Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up again today for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • I have to run out to the Hallmark store today to get the next ornament in my monthly Disney series and they so nicely sent me a 30% off coupon for the store.  Now to decide where else C and I will stop while out there :)
  • We went to the FireStation on a tour with out playgroup yesterday and while C didn't seem to enjoy it he was listening and I have been hearing all about it since we left yesterday. He has also been dressed like  fireman since then.
  • Today is M and my 10th anniversary. We have really big plans to grab some dinner and then hit a couple Targets ;)
  • Yes we are going to Target and I'm hoping to find some toys are clearance for 70% off. I'd love to have most of my Christmas extra shopping done soon and I'm off to a good start.
  • I spent a good portion of yesterday once I got home working on pricing for peoples upcoming 2015 Disney trips with the new prices coming out.  All that has done is make me really want to go to Disney like right now. Whose with me?  Can we just pack up and go this weekend?
  • N is having a great time in 1st grade so far. Now if we can keep he and C from screaming at each other not even 5 minutes after he walks in the door all will be good.  In the few short days that he has been gone C has decided that I am all his and does not want to share me with N.  It makes for some lovely battles everyday. Lets hope that C gets tired of me and is like take her please take her ;)  I need to know all the happenings in the 1st grade so I have to talk to N when he gets here. LOL
  • Speaking of N help me out with some lunch ideas? He does not eat peanut butter or lunch meat so his lunches consist of two pieces of plain bread, a pack of fruit snacks, strawberries and grapes and something crunchy like pretzel gold fish, graham crackers, nilla wafers etc.  Everyday that is what he takes and he seems very happy with it but I'm bored.  Oh and for his snack each day he takes basically the same thing strawberries and grapes, fruit snacks and a crunchy.  We tried some other things last year but nothing he really wanted and didn't eat so we got in a rut. He is fine with it but I'm trying to think outside the box. Any ideas?
 So that is my randomness for the day.  What all are you thinking of today?  Any big plans for the weekend?

Have a great Thursday!!!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Musings

As has been my pattern recently this has not happened in the morning but we had good reasons this week. N started back to school today and after he left C and I went running all the errands that I've been putting off lately. :)

Weekend Update:  We had a slow and slack weekend so that we didn't wear N out too much.  Both boys spent a lot of time playing with the kids next door and on Friday night they had some sparklers out and the boys loved it.

We did have a small issue Sunday night with N being just so wound up and excited he had been bouncing off the wall so he ran out of the house and slammed Cs finger in the sliding door :(  It looks to be ok and he is playing fine today but it took lots of screaming and an early bedtime for all.

This Week:  As I said N stars the 1st grade today!!!  He is getting so big. We met his teacher last week and he was very excited to be going today.

He picked out his outfit at gymboree and all I can say is that his teacher is not going to lose him today. LOL he is so bright.

Wednesday C and I are going with out neighborhood play group to visit out new firestation.  We are so excited to be able to take them lunch and have a tour. The kids are so excited.

No other set plans for the week and C and I will be working on potty training :(  He just isn't into it at all and can run around for hours naked and have no accidents but will refuse to use the potty.  We will get there and I let him pick some cool new underwear so hopefully that helps.

Business News:  Stampin' Up is having a My Paper Pumpkin special right now through Sept 10th where you can get your first two months at 50% off with a monthly subscription. You can see my post on it HERE.

As I said last week the new rates for 2015 come out this week but it is not too late to take advantage to deals for the rest of this year.  Disney just released a room only discount through the end of the year and the Free Dining promotion is available to book through Aug 8th. Check out my page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel and contact me today to plan your next trip.

And now Ramblings of a Suburban Mom asked some questions in the bottom of her Monday Morning post and I'm going to answer them here. :)What book are you reading right now?  nothing at the moment but I'm going to start The Vacationers by Emma Straub when it gets here tomorrow for a book club that I just joined. What shoes are you wearing today?  nothing at the moment but I've been wearing my Rainbows which are my summer staple.  What craft / sewing / whatever project do you have in the works right now?  I'm still working on my Disney Project Life style scrapbook from my Jan trip. I always have my normal albums in the works and I have a new My Paper Pumpkin ready to go now that I will have some more time.
So that is my  Monday not so Morning Musings. What are you up to this week? Anything fun and exciting?


Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Paper Pumpkin Special

Have you been thinking about giving MY PAPER PUMPKIN a try????
Now is the time .....New Subscribers get 50% off their first 2 months!!! if you sign up by Sept 10th.
and If you join by August 10 you will get August kit and I have heard it is AWESOME--and that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT!!!!
July's was so great and included so many products. I will be blogging it soon but here is a quick video from Stampin' Up to show you what you missed.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wantable Makeup July 2014 Box Review

Oh Wantable I was so excited to see my makeup box from you in my mail today. It was a big makeup day here today since my Hautelook/Nordstrom bag came this morning too. :)  It has been a couple months since I got a Wantable makeup box and I really didn't remember what my settings were set to so it was going to be a surprise. As you will see below I will be going back into my survey before my next one.

 I do always love the first look and seeing how well everything gets put in the box.

I know I've said it before and I said it up above but Wantable has a very indepth survey that you fill out. I had not gotten a box recently so I hadn't played around with mine at all.  I know it was set to my likings from before but I usually tweak it a little each time.

And now onto the contents.  Uhm I was not so sure when I saw this. I didn't know what everything was and I did like the sizes but I knew they needed to have some more investigation.
  • Ofra BB Cream in Light Brown ($40) - This is alot of BB Cream and being that I'm not a huge lover of foundations anyway I will never use this much.  I do actually like getting the smaller samples since I can try the product and then decide. There is so much here I hate to open it and then really hate it.  I'm so fair that its hard to tell coloring when I cant check it.  I do like that this has an SPF built in but I'm not opening it.
  • Forever Nail Files ($10) - This is stinkin' cute and I love the Swarovski crystals.  I would totally not buy then on my own but would love to have it stashed in my purse to pull out when needed.
  • Vincent Longo Dew Drop Blush in Hearts Desire ($30) - I am a blush girl and use it everyday but I need a more pinkish blush for my skintone.  I am going to add a picture of the color below so you can see this is just a little to brownish for me.

  • Ofra Loose Blush in Color Pink Sapphire ($35) - As I said above I love blush but do I need two full size products in one month no and as above this isn't really pink and I prefer the pinkish tones.
As you can see the value is in the box as this one came to $115 and since the Wantable box only costs $36 a month for a subscription or $40 for a one time box I think if the colors had been more me I would have been over the moon. I really don't mind getting one product in my box that just isn't me as I can trade/sell it but when there are so many I need to try and use the other great feature about Wantable.  They offer free returns. I have never used the feature but once their system updates that my box as been delivered I will initiate a return of my whole box.  I'm actually excited to try that feature out even if it means I didn't love my box this month.

I will be getting more makeup boxes and of course my lovely intimates boxes that I still love love love.  Did you guys get a Wantable  box this month? What goodies did you get in yours? Did you love it?


disclaimer: My referral link is included above.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up again today for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • We went to look at the list for Ns teacher last night but there are to kids with his initials so we narrowed it down to two teachers. Meat the teacher is today so we will find out who it is for sure.  He is beyond excited to go today and then to start back next week. I hope that his love of school continues.
  • I mentioned it the other day but I started watching Mistresses the other night and now I'm all caught up :)  That show is really really good.
  • I'm curious to see how Big Brother deals with Frankie's grandfather passing away on tonight's show. I saw that they told him last night and he has decided to stay but I'm wondering if it will be addressed or not.
  • Speaking of Big Brother there are still a few too many guys there that blend together but I'm addicted this season again.  Love it and can we just have Frankie host every competition. The soccer outfit he was wearing was hysterical and I love how he really plays up to each character he's given.
  • Ns new haircut is growing on me. I still think he looks so old with it this short but it is what he wanted.  C said he needed one too but he just wanted a little cut off.

  • I also think it is so funny that after we did haircuts the other day N told me he needed some new clothes for the first day of school.  I will take pictures on Monday but lets just say that his teacher will not miss him. LOL he is wearing day glow lime green shirt. ;)  It looks good with his hair but WOW its bright.
So that is what I'm thinking of today. What are you guys thinking of today?


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So What Wednesday

I haven't done this one in awhile so I thought I would jump back in.

This week I'm saying So What If....

  • I sat down last night and watched 4 episodes of Mistresses. Oh and lets not say that I've watched a couple more today too. ;)
  • I'm so ready for N to go back to school.  I'm not sure what it is about summer but he and C have really just been going at it the last week or so. I'm so glad this is a short break.
  • I'm planning our trip in Jan and I have no idea what we are going to do when N is tracked out in Oct.
  • I let both boys go out in sleeveless shirts today. It is so not my thing but they are so happy.
  • I really do like this post so I might need to do it more often. :)
How is your Wednesday looking? I hope its going great!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

So I am actually starting this in the morning but who knows when I will get it finishing. Maybe I should change the name to Monday Musings since I hardly ever get it done in the morning. LOL

Weekend Update: What a crazy busy weekend.  N was at my mom's so he came back on the train on Saturday.  He loves the trains and loves when we can work this out.

Then Sunday was a crazy day here. We started the afternoon at Marvel Universe Live with boys

It's a stunt show with tons of Marvel Characters.  It was pretty loud but my boys loved it.  We even took a couple silly selfies before the show and during intermission. Then of course C couldn't make it through the whole thing so even with all the noise he crashed on my lap. LOL

Then last night I got to go to the Def Leppard/KISS concert.  Def Leppard is one of my all time favorite bands and I rarely (if ever ;)) miss them in tour when they come near me. What made it even better was they sang my favorite song Two Steps Behind which is usually done acoustic and they don't always do an accoustic set so its not always sung.  I was a happy girl

Then KISS came on and I knew two songs. LOL I am not a KISS fan. Not that I hate them I just never was huge into them. A lot of the people around us really seemed to enjoy it so I guess it was a good show.

KISS had a lot of pyro which is I guess their thing but it also really reminded me of concerts from back in the day.  Of course while there I had to take a couple selfies to share on instagram LOL M was so excited about that :).  Then since I was just amazed KISS shot out confetti at the end and really it was so much confetti I thought maybe we were at a teeny bopper show. It was really kindo crazy.

Upcoming Week:  We had plans to run errands today but its storming so we are organizing the toy room and just hanging out at home. Right now Frozen is on while they play Geo Trax. I do need to run out and get N set for school next Monday so we will have at least one trip out.  We will find out his teacher on Wed and then have Meet the Teacher on Thursday.  Other then that it will be a pretty tame week.

Box News:  I sound't be getting any boxes this week I don't think. My Wantable is processing today so it will probably get here next week.  And can I  just mention how much Julep is AWESOME.  I was just ready to skip this month and then the maven window opened. The colors are all so sparkly and shimmery. I really need them all ;) but I will try and restrain myself.

Business News:  Stampin' Up has a special this month where if you buy 3 packs of our Designer Series Paper you get a 4th pack for free.  This is a great way to get some of the great new papers in the new catty.  Let me know if you have any questions and I can help with anything. You can see the special in my store.

My Thank you from Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel giveaway ended yesterday and the winner was Colleen. I have sent her an email and I can't wait to host my next giveaway so keep liking my page and sharing with your friends and family.  Speaking of Disney the new packages for 2015 will be available for booking starting July 30th.  I have a list going so shoot me a message if you want me to work up a quote for you.

So that was my crazy busy weekend and how the rest of my week is looking. How about you? What is on your list for this week? Did you have a great weekend?

Have a magical week,

disclaimer: Those are my referral links up there so you know the drill if you decide to join through me I get credits for future purchases. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Citrus Lane 44 month boy July box

disclaimer: This post contains my referral link.

Very excited when I got home yesterday and I had three packages waiting for me.  Citrus Lane was the biggest one and I couldn't wait to see what was in it. I've been getting my  Citrus Lane with a gift subscription and this is our last month.  I'm still deciding if we will get more but I do like maybe skipping a couple months and then when it comes again I'm all excited again. :)

I have C aged up a little so we have things that he can move into. This month we got a box for a 44 month old boy. I had seen peoples box pictures but I hadn't paid a ton of attention to the ages of them so while I knew one of the items since I got to pick it I didn't know what else was in here.

This months box of goodies:
  • John Deere Monster Truck from Tomy ($15.97) - We love trucks and John Deere here so this will be fun to play with.  C hasn't seen this yet so I'm going to stash it for a gift when we need a goodie later on. :)
  • Match Stacks from Tree Hopper Toys ($19.90) -  This was the item we got to pick this month. They have vehicles, animals, numbers etc to choose from and I picked numbers. We have other memory games here so I thought we could use the numbers also for some math practice.  This is a made in the USA, solid wooden game and looks awesome.  To do this is a little old for C right now so I will also stash this for future use.

  • Mashups from Plum Organics ($1) - I did have this sitting out and C downed it.  He still loves squeeze pouches and this one has some veggie in it and not just applesauce so that is a plus. He said it was really yummy.
  • Pur Protect SPF 30 by PurLisse ($4.88) - Sunscreen is always welcome at my house. We go through so much and use it daily so I will toss this little sample in my bag for touch ups.
This months box while looking a little small with only 4 items has a value of $40.85 and the items are quality and the value is there. Citrus Lane boxes are $29 a month or less if you get a longer subscription. They will then send you a box each month for your child with ages 0-5 years. If you want to check them out if you order though my link you will get 50% off your first box.

I really do like my boxes so I know we'll be getting more soon and the stuff we don't use right away make great Christmas and travel gifts so I can grab them out of the closet as needed. ;)

Have a great afternoon,

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up again today for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • I rushed over to Hallmark last weekend for the Ornament preview and to grab my Mickey holder. They are celebrating a year of Disney and will be releasing an ornament each month. They are really cute too so I grabbed the first one and put my name on the list so they will call me each month when the others come in. :)  Also FYI if you are wanting the Olaf or Elsa ornaments they come out in Oct and Nov.  My guess is they will be hard to get and sell out quick. My store was making a list so you might want to ask at yours if you want them.  So do you think M and the boys will mind if I redo my mantle so that this can stay out all year?
  • I dropped N off with my mom yesterday for a couple days and she gave C a Ninja Turtles Poncho. He decided that it had to be warn right now and that it was a costume.  After playing in it awhile he told me it needed to go in the attic so he could wear it for Halloween. LOL  I'm not so sure about that but I will fold it back up for future play.

  • We have a very busy weekend. N comes back on the train on Saturday and then on Sunday we are going to the Marvel Universe Live show in the afternoon and then Def Leppard that night.  I can't wait to Get Rocked!!! LOL
  • I've been posting alot of reviews this week. So far I have my Ipsy, end of year teacher gifts, My Paper Pumpkin, Fashion Project and Julep up.  I got my Citrus Lane box yesterday so that will go up today and I should be getting my July My Paper Pumpkin box this week too. Busy Busy week.
  • I did some shopping at Target when it was 50% off but I'm really thinking I need to go back out tonight since people are reporting that it is 90% off now.  I'm sure there are things I NEED!!!
  • I'm watching Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings as I'm typing this and C is in the other room playing ;)
  • I'm really excited that Disney let us know the 2015 rates will be out on July 30th.  We/I've been waiting not so patiently for them to be released.  I have a list going of people to do quotes for so just shoot me a message if you want me to do one for you too.

  • While you are here don't forget to check out my Facebook 200 Like giveaway for a free $25 Disney Gift Card.  I'm so excited to share this as a Thank You to all my clients and my future clients. You can see that post HERE!!!
So what are you guys thinking about today? I know I'm all over the place but that is my brain most days. :)
Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel Facebook 200 Like Giveaway!!!

Thank You!!!

I have reached over 200 links on my Jenny@Love the Mouse Travel Facebook page and I wanted to say Thank you to all my fans.  To celebrate I am giving away a $25 Disney Gift Card.

Thank you to everyone who has already liked my page and had me help them plan a magical vacation and thank you ahead of time to all those that are going to contact me to help them. I love helping plan the perfect vacation.

And FYI incase you are thinking about going to Disney in 2015 the new rates will be released on July 30th so shoot me a message and  will get you on my list to start pricing as soon as they are out. :)

Have a magical evening,

Fashion Project Review

disclaimer: My referral link is included in this review.

I've been waiting to get everything here in place before blogging this one but now that I do I'm going to share. :)  I've been trying to find a place to donate/sell some of my gently used clothes. There are lots of great resources for kids things but not so many for women's stuff.  I saw Fashion Project online and thought I would give it a try.

How it works:  Fashion Project is a donation/resale site online. How it works is you log in and request a pre-paid bag.  Fill it up and send it back in. They will go through it and if its a qualified item you will earn a Nordstrom giftcard for each 5 qualified items (They only take certain brands and you can see the list on their site).  (ETA - I can't seem to find the list of approved brands online so I sent a message to see what they say.  I will come back and add when I get an answer   I found the list on one of their pages.  Click HERE and then scroll down a bit to see a link for qualifying brands list and a window will pop up) They will also give 55% of the sale of the items to a charity of your choice.

I sent in my bag on May 21st. Here is a picture of what I included. I sent in 12 items.  Thinking that maybe one or two items wouldn't qualify for the gift card so I wanted to send more then just 10.

I didn't hear anything from them until June 12th when I got an email. This email showed me what I sent and let me know that everything qualified.

On June 27th I got an email telling me that I was getting $80 in Nordstrom Gift cards and then on July 3rd I got my little box with my cards. :)

The box came in a shipping envelope but once I opened it I thought it was so stinkin' cute.

Inside the box was a Thank you flyer, my two gift cards worth $40 each and another donation bag ready for me to send in.

I just went and checked online and my donations still say processing so they aren't posted for sale yet. Most of them are kindof fall/winter type items so I'm sure they are being held for the right season.  I will keep you guys posted on my donation to my charity as I get information. I picked the Museum of Life and Science in Durham to receive my donations.

I am really excited about getting to spend my new gift cards.  I'm holding out or the Nordstrom sale starting soon and possible hoping to use them towards a new bag ;)  Fashion Project only takes certain brands and the better the designer label the better.  You can see a full list of acceptable brands on their site.  I just pulled that list up and went through my items.  They also take men's items so I might have to go through Ms closet next ;)

So tell me have you used Fashion Project before? What was your thought on the process?  I've tried a couple other companies and not had any luck so I was tickled pink with this one.

Happy donating and shopping.

July Julep 2014 It Girl Box

disclaimer: My referral link is included below and I will get Jules to use on future purchases if you decide to sign up through my link.

This months Julep Theme was the Poolside Collection.

I had originally thought I would skip this month since I was going to the beach but then I saw the colors and I just had to grab a box.  Then to make it better I had enough Jules (the points I get from taking boxes and from referrals) to get a box free so I knew it was meant to be.  The box this month did take a little longer then normal but Julep knew that and send a message and gave us an extra 100 Jules for the delay.

I really like my Julep boxes. They are purple and bright and just so much fun.  New Mavens can start a subscription that is customizable for $24.99 a month and $19.99 if you buy a three month subscription.  They also have a deluxe subscription for $39.99 a month and you get to select more products.  I'm grandfathered into an older plan so I don't get to customize so I just pick on of their pre-selected boxes.  So far this has been working for me so I'll keep it up for awhile but I will bump up when I start having trouble finding a box that works for me.

Since it had been awhile since I selected and I had been on vacation I had forgotten what colors were coming in my box but I was excited with my first look.

The July Julep It Girl Box:
  • Linden - Pool Blue Creme
  • Dawn - a Citron Creme
  • Braiden - Graphite Stardust Finish
As you can see I went with a very bright box this month :)  I'm loving them though and actually already did my toes in Linden and my nails in Dawn.  I'm rocking the bright this week.

Julep is a great box and has really been feeding my nail polish addiction. Not only do they send me polish in the mail each month if you are a Maven they have an online store that gives you special pricing and free shipping so I'm always on there grabbing new colors. LOL The store is awesome and really one of my favorite features.  If you are interested in trying Julep out you can get our first month for free by using code FREEBOX and you will only have to pay shipping or use code SHIPSHAPE and get Nautical Welcome box  for free just pay shipping.  Both are great options and you will soon become addicted.

Did you get a Julep box this month?  Which polish did you choose? Are you in love with the brights this month too?

Happy nail mail day!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ipsy July 2014

disclaimer: My referral link is included in this post so if you decide to join through my link I get points for future goodies.

I was so excited to open my mail yesterday and see that hot pink envelope.

Ipsy is one of my favorite subscription boxes and I normally love most of the contents.  I'm still processing through this months though and I'm not sure how I really feel about my bag.  I of course peaked at the contents but I can never really tell until I see them and the colors and size or the items.

This months theme was Sensationally Sunkissed and the bag is a hot pink faux leather bag.  While it is kindof boring it is a decently sized bag and I'm sure it will get some use. And now onto the rest of the goodies.

  • Bareminerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in Divine Wine ($6) - I actually really like this product and wish it was a little bigger.  I use a sunscreen moisturizer every day but I will admit I've never really thought much about my eyelids so extra protection is always a plus.
  • Pixi Beauty Mini Tinted Brilliance balm in Unique Pink ($8.40) - So this one has me intrigued.  It doesn't look to have much color too it and is more of a balm that I would layer something over but it says that the color intensity depends on the pH level in your lips.  So maybe kindof like a mood lipstick and that is just fun. LOL I will have to report back on what I think but it is soft and will be good to moisturize my lips.
  • Befine Food skin care daily moisturizer with SPF 15 ($21) - WOW this moisturizer is expensive and we got almost a full size product so that is exciting. Again it has SPF in it which is great and I will be giving this a try once I finish the one I am using.
  • Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08 ($1.5) - I'm really glad this isn't the high dollar item in the bag since I will never use it. I've had melanoma twice so I don't use tanning oils at all. This is really what is making me just meh about the bag but its really only one item so it shouldn't be bumming me that much.  I do have someone I can pass this on to so they will be happy.
  • wHet nailpolish in Facetious ($10) - Really you can't go wrong with sending me nailpolish. I love almost all of them and this is such a bright fun color I'm in love.  wHet is a new brand to me and it is Vegen, three free and made in the USA so a perfect new brand to try out.  I just did my nails with my new Julep but I can see this coming up next time.
Ok so now that I have really looked at all the items I'm not so bummed about my bag.  That tanning oil just threw me for a loop and I think I was having trouble getting past it but when I look at the items individually they are pretty good.  All totaled I came up with a value of $46.90 for my bag and considering Ipsy is only $10 a month plus tax in certain states it really is a good deal even with me passing on the tanning oil.

Did you get an Ipsy bag this month? There were a lot of variations this month. Are you happy with your bag?

Have a great Ipsy day!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

So I missed all of last week.  We headed to the beach for a vacation with Michelle over at 3 Monkeys Throwing Around Some Paper.  We had a blast and the boys all played together so well. :)  I will have pictures of the trip throughout this post.

Last Week/Weekend Update: As I said we went to the beach. The boys loved the ocean and C even really got into swimming but he says the digging in the sand was his favorite part.

Upcoming Week: No big plans this week. N is going to my mom's house so C and I will hopefully work on getting the house back in order. It looks like a tornado went through it.  This weekend we have tons of fun coming up. We have Marvel Universe Live with the boys and then I'm going to see Def Leppard.  I can't wait I need some hairband in my life. :)

Box News:  I think this week should be fun.  I got my Julep on Saturday and hopefully will get it posted today. Then I should be getting my Citrus Lane, Ipsy, My Paper Pumpkin and my Acure House Party boxes this week. It is going to be box-a-palooza over this way. :)

Business News:  If you aren't following my Jenny @ Love the Mouse Facebook page yet now is the time. I've reached 200 likes and my page and am hosting a giveaway for a $25 Disney Gift Card.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I love helping people plan their magical vacations and I want to again say Thank You to all of those that have let me help them and Thank you in advance to all of those that will contact me in the future.  Let me know how I can help you. °O°

Have a great week!!!  Do you have any bog plans?

disclaimer: Those are my referral links up there so if you decide to join/order through me I will get credits. :)

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