Friday, January 30, 2015

Walt Disney World Spring 2015 Discount

Don't forget to check out the current WDW discount!!!
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And receive 1 more ticket day FREE when you upgrade to a room and ticket package with at least 4-days tickets!!!
Send me a message or an email to start planning your trip.

Have a Magical Day!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I'm linking up with Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. It's been awhile since I've linked up but since C and I are hibernating today it was the perfect day to check in. :)
  • The boys have finally agreed to let me get rid of some of the plastic toys in the playroom. So the kitchen, grill, and workbench are on the way out.  I can't wait for the playroom renovation to begin. :)  I want to add in a desk for homework and Lego builds and then to work on clearing out some of the bins so we have some actual playspace in the playroom.
  • With Ns birthday yesterday we had burgers on the grill which was his choice and cake.
He's ready!!!

  • I was looking at our calendar and we don't have any plans this weekend.  I'm kindof excited to not have any set things to do.  
  • C has the next birthday here but I still can't help but start thinking about mine. I NEED to update my running list of things I'd like so that M knows whats on there. ;)
Candle time

  • With the playroom changes I'm also hoping to mix up my craft space too.  I have some design changes I want M to build for me and hopefully that will get me some more storage space.  I'm also thinking I may NEED another Raskog cart from IKEA.  Hmm maybe something to put on my birthday list.
C liked the cake too!!!

So I think that is it for my thoughts this morning.  I'm sure as soon as I post this I will have tons of other randomness but for now this is it. :)

Have a great Thursday!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whatever Wednesday - Happy Birthday N post

Hi everyone!!!  Busy day here today getting N ready to go back to school and then getting ready for his birthday dinner tonight. He was actually pretty ready to go back this morning. Being out for 5 1/2 weeks was really a long time for him

How did he get to be 7 yrs old?
Not much else that I'm thinking about today. I'm overly happy that my new shows are back and I love that we are getting some time to catch up with them.  I'm also ready for the superbowl this weekend.  N is so excited for it an we got appetizers to do an appy dinner during the game.  So much fun.

Have a great rest of the day and I'll be back tomorrow with some thoughts,

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Who is ready for some TV Talk?  Last week saw the return of some of my shows and since I had been gone I'm also catching up on a couple shows.

Let's start with my favorite show Supernatural.  I think it came back with a solid episode. I'm not sure I'm sold on it yet but I did like it.  Tonight's episode with the return of Charlie has me all excited though. :)  So back to last weeks episode who else was waiting for Crowley to say he does have a family?  I really think that in a dysfunctional kindof way the Winchesters are like family to him.  I do want to know what his mom is up to and what her end game will be.

I also managed to watch Vampire Diaries while I was at my mom's house.  I'm glad they have Kai contained for a few minutes anyway but I want to know what Enzo is up to. Why did he follow Stephen? I know he wants to get even but you would think he'd just hit the road and go.  I also like the path that Damon and Elena are going. I do think that is who she belongs with.  I wonder what will happen with the rest of the Gemini coven kids once the Kai stuff is taken care of?  I kindof like some of them and hope they stick around.

And now onto a new show The Librarians.  M and I binge watched the last 5 or so episodes over the last couple of nights and its just a fun show to watch. I had never watched the movies it is a spin off from until they announced this show so we watched those and then dove right in.  I love Christian Kane and any show by Dean Devlin so of course this is a perfect fit.  I really like the way they tied up he last show just in case it doesn't get picked up but I'm really hoping it does since I think they are going in a good way and I would love to see more stories.

So those are just a couple of the shows I watched last week. N goes back to school tomorrow so I'll be working on catching up on some more shows.  What shows are you loving right now? There are also some new shows coming up that I might want to check out. I need to look up when they are all starting. Most are in March I think.

Happy Viewing,

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ipsy - January 2015 Fresh Start

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link for Ipsy and if you joining through me I will get credits for future goodies.

Doing a quick review today on my January 2015 Ipsy bag.  The bright pink bag was waiting for me when I got home from my cruise but I hadn't really had a chance to dig into it.  I did as you saw in my post last week open it to see why it was so heavy but that was about it.

Here is what I got this month:

  • Probelle Into the Blue Nail Laquer ($6.00) - Not sure what I can say about this one.  I love getting polish in the bags but this color is so not me.  I might see if a friend wants it or I could possible use a little of it when playing around with nail art. 
  • Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush ($9.99) - I was actually just noticing my goto brushes are looking a little rough so I need to dig through my stash and see if I can replace my old ones.  This one is so pretty it might move up to the top of the list.
  • Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow in Ethereal ($5.00) - I love Pacifica products and I've never tried their eyeshadow before so this looks fun. I did get the lighter color and had hoped for a darker shade but I still think this will be fun.
  • BellePierre Shimmer Powder ($14.99) - Well this will go good layered with the Pacifica I think and looks very shimmery.
  • La Fresh Eco-Beauty Be Good. Good Day, Day Moisturizer - ($11.76) I use moisturizer everyday and I like La Fresh products so I'm excited to try this one out.
  • The bag - This is a meh bag for me. I like the quality of it but its an odd blue and white with an orangish zipper. I've had others that are more fun but this is a good size so I'll use it for something.
Overall this is a decent bag but not exciting which I'm ok with.  The value was definitely there since Ipsy only cost $10 a month plus tax in some states.  I love getting my bag each month and seeing what they have.

And a big Thank you to all who have joined through my link since I was able to cash in some of my points for extra goodies in this bag which made opening my pink envelope that much more fun.  Here are all the things from past boxes I got in addition to my above items this month.

I hope you all enjoyed your Ipsy this month,

Monday Morning Musings

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link.

Morning!!!  How was everyone's weekend?  Ours was good. The boys and I went to my mom's to start the weekend and then I left them there and came back to help celebrate my friends 40th birthday.  Woot Woot we had a fun time and she so deserved it.  However it does not make me think about what I want to do for my 40th in March.  Hmmm so many things to think about.

I did have some good mail while I was away a couple days. When I came home I had an envelope fro Stampin' Up and had no idea what was in it.  Boy was I surprised to get my 10 year pin. So hard to believe I've been a demonstrator for 10 years. Time sure does fly when you love what you do.

And I got a box of goodies to help with our #disneyside party. We got the Cars themed box and N and C are excited to host a party.

Speaking of Disney I had some work to do at my mom's house and the boys decided they had to help me so we all sat at the bar in the kitchen while I worked.  They love to give me input into resorts and rides and what they think the kids will like.  :)  If you would like their and my expertise don't forget to check out my facebook page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel

This week would be a great week for me to help you with a warm trip with so much of the US bracing for a snowstorm and N goes back to school on Wednesday.  We are all so ready for him to go back but he is not to keen on the idea of going back on his birthday. LOL I mean it really is a big deal to be turning 7.

Other then Ns birthday we are hoping to make it to playgroup tomorrow and then the rest of the week we will just be getting back into school mode since we will be working with it for the next 9 weeks.

What all are you guys doing this week? 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Whatever Wednesday

This post contains referral links.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!  I hope everyone is having a good one.  We are on a semi normal routine today with N still being tracked out and C going to preschool. I'll be glad when N goes back to school next Wednesday. :)  Of course it kindof sucks that he will be going back on his birthday but oh well. LOL  

Here are a couple things I'm Whatevering today:

Poor C. He fell out of a wagon yesterday and this is his face this morning :(  He says it doesn't hurt and I've poked and prodded it with no screaming so I'm thinking it is one of those looks worse then it feels kindof things but WOW it looks really bad.

Did you see that the Starbucks and Disney is going to have new mugs and tumblers?  I am loving both of these and can't wait to try and get one one my next trip.

Oh my I knew my Ipsy bag was heavy this month but I had no idea why until I opened it. I had cashed in a ton of points I had for all of these extra goodies.  Woohoo I am so excited.  I'll have the review for the main Ipsy bag up later this week but it is pretty good too.

Oh and in honor of the new tour announcement yesterday I am totally rocking my NKOTB shirt today ;)  

So what are you thinking about today?  

Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Who is ready for some TV Talk?  Let's start the new year off with some tv. I know many shows were on hiatus but it was a chance for me to catch up on some TV and now that the shows are back and starting up it makes me very happy.  However I'm going to chat today about a couple very random shows.

Does anyone watch General Hospital?  I record it and then FF through a lot or just skip days as it goes but I must say I'm getting hooked right now. I am pretty done with the Fluke storyline but I'm actually liking the new Jason and of course Maxie and Nathan are so great together.   I'm sure there will be some big fall out when it is figured out who Jason really is since he had Sam don't really get along anymore and speaking of I really like Sam with Patrick. I've always liked Robin but he is so much fun with other ladies.

Since I was gone last week I haven't watched that one yet but I did watch the premiere of Donnie Loves Jenny and I will say I wasn't as annoyed as I thought I would be.  I'm not a huge Jenny fan but I love me some Donnie so I had to check it out.  I will be watching all the episodes for sure.  Speaking of Donnie you can tell I've been away since I had no idea that NKOTB was going to be the house band on Kelly & Michael this morning.  I turned it on late so I'll have to catch the first half of it online.  And did you see their announcement?  NKOTB is touring with TLC and Nelly this summer.  I have already told my sister that would make a perfect 40th birthday present for me ;)

I've always liked Love it or List it but I've never really recorded it until now.  The current new shows were filmed in and around Durham, NC which is just a town over so I keep reading that people are running into Hilary and David. I think that is just AWESOME and I love know that they are working in the area.  So fun. So far the houses they have redone have looked really good and I also like seeing what else is out there around me. Not that I plan to move anytime soon but its always fun to look.

So those are a couple random show that I've been watching recently.  Most of my regular shows are starting this week or soon so I will be back to my CW love soon :)

Happy Viewing!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Morning Musings

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link.

Morning!!!  Wow its hard to get going today after being on a cruise last week.  We pretty much went with kid time so we slept in each morning and then planned our day from there.  It was AWESOME!!! I'll post a couple pictures in this post but look for a full post later this week.

This is pretty much the look in Ns face the whole week. He was having such a great time.

Due to rough water we didn't get to stop at Little Stirrup Cay but we did get out in Nassau and look around a bit.

And this doesn't show our whole room but N slept in the pull down. He was so excited to have it to himself but he did allow C to come up and visit him. :)

Let's see what is on the plans this week.  N is still tracked out and C is out today for MLK day.  Of course we need to get dressed this morning and run out for some food and other errands. Then we are heading to Charlotte this weekend before N goes back to school next week.  And speaking of next week its Ns birthday. How is my mr. man almost 7 years old.  WOW time really does fly.

I have a pile of mail here to go through.  I know there is an Ipsy bag here and another My Paper Pumpkin box. I can't wait to dig into both of those but I'm waiting to give myself a little pick me up as I work through all the laundry. How can two little boys go through so much laundry on a cruise. LOL

That's it from me for today. How was everyone else's week? How is this week looking?
Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Whatever Wednesday

disclaimer: This post contains referral links.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. The boys and I have had fun and then haven't done a ton either. :)  We went out to lunch with Emily yesterday to celebrate her birthday. How can it be my little sis is already 20.  I swear she was just born the other day. LOL

Today we have big plans to take C to school and then N and I are going to start trying on clothes for him since he is growing like a weed and I need to make sure he has things for out trip.

I haven't done a TV Talk Tuesday but M and I are slowly working our way through the fall shows. We have caught up on Bones, Castle, Forever, etc and we just started on Elementary and I still have the final season of White Collar to watch.  You know just in time for all the shows to come back from their holiday hiatus.

Oh I haven't posted it on my facebook page yet but Stampin' Ups Sale-a-bration started yesterday.  It is our yearly sale where you can get a free item when you spend $50. You can see all the info and the available free items when you click on the promotion on my website

And since we are talking about specials did you see that Walt Disney World has released their next round of discounts for travel Feb 22-June 15th!!! Up to 30% off room rates and the chance for a free park day when you purchase 4 days.  Check out my facebook page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel and shoot me a message or an email at to start planning your next trip.

I've cut back on all my subscription boxes so the only ones I'm getting now are Ipsy and My Paper Pumpkin. There are so many good ones out there though so I might have to see about adding another one to the mix in the coming months.  Which one is everyone's favorite right now?

So I better get moving and get myself dressed so that I can get C to preschool.  Everyone else is still snoozing here so it would be so easy to enjoy the quiet but alas the day has to get started.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Morning Musings

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link.

So it is the first Monday of 2015 and lets just say that alarm clock was not my friend this morning :(  WOW was it hard to get up.  Only C has preschool this morning N is tracked out for a couple more weeks so what did we do this morning?  We went to Dunkin Donuts and then to Target. LOL

We are taking a few minutes at home now before we go to pick up C and start our afternoon. Not sure what the day brings for us but we need to finish putting away the Christmas stuff this week so sometime that has to happen.

Did you all have a great holiday?  We stayed home but we had so much fun and then we didn't do a ton either so it was all great. Both of my boys have decided that they love games now so we have been playing a lot. Uno is one of our faves and even C has it pretty much figured out. He doesn't want any help and says he is a big boy.

I did get a little productive and got my 2012 scrapbooking pages into albums so I can put them on the shelves.

They also released a new promotion for Walt Disney World so I've spent some time getting that applied for clients and booking more trips. :)  Check out my page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel for all the latest info and to send me a message or email me so I can help you plan a trip too.

So what is on your plans for this first full week of 2015? Anything big going on? Was getting up hard for you today too?

Happy New Year and I can't wait to talk and blog with you all this year,

Friday, January 2, 2015

PeachyCheap Grab Bag December 2014

Wahoo!!! I was so excited today to open the mail and see a Padded Flat Rate Envelope from Peachycheap.  As is becoming a tradition I grabbed their mystery bag that was the deal of the day on Christmas.  In case you didn't know Peachycheap is a crafty deal of the day site. The post a deal each day at midnight and its first come first serve. Last year and this year they had a mystery bag on Christmas and since I loved last years so much I had no issues in grabbing this years right up.

I wasn't so sure when I first opened it since the glitter rolled out first and I just have so much glitter I'm already not using but once I laid it all out I am very happy. And I even think I have an idea for the glitter. I have so much naked chipboard here that I'm planning to lay it out and then glitter it all up so that it is ready to use.  I'm thinking this will help me use up two of my stash items.

This bag was $14.99 and then $5.99 for shipping. For that price I am very happy.  I'm planning on doing a 52 week Project Life book and the small paper pad, rotary stamp, dots and goodies will all be great for that.

Have a great and crafty New Year,

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