Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday!!!  It's almost Halloween and I'm excited to be back and linking up with Jen for her Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • This has been a crazy busy week for some reason. Getting ready for Halloween and all the parties has made it busy.  But we are having a great time.
  • We have not been carving pumpkins much the last couple of years and just doing the stick in things but with the rain the other day the boys and I headed out to grab some pumpkins to carve.  They had a great time and picked out some cool patterns.

  • C also had his harvest party at school this week and they did the coolest craft. They took some prange fabric and wrapped it around a roll of toilet paper to make a pumpkin.  So easy and the kids could do it all themselves.

  • After last years fun of making Ns costume this year we are taking it easy since they want to be a football player and a tree.  You'll have to check me out on Monday for the recap.  I'm excited and they love their costumes.
  • I'm just a little to excited for the weather on Saturday. It looks to be a perfect night for trick-or-treating.

  • You do know what this means? With Halloween almost over we go into full on Christmas mode and I can officially start shopping next week :)  I of course already have some goodies stashed away but full force starts and I can really get into it.  I'm ready to decorate for Christmas and get all that fun going. :)
Have a Haunted Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Are we ready to talk some TV?  Fare warning there are spoilers below so enter at your own risk. I love talking TV and since there is a big thing we need to discuss this week it could get juicy.

So first up is the big episode of the Walking Dead. OMG I was just in shock when I first watched it and then I watched it again and I read some reviews and spoilers and I'm pretty sure Glenn is not dead.  I'm not sure exactly how he gets out of the herd but he is a survivor and I think he will make it.  I do have to wonder why they didn't just at least look and jump over the hedges at least to give it a shot but that is just me looking at the whole area.  I'm kindof more concerned with Rick and the RV. I think this is the first time that I've seen Rick actually look kindof defeated. I don't think the surprise attack did him any good and then to see the baby food in the guys jacket he knows that they were in Alexandria.  Next week looks to be a Morgan backstory episode and is also 90 minutes so I don't know if we get 90 minutes of him or if he is just part of it and the rest of the team getting back to Alexandria is in there too. With the way this season is going it could be a couple weeks before we see what happens to Glenn but I'm hoping they at least give us a little glimpse of hope soon.

Next up is the Vampire Diaries.  Ok so originally I thought Caroline was the vampire hunter but since that isn't the case I'm wondering if maybe Bonnie is or their mother.  Since it is in the future it could be almost anyone.  Speaking of Caroline who is she engaged too?  Is it Tyler? It was nice to see him worked in but not sure why they would if he wasn't going to be part of the plan. The open bleeding wound thing is a little disturbing and has me all confused.  I will say that I am loving this season. While I will miss Elena since I liked her as a character they had kindof ran the course of the love triangle and I'm glad they are having to think outside the box and change up the season. It really has revitalized the show.

So who watched Supergirl last night? I actually was up so I went ahead and watched it.  Hmm I just don't know what to think yet. I liked it but it wasn't anything to write home about.  I will have to see a couple more episodes and then decide since it is so hard to determine a show based on the pilot. There is so much they have to introduce that they do often seem rushed and not as coherent until a couple episodes it.  So overall I liked it but didn't love it and I will be checking out some more episodes.

What shows are you loving so far this season?  Have you dropped any off your watch list already? The networks have started cutting episode orders and cancelling shows so it should get real interesting soon. 

Happy Viewing,

Monday, October 26, 2015


Good afternoon!!!  Back for my weekly recap and link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post :)


Enjoying--- the beautiful fall weather and our almost daily walks.

Exhausted--- from the fair.  We spent over 5 hours there last week and on the hottest day all week but the boy all had a great time riding rides and eating disgusting fried food. LOL  M had to try the reeses peanut butter cup wrapped in bacon and fried.  He said it was good but  OMG it looked nasty.

Loving--- my to knuckleheads as always.  We had a busy day last Thursday running my sister around to get her car worked on and then her to school and back etc so we went to Panera for dinner and of course we had to take some pics.

Eating--- with my sister.  As I said above we spent most of Thursday with my sister. (Hi Emily!!) so while taking pics of the boys C turned the camera on us. Not a great picture but not too bad.

So that is is for today. This week is already looking busy with no school today for either of them and then Cs fall harvest party tomorrow.  We'll spend the rest of the week getting ready for Halloween and then having that on Saturday.  I can't wait.  
What are you up to this week?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Track Out Teacher Gift

Yay N is tracked out for 3 weeks and since its kindof a big deal we like to get his teacher a little gift.  He has a great time and loves helping me create them.  I saw this idea on pinterest a week or so ago as a Christmas Gift and knew I could turn it into a great teacher gift.

Isn't it cute?  I know it was a little hard to photograph so I took one of the otherside too.

It was a nice jar of caramel and then a red and green apple.  All bagged up and added a bow.

I pulled up a bitmap image on the computer and added some text to it.  N and I tossed around a couple ideas and when I said this one he loved it and decided this was the way to go.  And much to my luck my new printer can feed through my Stampin' Up cardstock.  Woohoo  My old one would get caught up so I was excited to find this out.

Then I fussy cutted out the apple and got it ready for N to sign.

Signed up and added to our cute package.

He took it in with him on the last day and she loved it. Such a fun and easy idea to pull together. I'm sure I will redo this one for other events sometime.

Happy Crafting,

Thursday Thoughts

disclaimer:  This post contains referral links

Happy Thursday!!!  It's Thursday and I'm linking up with Jen for her Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • So I mentioned last week that N was outgrowing his shoes.  Really he is outgrowing everything but we started with shoes. He finally decided on some new Van hightops.  They look so big.

  • It's also Red Ribbon Week at Ns school so one day they got to wear mismatched clothes.  N decided to wear his purple jeans I just got him and a bright shirt.  I think this is a little more matchy then some of his outfits but whatever works for him.  Then since N was taking a picture C had to have a picture too. :)

  • I've been working on my Christmas List and I have a Erin Condren planner on there and then I see that they are having a sale and offering 25% off right now with code FRIENDS25 so do I go ahead and order or do I wait? Such a hard decision. I did finally decide I wanted to go horizontal next year but there are so many pretty covers to choose from I'm so torn.

  • Speaking of Christmas shopping are you guys done yet? I feel really behind in my shopping this year as I have very little already bought and I'm normally close to done.  Some of this has to do with the boys being older so they are getting fewer things that are more expensive then just a bunch of toys but still I want to be done so I can just enjoy December and not feel so rushed all the time.
  • Today is Ns first full day of track out and after we ran my sister to drop off her car I asked what he wanted to do and he picked the library.  :)  It was then we realized he is no longer in the early reader section and had to go over to the regular kids fiction section.  Let's just say that section is a little overwhelming. LOL  we looked and he grabbed a couple books but I expect we will be back there early next week for more.

  • So no overly big plans this weekend. We are going to the fair tomorrow and the finishing decorating for Halloween the rest of the weekend.  It looks to be a good one weatherwise so we will hopefully be spending a good bit of it outside.
I hope you all have a great weekend and rest of the week.
Enjoy the weather,

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Is everyone getting caught up with this season so far?  I've been watching some shows but haven't really gotten into some of them but I'll get there.  I'm going to chat about a couple today but feel free to comment below with any other shows you watch and need to vent/chat about. :)

Let's start off with the Walking Dead and can we all just say that Carol is badass.  Oh WOW she really rocked this episode. I don't know whose side I'd be on with her and Morgan but in this case I think that they did need to die since they were having no problem coming in and just killing people right and left.  This was a good way to weed out extra cast members that we really didn't know and didn't care to know.  LOL  Otherwise I did like this episode and how it played out. When it started I wasn't sure what was going on with them being all about Enid but then it all starts to fall into our timeline and we see what is going on.  I'm sure there will be more to do with the walkers heading towards the town next week but this one was still really good.

I'm also all caught up on Bones.  I have a friend (Hi Diane!!!) who kept telling me I needed to watch and she wasn't wrong.  I know the reason they did the Booth missing stuff and I think it worked out pretty well. A little upset they killed his brother offscreen but he would do anything for family and we all know and love this about him so it totally makes sense.  I can't wait until they keep going now that they are back in the swing of their respective jobs.  

I also watched the finale CSI movie this weekend too.  I have not watched CSI in years but it felt like I needed to watch and say goodbye and I thought it was pretty good. They of course had brought back some of the people who had been gone and I think it was a pretty good send off.  I think this show had run its course but it did pretty good with bringing in new cast members and keeping it going.  I'm sure it could have gone on a couple more years but they went out before it really felt old.  

And let's finish today's chat with my boys and Supernatural.  I will say last weeks really surprised me. I figured we'd be dealing with Sam and the infection for awhile and wasn't expecting him to find a cure the second episode of the season.  I am not sure how I feel about this little girl being very Lilith like.  Is anyone else thinking that? She kindof looks like her and is evil like her. I hope they make some more differences soon.

That's it for today.  Is there any show that has really surprised you this season? Anything you've been watching that has really jumped the shark?

Happy Viewing!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015


Good afternoon!!!  Back for my weekly recap and link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post :)


Decorating--- for Halloween.  We started putting the decorations out this weekend and the first up is out fence.  Yes we put up a faux fence. :)

Smiling--- at C. He is a hoot and while we are taking our walks he had to pose on the picture wall.  He is my superhero.

Freezing--- I spent a day down at my dad's yesterday and when we got home last night it was only 69° in my house. Brrr that is way to cold for NC in Oct. LOL so I of course turned on the fire. I will not turn the heat on yet since we are still going to be in the 70s later this week.  #crazyweather

Watching--- the boys paint cookies. At my dad's my stepmom had cookies ready for he boys to paint.  They always do this at Christmas so they were excited to do some Halloween themed ones.

So that is my recap for the week.  N tracks out later this week so he will be in more pictures coming up :)  He always says he isn't in enough pictures so be ready for the onslaught. LOL

Have a great week and stay warm,

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday ya'll!!!  I'm back today and linking up with Jen for her Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • N is getting ready to track out next week for 3 weeks and he has a long list of things he wants to do. LOL  we will have to see if we get to half of them. :)
  • The boys and I have been going on a walk almost every evening the weather has been so great outside.  Of course being my boys we have to stop a lot for pictures.  

  • Very random but leftover pot roast kindof smells like can dogged food. LOL
  • Very excited to go to the NCState Fair next week. I managed to go out the other day and get our advance tickets with the early discount.  So fun and I can't wait to get all that good gooey food.

  • So I watched my very first American Horror Story and holy WOW I have no idea how that show is aired on tv.  I mean I'm not prude by any means but wowsers even I was in a bit of shock. LOL  All I can say is Matt Bomer is one heluva man and I may watch anything he is in especially if he likes walking around naked all the time ;)
  • Are you guys having great weather right now too?  It is in the low 70s here this week and I'm loving it. However this weekend it is going to be cold with highs only in the 50s but perfect fiar weather.

  • Speaking of cold weather N has outgrown his tennis shoes in the last week somehow. LOL so we went out last night to Nordstrom Rack to see if he could find any he liked.  Nothing that he loved there but we did manage to get both boys some snow boots so I have ensured that it will be a mild winter here in NC this year since we are ready. :)
So that's about it for my Thursday.  C and I are just hanging out this afternoon while I do some Disney work and then we are heading out to get N from school.  I hope to post some crafty posts soon once I get a chance to take some pictures of them.  I made a ton of pages at my retreat the other week.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


I'm back from my retreat and working on catching some of the premiers.  So far I will say I'm loving what I've been seeing. This is going to be kindof long today I think as I'm going to run down my list but let me know what you are loving and what you are watching. You can see my whole chart over at Fall 2015 TV .  

I'm going to go through all the shows that have already started back and let you know where I am.  I'm writing this pretty much as I watched them so they are my first thoughts as I go. 

Big Bang Theory - I've watched the first coupl and they are pretty good. I love this show and it is easily one you can just flip on and watch whenever. This I think will be the Friends of the future when it is on all the time.

Scorpion - This show is just crazy but in a great way. I think the team is great together and I like the problems they work on everyweek. While we know they are always going to solve the problem I still like watching it.

Castle - I only watched the first one back so far and another show that I love.  I can't wait to see why Beckett is on the run and what the deal is.  Plus who doesn't love watching Nathan Fillion.

Scream Queens - So I'm loving this show. I can't decide if they really want us to take it serious or not but I'm not really caring as it is just pure campy fun. Oh and I love love love the music. The songs they pick are just awesome.  I just watched the one from last week and they are playing Backstreet Boys and the guys are wearing all white like they BSB did in the video.  Love it.

NCIS: NOLA - again I've only watched one episode so far and it sets up the scene for the story that will thread through the season I think with people after Pride. I think it is a little funny that I like this one and I don't watch any other NCISs but I love NOLA and this one just works for me.

Once Upon a Time - I get my fairytale fantasies from this one and so far I'm not loving evil Emma.  I do love the Merida add on and I hope they work through this stuff fast.

Blood & Oil - So I watched a couple and it didn't grab me like I was hoping.  I'm wondering if now that they have the money it will pick up and get more soapy.  Oh and since I just wrote about OUaT  seeing Kristoff on this makes me laugh as I keep seeing him in this one. LOL

Quantico - I watched the first one and it is an interesting premise.  This is one that M wants to watch too so I'll be slow to catch this one so we can watch together but I do like it so far.

Flash - My boys and I watched this weeks episode and as N tells me it did a lot to set up the season.  This episode was a little slow compared to others but it did set up a bunch for the season.  The flashbacks were a nice touch too since we didn't actually see what had happened.  I think its also setting up Firestorm for the Legends spinoff at midseason.

Supernatural - Oh yes lets talk my boys.  I liked the first episode back.  It addressed the Darkness kindof and set up for the season.  I have a feeling we will be working to save Sam this season since he is obviously infected now but uhm I don't like when they hurt my Cas and I don't think they are going to be overly nice to him now :(

Vampire Diaries - I was so ready for this one since the trailer promised me naked Damon and well I did not see any naked Damon.  They are such a tease.  LOL  Of course I'm pretty sure I could watch a whole show of Damon, Ric and Bonnie take Europe. That looks like one fieldtrip I would be all over.  :)  Anyway back to this episode can we talk about the flash forwards and flash backs. There were a lot of them but they did answer some of the questions from the end of last season and why Mystic Falls looks like a ghost town.  Oh and who is everyone's thought that is after Stefan and Damon in the end?  Stop now if you haven't watched but since it is three years in the future I'm thinking it is Caroline.  She has been tortured by the heretics so she could be all bat shit crazy.

the Originals - Love me some Klaus and really could they make the show even hotter but they went and added Jason Dohring and well they totally did make it hotter. I love me some JD and can't wait to see his role on the show.  

Reign - I still love this show.  It moved to Friday this year which actually works great for my Tivo since Thursdays are a bit crazy. The first episode back really sets up this season and the fights with Elizabeth and England. We also are going to have to deal with Francis dieing which is going to be really sad but I'm curious who they will have her goto next. They are very very loosly based on history so they could go that way but they could also just pick someone else. So many options but I vote for Bash and in that making sure he takes his shirt off alot. You can never have too much Bash. :)

Walking Dead - Holy crap that is about all I can say about that opening show.  All the walkers and them trying to lead them away which of course isn't really going to work.  I was very excited to see Ethan Embry on the show and it was sad to see him go but he did get a good ending. LOL  So back to the questions what is that horn? At first I thought maybe the quarry but then if it was something that happened often they would have heard it so this is new.  Was it really someone from Alexandria or maybe the wolves trying to stop the parade.  So crazy and I can't wait for more.

Shows I haven't watched yet:
Heroes Reborn- uhm I thought this show was on Wed but its really on Thursday so it might be my first casualty of the season.  I wanting to watch but I already have too many shows at 8 on Thursday.
IZombie - uhm another that I didn't realize I'm already wanting to watch like 4 shows at 9pm on Tuesdays. This one isn't making the Tivo cut which is sad but maybe I can catch up later,
Arrow - I actually like purging this one so I'll get a couple recorded and then wait until a night and watch them all together.

Oh WOW that did make for a long list. LOL  The beginning of the season is always so much fun and excitement and I get a little giddy over it. :)  What are you loving so far this season? Anything that has surprised you so far?

ETA - ok so I started this list as I was watching shows last week and just kept adding to it but now that a week is over I think I'm ready to make some deletions from my Tivo.  I'm going to drop Blood & Oil since it just isn't doing it for me. I also can't record SHIELD, Heros, iZombie due to timing conflicts so I think  I'm just going to pull the plug on my thoughts to watch them and will catch them on Netflix or something later if they make it.  I'm also hearing great things about American Horror Story and I've never watched but I love Matt Bomer so I'm thinking of trying it out.

Happy Viewing,

Monday, October 12, 2015

Ipsy - August 2015 Alter Ego Bag Review

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link for Ipsy and if you joining through me I will get credits for future goodies.

My  Ipsy  bag came this weekend and since I always look at the spoilers I was really excited to get it and dig in.  This months theme is Alter Ego and  Ipsy  says Dare to be different. This October transform into whoever you want to be.  Uhm I like the thought but my bag is totally a basics bag and nothing that is transformative. LOL  you will see below.

In case you need a reminder  Ipsy  is a monthly beauty subscription that gets you 5 items in a cute little bag each month for only $10!!!! (plus tax in certain states).  This is the only makeup type bag I'm getting right now and I still love it. While not every month is a great one for me overall I'm usually pretty happy.

And now onto this months goodies:

  • Peter Lamas Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub ($7) - I want to say this came around another year and I never got it but it could have been another brand,  Either way I'm excited and it says that you only have to use a dime size amount so this should last awhile and I just love the worked pumpkin into and October bag.
  • MicaBeauty Ipsy Exclusive Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze ($10?) - So this is a total guess on the price since it is an Ipsy exclusive. However I have always liked my micabeauty items and this is a color I will wear even though it isn't really  transforming like this months theme.  I men I guess if they had sent me something in the blue from the card I would have been saying I would never wear that so I should be happy this is a nice fall neutral color.
  • theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matte Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Committed ($2.75) - Oh my gosh I'm kindof in LOVE with this.  I was a little concerned since I'm not a lipstick girl but this is actually fun and it smells great and it stayed on good while I was trying it out today.  I always love theBalm items in my bags and this in no exception.
  • eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask ($4.14) - I'm pretty sure I've said this before and my hair is pretty normal most of the time not too oily or too dry or to anything really, LOL but I have been wanting to do some more conditioning too it and I can't wait to try this one out especially as the seasons change and it could really up the oomph of my hair.
  • Emite Makeup professional slant tweezers ($25) - So this is not an exciting item but I can't wait to try them. I have a thing about tweezers and being a happy plucker I'm always on the lookout.  The pair I have is pretty old but it actually grips on and gets the hairs where as some of the newer ones I've tried just don't pinch good.  Does that make sense? It does in my head. LOL  
This months bag is so much better then the last couple I've gotten in terms of things I like and will use. I was excited when I saw the sneak peak and I'm even more excited since its here.   Ipsy is a great bag and usually has a great value. This month I got over $45 in products for only $10 plus tax. That is a great deal and while I don't always love and use everything I always feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

So tell me did you get Ipsy this month? What all did you get and are you in love with it too?

Happy Ipsy day,

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link for Ipsy and if you joining through me I will get credits and cash them in for extra goodies.


Good morning!!!  It is Monday and time link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post :)


Hungry--- I saw that the chicken tortilla soup was back at Chik-fil-a and I couldn't wait to get some. So Saturday while it was rainy and dreary here the boys and I headed over.  It was so good and I can't wait to go back for some more.

Shopping--- The boys are ready for Christmas. I knew it was a little quiet upstairs one night and the next day I was presented with this list. They decided to share one list so they can get bigger things ;)  I can pretty much tell who added which things so not sure why they used one list but it works and I love it.

Speaking of Rain--- When we got home from CFA all they wanted to do was play in the rain. Since it wasn't storming and just raining I said sure and they played out there a long time.  I did step out and say who wants me to take their picture. Of course being my boys they got right into it and goofed off a but just to be sure.

Reading--- Well I did finish this weekend but I grabbed this book from my sisters room when I was there the other week and with having carpool pick up I decided to take it with me and then I got to read in the rain this weekend too.  Now for the book I actually liked it. While the originals were not what I would call terrific writing they were easy to read and this is just like that.  I'm wondering if while I do like the books all from the first person of the girl I'm really liking the reverse too and seeing the guys point of view. With this one I've also ready Midnight Sun which is the Twilight from Edwards point of view and I liked it better too.  I want to get the new Stephanie Meyers book out too and see how she works Twilight with a reverse perspective and different characters.  

Watching--- so much TV. Make sure to check in tomorrow and see my very lengthy TV Talk. :)  I've been writing as I watch the shows so there is a little about everything.  I will say I was very excited to see Jason Dohring on the Originals this week.  That show is really a guilty pleasure and while vampires are always hot. They just upped it this season with having them fight in a cage. I mean really could it get any hotter?  I hope Jason sticks around for awhile and we get to see more of him.  

Inspired--- by this pumpkin.  I totally grabbed this off my feed and took a snap  but I don't remember who posted it.  I really think I need to have M paint up one of our pumpkins like this.

That is my randomness for a Monday Morning. I hope you have a great week!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I've been away a couple weeks but I'm back today for some thoughts with Jen for her Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • It's been a crazy couple of weeks with going away and Ns end of quarter at school.  Busy busy but I'm loving every minute of it. 
  • This is making me just a little too excited I think. I love PIXAR movies and I can't wait for all of these.
  • Speaking of excited this was the morning clouds the other day. They were so great I had to take a picture before walking C into preschool.
  • C had his first lunch bunch at preschool this week too. I did laugh when his director was telling people to check the lunch boxes since not much food was eaten and then I opened Cs and it is gone.  I'm not sure he licked it clean but it was pretty darn close. LOL  I asked if he needed more food next time and he said "No it was the perfect amount"  I'm really not sure where that kid gets it from sometimes. He is a total hoot.
  • Not much going on this weekend around here.  N wants to start bringing out the Halloween decorations so we are going to work on that and then M says he is feeling the need to create some sawdust so I need to come up with a project. :) I have a couple around here but I need to prioritize them and see what should be done first.
Any big plans for you guys this week or weekend?  I'm glad that the rain has finally stopped and I'm hoping it stays away for a couple days at least.  Hmm when I look back this is a very random post but that is just the way I like it. :)

Have a magical day,

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