Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday


Well the new Fall TV season is underway and I've actually already watched some of the shows this season. I'm normally pretty far behind in catching up but somehow I'm on the ball (well at least a little bit)  As with my other TV Talk posts there are spoilers listed below so if you haven't watched and don't want to know skip this post or skip that section.

If you haven't seen my fall TV chart you can check it out HERE.  There are still many shows that haven't started yet and some new ones I haven't watched yet but here are a couple I have watched and have comments on ;)

Once Upon a Time
So I mentioned this yesterday but I really really really liked the season premiere on Sunday.  I was a little concerned with all the Frozen stuff being added and while there was more Frozen then I was expecting in the first episode I thought they did a great job.  The snow beast and the troll were a great nod right to the movie and I think they worked. It also alluded to how/why the girls would be in the  enchanted forest and therefore why they are even part of the Once story.  I can't wait to see how it goes.  Now for the rest of the story. I think its an interesting concept for Regina to want to change the book and I'm glad that she has her mirror back. (All due to Revolution cancellation last season I'm sure :() Then for Rumple and Belle to do their iconic dance and then for him to find the Sorcerers hat.  Oh so many good Disney goodies in this episode.

Red Band Society
I've watched the first couple of episodes of this one and I'm liking it so far. I'm thinking as long as they don't get too heavy in the medical stuff and keep it more about the kids that just happen to be in the hospital I think it will work.  Some of the characters still need some flushing out and a little less stereotypical behavior but I think that will come with time.  I'll be sticking with this one for awhile and see how it goes.

Love Love Love this show. So far of the ones I've watched this is probably my favorite.  M and I watched the first one last night and then even though it was late we watched the second episode too.  I feel like there are shows with one odd ball genius in the mix but this one has so many and they are all geniuses but in a different way.  I hope that they keep the storylines interesting and unique as the show goes on.

NCIS: New Orleans
This show isn't even on my chart but we kept seeing the commercials and it reminded me of CSI:Miami which M loved and watched until it was cancelled so I decided to Tivo it.  M and I watched it and I actually liked it.  It is a normal procedural type show but I love the New Orleans setting and all the colors and music. I know M will keep watching and I won't mind catching it with him when I'm around too.

So what do you think? Have you been watching any of the new shows so far this season?  Starting this Thursday through next week are all the good CW shows so I'm sure to be back with an update on those soon ;)  I'll have to talk about my boys over on Supernatural. This season looks AWESOME!!!  There are also some shows that are back I haven't gotten to yet but I'll get there. Gotta love the Tivo and getting to schedule your own mini marathons. LOL

Happy TV Watching everyone!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Musings

disclaimer: This post contains referral links.

Well its not morning anymore but I'm sharing anyway :)  How was everyone's weekend?  Ours was pretty good. Friday was a washout and it rained all day. So annoying. :( but Saturday was nice and M had a dragon boat race that morning so the boys and I went over for the first heat.

His crew ended up getting the 4th place overall. Not too bad for people who only really practiced once. It was a really fun activity and the first time it had been here so hoping it comes back again next year.

After that N went to the NCState game with my parents and M met them there.  C stayed home with me and E and he was so worn out that I got some snuggly time in.  I don't often get snuggles from him so I'll take it even if it made for a late night.

State didn't win but it was a pretty good game overall and I enjoyed my sister time with E and C was ok. He was unhappy that N was going to grandma's house without him but we'll be there soon enough.

Sunday was a slow day of shopping and watching football all until Once Upon a Time came on.  M was at a show so I was able to watch semi-close to actual time.

While not getting too spoilery if you are behind but I loved loved loved the premiere.  I was surprised with out my straight from the movie was in there but I think it worked well and set up some newness for the season.  I'm also loving all the little Disney touches that they put in. So great. If you watched what did you think?

After that I won't say that I spent way to much time searching the internet for this outfit for C or especially the shirt. LOL

It is Mini boden and I need a size 3 or possible a 4.  If you have it or see it let me know. You all know he loves his ketchup and I'm a little obsessed.

Since N is at my mom's C went to preschool this morning and I came home for some Disney work.:)  Happy Happy day helping people plan their vacations and I love every minute of it. Speaking of Disney if you are looking to go to Walt Disney World through the end of the year the current discount will expire on Oct 3rd so its time to get your planning done. Check out my page Jenny @ Love The Mouse Travel and send me a message.

I do have some crafty inspiration that I want to make a Fall Banner but I will have to clear off my craft area first. LOL

It kindof looks like it threw up on itself there is so much stuff on the top. It normally has stuff on it since I set lots of stuff there but this is a little much. So that is my afternoon plans if my little helper lets me otherwise tonight when M gets home to play with him.

So what are you guys up to this week? Any crafty inspiration?  I'm also really excited for the new shows that keep starting. Next week is my CW week for Supernatural, Arrow, Originals, Vampire Diaries, The Flash etc and I can't wait. So many great shows on the CW right now.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Fave Five Blog Hop

I'm back again linking up with Jennifer for her Friday Fave Five with Mom's Got Mail. 

Favorite Commercial
I'm obsessed with the the Samsung Commercial with Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard.  I love her and the commercial is perfect.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure
Since I'm watching this as I work on my list it is my current Fave Guilty Pleasure Show.  I love me some NKOTB and this show is so fun to watch. Donnie is great as always and since I did watch Entourage when it was on I find it funny to see some of the real inspiration for a couple of the characters.  So much fun.

Favorite Powder
My favorite compact right now is by Josie Maran. I love that it has sunscreen in it and is like a little extra ontop of my regular sunscreen. I also love that it comes in only three shades and while it goes on a little whitish it blends in with your skin tone. It makes it so easy to pick and use.

Favorite Hot Drink
I'm so happy that it is getting cooler here and with the dreary weather we have had all week I can't wait to have a big cup of this.  I haven't had the chance yet but I'm thinking tonight might be the night.

Favorite bridge
With the weather this week the boys and I went for a walk and they even wore jackets!!!!  This is a bridge in our neighborhood and its one of my favorite picture spots.

Those are my 5 Faves this week. What are some of your faves?  Click over and join the hop and visit some of the other blogs. This is so much fun each week.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday again and I'm linking up for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • I have no idea what I have done this week it has just been crazy. I feel like nothing has gotten done but I know a lot has. It just needs to slow down some.
  • N tracks out on Friday and will be home for 3 weeks. He is going to my moms after the football game on Sunday for a couple days but then he is here. Now to figure out what all we want to do. I'm sure we want to go to the pumpkin patch and he wants to work on his Halloween costume (I told you guys he wants to be a toilet right? LOL). Then I'm thinking maybe head to the zoo or possible the beach for a day depending on the weather.
  • I've spent the morning sorting out too small clothes from C.  I keep all of Ns for C to wear but when C is done I've been trying to clear them out.  We are working on 2T ones now and uhm N was a 2T for 2 full years plus the new stuff we had gotten for C so its a bit of a mess. LOL
and this isn't everything
  • Did you guys watch Big Brother last night? I feel like the right person won and everyone watching the show knew he should win but the jury was pretty clueless so you never know.  I also think they need to do something different with these final episodes so that they are a little more exciting. Like maybe talk to the players who weren't in jury more and ask what they were most surprised for or something.  Not sure but they are certainly pretty lackluster the last couple of years.  I am very happy that Donny won Americas Player.

  • While thinking of what we are going to do for this track out. I really need to work on what we are going to do for the next couple and when my next personal trip to Disney will be. :)  I get my fix helping others plan their trips but I NEED to go back soon. I'm really feeling it and I NEED my own fix.

  • M is participating in a Dragon Boat race this weekend and I can't wait to see what a mess this will be. LOL they practiced the other day but I think it will still be fun to watch. I just wish the first heat wasn't so early. WOW getting the boys there in time is going to be rough.
  • Have I said before we are not really morning people over here. I'm the most morning person of us all and don't even talk to me before my shower.  ;)

Oh WOW that might be one of the most random Thursday Thoughts in awhile. LOL I told you this week is just one of those weeks.  How is your week going? What are your weekend plans? Anything fun?


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Whatever Wednesday

This post contains referral links.

Since I haven't had a chance to get on this week I'm going to play some catch up today.

  • We had a great weekend. We went to Football on Sunday and it was a little warm to start but turned out to be a great time. The boys loved it again.
  • Then Sunday we went on a birthday party to the Duke Lemur Center. Both boys thought that it was really fun and C especially loved them. He keeps wanting to go back.

  • The weather so far this week (well until today) has been awesome.  The boys played ball outback Monday night and last night it was a little cooler so we went for a walk. It was wonderful.

  • And then we have today where it has been pouring all morning and it is so cold. I'm going to have my first apple cider of the season this afternoon when I get home from preschool pickup. ;)
  • No other real plans this week. It is Ns last week of school before track out so he's been busy. C and I are going to hang inside today and hopefully the weather clears up so we can maybe go out tomorrow.
  • Have I told you guys before that I am obsessed with Zulily?  They send these emails everyday and I'm pretty sure if I didn't hold back I would be ordering everyday. So many great things on there.
  • Speaking of shopping the Weekly Deals at Stampin' Up are AWESOME this week.  I can see the hamburger and pennant dies in my near future ;)

Well I need to be off and grab C from preschool soon.  I hope everyone has a great rest of the week. Anyone doing anything fun?  Is your weather going to be rainy today too? The rest of the week is looking better so that is good.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Fave Five Blog Hop

I'm back again linking up with Jennifer for her Friday Fave Five with Mom's Got Mail. 
Favorite jammies
I walked through Nordstrom this morning and these jammies jumped out at me. They are Hanna Anderson StarWars jammies and I really think my boys will NEED these for their Christmas jammies. ;)  A couple years ago they wore matching Star Wars jammies and with the new line I think we might need to do it again.

Favorite Book
While I was out today I also went into Barnes & Noble and saw an add for this.  We love this book in my house so I'll have to see if we are home to go.  N is tracked out so I wouldn't have to worry about getting him from school or anything. I like that its a little later in the day.

Favorite Task
So this was last night and I'm loving the layout of my house. LOL This was never something I thought of when we picked this house but it is working out well for me right now. I can give one a bath and the other can ask homework questions and I can sit in the hallway and watch them both. Perfect.

Favorite Character
I got a package from my Secret Pal this week and it had fun Goofy things in it. That is AWESOME since he is my favorite character of all the Disney characters.

Favorite music
Well I'm not going to say this is my Favorite anything but it is my boys. They are currently both obsessed with Kidz Bop and all of the songs.  Let's just say they are interesting versions of songs on the radio.  They are sung by kids for kids which N thinks is the best and getting them to sing and have fun is a Favorite thing of mine.
So those are Five of probably the most random favorites I've done so far.  LOL my brain is just all over the place today so these are what came to mind.  
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday again and I'm linking up for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • I've been spending the last couple of days tagging for a consignment sale this weekend.  I have so much stuff that I'm hoping will go. I dropped of a couple overflowing totes of clothes yesterday and I'll be back again today with more totes and some bigger toys.
Starting the size sorting
  • What is everyone's homework routine for a 1st grader? He doesn't have much but no matter when we try and do it he fights us on it. He has to read 20min each day and that he doesn't mind but he has to do a reading response and a math sheet each week and he just doesn't want to do them no matter when we try. We've tried when he first comes home and then letting him play a little and then doing it and also doing it before  bed but it just is a battle no matter when we try. What is everyone else doing?
  • I've gotten to wear jeans a couple days this week and it has me so exited. Back in shorts for the rest of the week but the fall is coming to NC and I even noticed a couple of leaves starting to fall from my trees.
  • Fall TV starts in earnest next week.  Did you see my chart? I need to spend the weekend setting the Tivo to get all the shows.
  • Don't forget to jump over to my Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel Facebook Page and enter to win my Frozen Prize Pack Giveaway.  C has the movie going all the time on his Ipad so pretty sure I can recite the whole thing in my sleep :)

  • Closing off with a very random but who else uses blogger? Did you notice that the picture loading interface has been updated?  I kindof like it so far but I'll have to see as I really use it more. I did close it a couple times thinking it just hadn't loaded correctly before I noticed it was just updated. LOL What can I say its been a long couple of days. ;)
So what are you all doing today? How has your week been going?
Happy Thursday!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Frozen Prize Pack Giveaway

Good Morning Everyone!!!!

I'm running a Thank You Giveaway over on my 
for a fun Frozen Prize Pack. 
With all the new Frozen entertainment coming and my happy thoughts of cooler weather I wanted to share my excitement with everyone and say THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support me.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter today and Thank you Everyone for liking my page and thinking of me when you decide to take a Disney Vacation!!!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

disclaimer: This post contains referral links.

Good Morning!!! How was everyone's weekend?  We didn't do a ton of things here. M worked all day Saturday so the boys and I ran some errands and then came home to hang out. They were real troopers Saturday morning so we stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. It was early and no one else was there but N did not want to sit with us so he sat across the restaurant all by himself. LOL  C thought this was funny and I had to take pictures of them both.

That night Farm Aid was simulcast online so we chromecasted it up to the TV so that N could look for his Nana.  Her favorite man every is Willie Nelson so I let him stay up to see him. He made it till the end of the show but he crashed fast once his head hit the pillow.

Saturday was a good day for me when the mail came as I got my Ipsy and my POPSugar boxes. I'm liking them both and really getting mail just makes me happy.

Sunday we went to lunch and then came home to watch football and play outside. The weather turned out to be beautiful here in NC so the boys really got to wear themselves out.

So lets see what is coming up this week. Hopefully N gets to start his run club today. The weather is a little iffy but they are really going to try and get it in.  C has school this week and I have his PAT team meeting this morning and then his parent meet-n-mingle on Wednesday. I also need to drop off my consignment sale stuff for the sale next weekend at First United Methodist Church here in Cary. If you are in the area you should check it out. It is a great sale.

Did you see that more Frozen themed attractions are coming to Walt Disney World?  This week it was announced that Maelstrom in the Norway Pavilion would transformed into a Frozen themed ride, the Frozen Singalong in Disney Hollywood Studios is being extended indefinitely and that Queen Elsa will be using her powers to light up the castle each night this holiday season.  What do you think? Are you excited for more Frozen fun while you are visiting WDW?  For more information on this and other Disney fun check out and like my facebook page www.facebook.com/jennyatlovethemousetravel.

What is your week looking to be? Anything fun and exciting this week for you?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

POPSugar MustHave September 2014 Box Review

I told you that today was a good mail day when I got my Ipsy and my POPSugar Must Have in the mail.

I didn't realize until I went to write this that it has been almost a year since I got my last POPSugar. I love looking at the boxes each month and I get so excited I think it feels like I've been getting them too. LOL

First look. I still love when I get a box that is well put together and everything is all packed nice and neat.

The whole box!!!!  I had seen spoilers and I was excited and actually getting my hands on the items didn't make it any less.  I'm loving all the items.

Let's start with the big one this month. This gorgeous scarf from Tilo Scarfs (sugg retail $125). This is their modal gradation scarf in raisin and it really looks different in different lights. I think it looks more purplish and gray in person.  I really need to work on wearing scarfs I just don't think I've figured out the best way for me but I love this one and can't wait for it to be a bit cooler so I can try it out.

Stereo Earbuds by Nicole Miller (sugg retail $20) - Funny that these came this month as I'm not a huge earbud person but the pair I've been using are Minnie Mouse ;)  I do love those but these just seem a little more grown up and so fancy to me. LOL

Garance Dore Assorted Girls Card Set from Rifle Paper Co (sugg retail $18) - These just aren't my style at all but I love that they sent cards as I do love sending cards.  I will either pass these along or send them to my girlfriends for a little just because card.

Gold Foil Arrow Pencils from Letter C Design (sugg retail $5) - I would have rather had a nice pen to go with my notecards but pencils are always usable and N has already asked about these and I'm sure they will make it into his pencil stash. 

Almond Brownie from Urban Remedy (sugg retail $6) - These are made with 100% organic, quality ingredients and is partnered by Cindy Crawford (who knew?)  I'm not an almond person so I'll let M have this one.  He's working the Farm Aid concert today or I'm sure it would have already been gone.

They also sent a $10 gift card so I will check out what other items they have at Urban Remedy too.  I'm always excited to find a new store ;)

Superfine Purse Size Hair Spray from Oribe (sugg retail $21.50) - I'm a hairspray user even with my straight hair. I use it a little on my bangs everyday. I don't normally keep any in my purse but I love this size for when I'm traveling. It is so much easier then taking a big bottle in my bag,

And a couple special extras this month:
Milk chocolate Sea Salt and Almond from Ghirardelli (sugg retail $8.99) - Another Almond thing which I'm thinking was a theme this month. LOL  I'll send these with M too. He will love them and I always love Ghirardelli so I'm sure these are awesome.

$20 Nike Gift Card - This is awesome I need to see what all it can be used for but it also says that it comes with Free Shipping so that is a major plus. I can't wait to maybe find something for N since its all he wears or maybe grab a goodie for me (of course then I might feel like I need to work out ;)). LOL

So what do you think? I'm loving this months box and so glad that I opted to get one.  POPSugar boxes are $39.95 a month so you can see the value is there with all they sent this month.  I'm very happy. Right now the POPSugar site is down for maintenance and says it will be back open on the 16th with a new design and new boxes.  I can't wait to see what new options they have for us when they come back up.

Happy POPping everyone!!


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