Monday, December 28, 2015

2016 Spring Walt Disney World Discounts

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

It is nasty rainy day here in NC and since I went shopping all morning I'm now taking a few minutes to link up for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • We took the boys to see the Nutcracker last weekend and got a picture of them with Clara.  They both say that they liked the ballet but I'm not so sure C liked getting his picture taken. 

  • I also got Cs last preschool picture back this week.  It is so good and I can't believe he will be in Kindergarten next year.

  • Speaking of C he had his school program this week and he did a great job. He actually sang up there and has pretty much been singing nonstop the whole week.  They sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Peppermint Stick, and We Wish you a Merry Christmas.  It was wonderful and so fun.

  • I also had my girls dinner out this week at the Melting Pot and I was just a little excited to go.  I couldn't help but take some I'm ready and waiting selfies before I left. LOL

  • I'm not even sure what to say on this one but I will just leave it here.  C is a hoot and always entertaining. This was his project the other day. Being a fashionista.

Have a great weekend and a Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015


Happy Monday and we are that much closer to Christmas.  I'm slowly getting there and while I feel like I'm way behind I know that there is still almost 2 weeks left and I'm pretty good with being ready.  So I'm back as usual to link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post and to talk about my week.


Loving--- the crazy weather we are having. It has been so warm here in NC that the boys have been wearing shorts and tshirts and not driving me crazy that it is really too cold for them.  We are going to get cooler this week and weekend so it will feel more like Christmas.

Laughing--- at all the Shutterfly that I ordered.  So if you are getting gifts from me and reading my blog be ready for pictures.  LOL I ordered a ton from Shutterfly and have tons of orange envelopes to prove it.  

Enjoying--- all of the Christmas fun. We have done a ton this weekend.  Starting with the Santa Train on Friday and then going to the Nutcracker yesterday. The boys had never been to the ballet but they both said they liked it and would go back. So that is a plus.

Wishing--- you all a Merry Christmas. With my helpers out of school next week I'm not sure what all we will be doing and I hope to come and blog but incase I don't make it back.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Peachycheap grab bag Nov 2015

So exciting!!! I opened my mail the other day and had my Padded Flat Rate Envelope from Peachycheap.  I love their mystery grab bags and grab them often when they are posted. Normally I grab the one on Christmas but they had one for Black Friday and I grabbed it too. I will probably get the Christmas one if they have it :)  In case you didn't know Peachycheap is a crafty deal of the day site. The post a deal each day at midnight and its first come first serve. 

I didn't take  first look picture but right on top was the red anchor washi and you all know me I love washi and I don't have any anchors so I was happy right off the bat.  I also love October Afternoon and have gotten a couple of their Santa Sacks in the past so whenever I get their goodies I'm a happy camper.  And look at that little deer down on the bottom right!!!  It is just too stinkin' cute.

This bag was $12.99 and then $4.99 for shipping and for that price I am very happy.  While these aren't things I would normally by for myself I love the challenge of thinking outside my normal style and using different goodies to make my pages look different in my books.  Such fun and great quality items to work with in this one.  I'm hoping they do another grab bag on Christmas so I can get another bag of awesome fun.

Have a great and crafty holiday,

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday so far. I'm taking a few minutes to link up for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • My sister came over yesterday and she just had to pick up my kitty. Kali was not impressed with her. LOL

  • It is so sad to see the boys upset but I have to get a little chuckle when C pouts. This was his pout when he went to download an app for his Ipad and was told it wasn't compatible. He was not a happy camper.

  • When hubby asks for your wrist size and then says just compare it to a dollar bill. Uhm sure yea I'll do that.  Dollar bill meet my watch. :) #betImgettingarmcandyforChristmas !!!

  • This weekend we have Santa Train and it is Ms birthday so we are going to try and do something fun. The weather is also going to be AWESOME for December with temps in the 70s. That is even pretty warm for here in NC this time of year.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Stampin' Up 2015 Year-End Sale

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Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I had a busy day yesterday so here it is Tuesday and I'm getting a chance to work on my Currently post for the week. As usual I'm linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post and to talk about my week.


Decorating--- For Christmas.  We have officially started and the boys are having a blast.  Most of the ornaments are on the tree but I still need to do a little rearranging ;)

Inspired--- By all the possibilities that a bare mantel has.  I cleared off everything and was just inspired but all the things I could do. I've started so far but I need to get a couple more things as I'm shopping to finish it up.  I'll share a finished product when I get there.

Reading--- with N.  Well we are need reading this book together but we stop and read every night at 8 now and he is reading his own thing so I'm working my way through my stack.  This was next on my pile and I'm actually getting into it.  I love JR Ward and especially her Black Dagger Brotherhood series and this is set in the same town and kindof and off shoot and its pretty good.  Not my BDB guys but these are pretty good.  

Laughing--- with this statement since it is oh so true. The other week while my guys were at the football game I spent most of the time in my craft room sorting and organizing and looking at all my pretties but there is so much but I love it all and really can you ever have to many craft supplies?  I think not :)

Have a great weekend!!!

TV Talk Tuesday


Who is ready for some TV Talk? I'm a little sad that shows are going on hiatus for awhile but I'm glad that it will give me a chance to catch up on some shows I'm behind on.  So let's get chatting.

I did not see that coming. The Vampire Diaries really shocked me last week and I did not expect for them to kill off Lily like that. When we saw the 3 year ahead flash forward and showing her as the slayer I was a little confused until they bookended the show with the results that Damon wasn't in his right mind and it wasn't here but we still couldn't see who it was so I'm still confused.

Another I totally didn't see that one coming happened on Once Upon a Time this week.  Since I read a ton of spoilers I kindof knew where the show was going when it comes back but I had no idea what they had to do to get there.  I did get a bit of a Buffy flashback watching this scene though. Did anyone else? I mean she just get Angel back from being Angelus and then she had to run him through and send him back to the underworld and OUaT did the same thing.  I was watching and totally went back to BtVS in my head. LOL  We all know how that one turned out so I'm guessing this will turn out a similar way. The show will be lacking some villiany goodness if they keep killing off all the hot bad guys. ;)  We have a long hiatus for this one so we have to wait until March and when it comes back it will be the 100th episode so they are having lots of old cast members come back in their roles and I can't wait for it.  It looks like so much fun and I'm really liking the arc they are leading into and that it really has to do with the main cast and not helping a special guest star coming on.

M and I have been working out way through last seasons Elementary.  We were a bit behind but we are actually ready to start this season now.  The issue we have is that we like to watch it together and then we actually have to think while watching this show so not one we just have on while doing something else.  Needless to say we are kindof caught up now and will be starting this season soon.  So if you do watch think back to last season and lets talk about the finale.  I'm a little confused are we supposed to think that Sherlock used again? or was he just kindof in shock by what all happened?  I'm sure the new shows answer this but I'm confused.

Have a great hiatus and catch up on your shows.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Happy December Thursday!!!  I'm back today and linking up with Jen for her Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • It has been a dreary rainy week here so far but today it is windy and cool but we have sun.  I actually had to get my sunglasses out today. Crazy I know!!!
  • I don't care for turkey so Thanksgiving is not my food holiday at all.  I mean I'll eat it once but I don't want to eat it for days. LOL M on the other hand would eat it everyday I'm pretty sure.  He got all excited when I took what was left and made him a turkey pot pie.  I ate it once but he finished it off.

  • My girlfriends and I get together each December to celebrate Christmas at the Melting Pot and we make little gifts for each other.  I always have ideas far in advance but then I wait until the last minute to get the supplies and put them together. You would think one of these years I would learn ;)  I can't share what I'm making yet since I know they read my blog  but I'll share once we get together.
  • Speaking of gifts I did get my Rambling of a Suburban Mom gift out in the mail yesterday.  I'm so excited that she did a secret santa exchange this year and I can't wait for my recipient to get hers. I even got it mailed out a few days early :)
  • C had his school pictures on Tuesday and Sunday he told me he wanted a haircut before it.  Uhm his normal hair studio is closed on Mondays so we went to the Great Clips right by my house and they did a great job.  He let N go first and he just wanted a trim and then when it was Cs turn he told the stylist that he wanted his shorter then Ns.  She looked and my and I said sure so he got a good cut that will last awhile.  It really is stinkin' cute.

  • We are starting to really get into the holidays and M got the tree up last night so the boys and I are going to start decorating it once N gets home today.  I'm so ready!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday on Wednesday


So I just never got a chance to finish this up yesterday so here it is on Wednesday and I'm going to talk some TV.

So let's start with the big talk of the week and the midseason finale of the Walking Dead.  I will go ahead and say I thought it was just a meh episode. I think if it was a finale and I knew that I wasn't going to have new ones for a couple months it would have been ok but still nothing to write home about.  It did kindof show what is going on after the wall fell and seeing that we are loosing Deanna is also sad but I want to know what happened to the other Alexandrians. I know some of the have to make it out of here and just where are they? It almost felt like the episode should have been 90min and have something big happen right at the end.  I'm guessing that we will now have something big to kick off the second half of the season which I just noticed is Valentine's Day. LOL  What a great present lets cuddle up and watch some walkers kill a couple of people on tv. LOL ok I just couldn't resist since that would be a great idea for a present for me. :)

I also got a chance to watch Supergirl this week and I will say this show is growing on me. I'm starting to care for the characters and I want to see how it plays out.  With that this week was a little weaker then the last couple and while I know they had to get a way to have Lucy stay in town and this was the vehicle for that.  I'm also loving the interaction between Alex and Max.  There is something going on with him and I'm sure it will come out but I like that he helped out and that he seems to like Alex. They have some chemistry going on so I'm sure a hookup is in the future and really anytime you can get Peter Facinelli in a romantic scene I'm happy but I do like him playing a bit of a villain too.

I also just got a chance to catch up on Once Upon a Time and oh my do I love Hook when he is all villainess.  Hmm maybe I have a thing for the bad boys ;)  I can't wait to see how it plays out next week with the extra badguys thrown in the mix.  It was not what I was expecting when he went dark and I was kindof hoping that he and Swan would be dark together but I guess what they are saying is that while she was the darkness she was never really dark.  Hook on the other hand plays the character really well and I like him a bit evil and bad guy versus kindof being as he put it a lovesick puppy dog.  I like him with an egde.  Also very random I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned but I love the opening sequence for OUaT and how they work a symbol for the episode in the background of the shot. This week it was Hook's ship.  I think that is just a fun and different way to change up the opening.

So that is what I'm thinking about right now. Many shows are having finales this week and next and then I'll try and catch up on some of the shows I haven't had a chance to watch yet this season.  I've heard good things about many of them.

Have a great week,

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