Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012 BirchBox Man Review

Ms Birchbox Man box came the other day and since we both loved his first box this one was a little disappointing but not a bad box in all.  A couple of the items are just a little eehhh. You'll see below. Hmm not sure but I didn't take a box picture this month. LOL oh well you can see it in the background.

 This is from American Crew and is a post shave cooling lotion.  This is part of a larger set that is full of travel size man gear.
 This one actually has M the most excited. He uses a gel on his hair everyday to keep it from being crazy so he is very interested in trying the Toweldry creme styler.
 We haven't opened this one yet but its John Varvatos Artisan. Based on the little insert card a full size goes from $62-$82 so I'm hoping he doesn't fall in love with it. ;)
So this was the big ticket item in the box and its a felt wallet from Old Calgary. It kindof looked neat in the preview video but once we got it its just eehhh. Nothing really exciting with it.  I'm sure we'll find some use for it but not as a wallet that's for sure. Maybe a business card holder if you don't want it to hold much.

So if you are thinking this box looks kindof skimpy you are right.  There is one item on the included card that was not in my box. Its a wash & buff scrub from Evolutionman. I've written Birchbox Man but since they are in the Sandy path I'm waiting to hear back.  Based on my experience with my woman's box I'm sure they will make it correct some how. 

Like the woman's box you can review the items and get points for them for the birchbox store.  Since we have both of our boxes in the one account our points are cumulative and I get to spend them all. :)


disclaimer:  You guessed it the links above are for my account and I will get points if you order through me.

October Birchbox Review

I finally got my invite for  Birchbox and my October box came. A little later then everyone else but it did come. I was going to post earlier but there was an issue with a couple of my items and I was waiting to see how they rectified the problem. They did and I will tell you about it when I get to those items. So here we go....

There was a choice in boxes for those that had been in the club for awhile between the Transformations box and a Goop box. I didn't get a choice and they sent me the transformations box.  Works for me as I'm just happy to be in.

 As with my other boxes you get a little card with a description of your items.
 So here is problem number one in my box.  My Juicy perfume sample has a broken cap and leaked out.  Luckily this and the twistband below were wrapped in some tissue so it didn't get on everything but I kindof like this scent so a little bumbed.  I wrote them and they wrote back apologizing and said that they would love to replace but are out of inventory so they gave me some birchbox points instead.  That works. I'll explain them below.
 This is a dry shampoo. I'm a wash my hair everyday kindof girl so I probably won't use this one but I'll pass it along.
 Aforementioned twistband.  I guess I was living under a rock but I had never heard of these until they came in another box last month.  They appear to be all the rage and this one is a deep purple that I love.  Problem is it really smells like the Juicy perfume. I'm trying to let it air out some before I use it.
 This is Mary-Lou Manizer from thebalm.  I must say I am quickly falling in love with theblam.  This is a three in one highlighter, shadow and all-over shimmer.  I can't wait to try this out
Lip butter ok I'll say it I laugh everytime I say lip butter it just gives me the giggles.  I did try this one out from Mox Botanicals already and I liked it.  I'm a little stuck on my Dr.Pepper Lipsmackers but I am trying to branch out.:)

Upon first look I thought this was a ziplock bag.  Well it is a form of ziplock bag but its thicker and oh so cute.  I can't wait to use this next week when I'm packing for my scrapbooking retreat.  This will be a great addition from Tili to my travel set.

So for those that don't know Birchbox is a subscription box that sends you a box of goodies every month for $10. They also have a review system where you get birchbox points for reviewing items and for every 100 points you get you get $10 off a Birchbox store purchase.  This is where you can find full size items of the samples you got in your box. Well remember I said they gave me points for my messed up items?  They did they gave me 100 points.  Woohoo that's $10 off a purchase.  I haven't bough anything since this was my first box but I can't wait to get some goodies after I've reviewed a couple months and gotten more points.

disclaimer: The Birchbox above are my affiliate links.  I get more birchbox points if you order through me so go ahead and click away. :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crafty Leaves

I finally ordered the Leaves Die from Stampin' Up s mini catalog and it came in on Friday.  I love fall and leaves are a big part of it. The colors are just so pretty.  I had to make a tag for my nephews birthday party on Saturday and this die was just screaming for me to use it.  I sat down to get it out and thought why can't I use the box to make the leaves.  So guess what I tried?  Yeap I used the shipping box and let me tell you I will be doing this more for decorations for my Thanksgiving table.  So easy and it came out so cute.

 Here is the tag.  I love making these tags.  I use the Labels framelits in two different sizes.  I used solid cardstock this time but it also works great with pattern Designer Series Paper.
A close up of the leaves.  I punched them out of the box and then I sponged some inks in different fall colors on them. N helped me sponge and he had a great time doing it.

 Here is a side view of one of the leaves.  Being that the shipping boxes are cardboard you get a different texture to the leaves and some depth to your project.
Here is the finished bag.  All of the leaves you see are in the one die. N wanted to use all of them so we took the extra leaves and added them to a solid color gift bag.
This was a super easy and fun way to add some oomph to a plain gift bag.  Very cute and fun.  I can't wait to make some more leaves with N to decorate for Thanksgiving.
disclaimer: Yeap I'm still a SU demo. Click through my links and make me happy. :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Lego Explosion

N is just moving into the smaller regular size legos.  He has alot of kits that have been taken apart and placed in a small container but most of them are cars or other vehicles so there are odd pieces in there.  The other weekend N asked M to help him build and M got upset that we didn't have many regular bricks. LOL so I said fine just go and get him some.  Well as many of you know M doesn't do anything half way and now we have way more Legos then anyone really needs.  :)

M decided the best way to get alot of Legos was to order off of ebay.  This was the box that came today.

N has no idea whats in the box just that it is for him.
 M doesn't do anything half way. He ordered 23lbs of Legos. No that is not a typo there are 23lbs of Legos in the box.
Digging in...

There home for now.  The tote is too heavy for the boys so we will need to get two smaller totes to hold them all.

I can't wait to see what all they make with all these Legos.  It was a happy evening in my house.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kiwi Crate October Review

Yeah!!!  I love to craft so when I saw this subscription box I knew we had to give it a try.  This is Kiwi Crate and they send age appropriate crafts with a specific theme each month.  With your first order your little one gets their own pair of safety scissors.  N loved this and has already been using them. :)

The theme this month was Shadow and Light.  I loved this theme and I think the projects are really cute. 
This is the box when I first opened it up.

 The first project is a kaleidoscope.  We haven't done this one yet but as its turning colder I set it aside for a nasty day. N only wanted to do one last night so he picked the puppets below.
N and I worked on this one last tonight.  Very simply with easy to punch out pieces and then brads that attach them to the Popsicle sticks. He loved it and he pretended that the shark was eating everything.  They even sent a little flashlight that is windup powered so we won't need to keep finding batteries for it.  This is very timely as N and I were talking about the hurricane today and even though we are in NC and inland he was concerned about loosing power and took this upstairs with him in case the hurricane comes here.

 Oh and they sent a card with how we can turn the box into a puppet theater so we might try that out too. No waste in this crate.

Over all I love this box and I've already peaked at next months theme so I'm excited to get it too. It is a musical box in conjunction with Carnegie Hall.!!!  If you're looking for some fun crafts for you kids this will be great. I'm so glad I gave Kiwi Crate a try.


disclaimer:  Yeap my affiliate link is included.  If you buy through me then I get credits for future crates.

Friday, October 26, 2012

October POPSugar Must Have Box Review

My box came yesterday and I'll start by saying over all I like it.  Last month was my first month and that box just rocked so I think we all got a little spoiled but this box is pretty good by itself.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Well POPSugar must have is another subscription box that costs $35 a month.  Every month they send you a box with some great goodies in it.  Here is this months box.

 Each box comes with an insert that tells you all about the contents.  This one is a fold out card with lots of pages. 
 This was my first look into the box and my boys were all about the food.
I have heard of The Casual Vacancy.  I mean who hasn't heard of J.K. Rowling but I was not a Harry Potter book fan. I love the movies but could never get into the books so it wasn't on my list of books to buy right away.  This one is more adult and since they gave it to me I can't wait to give it a try. I know some people are complaining about a real book but I still love a real book.  Just holding it and curling up to read.  You just can't do that with an electronic reader.
Not surprising there is a breast cancer something in the box.  These are some great OPI colors a neutral pink and some WOWing glitter. I love OPI and if you could see my nails right now you would know how much I'm in need of this.  I hope to get some time tonight to make my nails pretty again.  Hmm maybe while I'm watching the Magic Mike extras ;)

Here is the candy - some Dylans gummy bears and some pirate's booty.  My boys love gummy  bears so they are ready to dig into those and I have never tried Pirate's Booty but I looked at it when we were buying Halloween candy at Target the other day.  I'm going to have to make sure I get a taste of that.
 These socks are by Crescent Moon Socks.  They say they are for yoga or other exercises.  Since I'm not going to use them for that I'm sure to be wearing them around my house. Its still warm here in NC but next week it will be cold and I'll be in socks throughout the winter.
 I'm kindof a shampoo snob.  Did you see one of my previous posts about my newest discovery?  Well these are trial size but rather on the large size so I can see using this on a trip. Otherwise they will go in my donate bag for the food bank at my parents church. They carry all kinds of food and personal items and that's where my samples go that I won't be using.  I fill the bag and then take it down to my mom.

The candles are by Red Flower Petal Topped Candle.  I got the spanish gardenia scent. I haven't opened it yet but it already smells good in the box. I'm also a candle snob but I'm going to give this one a try and see how I like it.

So that's my box this month. Not as full and exciting as last month because that box just rocked but still a great box and well worth the money.  I love getting full size and larger sample size products.  Also random but I noticed yesterday that even the bubble wrap in my package is tinted pink. How cool is that.  If you go to their site next month is already sold out so sign up now to get the next box available. Check it out here so that I get credit:)  POPSugar


disclaimer:  Yeap you know it my affiliate links are in this post.  You guys order through my links and I get credits for more boxes. :)  These boxes are great so I would love the credits.

Stampin' UP Sale Oct 29th

WOW!!  WOW!! WOW!!  That is all I can say about the sale coming up on Monday.  Stampin' UP is trying to sale the most stamps ever in a single day so they are discounting almost all stamp sets 15%.  That is an unheard of deal and the first time they've done it to my knowledge.  This is a great time to get some of the stamps that have been on your wishlist.

And if that isn't enough excitement for you next week Stampin' UP is also celebrating Digital Scrapbooking Week and will be giving away three (3) free digital downloads and 50% off most digital kits.  Haven't tried digital scrapbooking yet?  You can get a free trial through  my site and then try it out.  You can do scrapbooking, card making, home decorations and so much more.  I will be posting some examples to my blog and my facebook page next week.  My page is a work in progress but I will be adding more to it.

Ok can you believe all the excitement so far?  Well hold your pants since there is more.  Stampin' UP has also added more single stamps to the pilot program and those count in the above sale.

It will be a very exciting week and Monday will be so exciting.

Happy crafting!!! 


disclaimer:  yes I'm a stampin'up demonstrator so my link is listed about.  If you buy from me then I do get some commission and then I can get more crafting goodies. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Random photo scans

So recently I've had some random photos floating around that I needed to scan in to share. :)  Here they are in all there randomness.

This was a free digital picture taken while we were at Disney.  You get to do a little interaction on a green screen and they send you a picture.  N loves Phineas and Ferb so playing with Perry was fun.
Ok this is the funniest picture ever.  N is obsessed with Star Wars now and he rode Star Tours over and over.  They have one of these photo places in the store as you exit and he wanted to be a Storm Trooper.  He liked this one since it had Chewy in it too so his little brother got to be a trooper too.  This picture is just hysterical to me and it looks nothing like them but I love it.

My three guys on a ride at the fair.  This was Cs first ride and it had a photo at the exit.  He loved it.

I  just got this one today.  N had his school pictures taken last week and you have to pick a package before they take the pictures.  I always pick the smallest package since I have no idea how it will be.  This one isn't too bad.
So do yo have any random out there photos that you like.  I'm also a scrapbooker so I keep and take tons of photos of everything.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My current Random Obsessions

So what am I currently loving?  I know you are all very curious on this topic.  :)  So I'm going to share a couple of my current loves with you below.

I love coming home to unexpected packages in the mail. Not bills or junk mail but good ole fashioned envelopes or boxes with goodies in them. Occasionally my subscription boxes show up ahead of schedule and that's always fun but when I came home this weekend I had two unexpected envelopes with goodies in them.
The first was a sample I'm guessing I signed up for but I'm not sure where from but its a smashbox mascara.  Its a decent size sample and since I don't wear mascara everyday I don't need a full size since they always go bad before I can use it all.  This travel size is perfect.  I can't wait to try it out.
The second was truly a surprise.  I have a FB friend who is also a scrapper and she got a ton of bakers twine for her birthday.  I was in love with all the great colors and she mailed me a sampling of each color. :)  How great is that.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!  Now I just need some time to get in my craft room to use it. ;)
Ok this is a silly story.  M brought home a couple bottles of this that a friend gave him.  I am not normally a burts bees kindof girl.  I hate honey so I think its the name that turns me off or it could be the smell of some of the products and the thought they all will taste like honey anyway you get the picture.  I took the bottles and just put them in my guest bathroom.  Since I've done this I've had multiple guests just rave on this shampoo and conditioner but I had never tried it.  Fast forward to this weekend at my moms and she loved it at my house and bought some for her house.  I used it in her bathroom and WOW  I'm in love.  It made my hair feel so soft and fluffy and it smelled so great.  I can't believe I've had this in my guest bathroom for months and never used it.  LOL  I'm going to have to work it into my shower rotation. :) Seriously if you don't believe me you need to give it a try this stuff is wonderful.

I got this eyeliner in last months Ipsy box.  You can check my review for the other items in the box. I first thought this was a liquid liner which I'm not great at but its really more of a marker.  I used it last weekend and I'm in love.  It went on really easy and it looked great.  My sister (Hi!!!) even said I should wear it everyday since it made my eyes pop.  I'm obsessed with this eyeliner and will have to get some more when I run out.  Again I don't always wear eye makeup but this is making me think that I need to add eyeliner to my normal daily routine. Love Love Love it.
So that's what I'm currently loving.  What are your current obsessions?  Anything I need to try out?  Have you tried any of mine?  What are your thoughts?

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 2012 Citrus Lane Box

 My October Citrus Lane box was waiting for me when I got home Sunday.  I admit I opened it quickly and took pictures but then I wrapped it back up so that C could dig into it today. :)
Every box comes with a little insert with the theme on the front and on the back they list the contents of the box and any discounts you may be able to get if you want to order from the site.:)
Let's start with the book.  I'm loving this book.  C and I read it today and he thought it was great.  I actually had to read it 3 times before he took off with it to put on the bookshelf. I laughed when I saw the title since I always think of the song Anything you can do I can do better when I'm watching my little guys.  C wants to do and thinks he can do everything that big brother N can do.

We haven't tried these yet. I know alot of people were complaining about the food pouches but I like to keep them and take them when we are going to be out.  They are easy for C to eat and I know he's still getting something good even if its not exactly what the rest of us are having.  C pretty much eats everything so I think he will like the flavor.

This was an odd one for me since it says for ages 0+ and C is already 20monhs. (how in the world did that happen?) however Citrus Lane must know better since he loves the ball and played with it for a long time this afternoon.

Ok I saw some other people had gotten these and was hoping we would too.  I don't own these and C has turned into a little dipper so I'm super excited to try these out. Love Love Love this idea.

They liquid items come in a bag I'm assuming so that incase they leak hopefully its contained but mine made it here in fine condition.  There is some babyanaics Healin' Groovy lotion and then a sample for mommy of DHC Deep Cleaning Oil.  Both my little guys have some eczema issues so I can't wait to try the lotion and what mommy doesn't need a little pick me up.
Over all a pretty good month for us.  Incase you don't know Citrus Lane is a subscription box service that will deliver age appropriate items to your house once a month.  It cost $25 a month and you can get little bit of a deal if you buy a package of multiple months at a time. I signed up for 3 months when I did so I have one more month to go and then I'll have to decide to keep it or not.  We are loving it so far. :)

disclaimer:  Yes my affiliate links are above. I buy my own subscription so if you order through my link then I can get more months at a discount.  ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NC State Fair Food 2012

I was very lucky to win a prize package from our newspaper the News & Observer with a family pack of admission tickets and ride tickets to the NC State fair this year.  We had planned on skipping this year since its a busy week for us but with the tickets we decided to go yesterday and then it rained so we changed it to today. :)  It was a great day today.  A little warm but overall really nice.

I'm not here to give you a play by play  but I wanted to share some of the best parts of the fair. The food.  ;)

Every year their is a new latest and greatest fried food and this year it was the fried girl scout cookie.  M had to try it and I got a sample too.
They had 2 different kinds at the fair.  Fried thin mints and Fried caramel delights.  They only sold them one of the other but we split an order with the ladies in front of us so we both got 2 of each.  I only tried the thin mint and it was really yummy.  Not what I was expecting but I'm not sure what I was expecting but it was still a crunchy cookie inside and I thought  it would be more gooey.  M says the caramel delight was gooey inside and very yummy. I don't like the coconut so thats why I didn't try that one.
Over all we were very pleased with the food choices this year and the boys had a great time there too.  I couldn't do a post without a picture of my little mans first fair ride.
What's your favorite fair food?  Do you have set places you eat each year at your fair?
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