Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

It's been a couple weeks but I'm back for some TV Talk.  There are spoilers below so read at your own risk :)  I am a little sad that we are into May sweeps already and shows are coming to an end for the season. There are some great summer shows out there but it always seems like such a long time until the regular shows come back.

As I've said a couple times I binge watched all of this season of Arrow last week.  WOW WOW WOW is this show good. If you are looking for a new show this is one to pick up.  They are only on season 2 right now so you can be caught up pretty quick.  I was so not prepared for the ending of last weeks episode and have Moira sacrifice herself. I can see as a mother protecting your kids but this is an unique twist and I want to know where it leads.  I have never read the Arrow comics so I don't know what the whole story is but I do like that they added the Canary and someone for Oliver to "play" around with.  It all links together nicely so I can see it blowing up soon.

I also watched the last 4 episodes of Star Crossed.  I know this is a bubble show and not sure if it is coming back next season but I do like it.  It took a couple episodes but they have settled into a good groove. I'm loving the Castor exile and I want to see what happens to him. Then I'm assuming that Greyson is playing Emery and not really out to live peacefully with the Atrians but you just never know.  Then a pregnancy with teenagers is always interesting and making it such a big deal is going to be an issue next season I'm sure if it gets picked up.  You can definitely tell this is a younger skewed show and if you follow it on Facebook you will see. The cast posts all the time and does live tweets most episodes. 

I'm going to continue my CW love this week and talk about the Tomorrow People.  The founder is a bad dude lets just go there. I am curious to see how he survived the blast. I'm guessing he teleported out in the knickof time.  Very funny as I was catching up I finally realized that I recognized the actress who played Hilary and she is Alexa Vega from the Spy Kids movies.

Of course I realized this right before she got herself blown up so I'm guessing we won't be seeing her back.

And my final CW show of this post ;) I will still go and say that Reign is one of my favorite new shows of the season.  I don't know much about Mary Queen of Scots and I  know this is very fictionalized but I like to pretend that its kindof accurate. LOL of course if I do that then I will think that all royals are sex crazed and very vindictive.  Not sure that was the case but it does make for a good show.  Since you all know my love of the scruffy guy I'm a Bash fan ( just see my Daryl from the WD love for proof of this :)) so his story is really interesting to me. I know he's the bastard brother and now has this wife who was one of Mary's ladies which is very interesting. He obviously still loves Mary but is going to try and make the best with what he has been given.  With Francis gone I wonder what will happen there.  I'm going to assume they have a time lapse of some kind since it will take awhile for them to get to war and then to have the war so I want to see how that is portrayed.  They just simply made a comment about her being in the tower for a month and that was all that was said. From the previews it looks like we'll get some war scenes so not sure how they will play that.

Ok I promise I do watch shows that are not on the CW. And I know I am not their target demographic but I just can't help but liking all these shows. I watch plenty of shows that you have to think during so these are ones you can just watch and not think about. Perfect guilty pleasures.

Do you watch any of these shows?  What other guilty pleasures do you have?


Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

Good Morning everyone!!!  Are you ready for Monday?

Weekend Update:  We had a fun but not to eventful weekend. N had a makeup day on Saturday so we didn't do much on Friday and then when he got home Saturday the boys played outside. The weather was gorgeous.  Sunday we got up and went to Touch a Truck which is an even put on by local boy scouts that has tons of different trucks and cars that the kids get to climb around in and blow the horn ;) That is a favorite of most of the kids. LOL

Upcoming Week:  Well the weather looks nasty this week with lots of rain. I am hoping the rain will knock away some of the pollen so that these allergies will go away.  We are all suffering and its just miserable.  Tonight I am going to a Stampin' Up event which is a movie simulcast. We will be seeing and receiving the new catalog!!!!  Yes already and I can't wait this is so exciting.  My friend Michelle is coming up to go with me and I get giddy just thinking about it.

Box News: I should be getting my Wantable makeup box this week. I thought it would come last week but I sent an email and they apologized and said it looks like the my order got stuck in the system so they are sending it out early this week. Julep should be coming this week too and I'm very interested in trying the new plie wand they have come out with. And not really box news but still a surprise my travel agency girls and I have started a secret pal swap and I can't wait to get my person so I can my first little goodie. This will be o much fun. Speaking of swaps one of my mommy groups has a swap going on now too and mail by date is this Wednesday so I should have a package from them coming too. Love love love my secret swaps and getting mail.

Business News: The rumors are out there that Free Dining will be coming soon for September.  Like my page Jenny @ Love The Mouse Travel to keep up to date with the latest. Shoot me a message to get your reservation started.

So what do you guys have planned this week? Anything fun and exciting? Are you expecting this nasty weather too?

Have fun!!!!

disclosure: As with most my posts there are referral links or links to posts with referrals or a link to something I sell but as always all comments and opinions are my own.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Stampin' Up Free Shipping

Last day for Free Shipping!!!!  Get your goodies today.

Good Morning everyone!!!  Big Big news over at Stampin' Up. The retired list is up for this year and Stampin' Up is offering Free Shipping from today the 21st through the 25th!!!  They did this last year for the first time and it was a huge it and I am so glad they are bringing it back again this year.

You can see the retired list and all of our other goodies through my link http://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/ItemList.aspx?categoryid=1894&dbwsdemoid=94340

All retired items are as available so order what you want as soon as you decide.:)

Happy Shopping and Crafting!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up today for Thursday Thoughts.

  • I went to Target this morning to check out the clearance and I think I did pretty good.  I was excited that mine seems to have some of the Easter stuff left. It was at 70% today so I would expect 90% tomorrow. Not sure I will make it back but maybe C and I will try a different Target.
  • OK now that I look at the picture I think that I'm good on chapstick for awhile ;)  This is a combination of Easter clearance, dollar spot clearance and just regular clearance.
  • I'm a little obsessed with Arrow right now. I've now gone through 10 episodes in 2 days. LOL
  • Sometimes C is just too stinkin' cute but then I've decided the cuter I think he is the more trouble his is getting into. LOL
  • I somehow completely forgot that N has a makeup day on Saturday. Oh well happy Saturday morning for me :)
  • My days are so off this week.  N started back yesterday and even though I told him what days he had which specials I as still surprised when he brought a library book home. I said "oh you went to library today instead of Wednesday" since in my head it was Monday. He told me "today is Wednesday" with that duh huh expression on his face. LOL oh my it could be a long 9 weeks.
Well if you haven't had enough of my random ramblings today check out my new post yesterday Whatever Wednesday. I did even more jumping around there. :)

Have a great Thursday!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Whatever Wednesday

I just wasn't feeling any of my normal Wednesday posts this morning and then my laptop crapped out and my touchpad isn't working so I've had to resort to using an actual mouse. LOL C wanted to know what it was when he saw me using it. I guess that is one of the things little kids aren't really going to remember much of as they get older.

So why am I calling this Whatever Wednesday? I've just got random things to talk about so I'm going to put it here and you will just have to jump around my brain dump with me :)

I've been recording this show all season and I had watched last season and really liked it so I figured I'd get around to it. Well yesterday was the day and lets say I'm having a little binge viewing and I've gone through 7 episodes already. :) I like this season just as much but I do think this show does well by binge viewing.  Its very serialized so watching in chunks it very helpful.

Oh Tori Spelling I just can't stop watching you. I have always loved her and I've watched all of her shows, bought her kids clothes, read her books etc so when I saw that she had a new show True Tori I knew I had to turn in. Last night when I should have been in bed I started watching the first episode and was like WOW I feel so bad for her. I honestly can't say that I know what she is going through and I know that it has to be really hard but it is so addictive. I of course had seen the news and knew what was going on with Dean's cheating but listening to their therapy session and her saying that she has felt bamboozled since a couple months into their marriage is just so sad to me. I'm really hoping that they can figure out what is going on and whether she gives him another chance or not she has to be the one to decide that.  I just know that I will glued to the tv watching the train wreck.

Free shipping this week and I haven't placed my order yet. I need to get on that tomorrow!!! If you are still interested you can see my post on this HERE.

I haven't made it to Target yet to check out the Easter clearance. That will be rectified tomorrow once I drop C off at preschool.  I then have almost 3 hours before I have to pick him up and there will be Target clearance shopping and then a trip to the mall to use my Gymbucks.  Not sure what I want there yet but I'm sure the boys need some newness for the spring.

A picture I took this evening to send to my dad.  He gave me this tree when he got it as a free tree when he placed an order. Lets just say it was a tiny little stick in ground and it is now taller then C.  We actually planted it just after C was born so I'm hoping to watch how it grows with him. I'm just really glad that we have managed to keep it from dying the last couple of years. :)

So see I told you that my head was kindof jumping around tonight.  I hope you enjoyed the ride!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Citrus Lane April 2014 Box

I was very surprised to see my Citrus Lane on the porch when we got home yesterday. Originally it said it was going to be delivered on Saturday and then it said Tuesday so when it came on Monday I was surprised. I of course had looked at the spoilers so I was pretty sure what was coming but I still love getting my hands on it.

I still love a first glance when I can't really see what is in the box. I love when they take the time to wrap it up and make everything look so perfect like they actually took the time with it instead of just tossing it all in the box.  I have C aged up a little bit so that we hopefully get toys that he can move into. So this month he got a box for a 41 month old. Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box service that is geared for kids age 0-5 and is $29 a month however that price can go down when you buy a longer subscription

And now for what you are waiting for. The goodies:

  • Prince's Bedtime Book and CD set from Barefoot Books - We haven't read this book yet since the boys were so tired yesterday they just went to bed. :) but N starts back to school tomorrow so we will be reading this tonight. We have liked our other Barefoot books and I am sure we will like this one too.
  • Lemon Verbena Dish Soap from Mrs. Meyers Clean Dry - This smells good and I will add it to my stash of samples. I'm not sure I will be buying dish soap anytime soon as I keep getting samples. :)
  • Tools& Things from Green Toys - This is really cute and a set made exclusively for Citrus Lane.  I do like this but we have so many tool pieces here I may see about trading this for something that came in one of the other boxes that we might use more.
  • Set of 2 Tumblers from Green Toys - We love Green Toys dishes here and actually have never had the tumblers.  C is all about what cup he uses and since we got orange which is a favorite color of his and he has already claimed these as his.
  • Greeting Card Offer from Treat - I've used Treat cards before so we will make a card for some one with this one too.
What do you think? I will say not my favorite box from them but C seems to like it and that is what is important since it is a box for him. If you click through my link to check it out or sign up for Citrus Lane  you will get 50% off your first box and I get credits for the Citrus Lane  store therefore a win-win for us both.

Did you get a box this month? What did you think about it?


disclaimer: those are referral links above and as I said I get store credits if you decide to join up through me.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

Good Monday Morning Everyone!!! I hope everyone had a good Easter Weekend!!!

Weekend Update:  We headed to Charlotte for the weekend and had brunch at the Speedway club and then dinner at my dad's house.  Pretty sure I am fully stuffed now. We did take a ton of photos but here are a couple from the day.

Upcoming Week:  N goes back to school on Wednesday so my week will get back into a rhythm for awhile. Well at least until C finishes in May. It's also supposed to be a beautiful week in the mid 70s most days so I'm sure that we will do some park playtime too.  However today I think we will head to the cheap theater and see a movie. N loves movies so I'll ask him when he gets up if he wants to see Frozen of The Nut Job.  Those are both showing at the $2 theater and for those that are closer to my age ;) who all remembers when it used to be the $1 theaters? I still call it the dollar theater even though its really $2.25 now. LOL oh well somethings just never change.

Box News:  Should be a decent week here this week. My Citrus Lane and My Paper Pumpkin should be here this week. I also have a Wantable Make-up box and Julep that will be here soon too.  I'm really excited for all the goodies heading my way this week and next. :)

Business News: Did you see my post this morning?  Stampin' Up is offering free shipping this week through the 25th.  In addition they also released the retired list for the current catalog and all of those items are while supplies last.

What are you guys up to this week? Did you have a great and fun weekend?
I hope everyone has a good Monday!!!

disclosure: As with most my posts there are referral links or links to posts with referrals or a link to something I sell but as always all comments and opinions are my own.

Stampin' Up Free Shipping and Retired List

Good Morning everyone!!!  Big Big news over at Stampin' Up. The retired list is up for this year and Stampin' Up is offering Free Shipping from today the 21st through the 25th!!!  They did this last year for the first time and it was a huge it and I am so glad they are bringing it back again this year.

You can see the retired list and all of our other goodies through my link http://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/ItemList.aspx?categoryid=1894&dbwsdemoid=94340

All retired items are as available so order what you want as soon as you decide.:)

Happy Shopping and Crafting!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up as usual for some Thursday Thoughts.

  • My house looks like a tornado went through it so the boys and I are working a 10min on 10min off rotation this afternoon. I'm of course blogging during my break.:)
  • Both boys need a haircut so N and I went to Snipits this morning for his while C was at school. C hates snipits so I made him an appointment at another local kids salon for this afternoon. I'm hoping he likes it there better. He really needs a haircut.
  • We are heading to Charlotte for Easter on Saturday and part of the reason we are doing cleaning today is so that they can go out and do something with M tomorrow. I want so me time in the house and if its a total wreck we will have to clean then. LOL
  • I've been a slacker and I have packages that need to go out. I see my mailman taking most of these on Saturday. I will spend my me time tomorrow in the quiet getting them ready to go.
  • I'm wondering if my local utilities are upset with me for some reason?  Tuesday the recycling skipped my house for no apparent reason and then Wednesday the mailman didn't deliver to our neighborhood at all. The last time that happened we got mail twice the next day but so far no mail here today :(  Really no idea why the recycling didn't pick up when he picked up other peoples but there is no way my bin can make it another 2 weeks.  Grr so annoying.
  • While N and I were out running errands we were near a newish TacoBell and he wanted to stop. I have decided that I am just too old for TB at 11am. LOL The highschool kids in there seemed to be fine but I am just too old. It really  needs to be at least noon to eat there.

Well since I've now used three of my brakes and only gotten the above done I think that I'm good on my thoughts. I really don't have a ton of things running around my brain today. LOL I'm still on getting back from vacay brain and my head is mush. :)

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I Love Wednesday

Back at home this week and doing another What I love post:)

Oh my Goodness.  Does anyone else read the Black Dagger Brotherhood?  The new one came out the other week and I took it on my cruise.  I'm not done yet but this book is so so so good.  Lots of different stories in this one so far and I can see where it's setting up future stories within the brotherhood.  Plus the juicy bits are good too ;)

Speaking of my cruise I'm loving my girlies. Yes we are that silly and I think I took more selfies last weekend then I have in my entire life. LOL  We had a blast and are already talking about when we can take our next one.

This is an announcement that came out yesterday and I'm beyond excited. I do a hybrid type scrapbooking which basically means I do a little of everything and I think a lot of people do it that way. I love the Project Life method and the products and I can't wait to see what all Stampin' Up offers.  A partial product offering will be available May 1st and then a full product line will be available in the new catalog this summer. Eeehhh I get excited just thinking about this.  You can check out a video on www.stampinup.com and tell me what type of scrapbooking do you usually do?  Have you tried the Project Life product line?

I'm still playing catch up this week so my posts are short but hopefully after Easter I will be back to normal and N will be back in school so that will free up some time too. :)  That could be its own What I love post. LOL

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ipsy April 2014 Bag review

I was not expecting this bag today since I haven't even gotten a shipping notice yet but I'm not going to complain when I get my Ipsy bag quickly. :)

This little piece of heaven was waiting for me in my mailbox. I of course had peaked at the contents before I sailed on my cruise but I still love to get my hands on the actual products.

This months theme was Beauty Rocks and I love love love this bag. It is more square then most of the bags from them so it will hold different items.  Plus it just looks cool. :)

Now for the goodies:

  • Mary Kay at Play Jelly Lipgloss in Teddy Bear - The description says it provides a brilliant intese shine with a wash of color. This is actually a pretty neutral color so I can see adding this to my gloss stash.  I love lipgloss and carry around with me everywhere. 
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-on eye pencil in Black Velvet - I think I have gotten this in another box but its been awhile ago and mine is actually pretty close to gone so I'm stoked to get another. I love the way the UD liner goes on and lasts through out the evening.
  • Dr brandt microdermabrasion - I really need to have more of a skin routine and it is on my list of things to do. This will go in my stash of items for that purpose and hopefully I will actually do it soon. 
  • Elizabeth Mott pop goes the shadow in Champagne  - The description says that this eyeshadow will change my life but you know I'm not really ready to go there. LOL  It is a great light beige color with some shimmer so it will work well with my normal eye routine.  Plus its a great smaller size so will be great for traveling like I've been doing recently.
  • Sexy Hair Root pump Volumizing Spray Mousse - This is the one item in the bag that is really not me.  I do love the brand but there is no helping my hair get much volume.  My mom does however use these types of products all the time with her shorter hair so I will be passing it along to her.
So overall I think this was an ok month for me.  I love love love the bag and a couple of the products but the others are just hohum. They will all hopefully get used so that is also always a big plus.  If you subscribe to Ipsy you can look in your glam room and also see what else they sent out this month. When looking at the others the only thing I really wish I would have gotten is the rainbow honey nailpolish. :) So I will see if my mom or a non-nailpolish friend got that and we can maybe do a trade.  You can never have too much nail polish.  If you are interested in Ipsy it is a monthly subscription that costs $10 a month plus tax depending on the state and you will get 4-5 beauty items and a bag sent right to your house.  This really is one of the boxes I get that I really look forward to every month and you can't beat seeing the hot pink mailer in your mailbox.

Happy Ipsy day,

disclaimer:  That is my referral link up there and if you decide to join up through me I get credits for extra goodies in future bags.  Even with that as always all opinions are my own.

Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone. I got back last night so I'm playing catch up today. So bear with me.

Weekend Update: My weekend was AWESOME!!!!  My girlfriends and I took a fun fun fun girls cruise on the Carnival Sensation to Nassau. We had so much fun and it was great to get away for a couple days.

This was my view for the weekend.  Crystal Blue seas and a good book.  So relaxing and so fun. We are already talking about our next one. :)

Upcoming Week: Pretty much just playing catch up this week. C has his Easter hat parade and egg hunt at school tomorrow so we will be going to that. Then we are heading to Charlotte for Easter this weekend. Fun times all around.

Box News: Should be a good week here. I'm expecting my Ipsy and my Citrus Lane and then also My Paper Pumpkin should be coming too. A fun week all around.

Business News: As I did with my March cruise I will get a post up about this cruise hopefully soon.  I had a blast and in case you didn't know I can help you book cruises as well as any Disney travel you are looking at. So with summer coming check out my Facebook page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel and let me know how I can help you take your dream vacation.

So what are you all up to this week? Anything Awesome and Fun?

disclosure: As with most my posts there are referral links or links to posts with referrals or a link to something I sell but as always all comments and opinions are my own.

Disney Mystery Grab Bag

Oh my I'm not sure that it gets better then this. You all know I love a good mystery box and then you throw Disney in and I'm sold. :)  Walt Disney World has a store in Downtown Disney called Fun Finds and they have grab bags for $11.99. Since I didn't make it to Downtown Disney on my Jan trip I completely forgot about them but I a friend grabbed me one when she was down there and sent it back to me.  I love Disney friends.

Here is what the bag looks like. It is all sealed up so you can feel around it but you can't actually see what is inside. If you know you want more then one bag you might try to look for a different shape and feel to the bag.

With the first look I knew this was going to be a great bag for my family.  My boys love Star Wars so whatever it was is awesome.

And here are the goodies.  The items are leftovers and end of season stuff but it is a really fun way to get some souvenirs. Plus who doesn't love the mystery?  Disney has actually offered these bags on and off for a long time. My sister and I used to get them when she was younger too. Here is what was in my bag with the price on the item listed too.
  • Red Light Up Mickey head keychain ($?) - actually no price was listed on this ones tag but it blinks a really bright red. The boys are going to love playing with this.
  • Vinylmation Jr Pairs 2 keychain ($12.95) - N became obsessed with Vinylmation when we were there in Jan and he has already grabbed this and the other one pictured and ran them upstairs. He was so happy.
  • Minnie Mouse as Queen Amidala ($9.95) - Again N loved this. He opened it and took it over to our Star Wars bin. Yes we have a Star Wars bin here with misc Star Wars action figures in it.  I told you we are a little obsessed with things here. LOL
  • Vinylmation Jr It's a Small World Collection ($8.95) - This is something we definitely would have bought. N got a new vinylmation almost each day we were down there and this is right up his alley. He has already grabbed it and taken it to his room so I don't have a picture of the actual character but it is tikiman mickey character. It is actually the same size as the keychains above and he has said that he wants to hook them on his backpack when he goes back to school.
  • Chip and Dale Autograph Keychain ($?) - again no price listed since these are color coded prices but this is cute and a little big for my keychain but it could be really cute on my bag when we go to the parks with all the autograph stuff in it.
So what do you think?  Lots of keychain type stuff in my  bag but all very cute and my boys are in love with it all.  I really need to try and remember to run by this store next time I'm down there and grab some more of these.

Happy mystery bag day °O°

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

Morning everyone!!!  I missed this post last week so I'm glad I'm getting a chance to do it again this week.

Weekend Update: WOW was my weekend crazy.  I wasn't feeling great on Friday so we hung around the house and then Saturday M took N for a bike ride and I got my first call to come and pick them up.  N ran into a guard rail and they went off to Pediatric Express and he got 3 stitches. This is our first foray into stitches but I'm sure we will be getting more as time goes on ;)

It really looks worse in this picture then it ended up being but still bad enough for stitches. We are very lucky to have a pediatric urgent care close to us they are so fast and so ready for squirmy kids ;)  Sunday was better and we went out to an egg hunt the neighborhood ladies and I put on for our kids.  We each brought a dozen filled eggs per kid and then each kid could get a dozen eggs.

Upcoming Week: Well this is a crazy week for me. Running errands with the mini men tomorrow and then Tuesday once C gets out of school we are heading off to meet grandma and drop them off. I leave Wed morning for my girls cruise.  Wahoo!!! I can't wait for that and will be back with tons of great stories to tell I'm sure. ;)

Box News: Hmm I don't think I will be getting any subscription boxes before I leave. I had thought I would get my Wantable but it surprised me and came on Saturday :) I love when that happens and you can see my review on it here.  I am expecting a Zulily order and a Stampin' Up order Monday so a couple boxes are headed my way.

Business News: As I have talked about before I did get a review of my last cruise posted before I take my next cruise. It went up last night and you can see my Carnival Breeze Cruise review by clicking the link. Summer will be here before you know it.  Check out my Facebook page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel and let me know how I can help you take your dream vacation.

So what are you all up to this week? Anything Awesome and Fun?

disclosure: As with most my posts there are referral links or links to posts with referrals or a link to something I sell but as always all comments and opinions are my own.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Carnival Breeze Cruise March 2014

Here it is my long awaited cruise post. :)  See I promised that it would be up before my next cruise. LOL I have a couple days before that one so I think I'm good. So get ready for a picture heavy post with all the fun and excitement that I had on my Carnival Breeze Cruise in March 2014 with my mom and sister.

Our cruise left from Miami. We flew in the night before so we could get on the ship bright an early. My mom and sister are platinum level on Carnival cruises so we get priority check in and boarding and were on the ship about 11:30am. Our first stop was up to the food court area. This is such a nice area on this ship and my first choice was the Mongolian Wok. This is one of the services that usually has a line on all the ships I've been on. Its really good but since they make it as you are there it just takes a few more minutes then a regular buffet does.  Of course once we ate and went walking around I got my first drink of the day and my cruise had officially begun.

So lets keep the food theme going and head right into some of the other quick service meal choices.  My sisters favorite part is the 24hr pizza.  Yeap you heard me you can get pizza 24hrs a day on a cruise and it is really good. New to me on this ship was the Guy Fieri's burger joint. Oh my was this so good.  They actually  make the patties there and then grill them up for you and they have some preset choices but they also have a fixin's bar so you can add whatever you like there.  That is what I did and I really could have eaten one of these everyday.  I didn't take any pictures of it but they also had a burrito/taco bar, a deli, a hotdog stand, a c-side BBQ, and I'm sure some I'm forgetting open at different times through the day. All of these are included with your cruise fare and we tried out a bunch of them this trip.  The BBQ was new to us this ship and it was fun to see them doing a pickin' on the side of the boat.  It was also delicious.

Oh lets just keep up the food theme. :) Since really isn't this why you go on a cruise?  We ate in the dining room most nights but we did try out the two signature dining options.  For signature dining you need to make a reservation and they charge a flat fee per person. The Carnival Breeze has a steakhouse and an italian restaurant.  They were both awesome however I feel like after the steakhouse I was full for days. I think that is what happens when you  get an 18oz ribeye and then a dessert that is as huge as the cheesecake my sister got.  I will say we managed to make a pretty good dent in all of our food.  The italian was also really good and a huge portion and while I thought I had pictures of that I must not have. Oh well take my word on it and enjoy all the yumminess.

OK moving on now. I  loved the color scheme of this ship. The grand atrium was very subtle and pretty.  We got a great special on the cruise we took and paid for a lower level balcony but got bumped up to the 10th floor. That is the same floor as the pool and activities. I've never stayed that high before and it was so convenient.  We could easily go out for drinks and ice cream or whatever we wanted.  Since there were three of us in our room the small couch converted into another bed.  My sister said it was really comfy since that was her bed.

You want to have some fun on the ship? Look no farther then the pool deck.  The Carnival Breeze had a huge waterpark area with two big slides.  My sister loves what we call the toilet bowl slides so she was happy they had a version on this ship.  Just an fyi for if you are cruising the waterparks are usually less crowded on port days so if you aren't spending all day out in port try hitting up the waterpark. We managed to walk right up to the slides with very little wait but on sea days when all the people are on deck there can be a bit of a line.  One of the other things this ship had was a ropes course. Yes you heard me a ropes course.  We did not venture up onto it but we saw people on their the whole week and they all looked to be having fun.

This cruise we stopped in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We really didn't want to have any plans so we didn't do any excursions at the ports just got off a bit and walked around and then got back on.  These pictures are Jamaica.  My first time there and we docked in Montego Bay which really didn't have alot to do right off the ship without an excursion so we weren't out long so we spent the rest of the day doing what my sister is in the picture sitting by the pool reading books.  I think I mentioned when I got back but I was able to read three whole adult books on this cruise. I was beyond excited to read them and all were really really good. :)

I'm just going to say Grand Cayman is beautiful.  I've been before but its been awhile. You have to tender into port here so that means the cruise ship parks our a ways and you take a smaller boat to shore.  It wasn't too bad and they had everything very organized and ready to go.  On our way back from shopping we stopped in Margaritaville and had some snacks and drinks and of course used the free wireless to check in at home :)

Last stop was Cozumel and as was the problem the last time I was there it was a very dreary and overcast day with some rain. At one point it started pouring and the poor people were drenched coming back to the ship.  We luckily got off early and went into town to get out tequila and then headed back so we only got drizzled on. We spent some time once we got back reading on the balcony.  I really do love a balcony and being able to sit out there and just enjoy the day.

Well that brings me to the end of  my post.  This was my view for a good portion of the trip and then my sister and I once we flew back into Clt.

So who is ready to take a cruise?  I have another one coming up this week with a group of my girlfriends and I can't wait. You can send me a message over on the right or check out  my facebook page Jenny @ Love The Mouse Travel.

So tell me what are your upcoming vacation plans? My boys are already talking about taking a Disney Cruise during one of our next track outs. :)


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wantable Intimates April 2014 Box

disclaimer: This post contains referral links.

Oh my I love when a box comes before I was expecting it.  I had gotten tracking for my Wantable box and thought it was coming on Monday but then I got the text that it was delivered so I ran right out to the mailbox.  I was very excited to see this pretty white box when I opened it up.

I skipped last month since I would have been on my cruise and not here when it arrived so I was even more excited.  I'd also seen a couple things that other people have been getting and was already loving my first look.

I've said this before but one of the things I like the most about Wantable is the questionnaire they have when you signup. It really gives you a customizable feel to your box. You are more likely to get things you love and will never get things you dislike.  Within each of the categories are subcategories that have even more personalization.  It really is a very thorough signup.

And now for what you are all looking for. The intimates this month.

I'm very happy with my box this month.  With the Wantable box you get 4-5 premium essentials each month for a monthly subscription of $36 or a one time box for $40.

Now onto the details:
St.Eve Tunic Cami Striped ($15) - I've seen others get this and I love it. I'm so ready for summer and all the spring colors and will be wearing this one on my cruise this week.

Honeydew Corseted Hipster in Smitten Pink($14) - Oh my these are AWESOME.  This is actually the back of the panties but I wanted to make sure you saw the detail.  It is so so so cute and I know M will like these too ;)

Steve Madden Chemise in Cerise ($36) -This look so comfy and again so very bright. It is also very bright and just fun. Normally I'm a sleepy pants and tshirt kindof girl but this will be fun to mix it up and try something new. Again I don't think M will complain one bit about this one.

Kiby's Iris Thong in Fuchsia ($15) - This is so pretty and I love that it coordinates with the chemise. Not that I will wear it with that but I like that it matches.  And as I've said with the other goodies M will be liking this one ;)

So what do you think?  This is definitely a box that has things I love and that M will like too.  Over all I got a value of $80 for this box which is well over the $36 that I paid. As you've read I really do like this box but if you don't Wantable has an easy return policy so you could always return it if you don't like it. They also have an easy skip feature which is what I used last month and I love that it is easy to do.

I also get the Wantable makeup box and that comes to me near the end of the month so I have a couple weeks to wait for that one. They also offer an accessories box if you are interested in that one.  With my son still pulling at all of my jewelry when I wear it I think I'll wait awhile for that one ;) but from what I've seen its got some really cute items in it each month.

Do you get the Wantable  intimates box or any of their other boxes?  Let me know so I can check out what you've gotten this month. I love seeing all the options that are out there and how they are customized for each person.  So fun.  I can't wait for next month's box now.


disclaimer: that is my referral link so I will get credits if you decide to sign up through my link.

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