comes with a folded sheet with all the info on the inside. I forgot to take a first look picture since I had a little helper with me but I was kindof upset that my box wasn't all wrapped up like it usually is.  It actually looked a little ragged which I'm sure wasn't Citrus Lane falut but more the process of being mailed but everything seems to be ok inside so that is what is important.

And now onto our goodies for this month:

  • Go Bars from Plum Orgnaics ($1.47)- Neither of my boys eat these kindof bars anymore so we won't be eating these however M has been known to eat other ones that come in my boxes since he will eat about anything LOL so I will be sending these with him to work.
  • Two Sided Puzzles from Crocodile Creek ($26.22) - At first I was just ehhh about puzzles since we have been getting them alot lately but these are actually a little older then the ones we have gotten before and they are cute little boxes. We got three boxes so that is six different puzzles.  The boys and I  have been pulling things for when N is tracked out and they are bored and I think these are going right in there or being that they are small I might stash one in my bag for when we need some wait time fun at a restaurant or something.
  • Puffy Sticker Pad from Melissa & Doug ($6.49) - C is all about stickers and sticker books and has already claimed this as his own. He is really excited to put this together over and over again ;)
  • Wet Bag from Bumkins ($10.95) - This was the item that I got to choose and for C I got to pick from two Mickey bags and a Monsters Inc bag. I of course went for a classic Mickey and then I couldn't wait for it to get here.  We were just talking about how we could use another wet bag for our pool bag and being that its Mickey is even better.  I get a big smile just looking at this one.
  • Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion from Weleda ($12.88) - I have so much lotion at my house that I do not need anymore. I do like Weleda products and this is a large bottle but I just don't need it. I will see about trading this with someone who will get better use of it.
All totaled I came up with a value of $58.01 for my box this month which is pretty good for a box that cost $29 a month or less if you get a longer subscription.  Citrus Lane sends a monthly box for kids between ages 0-5 and there are many different things in each box.  At first look I wasn't overly impressed looking in the box but as usual I'm very happy once I get my hands on everything. Did you get a box this month? What age did you get? Are you happy with it?

Happy Opening,


Monday, June 16, 2014

Ipsy June 2014 Bag Review

disclosure: There are referral links in this post.

My Ipsy bag came Saturday and with all the weekend I didn't get a chance to blog it yet.

I still love getting these bags in the mail each month and if you are expecting anything from me be on the look out for a hot pink bag ;) I love reusing these on my outgoing mail.

This months theme is Pretty in Paradise and Ipsy says Warm white sandy beaches or a cafe under a star filled night sky, being pretty in YOUR paradise.  I love a good vacation and I'm happy with anything that can help with my travel and fun.  Ipsy if you are interested is a monthly subscription bag that will send a cute bag with 4-5 beauty items in it.  The items are usually a pretty decent size and you can really try things outs.  Ipsy cost $10 a month so the value is there too.

And now onto my June Ipsy bag goodies!!!!

  • Orfa Universal Eyebrow Pencil - I'll say it I have never used an eyebrow pencil. If you look at my pictures I have pretty dark thick eyebrows. Maybe I'm missing out and I still need to fill in? Anyone have a thought?  This does look like a cool idea and is called Universal since it is one color that works on all skin tones. This is also a brand I had never heard of but when I look at their site they have some fun looking items so I will have to check out other goodies.
  • be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara - oh my what do I want to say about this. I was very excited to get this when I saw it was coming in my bag. I have loved all my other be a Bombshell products and I'm currently looking for a new mascara.  Then I saw online that some of them have come with a strange smell and Ipsy has even addressed that online and be a Bombshell has said this lot was made especially or Ipsy and that no scent was added but that it met all the current codes and regulations. Even with that some people said it was fine while others complained so I was anxious to see what mine was like. Unfortunately I am in the bad category. Lets just say that I smelled this about an hour ago and I swear I still can smell it now. There is no way I will be using this on my eyes. Ipsy is looking into this and I'm curious to see what is done about this sample. :(
  • Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray - I love beach sprays and tend to use them a lot in the summer months.  After the mascara issue I smelled this one right away and it smells good. I've already done my hair today but I plan to use this tomorrow and for many days to come. 
  • NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee - I'm always up for a good lipgloss.  This one is a little light for my taste but I bet it will look good over layered over something else for a luscious glossy look.
  • Realtree for Her - I've said before I don't wear alot of perfume but I recently decided I need to look for some and give it a try.  I actually really like this one from smelling in the bottle and I squirted a little on me when I opened it and so far so good. I will give it the day and see how it smells later too. I like a scent that last without being overpowering and I think this might be a good one for that.
  • The bag - This months bag was designed by Rebecca Minkoff and is really bright and definitely what I think could be considered paradise.
So what do you think?  I really wish the mascara wouldn't have had a smell issue because I really like it. however the other items are all good in the bag and are all fun.  After my skincare bag last month I'm glad to get more makeup type products this month.  For the $10 this bag cost me I'm definitely getting my value out of it and like I said I love getting the bag in the mail and finding and trying new brands and products to me. With two boys I don't get a lot of time to roam around cosmetic stores so this is a great way to sample some things and play around.

Did you get an Ipsy bag this month? Did you get the smelly mascara? What else did you get and do you love it? There are other items that I would have loved to try too so I'm excited to see what others have. :)

Have a magical Ipsy day!!!

Monday Morning Musings

Back for another round of Monday Musings and Updates.

Weekend Update:  We went to Toys R Us for a Lego build they were having on Saturday and while the boys had fun it was not the best run event. We have done others here that were better set up. No fault of the store we were at since they were doing their best but the overhead company did not send instructions this time so they just had you get Legos and build instead of having a set project.  A set project would have been better.

Then we did get to have lunch at Remington Grill which is a local restaurant here that has great burgers.  I'm not sure if I like the burger or the fixins bar better but it was still very yummy.  Since M had to work the symphony that night I got a chance to work on some of my Disney scrapbook and watch Game of Thornes.  I just finished Season 1 and I now get what all the fuss is about. It really is a good show. I can't wait to move onto Season 2.  While I was scrapping I had this picture that I just had to use. If you remember from my posts about Disney we took alot of pictures and this one has N with an "Not again" look on his face. LOL Then I saw the rubon I had and just had to put them together.

Sunday N woke up not feeling great so we decided not to head to the pool and instead had a slow morning and then headed to PDQ for lunch a quick Target run and back home to play.  M got to watch some golf on the TV and I got to work more on Disney. It was a pretty good day and we capped it with a yummy dinner.

Upcoming Week:  Not sure what all C and I are going to do this week. N is still in school for two more weeks so C and I are on our own. We may try to take in the kids movie this week at the theater or possible an art class at Michaels. I'm hoping to work more on Disney and get that finished up.  M will like this to since I've taken over the kitchen table with all my stuff ;)

Box News:  My Ipsy bag came on Saturday and I just haven't had a chance to blog it yet but I will get it reviewed soon.  I should also be getting my Citrus Lane and my My Paper Pumpkin boxes this week.  I think that might be it but I sometimes do forget when things are coming which is fun since I then have a surprise awaiting me. I did use My Paper Pumpkin kit from May for our Father's Day card and blogged it this weekend if you want to check that out.

Business News

Reminder: FREE DINING is available this fall! Book a moderate, deluxe, or deluxe villa Walt Disney Resort stay with park passes and receive a FREE Disney Dining Plan! The "Plus Dining Plan" is honored at more than 100 restaurants, and includes one table-service meal, one quick-service meal, and one snack, per person per night of your stay. Offer valid at select resorts* for arrivals most nights Aug. 31-Oct. 3, Oct. 26-Nov. 1, Nov. 9-20, Dec. 12-23, 2014; availability permitting. Book by Aug. 8, 2014. Contact me for more details: and check out my Facebook page for up to date info and deals Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel.

* Offer excludes campsites, Disney's All Star Movies, Disney's Port Orleans Resort, Disney's Art of Animation Resort- Little Mermaid standard view, The Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort, and 3-Bedroom Villas.

I think that is the randomness from last week and this week. Do any of you have big plans for the week ahead? Are your kids already on vacation? What are you doing this summer to keep them entertained?


disclaimer: Those are my referral links up there so if you decide to join/order through me I will get credits. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Paper Pumpkin May 2014 Box Review

How did Father's Day sneak up on me?  I knew when it was and we actually already have his gifts but the actual day just kindof got here.  So needless to say we haven't done cards for him yet.  But as luck would have it last months My Paper Pumpkin came to the rescue.  It was a Fathers themed box and I was thrilled to grab it to make a quick card.

All the goodies for this month's kit.  This month they sent supplies to make 4 full size cards and 2 mini cards. In addition to the Happy Father's Day Stamp they also have a Happy Birthday stamp so if you don't need that many Father's Day cards you can use the birthday or if you've gotten other kits you can use whichever stamps you want.  I actually only made the one card you will see below and will wait and make some of the others when I know what I need. Coming up next I think I need some Thank Yous for Ns teachers so I will probably whip some of those out.

Each month comes with a fold out flyer that has Stampin' Ups Idea for the cards and some basic instructions inside. However you can do them which ever way you like and if you've looked at my other months I have mixed them up a bit as needed.

Here is my finished card.  It really took very little time to complete and I think it is cute.  I'll have N sign it for both boys in the morning and then drop it in the gift bag.

If you are interested in checking My Paper Pumpkin out just click my LINKMy Paper Pumpkin is a monthly subscription box from Stampin' Up that will send you a project box each month with cards or another project that can be completed in about 30 minutes.  The cost of the box is $19.95. If you are not ready to sign up for a monthly box you can now purchase a set 1,3,6,9 or 12 month subscription. These will need to be placed through my Stampin' Up store  this will give you the prepaid options.

I have had a couple questions about what I do with my stamps and ink spots from my kits when I finish with the project.  I do keep them all and I store them in the clear mount stamp case for the stamps and a full size wood mount case for the spots. Both of these then go in my togo kit since they are pretty universal and its nice to have some easy quick options when I'm not sitting at my desk scrapping.

I love these cases and there is even a half size wood mount stamp case that I use for smaller embellishments and stuff to store. They stack well and fit easily in a bag to pack. :)

So what do you think? Did you get My Paper Pumpkin for May?  My June one is on its way but I haven't gotten it yet. I can't wait to see what it has in it and what I get to make. When I get around to making the rest of the cards in this pack I will share those too.  I really like the look of these though so except for a saying I probably won't mix them up to much. If you did get this one I'd love to see what you made with your kits.

Happy Crafting,

disclaimer: In case you don't remember I am a Stampin' Up demo so the above links are to my site.  Just let me know if you have any My Paper Pumpkin questions or Stampin' Up questions in general.

Friday, June 13, 2014

WDW Fall Free Dining Promotion

Reminder: FREE DINING is available this fall! Book a moderate, deluxe, or deluxe villa Walt Disney Resort stay with park passes and receive a FREE Disney Dining Plan! The "Plus Dining Plan" is honored at more than 100 restaurants, and includes one table-service meal, one quick-service meal, and one snack, per person per night of your stay. Offer valid at select resorts* for arrivals most nights Aug. 31-Oct. 3, Oct. 26-Nov. 1, Nov. 9-20, Dec. 12-23, 2014; availability permitting. Book by Aug. 8, 2014. Click over and like my Facebook page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel for all the latest info and then contact me for more details:

* Offer excludes campsites, Disney's All Star Movies, Disney's Port Orleans Resort, Disney's Art of Animation Resort- Little Mermaid standard view, The Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort, and 3-Bedroom Villas.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for some Thursday Thoughts

  • C and I went to check out our new Harris Teeter yesterday and I need to go back without my helper. It looks really nice and I can't wait to take full advantage of a new store.
  • M bought a blue lobster for our new fish tank last week and N finally gave it a name. He is really fun and very playful. I think that makes M happy since he wanted him for his personality. Welcome Hunter to our family.

  • Today is Thursday and that is produce day at my house. While I do buy produce at the store on Thursdays a nice box always gets delivered to my house. I love these months when I can have meals like this and its all so yummy and pretty.
  • We have no plans for this weekend. M is working on Friday and Saturday night and then I guess if its not nasty on Sunday we will probably cook out. I'm sure that is what he wants to do on his fathers day :) Hmm guess I should go out and get his some gifts LOL I do know what we want we just haven't made it out to get them yet.
  • We are still planning on going to Boston this summer but we have made no plans to do this. I need to get on that but I'm waiting for M to coordinate with his family up there first and that is a very slow going process.
  • I started watching Game of Thrones last weekend with my friend here and I've seen 5 episodes so far. It is just not a show I can watch with the boys around and I'm so tired at night I haven't been able to watch. Maybe while M is working I will get a couple more episodes in.

So that is pretty much where my random brain is today for my thoughts. What are you guys up to today? Big plans for this weekend?


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What I LOVE Wednesday!!!

Back for another week and sharing some things I'm loving right now.

I've always liked Wil Wheaton and his recurring roll on The Big Bang Theory just makes him all the funner. So now he has his own show and it is a geeky dream.  I've only seen a couple episodes so far but it is so funny and I love his little jokes.  He is hysterical and I can't wait to see how it keeps up.

Oh my so Stampin' Up released a new photopolymer stamp yesterday and all I can say is Holy Batman do I love it.  Who doesn't have super hero pictures they can scrap.  You can get this from you Stampin' Up Demo or from my store if you don't have a demo  

I am still obsessed with S'mores. Not sure what it is but they are just ooey gooey yumminess.

Pretty Little Liars is back and no spoilers but I am so so excited.  Last nights episode was WOW so awesome.  I also saw where they just renewed it for 2 more seasons and I can't wait. This is truly a guilty pleasure show.

We are officially into the Pullups here. C hasn't really potty trained but we are out of regular diapers and had pull ups so we are starting. I also love that he picks the pink ones more then the blue ones. LOL He is so stinkin' cute in them. Now if we can get him using the actual potty we will be all set.

So that is what I'm thinking of and loving today. What are you loving?


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Paper Pumpkin Prepaid Subscription

Have you heard the news? Stampin' Up is now offering prepaid subscriptions to My Paper Pumpkin.  So instead of paying monthly you can buy 1,3,6,9 or 12 month at one time.  That has me very excited and its a great way to check it out.  You can order your prepaid subscription through my online store  

If you are interested in joining My Paper Pumpkin with the regular monthly subscription option you can check out my My Paper Pumpkin Site

Don't know what My Paper Pumpkin is?  It is a subscription box service from Stampin' Up that sends you a box of goodies to make a project in about 30minutes.

Here is a package that we got the other month.

You get all the materials you need except or adhesive.  In your first box you will get and acrylic block to mount your stamps on.  The stamps and ink spot are great since you will be able to use them over and over again with other projects.  :)

Here are a couple of my latest box projects.

If you search my blog you can see other kits that I have made with my boxes. 

Enjoy and happy crafting!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

So I took a little blogging break last week.  I had my friends in over the weekend and so I spent the week getting ready for that and hanging with C. But I am back this week and ready to go :)

Weekend/Last Week Update: Like I just said I had the girls in this weekend for a scrapping weekend.  It was so much fun and I made a huge dent in my Jan Disney trip scrapping. I'm actually hoping to get the rest of it done this week but we'll see how that goes.  While I was doing that the boys got shipped out ;)C went to my mom's house and N went to my mother in laws. I need to send a big Thank you Shout out to them. Pretty sure neither of them read my blog but if they do Thank you!!!

Last week was fun around here. C and I checked out a new park near one of our lakes. After we played with our friends or awhile we went walking around the trails for awhile and checked the place out.

Then another day we went to a new Farm near us.  This was a Lavender Farm!!! I never even knew such a farm existed and that there is one so close to my house.  She said that this is her first year and that next year the plants will be even bigger.  We didn't notice and had a great time there and my house smells great from the fresh lavender.

Oh and probably the most exciting part of the week to my boys anyway is the new addition to our family. ;)  M bought them a blue lobster which N then named Hunter.  So Welcome Hunter to the family.

I will say he is fun to have in the tank. He really has a personality and the girls and I kept watching him all weekend to see what he was doing.

Upcoming Week: Really no set plans this week. N is still in school and C and I started trying to potty train today so that  might keep us home a bit more then normal.  As I said above I do want to try and finish up the Disney scrapbook. I'm doing it Project Life Style so its going pretty quick but I had so many pictures I want to make sure they are all represented.

Box News: My Wantable box came on Saturday and I already blogged that this morning here. I should be getting my Ipsy bag this week I think as its about that time.

Business News

It is not too late to plan a summer vacation or to get going on your next vacation no matter when it is.  Check out my facebook page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel for all the latest information and let me know how I can help with you vacation plans.

So I am back this week and hopefully I can blog and keep in touch. I love sharing my life and hearing about your lives.:)

How was your weekend?  Any big plans this week?

Have a great week!!!

disclaimer:  There are some referral links up there so if you go through and sign up through me I will get credits.

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