Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Phone Dump 11/29/2013

It's Friday and I was thinking of skipping this week until I went and read Jennifer's Friday Iphone Dump post and I just had to share.  Apparently in the file I need to make of why we must be related some where we have some of the same Thanksgiving traditions. ;) But before I get to that here is the rest of our week.

We had carpool for N this week and on our last rainy cold day C just couldn't make it.  He was watching Curious George and then he crashed.
This was Cs Black Friday morning. He had a whole little people village going on. He played there for a long time until N came over and bugged him but then what are big brothers for ;)

So this is this weeks Oh C pictures. He was Jake for Halloween and the other day he decided that he had to wear the wig almost all day. At first I thought it was just to steal my tea but then I figured it out. He was wearing it to be a rock star. I got a very long rendition of lalalalalas while he rocked out.

So here you go the only picture I have so far of our family traditions just like Jenn.  M made jello shots in syringe dispensers to take to the party. We all had a blast and they were so much fun. I didn't take any pics yesterday but this was sent to me from a friend. I anticipate getting more so maybe a separate post next week with those :)

How was your Thanksgiving and your week?  Did you do any Black Friday shopping?

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So What Wednesday 11/27/2013

Linking up with Shannon for some So What Wednesday.

This week I'm saying So What If...

  • I keep asking C what he wants for Christmas and he tells me more trick or treat candy which to him is Starburst so I think he'll be getting a big bag of Starburst from Santa. LOL
  • I got online for Kohls yesterday and finished up the toy shopping. Not sure if I was more excited to be done or was at my total being $102 so I didn't have to take anything off or add anything to my order to maximize my Kohls Cash.
  • I need to do laundry today so that the boys have something good to wear to Thanksgiving tomorrow. 
  • N had tator tots, a hamburger bun and pasta for dinner last night. He's a growing boy and must have needed some carbs.
  • I really just want to wrap presents but I have no place to put them once they are wrapped so it will have to wait :( (Yes I am a crazy person and I love wrapping presents, making bows, decorating them etc)
I think that is all my randomness for this morning. What are you saying So What to this week?


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wantable November 2013 Box Review

I've been waiting for my November Wantable box. It does not take long to get to me but I get very excited when I get the text that it is on its way. :)  My box came in its normal white this month and I forgot to take a picture of it when I brought it in with my other goodies yesterday.

As I've said before Wantable has a very in depth questionnaire when you sign up and you can go in and modify it at anytime. So far I've been playing around with it after each box and I love seeing how it effects what I get. After this month I will need to go in and modify it again I think.  The theory is that you will never get anything you dislike and you are more likely to get things you love however if you get a box you just don't like you can always return it to them. Easy peasy.

Here is my chart this month:
My brows are really dark so I don't use many brow products ever and I'm not a fan of lipstick. I do love lipgloss but not stick so I have those as dislikes. I think I'll go in this month and dislike eyeliner since I have enough to last me for an eternity and I've even gotten some fun colors lately to round out my collection.

Here was my first look and if you read my blog you will know I was immediately excited.

Yes a polish the box is Awesome no matter what ;)

And now onto the goodies:
  • Michael Marcus Shadow Prime ($24) - I will admit I got a shadow primer awhile ago in another box and uhm I had never used one before but WOW it really works who would have thunk it. That sample is almost gone so I'm glad to get another one and since I use to little of it this will last forever.
  • Starlooks Kohl eye pencil in Moody Melody ($12) - Another fun color to play with.  I've gotten this brand before and they are always good.
  • Girlactik Beauty Star Powder Pink ($20) - Yea a shimmer powder. I love to add a little shimmer when I'm dressing up and this will be so much fun. 
  • Rainbow Honey nailpolish in Sakura Matsuri Namesake ($10) - I have never used this brand but have heard great things and when I saw it in the box I was in heave right away.  This is a glitter polish that says it is full of pink and white blossoms, adorned by holographic and iridescent glitters.  It won't really go with the fall bronzie glitter I have on right now but I will be using this my next mani.
  • Victoria Soap ($0) - This was a sample they added to the boxes this month. I don't normally use bar soaps but I will toss this one in my guest room when company comes over or pass along to a friend who uses bar soaps.
So what do you think?  Over all this months box came to $66 which is well over the $36 that the box costs and like I said if you didn't like it you can return it.  If you want to check it out or go ahead and sign up you can go to Wantable site and look around. They also have an accessory box and an intimates box. I'm thinking of trying out the intimates box next ;) I'm thinking M might like to see that box coming each month. LOL

Did you get a Wantable  this month? Let me know I'd love to see what you got and what your chart looks like. There are so many variations that I'm always intrigued by others.

Happy box day,

disclaimer: That is my referral link up there and I will get credits if you sign up through it for future boxes.

Touch a Truck Scrapbook Page

Another page that I created while on my retreat. We went to a boys scout event here called Touch a Truck where there are tons of different kinds of trucks and other equipment that you can climb around in. Pretty sure this was one of Ns favorite events ever and I really need to keep an eye out for when it comes again.

Started this one our with some Crumb Cake cardstock. This is really a great base color and definitely works for boy pages.  I also knew which Designer Series Paper (DSP) I wanted to use before I got started. Well Worn DSP is a favorite of mine for boys pages. It has a nice grungy look to it.  I will be sad when I run out and I am running very low in my stash. To get the patterns on the DSP I used my new Kiwi Lane Templates Spooky Alley. I grabbed these when I was at CKC in August and they are so great.

I knew I wanted to accent my pictures so I added a matte layer to them. This time I used Cherry Cobbler to give a pop of color without being in your face. I do not always mat my pictures and it really kindof depends on my layout and what I'm feeling at the moment. I know some people are an always or a never but I really do go back and forth.

Aren't these trucks great?  I have some framelits that I've had forever and I don't use often since they take some work. You end up cutting out the trucks multiple times so that you can get all the parts in the colors you want.  I knew since I had time at the retreat it was a great time to pull them out and play.  I used some scraps of cardstock I had in my stash that coordinated.  Then don't you love the "dirt" in my bulldozer?  The corduroy buttons are awesome. They really add a little oomph to a page. Another item I was sad to see go.

To finish off my page of using alot of retired products I grabbed some hemp time and knotted it over some of the DSP and added a little mini library clip and a vintage tag.  I see this now and I probably should put something in my tag.  Hmm I'll have to think on that one.

So what do you think of this page? It actually came together for me pretty quick and I knew really fast what all I wanted to use.  Its also great to use up some retired products but then I get sad when I no longer have them in my stash. It will help clear out room for more new goodies though and that is Awesome!!!

As usual you can get the products through my site Not many of these are still available but there are other great things on there to choose from.

Happy Scrapping,

Supply list:

tams# 204

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Morning Musings 11/25/2013

I know I say this a lot but Monday really does sneak up on me. I know that its coming but it just seems to jump out each morning and go here I am.  I actually don't mind Mondays since it is the start of our weekly routine so that is nice.

This is a holiday week so our schedule is a little wonky. The people N rides to and from school with are gone this week so C and I will be taking him and picking him up.  C loves going to carpool and I listen to a book while we wait and I do love that.  We are spending Thanksgiving with my friends and their families. It just so happened this year that none of us were traveling so we decided to get together and do it up big. It will be a hoot and the kids will have a blast.

We didn't do a ton this weekend.
Friday evening we went for a walk since it was the last warm day we were going to have for awhile.  It was almost 70 on Friday and yesterday the high was 38.  Brr we are freezing now but Friday was awesome.

Saturday N and M went to the football game and C and I ran some errands.  N had a great time.

I had to laugh at both my cat Kali and at C. They have both been a hoot this weekend.  Kali has a rough life and is loving that we've been turning on the fireplace.

And C was so tired the other night that he crashed fast and when I went up there to check on him it was a good thing that he has a table next to his bed.

and yes he sleeps with all of those things in the bed with him. And don't try taking one since he will look all over until he has them all.

So let's see. I should be getting my Wantable box today. It really is turning into one of my favorite boxes each month. Great items and so out of my box but so much fun to play with and use. They really do work for me and I just had no idea.

So what are your plans this week? Are you traveling? If you are then safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


disclaimer: That is my affiliate/referral  link up there. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Phone Dump 11/22/2103

Time for some Friday Phone Dump pictures.  Linking up again with Jenn for her Friday Phone Dump.

This is what happens when C wants to sit on my lap.  Next thing I know its take my pic take my pic. But really who doesn't love a good C pick.

I'm cleaning out the baby totes and C found this hat. He has been wearing it ever since. I think he may need a new tobog for his stocking.  He also got into Ms togo work bag and was "working" on his car.  He spent a long time over there and had a blast.

And so that I don't forget N this week I do have this random picture of him eating a Gogurt. I don't think I took it so I'm giving credit to C.  Great picture C.
This is my cat Kali.  The last week since its gotten cool in the house she curls up on my lap once I get the boys to bed.  Normally however it is on the other side of the laptop but last night she was all up curled in. I even put a blanket on her and she just curled in and took a nap.
I got a new watch in the mail this week. This was the really cheap one going around from amazon the other month and I had no idea how it would look when it got here.  Is it the best made watch out there No but do I love it Yes!!

So that is my week in pictures. I didn't take many so this are all a little odd.  How was your week? 

Day 5 - This and That

WOW hard to believe that its already Friday and Day 5 of my scrappy posts.  Today I'm sharing with you my This and That book.  If you don't know This and That is a line from Stampin' Up that is a notebook with pre-printed pages that you can use to scrap in. The book itself is 6 3/8"x 8 1/6" with 60 total printed sheets ( 30 coordinated spreads)  I will say I was excited when I saw this in the new catty and ordered it right away but I really didn't know what I was going to do with it. Then when I was at my retreat the other weekend and sorting my pictures it came to me. I was going to do a book with the random pictures of my boys from my phone. Since they are phone pictures they aren't always the best but they are still cute and have stories so this was the best place to jump right in.

This is the front of the book and as you can see I'm not done with it yet. I'm still trying to come up with the best title for my book and I will add it then.

The grouping has some Epic stickers that you can purchase which I used and there is also a paper pack.

I also discovered that the May My Paper Pumpkin mini book papers coordinate too. Since I've finished that project I placed my extras with this kit.  The little black frame was in that kit and I used our Chalk pen to write on it.

You also know I love washi so I was really excited to learn this kit has coordinating washi. It also has a great rotary date stamp which I used for a lot of the dates in this book and I also use on a lot of my scrapping pages.

These books are also a great way to use up the odds and ends you have from other projects. 

So have you started a This & That book?  They remind me a lot of the old school scrapbooks that I did back in highschool but with a fun new twist.  I still have lots of pages to go and plan to fill them up with more pages of my boys.  Take a look below for some of the supplies I used with this kit and let me know if you have any questions. As always you can find the products on my website  

Happy Scrapping!!!


tams# 201

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts 11/21/2013

Linking up with Jenn for some Thursday Thoughts:

  • I was reading the boys an old Ducktales book the other night and realized that the Jurassic Park movies were inspired by it. LOL  They talked about an island amusement park filled with dinosaurs called the Lost World and then there is a kid stowaway on a crashed plane which is the second movie.  It was just too funny that I thought of that.
  • BTW why is Ducktales not on tv anymore? That was a great show my brothers and I watched it all the time. Now admit it who is singing the theme song in your head?  Your welcome :)

  • I don't watch Dr Who but my sister does and I think I'm almost as excited for the special this weekend as she is.
  • I won the HauteLegs giveaway with Ramblings of the Suburban Mom and they contacted me for my info yesterday.  I can't wait to try out their products.
  • I think I really need to make a huge purge of my boys clothes.  I keep things in tubs but I've been selling so much and have a handful of the play type non-namebrand stuff I just need to donate.  I'd keep them for a yardsale if I had one planned but I don't for now so I'm thinking donation might be the way to go. I don't mind keeping some stuff but its a little ridiculous what all I have.
  • I'm really having a ton of fun posting and sharing my scrapbooking pages. I need to do more crafts and share more often with you guys.
  • I'm trying to decide what we are doing this weekend. I was thinking we would all go to the NCState game Saturday but there is a chance of rain. I need to find out what time the rain is coming and go from there I guess.

So that's what I'm thinking about today. What are your thoughts? Are you linking up?


Day 4 - Happy Halloween layout

Have you been enjoying all the scrappy pages?  I'm loving sharing them with you.

Here is a layout of N at his Harvest Party for his preschool last year.  I used my Kiwi Lane templates for the curves of the Designer Series Papers. My friend Michelle had some framelits for the Jack-o-lanterns and I had to get them on here. They are too stinkin' cute.  I used some rub-ons I had for the title in the tag and the stamp is the current Halloween Happiness.  This page is all about the pumpkins and the excitement on his face with the largest one he could find.

Check out the supply list below and as always you can find the items on my site

Have a scrappy day,

Supplies: tams# 195
  • Halloween Happiness Wood-Mount Stamp
  • Pick Your Poison Designer Series Paper(retired)
  • Pick Your Poison Quick Accents(retired)
  • Basic Gray 1/2" Striped Satin Ribbon(retired)
  • Tangerine Tango 12" x 12"" Card Stock"(retired)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So What Wednesday 11/20/2013

Linking up with Life After I "Dew" for So What Wednesday.

This week I'm saying So What If....

  • I didn't watch Supernatural last night. I was tired and slacking. I will catch up with it today.
  • I listed out all the gifts I got the boys already for Christmas last night and still need to get a couple bigger items to round it out. What are you guys getting the almost 3 year old group?  It doesn't have to be expensive since we are doing Disney but I want it to have some size to it. I'm thinking maybe another Little People set but which one? Other ideas? (I really need to keep a running list. Maybe when I get my Erin Condren planner ;))
  • N bit C yesterday ( for no reason that either of them can give me) and is now on the harshest restriction he's ever been on. We do not bite. I'll see how it works out. :(
  • I finally paid for my Disney trip in Jan so I can no longer change my mind on resort option. We decided to stay with our first choice of POP Century.:)
  • I'm more excited to be posting my scrappy posts this week then doing any real work. (Have you checked them out? What do you think?)
  • Shameless plug - I really want to shop the Stampin' Up sale that starts today but I also want to wait until Dec 1st.  You can check out my post on the sale HERE.
So that's is what is randomly going around my noggen today. Are you linking up?  What are you saying So What to this week?


Day 3 - Wahoo page

So you have seen these pictures before if you follow my blog and again they fall under the Oh Caleb heading.

I knew I wanted the pictures to be the main focus of this page and I wanted to use the Wahoo stamp from my September My Paper Pumpkin kit and this is what came from it.  I was digging through some retired designer series paper and saw this piece and the yellow in it just reminded me of the little bit of yellow you see in my blanket C is sitting under so I went AhHa and decided to frame it with some Basic Black.  Its a little hard to see in the picture but I just cut and inch off of the DSP so that I had a frame of black around it.

Check out the cute little extra. I took one of the retired Soda POP tops and smooshed it in the Big Shot so that it wasn't so big and then layered a button with some twine through the holes. I have an issue with naked buttons ;) and places all of that over a little taffeta ribbon wrapped around the picture.  Very cute and subtle.  I also think the soda top looks great with the die that I used to stamp the Wahoo on.

So how are you loving this series of posts?  Are you having fun?  Check out below for the Stampin' Up supplies I used in this project.

Happy Crafting,

tams# 189

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stampin' Up Holiday Sale 2013

Dates: November 20-December 2, 2013 Details It's time for online holiday shopping! We want to make it easier for you to get sales during a time when lots of people are doing their holiday shopping, but aren't necessarily holding Stampin' Up! parties. So during these 12 days only, you s can get incredible discounts-up to 50 percent-on some of your favorite products! This is the perfect time for you to stock up on some of your favorite items or for a new customer to give Stampin' Up! a try. 
And make sure you don't miss out on our 24-hour-only doorbusters happening on the first day of the sale-30 percent off the Stampin' Trimmer, Simply Scored Diagonal Plate, and Many Marvelous Markers! The 24-hour sales period on these three products ends at 11:50 PM (MT), November 20.

The Fine Print
  • This sale is the same as the annual Online Extravaganza sale of years past--just with a simpler name.
  • Discounts range between 20 and 50 percent-awesome!
  • Discounted products are available on all order types (customer, demonstrator, workshop, and online).
  • Hostesses who have earned a 50%-off item may not apply that discount to an already-discounted product.
  • There's no minimum purchase required to participate in this promotion. Sale on!
  • For product bundles, you need to use the bundle item numbers provided. If you use individual item numbers, you won't get the discount-bummer.
  • You  can buy additional products from any of our current catalogs  on the same order. 
Click the link to see the sales flyer:
Shop Away!!!

Day 2 - Caleb First Day of Preschool Page

So yesterday I said I was going to share another page created with the  July My Paper Pumpkin. (You can see the other pages I created HERE.)  Since I had used it previously on my sisters graduation and N's first day of school I thought it was fitting to use it for C's first day of preschool too. I will say except for a couple extra stakes like the one I used in yesterdays post I have officially used this kit up now. :)

I started this one with a base of Summer Starfruit. I will admit that this color is very bright when you first see it but it really is a chameleon and goes with so many different things. It is an In Color that will be retiring with the next catalog and I will be sad to see it go. :(

This was a great Paper Pumpkin kit but when I first saw it I was like hmm but knew I had to turn it into pages. I did not think I would get so many pages out of it but that is the fun of the kits.  My last banner said Celebrate and then I made some penants with school on them using a stamp set.  The small round letter stickers are some I had leftover from my October Afternoon Santa Sack kits last year. 

You all know I'm addicted to washi tape but I also have an addiction to Bakers Twine.  It really goes with so many different applications and I love that Stampin' Up has some to match our colors. I used a mash up up current and retired twine for my streamers.  The buttons used to anchor my pennant banner are also retired from the Sycamore Street collection which was part of last years Sale-a-bration goodies.  I can't wait to see what they have coming this year.

Here are the Stampin' Up items I used on this page:

tams# 188
Happy crafting!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Morning Musings 11/18/2013

WOW its another Monday all ready.  I didn't do much this weekend but hang out with my boys. So not really much to talk about there. LOL

C has his first Thanksgiving Feast at preschool tomorrow. I can't wait. He tells me they are singing two songs the ABC song and the bumble bee song.  We will see how that goes.  I love watching the little 2 year olds up there on stage they are soooooo cute.

I'm still waiting on my My Paper Pumpkin box. The tracking says today. I hope it gets here.  My Sweet Pea Box also shipped out today and Wantable should bill this week so it should arrive early next week but possible end of this week.

I know I told you but the other weekend I went to a scrapbooking retreat so this week I'm do a scrappy post everyday. I posted the first one this morning. You can scroll down to check it our of click Day 1 to go right there.  I also posted last months My Paper Pumpkin on Saturday if you didn't see that one. Check it out HERE.  I really ventured away from the intended design with that one.

Oh and I've had a couple comments that people couldn't find out how to send me a message not on my page so I added a comment box over on the right. So if you want to shoot me a note just go over there. I'd love to hear from you. :)

Have a great week!!!

Day 1 - Mustache Fun Scrapbook Page

I told you that I went to a scrapbooking retreat the other weekend and I have tons of pages to share with you. :) So for this week I'm going to have a new scrappy post everyday. Some will have more Stampin' Up products then others but they were are really fun to do.

I will start by saying this is the last page I did and I really think this might be my favorite of the whole weekend. It is a very simple page but falls under my Oh Caleb category as you will see. :)

Don't you just love this?  I had gotten some of the Chalk Studio line of paper from My Minds Eye at CKC in August and I knew it had a mustache so it was my inspiration. This saying is one of my favorite songs and with all my Oh Caleb pictures you can see why he always brightens my day.

When I pulled out this picture to work on my friend Karin (Hi Karin!!!) who was at the retreat with me said she had some paper that I could use some of. I grabbed about a two inch section of it and added it to the bottom. To cover the transition I used some of our burlap ribbon. I am loving the burlap ribbon it goes with everything.  I then use a retired library clip and some natural ribbon to round out the embellishment.

To finish off the page I add some mustache washi tape my friend Michelle over at 3 monkeys throwing around some paper had and had an AhHa moment when I realized I had an extra stick from myJuly My Paper Pumpkin kit and I knew I had to use it on this page.  (Be on the look out later this week for another page created with that kit ;))

So what do you think?  Doesn't this page just make you smile.  I love me some C and all of his funnies.

Here are the Stampin' Up  products that I used in this project.

tams# 187
Happy crafting!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

My Paper Pumpkin October 2013 Kit

So I've had my October My Paper Pumpkin kit for awhile and I was not impressed. When I first saw it I knew that I had to make it into something else but I really didn't know what I wanted to use. Then I was at my scrapping retreat this past weekend and saw the picture I used and the die and a lightbulb went off.

This is what I ended up with:

This is what the kit was supposed to look like this month.
I just wasn't feeling the notepad holder at all. I didn't have any idea where I would use it. I thought about making it as is and just adding a magnet to put it on the fridge but that seemed kindof boring.

When I opened the box and pulled everything out I was excited that the base was a thick chipboard material so I knew it would hold up. I also like the stamps and will use them on other things.

Here is where I used the stamp set and the dies. It came out really cute I think and the button is tied with some of the string from the kit.  I based the whole assemble on some burlap and adhered some cord I had to the back for the hanger.

Down on the bottom I placed the rubberband holder that came with the kit and folded over a little of the paper roll and stamped with the photopolymer stamps a quick title.  A little distressing and I was good to go.

So what did you think of the October kit?  Did you  make it as is or did you modify it up too?  I can't wait to see what this months brings. It should be here anyday now. If you still need to know My Paper Pumpkin is a monthly subscription from Stampin' Up that will send an activity to you each month for $19.95.

Here is a list of the extra items I used outside of the kit.
tams# 175
Happy crafting,

Friday Phone Dump 11/15/2013

I was away scrapping last week so I didn't link up but I'm totally linking up this week for some Friday Photo Dump over with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

So as is becoming a staple in these posts I have an Oh Caleb collage.
  • One night he just didn't want to go to bed. I think he was up until almost 11 which is unheard of for him. So as we were sitting here we took some selfies.
  • You know his style right? He is wearing a safari hat and a fireman costume that was from his first halloween so its like a 6-9mo. LOL oh and lets not forget Ns rain boots too.
  • This week he has been my little dinner helper. He has wanted to help everynight.
  • This was the scene yesterday when I went up to check on him during naptime. This is not his bed but Ns. I knew it was quiet up there and he was in a different room.
  • He was doing his art and told me he had a mouse. I'm sure he meant mustache but it was too cute.

There was a chance of snow flurries this week so we went out the day before and made a small pile of leaves to get some pictures. Both boys had a great time playing in them.

So that was our week in pictures. What were you up to this week?


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Citrus Lane November 2013 box review

In my stack of mail today was also my Citrus Lane box. I had seen a couple pictures yesterday but I didn't know what would be in my box since they vary by age so I was anxious to see what we get.  I get my Citrus Lane box for C and have him aged up a little bit to 36months. I like getting toys he can move into.

First look in the box. You can't really see what you are getting but I love that it is all wrapped in tissue with a cute little sticker.

So this is my first real look inside and I was already excited. The print I could see was so cute.

And for all the details on this months goodies.  I will tell you now that I am going to take everything except the snack and stash it away for Christmas gifts. C will have lots of fun goodies to open. :)

  • Bumkins lunch tote - this is really cute and insulated. Right now C uses hand me down bags from N whenever he needs something so this will be all his own and he will love it
  • Beeswax Crayons and Doodle Pad - we go through so much paper and crayons at our house doing "art" and C is a master artist. These will make great stocking stuffers
  • Build-a-burger from Green Toys - Green Toys are awesome and this is an exclusive burger just for Citrus Lane.  C is all about cooking for us now and his dolls so this will be added to our grill stuff for sure.
  • Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack from Good Boy Organics - cheese snacks are always good.  I'm placing these in our snack basket right now.
  • not pictured but included was a code for four sets of address labels from Tiny Prints but since you have to spend $99 to use it I will not be using it and it just leaves me thinking WOW really this is so not a good deal at all. :(
So overall another good month. This is actually my last Citrus Lane box from a gift subscription and they are mixing up their plans right now so you will have 3 choices ranging from $12-$49 to choose from. I haven't decided what if any I will be getting next so I may take a couple months off and see what is included in each box and go from there.  


disclaimer: As before I will get credits if you order through me but as usually the opinions expressed in all my reviews is my own.

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