Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nana in the rain page

I love love love this picture of my Mother-in-law and my boys in the rain one day.  C was not into it at all but N was in heaven and loved every minute of it.

This page used the Big Shot to its best ability. Also to make things line up around a stamped image it is a great time to use the magnetic platform. I have had mine for awhile but haven't had it pulled out but it is now a permanent piece to my die cutting.

Do you like to use your Big Shot?  What is your favorite thing to cut out?  The full list of my used Stampin' Up products are below and you can see the whole catalog by clicking through the Store link on my online website

Happy Crafting!!!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday


Who is ready for some TV Talk?  

Is anyone else planning to watch The Librarians?  I knew there were movies before but somehow I have never watched them.  This summer I recorded all 3 of them and M and I just watched them in preparation for the show.  I'm curious to see how the show handles there being more then one Librarian since the movies really make it seem like there is only one.  I like Noah Wylie and I know he has some cameos in the show so I'm guessing maybe he turns over the reigns or something.  I can't wait to see Christian Kane on my screen every week.  I think this show will also fill the void left when Warehouse 13 went off the air since getting mystical artifacts was what that one was about too.

And just so all my friends are ready for it I'm calling my Thanksgiving this year Friendsgiving and they will have to get over it ;)  Was that a thing before and I just missed it or is it new. Either way I'm loving it and will be using it from now on.  So this episode was good and had a couple surprises for me. I had figured that the twins were somehow related to the Gemini coven but I had no idea that Jo was in there too.  That was a new one for me. I can see how it all comes together though and I like the twist. And am I the only one that thinks Damon always gets the raw deal. He is supposed to the bad boy but I always feel so bad for him and he is always the one that is getting hurt.  Stefan is by far the worse brother.

I'm still really liking Scorpion. I know I've said before that they needed to get past the gang making a huge blunder and then having to fix it and get to just letting them solve the problem and the last couple episodes have done that. Are they still awkward? Yes but they aren't bumbling everything up so royally like they were in the first couple episodes and I think the show is better for it.  I like that they come to the problem from a different direction and solve things and get the problem done. This last episode gave us some insight into Walter and the way his thinking is even against what he says he believes. It also showed how tough the gang can be.  I do think we will have to resolve the Ralph's dad situation soon since he is kindof in the way but he does make a good sitter when Paige needs to run off with the cyclone and he is also a good 3rd wheel in the love story that we can all see coming someone down the road.

So what shows are you watching now? Any from this season you've already dropped from your viewing list?  I'm looking forward to the winter hiatus so I can catch up on a couple things that I'm behind on.

Happy viewing!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree page

So this is a Pinterest win page for me.  I was browsing around and saw a similar page and then I went to tow.

Isn't this awesome!!! I wanted the tree to be the focus of the page so I added the title stamps right to the background paper.  I still love the Seasonally Scattered stamp set from the Holiday mini and used it multiple times at the retreat as you will see. 

These pictures are all from a photo session I did with the boys working on getting a good picture for their Christmas card that year.  I took them with my personal camera and after we were done I realized there was a smudge on the lens so that is why there is fuzzy on some of the pictures.  LOL teaches me not to check.

Oh and while I have been resisting the Blendabilities craze so far from Stampin' Up I learned that I can color a basic silver rhinestone anycolor I want.  I am in awe and its hard to tell in the picture but I am in love with this techenique and I now need some of my own markers so I can color all I want.  I didn't try it but the other ladies also said you can color buttons so I want to try that next.  

This page is so different from what I normally do but I absolutely love it and am so glad I gave it a try,

The list of Stampin' Up products I used is below and if you want to see everything we offer check out the store through my online website  And as always shoot me a message if you have any questions.

Happy Crafting!!!,

Product List

Monday Musings

disclaimer: This post contains referral links.

Good not so early morning ;) I was up early but I had to watch the Walking Dead and then get the boys to school and go to the grocery store and order from Kohls and then pick up C from preschool and get the laundry and dishes started and now I'm sitting down to watch the AMAs from last night and do some blog and other computer work.  WOW when I type it out it looks like I've been busy this morning. LOL

So how was everyone's weekend?  We had a good one with not much going on.  M took the boys to Toys R Us for the Lego build on Saturday and then we went to his mom's house for a bit to do a little work.  Then had dinner at Chic fila and the boys got to play in the playground. They had a blast.  M had to work yesterday and it was a rainy windy mess here so the boys and I were staying home and my sister decided to come over and we watched tv and did nothing all day. LOL  Yeap we watched New Moon, Ecplise, Breaking Dawn Part 2, Vampire Diaries and the Veronica Mars movie all while the boys played around the house. Yeap it was a very productive day. ;)

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving? We are having a Friendsgiving with my scrappy girls on Thursday and then we are having fake Thanksgiving with Ms family on Friday with a big platter of chicken parmigiana at the kids request.  I will be a stuffed little piggy after eating both meals and I'm sure the leftovers that go along with them.

Have you really started your Christmas shopping yet?  I was working on my list and I'm actually pretty well on my way.  My boys are mostly done and things are in the works for the rest of my family or they are done.  I'm hoping to get some done this week and weekend.  Keep an eye out since some stores have already started their Black Friday deals online. I placed a great Kohls order this morning and saved so much money and then I used Ebates to get a bit more back and I got $15 in Kohls cash so I can shop some more. Don't forget to check out Ebates when doing your online shopping. Its great to get cash back on things I was already going to buy. :)

Speaking of online shopping I have a couple deals for you....

Stampin' Up is currently having their Online Extravaganza with items and bundles onsale from 20-50% off. There are also some flash deals and all items are while available so don't wait to order if you are interested.

Did you know that Love the Mouse Travel has an online store just for you all! Need a few Disney gifts for your loved one's this Christmas? Make sure and check it out! You'll find Disney novelty gifts on this site that you probably haven't seen anywhere else, along with a few must-have's for any Disney vacation-- like little girl's hairbows and gumball necklaces! 

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL ALERT!! Starting Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) and running through Friday all 8.5" large girls hairbows will be $5 with FREE shipping when you use my promotional code "JENNY" at checkout! We have 12 colors to choose from!!

Aren't those exciting?  And remember if you want to give you kids a trip to Disney just let me know and I can hook you up with that too :)

Have a great week and a great Thanksgiving everyone,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Love page

As you know I have tons of Oh Caleb pictures but every so often he makes a face and I have to say it is pure Love. These are some silly just take my picture face and I had to put them all on a page.

Isn't he a cutie?  The stamp set Seasonally Scattered and the paper Under the Tree Designer Series Papers are both from the Holiday Mini Catalog but I love them both.  The Under the Tree DSP is so think and a great base paper and even though it is a Christmasy paper most of the pages like the one I used are not holiday specific so you can use them all year long.  I might need to get me another pack of this paper I love it so much.

I have a list of the Stampin' Up products I used below and if you want to see all that Stampin' Up has to offer you can click through the store on my online website

Happy Crafting!!!

Product List

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I'm up and linking up with Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom this morning.

  • Thanksgiving is really sneaking up on me. I'm not sure where November went and while I know that Thanksgiving is only a week away I'm still in denial and I need to finish my list and get to the store.
  • Speaking of Thanksgiving who all is done with their Christmas shopping?  I'm by no means done but I am pretty close and I feel like I'm ordering something every other day or so :)  I need to write out a list of what all is left and start crossing things off.  I'm usually done right after Thanksgiving and I expect that to be the same this year.
  • C was talking about Santa this morning and said he will sit on his lap this year.  Uhm yea that didn't work so well last year so we shall see.  Saying that reminds me I need to see if California Pizza Kitchen is doing the breakfast with Santa this year and get to booking that.
  • Oh thinking of Christmas if this is you and your family then let me know and I'd love to help you out.

  • This isn't us this year as we are taking a cruise in January instead and I'm trying to figure out when we are going to WDW next year.  As I've said before N goes to a year round school and they are changing the tracks up for the next school year so once we get which track he will be on we will know his track out dates and can plan our trip around that.  :)  I can't wait.
  • Does anyone else have a cat? My cat Kali is 16years old so she is up there in age but she is the funnest cat.  She loves this weather and turning on the fire place. She will walk over to it when its off in the evening and meow and sit there so cute and look back at you.  You know shes saying take pitty on me and turn on the fire. LOL  Needless to say I normally cave and the fire goes on for her.  Can we just say she LOVES it.
Happy cat

So those are my random thoughts this Thursday morning.  What are you thinking about today? Any big plans this weekend?


Oh Caleb and his Ketchup

Yes I was inspired by Ketchup when I made this page. :)  When I first went though the main catalog and saw the Fast Food Friends Stamp Set I knew I had to have it and  knew that I was going to make many pages with C in them.

So I had this great picture in my stash and grabbed it up quick and got out the stamp set and away I went.  I decided to use a busy polka dot paper so I knew the rest of the layout had to be kindof tame.  At least that is what I thought when I first got started. ;)  I had the whole page done except the trip on the bottom and decided it needed something else but none of the ribbon I had taken with me were working for me when I grabbed the wash tape container and saw this. I have no idea where or when I got this washi but when I held it up to the layout it was perfect and I just went with it.

As usual a list of the Stampin' Up products I used are below or you can see everything in my online store through my website

Happy Crafting,

Product List

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whatever Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!  It is so cold here in NC today but at least the sun is out so that helps some.  They are saying in the 70s next week so welcome to the crazy weather everyone gets sick weather of living in NC. LOL

This morning was the Thanksgiving Feast at Cs preschool.  It is always so cute and the kids come in and we all take pictures and then we have a big pot luck meal.  It was delicious and there is always so much food to go around. 

The other night I made chili and it was yummy so last night when it was so cold I made a baked potato and added the chili to it. After not feeling great for a couple days it was really really yummy.

Then last night we also made some Ginger snap cookies and N decided to read to C by the fireplace while they had their snack.  He was very serious about reading a page and then making sure that C could see the pictures. He even went on to show me how the teacher reads to the side so that the kids can see the pictures but he has a hard time reading that way so he would just read and then show the pictures. LOL silly boys.

And now for some more random thoughts I've been having. ;)

So watching The Flash last night and one of the actors used to be on the show Star Crossed last season and since I know that other actors are showing up on the Flash and the Arrow this season its like the CW keeps a tab on the hot guys from their shows and if the show doesn't work out they keep them in file and pull them out to show off. Not that I'm complaining and I do like seeing them all the time I just find it funny.

I get where people want to wait until after Thanksgiving to get into Christmas decorating and stuff but does that mean they don't buy any presents until then too? I mean I'm almost done shopping but we haven't done any decorating.  I think I'd rather do all of that before Thanksgiving and then I can have the month of December to just enjoy the holiday and not feel any more rushed then I already am. What do you guys do? 

So what are you guys thinking about today? Anything random?  Do you have snow? I've been seeing all the pictures on FB and I just can't even imagine.

Have a great Hump Day :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Project Life Nuts about You Page

This is the first of many posts that I will have with pages from my retreat the other weekend.  While I did mostly traditional pages I did break out the Project Life pages for a little fun.

These pictures screamed Project Life when I was having a hard time narrowing down which pictures to use.  The boys had so much fun in the leaves and C was really playing in them so all the pictures were AWESOME!!!

Can we talk about how exited I am the tree came out? :)  I used markers to color all the leaves different fall colors and stamped it right on the PL card so if it didn't look great I would have had to pretty much trash the card and I thought it worked so well for this layout.

And here is the back.  Since I do mostly traditional scrapbooking when I do do a Project Life style page I do front and back so that I can add it right into my album between my regular pages. I love the mix of traditional and PL in a book.  I also loved the saying on this card. It is so true with little boys all the time!!!

These pages are all done with Stampin' Ups Project Life Products using the Seasonal collection out of the holiday mini catalog and also the Playground collection out of the main catalog.  The Tree is stamped with the Nuts about You set which is so stinkin' cute I just want to use it more and more. You can see a list of all the items below and as always you can purchase them through the link or look at all the options in my online store through my website www,

Happy Crafting!!

Product List

My Paper Pumpkin Prepaid Subscription

Are you looking for a gift for that crafty person in your life?  Check out the My Paper Pumpkin Prepaid Subscriptions.  You can purchase a prepaid subscription for 1month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12months!!!

You can order straight from my online store here:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Crafting,

TV Talk Tuesday


Who is ready for some TV Talk?  I'm here this week to talk on a couple shows and give an update on my chart and how its going.

If you haven't seen my fall TV chart you can check it out HERE.  There are still many shows that haven't started yet and some new ones I haven't watched yet but here are a couple I have watched and have comments on ;)

Let's start with the 200th episode of Supernatural.  Uhm I'm not really sure what to say about it.  I liked it and I loved how they brought in a lot of the things the fanverse talks about all the time ;) but until the very end I wasn't in love with it.  I think some of the other Meta episodes were better but this one was ok.  It definitely serves as a stand along episode and I'm a fan of the real serialized mythology stuff so that could be some of my thoughts too.  But then they got to the end and OMG they had Chuck on!!!!  So are we going to see more of Chuck? Was this a one time thing? The fans all go with Chuck being God so was he really God? Is God watching?  If he isn't God then has he still been writing and if so is he just not publishing? So many many questions.  It also adds to my excitement since I am a huge fan of Rob Benedict and have met him a couple times at the convention. He is so nice and well I'm fangirling over here. LOL

Did anyone watch the two hour Once Upon a Time on Sunday?  I will say I was exited that they were doing Frozen but I was also like Ugh they are doing Frozen but I will say they have really worked it into the story really well.  They haven't just turned it into the Frozen show and we are still getting the rest of our OUaT goodness with the sprinkling of Frozen mixed in.  This week we saw were the sister bond is still there and I can't wait for Elsa to find Anna and defeat the Snow Queen for good.  Now onto Rumple.  We all know that he isn't as good as Belle wants him to be and that he is always out for himself but he better now hurt Hook.  I might actually have to boycott if they kill off Hook. I love him with Emma and I think he makes a nice foe for Rumple when there really isn't another one on the show.  Also who do you all think is the author of the book?  I have no clue and I'm sure that will be more of the second half of the season but I can't wait to see who it turns out to be.

And of course I can't do a TV Talk without talking about the Walking Dead.  I Love love loved this weeks episode.  While it was a slower episode then the last couple I think that these slower episodes are needed so that our heads don't explode especially when we are binge watching them all together in the off season ;) Carol and Daryl together are a great mix and now we know that Noah is the one coming out of the woods with Daryl back at the church and they will definitely be going into Atlanta to rescue Beth and Carol. I will say I thought Carol was playing hurt at the end of Beth's episode but she really got hit with a car so I hope she makes it ok.  I can't wait to see that last couple episodes of this year and how they finish them out.

So those are a couple of my shows of the week. If there is any show you want to discuss just leave a comment and I will talk any show. LOL Even shows I don't watch I probably know something about since I read spoilers and recaps of so many shows which I don't watch regularly. Yes I know that is crazy but don't we all need a little crazy in our lives? :)

Happy TV Time,

PS.  My blogger friend Stephanie over at Surviving as a Mom is also doing a TV Talk Tuesday post.  Check her our for some different shows and discussions.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Musings

I had to go to the dentist this morning so just now getting a chance to blog. :)  How was everyone's weekend?  Ours was good but it was a cold weekend. 

Friday night I got to go to the theater and see Brothers of Darkland County.  It is a new musical written by Stephen King with music by John Mellencamp.

It was an interesting show.  It is set up like an old time radio broadcast so the whole cast was onstage the whole time and they got up and down as the story involved them.  I didn't expect it to be really scary but it really was more a suspense type story and at times the story did drag along but the songs were excellent.  All of the actors/actresses were really good too and it didn't hurt that Billy Burke was one of the leads. He is awesome and did so great.  I think this play has promise but I think a little more tweaking is needed for it to make it a long run. Right now they are just doing select days on a tour but if they want to do a run somewhere a little tweaking would be good.

We went to the NC State vs Wake Forest Football game on Saturday.

It started out ok but as it went along it got colder. I had packed many layers so we just kept putting them on and the boys had a blast.  It was our last home game so it was Senior Day and Military Appreciation Day.  I love when they do the whole field flag.  It is so beautiful.

Then Sunday we stayed home and just did stuff around the house it was awesome.

This week looks to be a nasty cold mess here in NC.

This is really cold for NC at this time of year and I'm not looking forward to it at all. :(  I know that others are having even colder  but I don't want it this cold here so soon.

Wednesday I have Cs Thanksgiving Feast and the kids will sing a little song and then we do a pot luck.  It is always so cute and I can't wait. Now to decide what I am going to make him wear. LOL

No plans this weekend either so hopefully we can get the Christmas Decorations out and we can start getting those ready to go after Thanksgiving.

So what are you up to this week? Anything exciting going on? Are you ready for the holidays coming up? My Christmas shopping is really good already so I'm not too stressed now just to finish up and all will be good,

Have a great and cold week,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ipsy November 2014 - Girl Meets Glitter

disclaimer: My referral link is included in this post so if you decide to join through my link I get points for future goodies.

With being gone I had forgotten that I had actually gotten a sneak peak of my Ipsy bag last week and that it would be here soon.  So I was very happy when I saw the pink bag in the mail yesterday.  So as I mentioned in my Thursday Thoughts if you got Ipsy this month did you notice a difference in the pink mailer?  The new envelopes are definitely a cheaper make then the others but since it is just the envelope I'm ok with it but I thought it was funny that with this months glitter theme the bag is less sparkly. LOL

The theme this month is Girl Meets Glitter and Ipsy says Why wait for festive fetes and fancy galas to take things up a sparkle or two? Just add glitter, or a generous pinch of shimmer and shine, to elevate your everyday routine and keep you looking and feeling brilliant. That's why we packed this month's Glam Bag with everything you need to leave a little sparkle wherever YOU go. Get ready for your daily grind to "glitterly" dazzle and daze this November!

and now for the goodies I got this month.  I can't remember what all was in the spoilers and I'm still not sure how I feel about this month as far as exciting goes but they are all usable and new to me so that makes it a plus for me.

  • Elizabeth Mott You're so FINE eyeliner in Glitterati ($5.00) - I used to wear liquid liner a lot and somehow have gotten out of the practice. This is really great and has a little sparkle to it which just makes me smile.  The description goes on and on about the controllable brush so I can't wait to try it out.
  • J.Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion (~$4.00) - The J. Cat website isn't working and I can't find this to order anywhere else so I'm guessing based on some other colors that I've seen.  This looks really dark but since I don't wear a lot of lipsticks or paints they mostly look dark to me. I'm a chapstick kindof girl for everyday wear.  I'm planning this for a night out and layer with some gloss. I'm hoping I can pull it off that way.
  • Temptu S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl ($2.75) - This looks like a tiny sample but I'm reading the info and it looks like you only use a drop here and there for a contouring highlight or illuminating look so I'm hoping it lasts awhile. I do love a little glitter look so this will be fun.
  • Be the Bombshell Eye Base in Submissive ($7.00) - This is a great fallish creme color and with the hint of sparkly I know I will wear it.  It says it can be a base or used as an eyeshadow and since I'm horrible at using bases I'm thinking it will just be good as is.
  • Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argon Oil Volume Shine Hairspray ($3.24) - Again I'm always happy with a travel size hairspray and I've never used one that has Argan oil infused in it to nourish at the same time so this will go in my to go bag.
  • The bag - I kindof like this months bag that is by Forever 21 cosmetics for Ipsy.  While it is on the smaller side I'm loving the glittery effect and it really is holding a but since I got all my items in it this month.
So that is my bag this month. For the $10 the bag costs I got about $23  worth of products to try and while I'm still not sure how I really feel about the bag as a whole.  While I was writing this review I looked at the other possible items this month and there are so many that I would have rather gotten but I'm still pretty happy with my products they just didn't make me jump for joy like last months bag did.  

So what do you think of this months Ipsy?  Did you get one? What all was in your bag this month?  

It is finally getting cold here so have a happy inside day and enjoy your Ipsy!!!


Thursday Thoughts

disclaimer: This post contains referral links.
So I was at my retreat last week and then I've been playing catch up this week and with N out on Veterans Day I haven't had a chance to blog but today I am linking up with Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for a little catch up posting.

  • The girls and I had a great time scrapping last weekend.  I got so many pages completed and when I get a chance I will be blogging them for you so you can see.

  • As you can see from the above photo we are a silly group and we all wore scrunchies one night.  We have a running joke about scrunchies being really out of date and then the newspaper here had an article the other week about them making a comeback so we had to play along.  But let me firmly say I am anti-scrunchy. LOL I'll take a twistband elastic anyday.  It felt so heavy to wear.

  • I was very sad when it was over and Michelle from 3 Monkeys throwing around some paper and I loaded up to head back home.  We filled her car and had a blast.  Until next year for sure.

  • When I got home at least someone missed me. :)  My cat Kali was all over me and so excited that I was home to start the fire and watch tv with me.

  • N was out of school on Tuesday for Veterans Day so we headed out with the playgroup to a new to us park.  This was a great one and we will definitely be going back.  The fall colors were awesome and N really loved climbing the boulder. They also have some great hill slides that the boys went up and down so many times.

  • And while we were wearing pants on Tuesday yesterday it was almost 80°F here so both boys went to school in shorts.  C wanted a picture taken since it might be the last day he wears shorts.  I'm not so sure about that but for sure the last day he wears this outfit. He is growing so fast and while I had thought he would be in 3Ts this fall it looks like we will skip right over to a 4T since the 3s are all too short.
  • So lets see not sure what else is going on this week.  C and I are planning to stay home today and try and get some stuff done.  
  • Oh my Ipsy bag came yesterday and I'll be posting that soon. Has anyone else gotten theirs yet?  I was a little disappointed in the new pink envelope. It was so cheap feeling compared to the old ones.  I'm sure it works just as well but I liked the old bags better.
  • C says he wants to wear jammies all day so I hope to get a lot done and also catch up on some TV.  I caught up on Arrow last night and it was so good.  I really love that show and with it being so serialized it is a great show to stick pile and watch multiples together.
  • Oh speaking of TV since I missed my TV Talk this week have any of you watched the 200th episode of Supernatural?  While I don't think it was the best meta episode ever it was a nice nod to the fans and the very end made me so excited.  No spoilers here but make sure you watch all of the episode.
So that is my ramblings for the day.  Have a great Thursday and a fun weekend,

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Wrap Up

Happy Halloween!!!!  I hope everyone had a great time. I know that some areas had some bad weather but we had great weather here. It finally turned cool and the rain held off so we go to really get out.  M and N did the whole neighborhood while C and I just did about half. He had just as much fun when we got home passing out candy. As you can see we do a lot of decorating so we get a lot of trick or treaters. We are guessing that we had over 100 kids come by.

I figured I would make a post and share some of the pictures of our yard and of the boys.  I know everyone is wanting to see Ns costume and here it is!!!

Yes he wanted to be a toilet so he and M set out to create one.  He was the talk of the neighborhood and everyone thought it was just great.  And before you can ask....

No toilet is complete without fake poo in it ;)  He thought it was hysterical and had a great time showing it to everyone.

C loves to Jack Skellington. He has never seen the whole movie but he loves the character in Disney Infinity so that is who he wanted to be. The costume came with an old school style mask and it didn't last long before he had to take it off and just wear his suit.

We go around with the neighbors every year and this was the gang before they got going.

And here they are about half way around.  This is infront of our house and C and I bailed on the rest of the trek once we finished the pictures.

One last picture of the skeleton crew until next year.

So what did everyone at your house dress up as? Did you have any fun and silly costumes?  Do you go all out in your decorating?  We have more decorations but this is all we managed to use this year. We like to mix it up some each year.

Have a great Halloween and enjoy all the candy :)


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