Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Paper Pumpkin Promotion Almost Over

I have been a little slack on putting together and posting my last couple of boxes but they are really good and I can't wait to get them every month. Here are the pictures of the finished products.

So cute and I can't wait to find some time to put them together.

With that the Free Marker Promotion is coming to an end and you only have until March 31st to sign up!!!
Happy Crafting,
This special has now been extended until March 31st so you still have time to sign up!!!

Stampin' Up is  offering NEW My Paper Pumpkin subscribers an incentive. When customers sign up for a new My Paper Pumpkin membership between January 11 and February 10March 31st, you'll get a FREE set of 2012-2014 In Color Stampin' Write Markers--that's a $14.95  value!

The Fine Print
Customer Promotion
  • This special offer is only valid for new subscribers.
  • Customers must sign up at My Paper Pumpkin.  (Please select Jenny Louthan, Cary, NC as your demo!!!)
  • The markers will be sent with the subscriber's Welcome Kit.  (check out my post on the Welcome kit HERE) No coupon code is required. Anyone who signs up for a Paper Pumpkin membership during the promotion dates will get a set of 2012-2014 In Color Stampin' Write Markers

Check out my previous My Paper Pumpkin kit posts!  I love to see what I can make with the kits!  The best part is that starting in February, the MPP kits are going to have the photopolymer stamps in them instead of the clear mount red rubber ones.  With the change to photopolymer stamps, the kits are getting BEEFED up!!!!  MORE IN THE KITS!!!!  FOR THE SAME PRICE!!!!!  I am very excited about this!!!  

Remember to get the Free Markers you must sign up between the promotion dates.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

Happy Crafting!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Linking up for some Friday Phone Dump with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. :) 

Last weekend was my birthday and I've posted a couple pics this week already but I love these pictures of C. He love love loved the icing.

This is all classic C. The weather was nice yesterday and he made a run for it!!!  
Whenever we go to our new Target he now has to take a break in his favorite chair. This time he said "I not look at you.  You take my picture"
And what walk isn't complete with a little crawling to pick up stuff off the ground.

Everytime we take a walk N & C want me to take pictures when we get to the bridge.  They love that photo spot and really I do too soI don't mind at all.

More pictures from our walk.  There are little exercise sessions set up along the path and the boys and I check them out for photos of course.
Oh my I was taking pictures of them running away from me and I'm in love with the picture of C.  No idea what he was doing exactly but love it.  I may need to print me a blow up of that pose.

And finally today is the last day to enter my giveaway for the Awesome Mickey water bottles. Don't forget to click through and enter.

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fancy Mystery Box

I've never ordered from Fancy before but I always look at everyone's boxes and think they are so neat. Fancy offers monthly subscription boxes that they put together and also some that are curated but people like Tyler Florence, Pink,Jennifer Love Hewitt, Coco Rocha and others. So when they offered a one off mystery box for $10 I jumped at the chance to try it. Fancy  always has the coolest looking boxes too so I was stoked when I saw mine on the porch when I got home this morning.

It is such a nice bright blue color.  When I picked it up I was kind of surprised that it was so light. Not saying that is a bad thing just seemed really light for such a decent size box.

First look and I was confused LOL.  I didn't know if things were wrapped up or if this was filling.  Well I will tell you that this was just filling.  I don't know if Fancy  has different size boxes but my box was huge for what I actually got.

And now onto my Fancy  mystery box contents:

  • Work Hard Stay Humble wall vinyl art ($20) - I do like the saying and if I had any wall space in my office I might actually put it up. But my office is now in the dining room area of my front room so no real walls and I'm not sure this is what I would put out in a main room like that. Verdict - not exciting and I'll probably see if I can trade or pass this on
  • Silver Nail Polish from China Glaze($8) - uhm well you guys know me and know I'm a nail polish whore so this is AWESOME.  I actually don't have a matte silver like this and I've never used China Glaze so excited for this one.  Verdict - Love Love Love
  • Laex Fancy Cardholder in Orange ($30) - This is made in California with Grade A plastic and is the mail value in my box but it just looks so childish to me.  I don't really see a use for it for me. Verdict - While I won't use it I'm sure my boys will think its perfect and it will get added into their playroom.
  • Fancy Notebooks set of 2 ($12) - The one you can't see in the picture says Things I was Supposed to do Yesterday that I will do Tomorrow. Another item that is very cute and useful. I love have lot of notebooks around and N is really into journals and making small books so some of my other notebooks have been taken over by the 6yr old. :) Verdict - while not overly exciting I do really like these.
So over all the value of the box came to $70 so not bad considering it was only $17.95 ($10 box + $7.95 shipping) and you are guaranteed at least a $30 value.  I'm actually really thinking about ordering another one since everyone I've seen so far has been so different. Some are definitely  more me then others but that is part of the fun of these types of boxes you just never know what you are going to get.  I also keep looking into checking out one of the Fancy  monthly subscription boxes. I may need to see about getting one of those and working it in to try out. Some are so cute and I love some of the guest curators.

So did you jump and get one of the $10 mystery boxes?  If not they are still available in both the mens and womens versions.  If you go to Fancy  and search for mystery box it should come up. The site is a little confusing for me to actually find things so I use the search box a lot when looking around.


disclaimer - that is a referral link to Fancy up there and I will get credits if you buy things from them too.

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

  • I now know the age that a boys bedroom starts smelling like a boy. That age is 6. N doesn't spend that much time in his room but WOW it just smells like boy.  I'm sure it will only get worse but I wasn't ready for it to happen so soon.
  • Spent some time last night clipping coupons. I haven't done it in awhile and it made me so happy. I really need to get back into the process.
  • N only has two more days of school this quarter and then he is tracked out for 3 weeks. I have a cruise with my girls in the middle of the track out so he is spending some time at Grandma's house but it will still be a long 3 weeks. However it could not have come at a better time. He is so ready for a break.
  • I know I still haven't done a post on my last cruise. I'm actually hoping to work on that tonight so maybe you'll be seeing it soon.
  • C has preschool this morning and I'm going shopping all by myself. LOL I don't really need anything much but I NEED to walk around Target without chasing him everywhere.;)
  • My giveaway for Love the Mouse goes until tomorrow night if you still want to enter to try and win the new water Mickey Mouse water bottles.  I'm so excited with doing my first giveaway.
  • It is supposed to get near the 70s this weekend. I keep waiting for it to really be warm so I can sort through the boys closets.  I know there are some clothes in there for summer that will not fit them anymore. LOL We need to do a good purge in both their closets.  So hard to believe how big they are both getting.
Well those are my random thoughts this morning. Are you linking up? I'm hoping to visit all the other link ups this week and commenting so if you did be on the look out for me:)

Have a great Thursday!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I Love Wednesday

Here is what I'm loving right now.

Google Chromecast - I mean really how have I lived without this?  I have a PS3 so I get netflix and prime shows through that but when I just need to catch up on a current show this is awesome. I hate watching tv on my computer so now I can blow it up and watch to my little hearts content.  I just used it this morning to watch Star Crossed from this week. So great.

Speaking of Star Crossed - no spoilers here but I'm really liking this show. It took a couple episodes but I think they are playing it out good so far. Plus on the upside the guys are certainly nice eye candy to look at ;)

This is a double of Veronica Mars and Entertainment Weekly - If you've been reading my blog you know I'm over the moon for Veronica Mars. I finally got to see the movie Sunday (Thank you Emily) and its really all I can think about. I really need to see it again. It is also on demand so I may need to splurge.  My other love is Entertainment Weekly. Yes I still get an actual magazine in the mail each week and I devour it cover to cover. What can I say I love having it in my greedy little hands and seeing things in actual print. Since news is so up to the minute now I think they have done a good job at adding in some more behind the scenes and how its done articles that are not as time sensitive and that to me is AWESOME!!! When I saw this little bit on the bullseye I about fainted. They are huge VM fans but this is the perfect silly little saying.

That's me for now. What are you loving this week? And since I'm always loving my readers don't forget to enter my giveaway for a couple of Mickey Mouse water bottles!!!

Until next week keep up the love,

So What Wednesday

Shannon over at Life After I Dew isn't really doing a linkup up this week but I'm doing it anyway:)  This week I'm Saying So What If...

  • I was a babbling fool while watching last nights Glee this morning.  I'm not a watch all the time Glee person but I may have to if they are in NY with Adam Lambert all the time (love him) but I thought it was a great sendoff to the highschool crew. The video they made just had me. I love when a show does a proper send off.
  • I saw that Zulily had Warrior Poet on their site right now and I ordered N all of the shirts that were $6.99 in his side. Now I need to get him to let me pack away his too small ones with all the new ones he's going to be getting.
  • C and I should really run out for some errands today but if we don't then I get to go out by myself tonight ;)
  • It's only 9:30am and I'm already on my second Tivod show of the day.
  • I haven't painted  my nails since I got back from my cruise. It's not like I don't have any nailpolish here LOL
  • Shameless plug - Don't forget to check out my Love The Mouse Birthday Giveway going on NOW. Very low entries and only a couple more days to enter.
What are you saying So What to today?


disclaimer: That is a referral link up there.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

Back again for some TV Talk. There are probably spoilers below so read at your own risk. Also I don't always watch shows in order so I talk about them as I catch up with them.

M and I finally got a chance to start this season of Revolution.  We are late to this show.  We actually watched all of season 1 last summer on Amazon Prime and then started Tivoing season 2 but hadn't watched yet.  We are about 6 episodes in and I'm hooked again. Such a good show. Kindof upset they no longer film here in NC since I missed my chance to stalk them ;) Going all the way to Texas seems a little much. If they were still here I would totally try and catch something.  I'm also liking how the people look dirtier this season. I know that was a complaint from the first season that it had been so long without power and they looked too clean. I will say I noticed it then and I notice now that they are a bit grittier.  I'm curious to see how this plays out.

Lets start my weekly Walking Dead discussion. I can't believe that the season finale is next week and that I will have to then wait until fall for more. I just don't think we will get much resolution to the Terminus situation in one episode. First we don't have all the players there yet and the two groups left to arrive are the ones that are going to have an issue with us. Plus I think there is something fishy going on there. Where were the guards? And how can the gate remain unlocked?  They also had a lot of plantings so I'm guessing there are many people there but where was everyone. Just the one crazy looking one that was grilling.  So very odd. I didn't read the comics but I asked someone who had and she said that she didn't think Terminus was in those so this is new to everyone which is always fun. I know they aren't playing the comics straight out but knowing this isn't even something they are playing off of makes it so much more exciting.

I couldn't go another second without talking about the Pretty Little Liars season finale.I was behind until last week so I had to play some catch up but I watched them all.  Can I just say WOW!!! I am so confused as to who A can be. I also think that Ali will be more of a regular next season and hopefully Ezra survives being shot. He is a bit creepy  but so much a part of the show I would hate for him to end that way.  Also why did they have to  kill(?) Mrs delaurentis?  I'm not positive she is dead but maybe hurt and buried alive kindof like Ali was by her but then who would care that much to do the same thing to Ali's mom.  Oh so many questions. At least we only have until June to wait to get some answers hopefully for that one.

So those are my hot shows this week. I'm still watching a ton of other tv so if you want to talk just leave a comment.  I do not mind spoilers at all and I even have knowledge of shows I don't watch. LOL I read TV show info for everything not just what I watch regularly. I just can't get enough.

Have a great viewing week!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Morning Musings


Good Morning everyone!!! Lets do this!!!

Weekend Update: It was my birthday weekend and it was pretty uneventful which was AWESOME. The boys both loved my cake.

We didn't have any real plans so we spent time home and the boys played outside in the beautiful weather. Sunday it got nasty again and they had a huge car area set up downstairs.  We also watched a lot of NCAA basketball and realized our brackets are so bad its not even funny.  So many upsets and close close games.

I got to go with Emily and see the Veronica Mars Movie and I will just say it did rock as much as I was hoping it would. I love love loved it.

Upcoming Week: Again no excitement this week. N has school all week and then he will be tracked out for 3 weeks.  He is so ready for a break so its coming at a perfect time. I think C and I are going to hit up a storytime today and pray that we don't get the SNOW they say we have a chance of on Tuesday.  I am really over the snow.

Box news:  No new box news this week. I'm skipping both my Wantable and my Julep this month. Its been so busy here I haven't had a chance to use any of my stuff from the last months so since I can skip I am.  Love that feature with some of my boxes.

Business News:  To celebrate my birthday I have also started my first giveaway for Love the Mouse Travel.  With spring approaching (hopefully) I'm giving away two water bottles. Check out my giveaway post HERE or on my facebook page Jenny at Love the Mouse Travel and while you are there let me know if I can help plan your next trip. 

This is also the last week for two great Stampin' Up promotions.  The free In Color Marker special goes until 3/31/2014 so you still have time to jump on that My Paper Pumpkin deal.  You can check out my post HERE for more information.  You also still have time to order during Sale-a-Bration which is one of our best promotions each year. For every $50 you spend you get to select an item from the sale-a-bration brochure. Lots of cute goodies in there this year.

Have a great week!!!

disclaimer: As with most of my posts those are either referral links or products I sell and as usual all opinions are my own. Thanks!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Birthday Giveaway

It's my birthday and I'm celebrating with everyone and hosting my first giveaway over on my Jenny at Love the Mouse Travel Facebook page.

Check it out and see how to win some new Disney water bottles for spring.  There is one adult size and one kid size one.

Check below and enter today!!!

I hope everyone has a magical day I plan to fully enjoy the warm weather today,

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Linking up for some Dump with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. :) Sorry I couldn't resist. I think my 6yr olds humor is rubbing off on me.

Again this week is going to be C-centric but soon N will be tracked out and I will get some good pictures with him too.

When I got back from my cruise we had to make a trip to our new Target. C still loves this chair.

On one of our many nasty rainy days this week C said he was having a jammie day and if after yelling at me to get off the elliptical we cuddled on the bed. Well that was until he started Roaring at me. Why do little boys love to Roar so much?

Kali also wanted in on the jammie time action and C kept following her around holding her tail. When I tried to get a picture I kept getting fuzzy ones since they were moving but then I asked for the 2 of them to look my way and they both did. :) I love how much Kali loves C especially since she doesn't care for N at all. She avoids him at all costs but she and C are buddies.

So after having a snow day on Tuesday yesterday was so nice outside and today is looking good too. All of the kids played outside after school and C kept bringing me his sticks. I now have a collection right inside my back door.

And finally I do have a picture of N :)  His class is going on a field trip today so instead of wearing spirit wear they had to wear fancy clothes. This was as fancy as he was getting and decided he wanted to wear his shirt that matches daddy. Of course this shirt is only a 4 so a little small and I told him it was the last wear for this shirt but he was happy non-the-less.

So that was my week in pictures. How was your week?  Anything fun? Big plans for the weekend?


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

  • I am getting a little obsessed with the missing plane. I missed alot of the beginning when it happened since I was on my cruise but now I want to know how we can not find it. In todays day and time you would think we would know exactly where it is.
  • I still owe you guys a blog on my cruise. So far this week we've had a snow day and C has been extra cuddly and I want to give it some real attention so hopefully soon.
  • I'm a little overly excited that it looks like its going to be an awesome weekend so nice and warm. Just in time for my birthday :)
  • NCState plays tonight but M has to work. So the boys and I will be watching. Now I need to figure out dinner. I would say pizza but N tells me its not Friday so we can't do pizza today.  Back to the drawing board I guess.
  • Just set out my produce box and I'm so ready to get this weeks box.  Now I need to get me one of those salad choppers that Jenn keeps talking about so I can make a chopped salad with all my goodies. :)
Have a great first day of spring everyone. I hope yours is going to be as nice as ours is today.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So What Wednesday

Linking up and Saying So What If...
  • I don't really mind Saturday school for make up days.  N goes in the morning and M takes C out to run errands so I get some quiet me time.  :)
  • I stayed up late to watch the NCState game last night. I know we were up with 2min to go but it is State and you just never know. Now to bring our A game for Thursday and keep the wins coming.
  • I'm still playing catch up from being gone last week but I'm already looking forward to my next cruise in April.
  • Everyone is talking about clean eating this morning and I made a fried bologna sandwich for breakfast. It was delicious.
  • I've been working on this list all morning and I keep getting sidetracked.  C was being extra cuddly today.
So that is my short and sweat list today. C was being extra cuddly and then we had carpool so finally home and just calling it done. What are you saying So What to today?


What I love Wednesday

Back this week and blogging away. :)

I went away for my cruise and right before I mentioned to M that I thought it was time to get rid of the bottle drying rack but I wanted the grass mat looking like thing. LOL I know I was so descriptive but when I came home the bottle rack was gone and this was in its place.  Since we haven't used bottles in years this is perfect for all the lunch box parts.  Love it.

So realizing I really should have a picture of M for this post since here is something else he did while I was on my cruise. He installed some under cabinet lighting. We've been talking about it since we moved in 8 years ago and its finally there. LOL  Its these cute little LED strips and it makes my counters so bright. 

I'm loving the new logo for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom.  I'm not a huge fan of Snow White the story but I love the dwarfs and have always been a little partial to Doc. I even have a Doc stuffed animal up in Cs room but it was totally mine from college days.  Seeing the logo also gets me excited for the coaster to open and anytime a new coaster opens at a park I frequent I love that. Now to just get an official opening date so that I can plan a trip down to try it out and planning again makes me happy :)

This light fixture is one of the many pictures I took on my cruise.  I know I know I owe you guys a post on the cruise and that will be coming when I get a chance but every time I see this picture it makes me smile.  They had these all over the Italian restaurant on the ship and it was so fun I just loved it. 

So those are my loves today. What are you loving this week?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Citrus Lane March 2014 Box Review

Mail came today and my Citrus Lane box for this month was here a day early. I love when packages come early. I get this box for C but I have him aged up a little bit so we get things he can move into so this month he got a box for a 40 month old boy. Citrus Lane  is a monthly subscription box for kids age 0-5 for $29 a month but that price goes down if you buy a longer subscription.

First look and I knew what was on top. Citrus Lane had sent a coupon out in Feb and I had used that for an add-on so I was able to get the sandwich bags for free. :)  We already have the matching lunch tote from a previous box so I thought this was a cute add-on.

What goodies we got this month:

  • Beginner Puzzle Set from Petit Collage - This is actually pretty cute. We had the baby puzzles here but tend to slack with the next step up puzzles so this fits that bill. C is very hands on so this should be fun for him. I will pull this out one day when N is at school and we need a new activity to do.
  • Monkey Hello Books from Hello Hanna - I had to open this one right away since I didn't really understand the description on the packaging. LOL So from what I get its a sticker story book. It has stickers and a fold out sheet for you to create on. I love this idea. I love crafty projects and both of my boys do to. Since this is a 4+ book as much as I know C would love to put all the stickers on the page ;) N will have a better time creating a scene and a story so I think I'll keep this one for him.
  • Medi Buddy from Me4Kidz - Ok who can believe we don't own one of these?  It's one of those things I look at at the stores but we've never bought. This one is going right out in the car so that with spring coming up and all of our outside time I will have it on hand.
  • Eco-dough from eco-kids - this is a natural dough product and so cool looking. C is just really getting into the dough age so this will get some good use in the coming months.
  • Bumkins snack bags - this is the add-on that I was talking about above. These are really cute and even better that they ended up being free.
I had seen some spoilers but really hadn't paid tons of attention since I'm still playing catchup but I'm really happy with our box this month.  If you click through my link to check it out or sign up for Citrus Lane  you will get 50% off your first box and I get credits for the Citrus Lane  store therefore a win-win for us both.

What do you think? Did you like the contents this month? Do you already get Citrus Lane?  What age and what did you get?


disclaimer: those are referral links above and as I said I get store credits if you decide to join up through me.

TV Talk Tuesday

Time to talk TV. I was on my cruise last week and we actually got ABC, CBS and NBC among others so I was pretty excited and then when I came home I watched some more shows to catch up a bit. LOL As you know these may not be the most current shows just ones I've watched recently and as you can probably tell there will be Spoilers below so read at your own risk.

OMG the Walking Dead this week.  Can I just say WOWsers I have not read the comics so I had no idea and I was shocked. I'm kindof glad that the girls are gone since they slowed things down but now I wonder who Carl will hook up with later on. LOL  While talking about the walking dead I also just watched last weeks episode and who has Beth?  I know since Daryl wasn't in the comics that story line is a little different but I'm really curious. I really like the two of them together. I wouldn't mind a little hookup later on. How old is she supposed to be? Obviously younger then him but I still think she's of age.  The previews for next week look great and I'm sure something big will happen since only 2 episodes left this season.

Are you guys watching Reign?  It is one of my new favorite shows. I look forward to it every week and the last couple of weeks haven't let me down. I'm not the history person so it being very loosely based on history isn't as issue to me I just love the classic triangle love story and all the pretty clothes. It is my new favorite guilty pleasure and I can't wait to see what is next. Now if I could only decide between Bash and Francis.  Hmm such a hard call.

Who is watching The Crazy Ones?  I will follow SMG anywhere and while I'm not a huge comedy person and am pretty picky I really like this show. It is just a touch of Robin Williams so he isn't over the top and I like the way the others work together. It actually feels like they could be coworkers where as on some shows you go there is no way those people work together. I'm hoping this one sticks around awhile so that I can see where it goes. It does need a little backbone of an overarching backstory which I don't think it has yet but I can see where some could be going.  I actually laugh at this show most weeks so that is always good.

So what are you watching this week?  Anything I should be catching up on?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Morning Musings


Good Morning everyone!!! Monday morning an we are at it again.

Weekend Update: My weekend was kindof lazy since I got off the cruise ship on Saturday so most of that day was spent flying to my mom's house and then I drove home from there. The boys were happy to see me I think ;) hard to tell when they are so young.  Sunday I then spent playing catch up working on my blog and work stuff plus getting the house ready for the week. Then since I had been on a cruise the internet was sketchy so I'm reading a ton too.  I love vacations but it always takes so much time to feel like I'm back into the swing of things.

Upcoming Week: Not sure what all this weeks holds.  I know we have a couple doctor appointments which will take some timing.  And now they are calling for possible bad weather tomorrow so that always puts all plans up in the air when you are in NC. Saturday is my birthday and my sister and I are planning on seeing Veronica Mars sometime this week.  I'm so excited to see that movie I can't stand it.

Box news:  Hmm I haven't really tracked my packages but based on the emails I've gotten I should be getting a Citrus Lane box and my My Paper Pumpkin box this week. My Ipsy bag was here when I got home yesterday and I blogged it already. You can check that review up HERE.

Business News:  Stampin' Up has still has the free In Color Marker special until 3/31/2014 so you still have time to jump on the My Paper Pumpkin deal.  You can check out my post HERE for more information.  You also still have time to order during Sale-a-Bration which is one of our best promotions each year. For every $50 you spend you get to select an item from the sale-a-bration brochure. Lots of cute goodies in there this year.

Also if you are still planning your next vacation check out my facebook page for Jenny at Love the Mouse Travel and let me know if I can help in anyway. My agency has also begun a loyalty rewards program that is in beta testing. I posted about that yesterday and you can see that HERE.  I am so excited for this program.  In addition to all of that fun. Walt Disney World has announced their next round of discounts for dates June 15th- Aug 28th. You can see more info on the Love the Mouse website HERE and then send me a message if you would like me to price a trip out for you. :)

Have a great week!!!

disclaimer: As with most of my posts those are either referral links or products I sell and as usual all opinions are my own. Thanks!!!
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