Friday, August 30, 2013

Julep Sept 2013 It Girl Box

I love Julep it is a monthly nail polish subscription box and since I'm obsessed with nail polish these days it is so me.  It costs $19.99 a month but they send you the selections for the month and you can choose to change your choices or skip that month. It's all very easy and I usually get a monthly box about every other month.

First look.  I opted for the It Girl collection this month so I got the three polishes instead of the two polishes and the cleansing oil that was the beauty item this month.

I noticed right off that  Julep got new packaging for their polishes.  They used to just come sealed in plastic but now they have a cute little box around them. I didn't get any add-ons this month so my box did look a little skimpy I might have to remedy that with my next order ;)

And now onto my goodies.  This months theme was the Cityscape collection and I was in love at first site. I actually thought about getting the whole collection but I withheld since I love getting the mystery boxes and this just gives me more polishes to hope for.
  • Catrina - a marigold yellow cream - I have alot of yellow polishes but this one is really deep and rich looking.
  • Candace - golden chocolate microglitter- I will say this is the color that sold me on this selection.  I love bronze/brown polishes in the fall and this one looks awesome.
  • Josephine - deep teal grey creme - This is such a dark color I can't wait for cooler weather here in NC to be able to wear it.
  • extra this month was a One-step polish remover pad - I've never used the  Julep polish remover but I plan to do my nails tonight so I'm going to pull this out and give it a shot.
So what do you think of this month's collection? I can't wait for the cooler weather and fall for a good chance to wear them all.  If you are interested you can get your first month for just shipping with code "FREEBOX". This is a great way to try out the box and the polish formulas to see if you like them.


disclaimer:  That is my referral link up there and if you order through me then I will get credits to use on add-ons and future boxes. :)

Friday Phone Dump

Friday already and time to link up for theFriday Phone Dump with Jenn:

Here are some more pictures from our impromptu photo shoot last weekend.  The boys had a blast and I'll take any chance I get to have some good pictures of them.

This was Cs style the other day. He said the grass was a little wet so he needed his boots on.  I was using the Stampin' Up Simply Sent App on my phone.  There is still so much I need to learn how to do with it.

N came home yesterday and said the neighbors didn't have much homework so he thought they would come out and play. He was waiting for them but they never came out.  They got doing something else.  I'm sure he will see them this weekend :)

That's it for this week. I didn't take a ton of photos but next week is Cs first day of preschool so just be forewarned that you will bombarded with those pics.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!!


Washi Tape Pencil Holder

So as I've said before I'm addicted to Washi tape so this afternoon when my son was collecting all of the random pencils from around the house* I had the great idea to make a pencil holder with my fancy tape as he calls it.

This is the final product. It is by no means perfect but it works and with my little helpers and for a first run I think its really cute. I could also see doing this and filling it with stuff when you need to send a gift or something too.  It would be really cute as the gift holder.

So what all did I use?

 Just some Washi tape and a Red Solo Cup. I mean really who doesn't have Red Solo cups lying around. ;)

Then I started placing the tape on the cup down the sides.  This started ok but as you see below I wasn't very straight. :/

So on the back there was some overlapping. I think if I try it again I may start it with an angle from the get go and see how that works. Or if I don't have my helpers I may be able to get it straighter when I'm laying it down.  Even with this it still looks pretty good.

Once we had it done N decided that we needed a topper for it. We had not used this Washi tape since all of the words would have been sideways so I placed it around the top and it really is cute.

And finally the final product.

I really do like it and we have placed it with the art supplies so we will always have pencils at the ready.

So what do you think? Have you caught the Washi bug yet? What have you created with it?


* Does anyone else have these random fancy pencils unsharpened all over their house? I really think they multiple every time they hit the floor. I mean really.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up for Thursday Thoughts again this week.

  • Is it sad that I was so very excited when I opened our box of Pampers yesterday to discover they have changed their patterns? Instead of the 5 different characters like before now there are only 2 designs and each has multiple characters on them. C is a very happy boy and I won't have to deal with him sorting and then only wanting to wear certain ones as much anymore. Do you guys remember this photo from a couple weeks ago?

  • C had meet the teacher yesterday and yeap he was the one screaming when we went into his room.  I will be dropping him off quickly next week and we'll see how it goes. He did ask this morning if he had school today so hopefully that's a good sign
  • Trying to decide if we need to make plans for this weekend. There is a football game on Saturday so we aren't going anywhere but we have no other plans. I may need to look into that.
  • Speaking of going away we still don't have plans for Ns first track out. We were thinking of going up to Boston to see Ms grandmother but she is coming down here in the middle of Sept instead so not sure if we will change our plans or not.  Now my mind is churning. I wonder if we can sneak a Disney trip in ;)
  • Speaking of Disney I just want to say Thank you so much to all the new likes I've gotten on my Facebook page recently.  If you are interested in travel and especially Disney then check it out at Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel.
Have a great day and a great Labor Day weekend everyone. I do have some boxes showing up hopefully this week so I will be around and blogging if you want to check me out ;)


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So What Wednesday

It's So What Wednesday and I'm linking up.

This week I'm saying So What if...

  • We had Cs meet the teacher today and I had the child that screamed when we got there.  I then proceeded to tell them that next week I will be passing him off and leaving. :)  
  • To celebrate his semi-first day we had to get some DD on the way home. It was calling me I HAD to have it.
  • After the parent meeting last night I went to Target to get diapers and came home with over $100 worth of stuff ;)  I'm positive I needed the magnetic nail polish.
  • I get a little sad clearing out all of Cs too small clothes.  Sad to see the little things go and knowing that he and N will be in the same size soon. LOL
  • I made Chili last night for dinner and it is still Aug.  I want fall to come so I can do more fallish foods.
  • Football starts on Saturday and I do get to go.  M is taking N so C and I will be home hopefully with him napping.
  • I'm so ready for the fall tv season to start. I still need to make my viewing spreadsheet so I'm ready to set the tivo.
I think that is all my randomness today. Are you linking up? What are you saying So What to today?


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sweater Weather DSP layout

Have you seen the new Holiday mini from Stampin' Up it really is a good one. I've ordered a couple things from it already and made a layout with some of the new paper the other day.  I'm working on finishing out some pictures from a beach trip last year and we had made a stop at the Alligator Farm in Myrtle Beach. I had all these pictures of my dad and brothers with my boys so Sweater Weather DSP really screamed tiger and boys to me.

I love using the Kiwi Lane templates when I have some DSP to work in. It creates a nice strip down the side to pull the colors together.

What do you think about the Sweater Weather?  I will admit its not one of the Designer Series Papers that really jumps at you but it is great for fall layouts and cards and for that masculine touch.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Morning Musings

Wow what a busy busy weekend.  I worked my friends Stampin' Up Consignment sale on Saturday. This is me and the ladies right before we opened the doors. :)  I hope to have a post on the sale later this week. It was so much fun.  If you're in the area and want to get on the list for next year just send me a message and I will pass your email on.

Then Sunday we went out run errands and M had a meeting so the boys and I had an impromptu photo session. Here are a couple of the many many photos I took. If they were going to cooperate I was taking advantage. :)

I'm not expecting a ton of boxes this week which makes me sad. Possible my Julep and then I jumped at a Bonjour Jolie mystery box yesterday so I'm very curious to see what that is all about. On top of those N has picture day tomorrow and I have Cs open house and meet the teacher on Wed. Next week C starts preschool two days a week so I will have a couple hours each week without kids. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself but I know it will go way too fast.

How was your weekend?  What are you up to this week?


 disclaimer: Yes that is my link up there. You sign up through me and I get credits for future purchases.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wantable August 2013

My Wantable box came Saturday and I was so very excited. This was one of the boxes I've been looking at but couldn't decide on but they are having a special where you can get your second month free so instead of the normal $36 a month you will get two months for $36 and that was all I needed I was sold. This special is good until the end of Aug and no code is needed you will get an email when the promotion is over telling you about your second month free. :)

Hmm I thought I took a picture of the box but I'm guessing I must not have. So you get right to the goodies this time.  Wantable has a very in depth questionnaire when you sign up.  You go through the list and say things you love, like and dislike.  You will then be more likely to get things you love and will never get things you dislike. I love love love this feature and it was pretty spot on this month.

First up is the Cailyn Gel Eyeliner pencil in Purple ($17) and Mineral Pressed Eye shadow in Midnight Mauve ($15).  I've gotten some of this brand before and really liked it so I'm excited for both of these.  Eyeliner and shadow are some of my go tos when I want to up my makeup for the day so these will get used. I actually don't own any purple liner and with my really dark brown eyes and lashes I'm sure I can pull it off.  I love playing and exploring the new possibility.

Next up are the Brazen Loose Blush in Frenzy ($19) and Loose eyeshadow in buzzed ($18)  Again blush is a staple for me. Even when I don't do full make up I use blush daily so this is perfect. I love the color too. I wear a bright blush shade so perfect and I'm not sure how they knew but my current blush is almost out so perfect timing.  I also use alot or brown toned eyeshadow and this will go with that stash.

Laqa & Co Nail Polish in Nookie ($11) so if you are reading my blog you know I have a bit of a polish obsession and so when I saw this I was so excited. This is a new brand for me and the color is awesome. I can't wait to switch up and use it.  FYI there was also a coupon in the box for $10 off $30 for Laqa which I'm not including in the total since you have to buy something but always nice to get some coupons.

And finally a free sample from Lise Watier of the Ombre Souffle Supreme Sample. Not sure if you can tell but I got a sample of the middle two colors. More eyeshadow fun for me to try out.

I'm over excited with my box this month. The box cost me $18 since I'm getting two months with the special deal and it was valued at $80. I'm really in awe with this box and I'm curious to see how next months with stack up. They also have a feature where you can send you box back if you just hate it but so far I'm not seeing how that is possible.  If you want to check them out you can see how it all works out Wantable.  I plan to get at least a couple more months of this one and have some fun playing around.

Do you get Wantable already? What did you get in your box? I should say I joined at the beginning of the week and had a text the next day saying it had shipped and I had it Saturday. I'm not sure when they normally ship in a month but I loved the fast turnaround for the first box. I'm guessing since everyone's box is so different they can send them out pretty quick.


disclaimer: You got it that is my Wantable link up there and I get credits when you join through it for me to get more boxes. :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

Who's ready for a little Friday Phone Dump with Jenn over and Ramblings of a Suburban Mom?

This is the week that C has decided that naked is the best way. Now if we can only get him to use the potty we'd be all set ;). He likes naked cowboy (with rainboots LOL), naked Ipad time and naked homework.

The randomness that is on my phone.  C naked again of course eating chips and salsa. This reminds me of my brother who would eat this stuff non-stop, C sleeping in the car, Football tickets finally came I'm pretty sure this is the latest they have ever been shipped and then instead of pricing for the stampin' yard sale I decided I needed to organize my embellishments.  :) They are very happy in their new homes.

So not many pictures this week and I know I even missed last week. I need to get on the ball. LOL  Are you linking up? What random pictures do you need to dump?


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday again so linking up for some Thursday Thoughts:

  • With my sister in college now I've decided she is getting older but I by no means am.  I was fully expecting the kids to look really young and they did but they also didn't. Does that make sense?
  • I'm not sure who I want to come back into the BB game tonight. I think any of the choices will really mix things up but I don't expect them to stay in long. The returnees always seem to get evicted again pretty quick.
  • I finally made the decision to try Wantable.  I've been eyeing it for awhile and with their special right now of getting your second month free I had to try it out. Two months for the price of one. I'm in.
  • Has anyone watched Warm Bodies yet?  Its not free on anything so I'd have to rent it and trying to decide if its worth all the work. LOL I'm pretty lazy in my movie watching. I just want to hit the remote and make it work.
  • I'm working a Stampin' Up garage sale Saturday at my friends house. I love working a yard sale and I'm so excited. It's always a blast there and so much stuff gets sold. I love helping with all the crafty goodness.
  • N has his open house this evening at school.  I understand why they do it all in one night but really there is nowhere near enough parking for everyone. I anticipate it being a huge mess so we will try and get their way too early and have to sit in the car until they open the building.  Annoying but what can you do. He is very excited and they've been working on things to show us.
So that's my randomness for the day. What are you thinking about? Are you linking up?


disclaimer: my link is up there. If you order through me then I will get points and be able to get more boxes.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Citrus Lane August 2013 Review

I'll admit I've been stalking the mailman for my Citrus Lane box.  I've seen some spoilers but I get so excited getting my actual items and I was not disappointed today.

First look. They always wrap the items so cutely. Actually this month my box was a little fatter and smaller then before. I hadn't noticed before but it looks like they use a box closer to the size of your items instead of just using the big box every time. I actually don't think that some of these items would fit in the other box so I'm assuming that is why we got this one.

First look at the goodies. I do love the little info cards since many times there are items in here that I've never heard of.

And onto our goodies. I have C aged up to 34 months since I like getting items that we can grow into.

  • Bear on the Go First Puzzles from Barefoot Books - I'm really excited for these puzzles. C is all about puzzles right now and he is always wanting to do them on the Ipad so I'm glad we have some that are the non-technology kind.
  • Pet Pals from Creativity for Kids - Another winner at our house. C and N both love to do Art so a togo Art book is right up our alley.
  • Eric Carle Ouchies Jr - You can never have enough band aids when you have boys. Cute ones cure all booboos. Just a kiss from mom and a band aid and all is right in the world. These are great too as C is obsessed recently with Eric Carle books so having ouchies to match he will love.
  • All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes form CleanWell - Another something that you can never have to many of. I've never used this brand but I'm always up to try something new.
  • Cheddar Bunnies from Annie's - We love Annie's snacks and I'm tossing these in my purse for when we need a snack on the go.
  • There was also a code for FABKIDS in the box to get your first month free but I don't include that since its signing you up for a subscription and I may or may not try it out.
So what do you think? All in all I'm loving this month and it will give us hours of fun and enjoyment.  If you are interested Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for kids that costs $25 a month. You give them the birthday and they send age appropriate items for you to try out.


disclaimer: That is my link up there and if you check it out through me and order then I get credits to use towards my future boxes.

So What Wednesday

Wednesday again and this week I'm linking up to say So What if:

  • the battery in my fitbit died the other day and I'm still wearing it.
  • I just watched 21 Jump Street and I got a little upset when JD died.  I guess he won't be stopping by the sequel :(
  • I'm really happy looking at the polish color on my nails. I want to make a card so that my nails can match my card.  Hmm Challenge Accepted ;)
  • I think the Big Bang Theory is the new Friends. I can easily watch it all day everyday.
  • little C gets so confused when he wakes up and N is already gone for school. However I don't feel bad enough to wake him up early. I relish the few quiet minutes I get each morning.

So that is my randomness for today. What are you saying So What to today?


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Washi Tape Wonder Card

I'll admit it I'm addicted to Washi Tape.  It is all the latest rage in the scrapbooking world and I completely jumped on the band wagon.  So last week when I needed to make a couple cards I knew what I wanted to do. Make some Washi cards. :)

Here is what I came up with:

It was easy to make and  I'm loving it.  Here is how it works and I apologize now for the first picture I'm not sure how it got so fuzzy when the others are fine.

See I told you but I wanted to show at least kindof how it worked. I took 6 different rolls of washi tape and put them over a Crumb Cake piece of 8.5"x11" paper.  

Then I cut the piece into 4 pieces for 4 different card bases.

Next up is the little extras.  The card was going to a man so no real big embellishments were needed ;)  Some bakers twine and a metal button with little pennant add the little oomph that I was looking for.

On the inside I wanted just a little touch so I added another pennant in the corner.

So what do you think?  Are you addicted to Washi Tape too?  I took a class about it at CKC last weekend and they Washid everything.  I'm not sure M would like if I Washid out ceiling fan. LOL


The Tuesday Edition of Monday Morning Musings ;)

So yes it is Tuesday and yes I am doing my musings so it's the Tuesday Edition of Monday Morning Musings. :)

Busy Busy weekend with C and I in Charlotte for CKC and then N coming back with my parents after moving my sister into the dorm up here at NC State.  Then yesterday I went over to campus and took her out for some errands and to see her room. Her dorm room is huge compared to mine. She actually went over to my old dorm and can't believe how small my room was and I still don't think she fully understands that we didn't even have AC when I was there. LOL

Here she is in her bug getting ready to head out. :)  She had this and my mom's Ford Fiesta loaded.

As you all know I've got an obsession with nailpolish lately and when I saw that Stampin' Up was going to have polish available to convention attendees I knew I needed it. I was just hoping that they would have some leftover to put available to people who couldn't make convention and luckily they did. I got mine this weekend too.

Aren't these awesome? They are in the colors of the current new In Colors. I had to change my nails as soon as I got home so now I'm rocking Coastal Cabana on my toes and Strawberry Slush on my fingers. The colors sound just so good I could eat them. :)

Lets see what boxes should I get this week?  Citrus Lane should be here this week and also my My Paper Pumpkin    Both possible here today or tomorrow. I've seen some spoilers for both but I always love getting my hands on them and seeing what's in my boxes.

So what are you thinking about this week? Are you working a day behind too? LOL


disclaimer: you guessed it those are my links up there and I get stuff if you decide to order through me.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So What Wednesday

Time again for So What Wednesday and I'm linking up.  Today I'm saying So What If.....

  • C and I leave for Clt tomorrow and I haven't packed a thing. 
  • When I do get to packing today I'm starting with my scrappy stuff so I'm ready for CKC. :)
  • I'm beyond excited that the highs are only going to be in the low 70s this weekend and I can wear jeans and not melt.
  • My sister moves into her dorm Friday and I won't be here to help ;)  I'll make it up with a nice goodie bag next week.
  • I'm counting down the days until C starts preschool.

Well I think that is it today. Short and sweet. How about you are you linking up? What are you saying So What to this week?


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ipsy Aug 2013 Box

My Ipsy bag came yesterday. I have to say overall Ipsy is probably my favorite subscription box out of all the ones I get. If you don't know it is a beauty bag that comes once a month for $10. For the price I think its really a great value. With that being said this months bag so far is just meh to me. Will I use and try everything yes but nothing (from first look) is overly exciting. This can be changed though as I use the products which sometimes happens and I fall in love with something. :)

Here are the products I got this month.

And now for the details:
  • Pixi Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black - This is the cutest travel size and I love the brand. I have a ton of mascaras from all these boxes and bags right now I might pass this one on or I'll toss it in my togo bag for my travels this fall. I'll have to decide on that.
  • Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream - I love Pacifica products and have not tried their BB cream yet. I'm going to add this to my cream stash and give it a try out.
  • Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub - I love a good facial scrub and I've never used a charcoal product so this looks good. I've been reading good comments about this brand and I've never tried it so that is another plus. That is really part of why I love all these bags is finding new companies and products that I haven't heard before.  I don't have time and I wouldn't subject myself or anyone else to have my boys with me in Ulta or Sephora to actually take time and really look around. That would be painful for all involved ;)
  • City Color Cheek Stain in Pink - I'm just getting into the creamy blushes I normally do a powder but of the ones I've tried I do like them. this is a stick which I think will be an easier application so excited to try this too. I do have an issue with this one but its not a product problem my bag was a little worse for wear when it got here this month and this plastic lid is cracked and broken. I sent  Ipsy a message and we'll see what they do. The lid doesn't stay on so I'm not sure I want to peel the seal off until I have a good way to store the product since it will dry out and get everything pink.  When I hear back I will let everyone know what they say.
  • Noya Lip Balm in Vanilla - you all know I'm a gloss/balm girl so this is going right in my purse. I will have to keep it hidden from C since he is a chapstick fiend and keeps stealing all my tubes and lets just say you don't really want them back after the 2yr old has had them. LOL
  • The bag - definitely not my favorite of the bunch that we've gotten its just not my style but it is a good size and I'm sure I will find something I need to store in it.  I do have a small collection forming of these bags hmm I wonder if they need to have a picture party one day. Ok that is silly  but I'm in that kindof mood this morning. :)
So what do you think of this months Ipsy? They have started sending out some variations in the bags so other people may have gotten different products then I did.  Did you get a bag? What did you get? What are you most excited to try out?


disclaimer: You guessed it that is my affiliate link and for every two people who sign up for Ipsy with my link I get a free extra goodie in my bag.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Julep Mystery Picnic Box Version 1

I didn't get a monthly box from Julep this month so when they had a mystery box come available I jumped on it. I NEED my polish fix ;)  The mystery box this month was themed for a Picnic.  I love that Julep gets to me so fast and if you want to do some add-ons they come with my mystery box. This month I added on a Freedom topcoat since I was almost out and I love love love this top coat.

First look - I love the way Julep  packs their boxes. Everything is always so wrapped up.  

My Picnic Mystery Box Version 1:
  • Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub - I'm not sure I've ever used a lip scrub before but this smells awesome so I will give it a try. Julep  says it will leave your lips soft, smooth, and ready for color (or kisses) I think I might have to recruit M to try it out. ;)
  • Nan - a Nantucket Red Creme - I'm so excited to get this one. I don't get every month and the Nantucket collection was one I missed out with Nan being a favorite from it.
  • Evie - a fresh pricked raspberry creme with gold shimmer - this is the exclusive to the picnic mystery boxes and part of the reason I easily jumped on board. This is so pretty.
  • Marie - sheer lavender jelly nail glaze - This is one of Julep s Rock Candy Nail Glazes and I've never used a jelly glaze plus I love purple so this will be going on my nails soon.
  • Zora - frosted pink pearl shimmer - I'll be honest this is a little light for me but I recently got and email from Julep  about how to get a good white color nails and I'm assuming I can use it with other lighter color polishes I just haven't tried it yet. Basically you put a layer of matte top coat between your two layers of color.  So I will give that a try with this one and I can always use it as a base for a glitter. Glitter makes everything better.
  • Freedom top coat - This was an add-on for me. As I said above I love this and go through it so fast that I had to grab me a new one since the one I have is running low. :)
All in all I'm very happy with my mystery box.  Did you get the Julep  picnic mystery box? Which version did you get and what do you think?


disclaimer: My affiliate link is above if you use it to sign up for their Maven club then I will get points to use for future add-ons.

My Paper Pumpkin July 2013

I got my July My Paper Pumpkin awhile ago but hadn't had a chance to use it yet.  When I first opened the box I wasn't so sure about it.

I don't have a birthday coming up to use the banners so I just looked at it and thought huh but then later that day I thought about a scrap page. So I had to wait to get some pictures printed and I did that this week so I was excited to use the kit.

This is my sister's graduation from this year.  I think that is definitely a Hooray event.  I made the banner to put above her picture.  The pennants were already die cut for us and all I had to do was stamp on them. The stamps and inks were included in the kit  and then when I started thinking about papers I looked through the new Designer Series Papers (DSP) that I had just gotten and I realized the I am Me DSP pack coordinates really well.  It's hard to see in the picture but there is small square patter on the yellow paper and I think this might be one of my favorite DSP packs in years. Expect to see lots of it in my projects to come.  I also added some pool party bakers twine to the edge of the banners as streamers. 

Next up was another one of the banners. As you guys have seen my son started kindergarten the other week and he was so excited it was definitely his day. Again I used the I am Me DSP with some tangerine tango ribbon and some leftover alphabet stickers from a Simply Stories collection I have.

Have you see our new Holiday mini yet?  It is really awesome and this chevron border punch might be my favorite thing in there. I'm all about chevron right now. For this application I punched out the pattern and placed some pool party paper behind it so that it shows through.

Here is the coordinating page for the above one. I wanted to use some more of the I am Me DSP that I had already cut so made the little banners on the side and a large matt for my picture.

This stamp set is new in the regular catalog and is call Gorgeous Grunge. It is awesome and gives you perfect splatters every time. They really add that little special touch to a page without overpowering your layout.

Remember that chevron punch I used on the other page well I took a couple of the pieces I punched out and added them here. They help tie the two pages together.

Here are the two pages together. I'm loving them and this color combo of Tangerine Tango, Pool Party and Basic Grey are really growing on me. I can see using them on some other pages too.

So what do you think? Do you already get My Paper Pumpkin? What did you do with your banner kit?  If you don't already get it and are interested in signing up or just checking it out My Paper Pumpkin is a monthly subscription box from Stampin' Up  that costs $19.95 a month and has a project in it that should be able to be completed in about 30min. So far we've had cards, mini books and this banner.  I can't wait to see what else they come up with.  In each kit you get all the supplies you will need (except adhesive) including stamps, inks, papers, and other embellishments. The stamps and inks can then be added to your stash for use later. I've already reused some of the stamps I've gotten.  Oh and until Aug 31st you can get your first two months for only $10 each by using the code PUMPKKINDEAL.  Your first month includes and acrylic block with it for your stamps which is a $8 value all by itself.

Let me know if you have any questions and happy crafting everyone!!!


disclaimer: You all know I'm a SU demo but just as a reminder if you order this through me I do get compensation for it.

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