Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!  Who wants to talk some TV?

So who watched the finale of Pretty Little Liars? I was a couple episodes behind so I had a mini-marathon last week and was all caught up. Can we say WOWsers.  I'm not surprised that they didn't really show us a face for who A is but I do like the twist of the show still making it a DiLaurentis of course we don't really know who Charles is or how he fits into the family but looks like it is a boy anyway.  Now that dollhouse of his is downright creepy. He went to so much detail for each of them its really weird. I am very glad that Mona is still alive. She really adds something to the group I think. And can we talk about Andrew? He has to be involved somehow I'm thinking. He is a blond so I wonder if he is also related to Ali and her family or my other idea is that he is all Jump Street and is really a cop of somekind.  Not sure either is a great theory but both are in my head right now.

Oh WOW now we need to talk about the Walking Dead.  Who all watched the finale? or maybe I should ask who didn't watch the finale :)  I'm thinking that the wolves will really be a big thing next season at least for a little bit. They do not look to be up to any good and could really cause problems for our group. I love love loved seeing so much of Morgan this week and knowing that he will be back at least for a bit next season. I find it so funny that everyone is so excited for him and he really hasn't been in the show too much. I think its the slow tease that they show him a bit here and there that really helps. I hope that we get to keep enjoying him when he is on more.  Oh and lets talk about Father Gabriel. Uhm that man needs to go. I don't think he left the gate open on purpose but he definitely has some issues and I think the people of Alexandria could really use a person like him to talk to so I hope he pulls it together.  So now we are on the long hellatus until the fall for more new episodes but we will get the spin off this summer which looks pretty good. I can't wait to see how the walkers all started.

So that's about it for today. Have some great TV watching this week!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Musings

Well it's not morning but it is Monday so I'm doing good :)

We had a busy morning already since someone scheduled N for a dentist appointment first thing in the morning of his first day of track out. What in the world was I thinking. LOL  I did schedule his next one for 11 so I hope I appreciate that when he is tracked out this fall.  C had to go to school this morning so I was up but I wouldn't have had to wake N up. We have no morning plans tomorrow so I'm hoping they will both sleep in but of course I'm sure they will wake up bright and early since we have nothing to do.

So the boys spent the weekend at my mom's house since I had friends over to scrapbook and while there they went shopping. N had them buy football gloves. I'm not sure he took them off until late yesterday. He even wore them to the Easter Egg hunt we went to yesterday afternoon.  LOL  I was going through my pictures and cropped this one to my boys.  Pretty sure C is playing peek-a-boo ;) yay letsgo with that.

This picture came up on my Timehop last week and I immediately thought that C was having a Breakfast Club moment.  I love pictures from behind of the boys and this was just an awesome one to see.  I really love Timehop and seeing a snapshot of our lives. It is so fun.

So let's see we don't really have tons of plans for this week. With it being the first week of track out both boys have doctor appointments of different kinds and then C has his Easter Hat parade at school. I love the Easter Hat parade and all the kids walking in. It is so cute.

We are staying home for Easter this weekend so we will probably hide some eggs for the boys to find and then if the weather holds out just work outside and have fun.  We are planning to add some monkey bars to our swingset so we need a couple good weather days for that. I also need to work on my little container garden since things are starting to come back out I need to clean out the old stuff in there.

That's about it for today. Have a great rest of your Monday and I'll be back tomorrow for some TV talk.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Morning and happy Thursday. As usual I'm linking up with Jen for some Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • UPS My Choice might just be one of my favorite inventions ever. I love getting that email telling me that a package is coming. I have two boxes coming today and both are full of fun goodies just for me :)
  • Uhm lets just talk about the weather here.  I think NC has lost its mind. I don't want 28°F in March and we get freeze warnings.  Really it is way to crazy and going to be too cold this weekend.

  • When did my little man get so big?  I swear it has been within the last week. He has all of a sudden told me he can open his own car door and he can open the front storm door.  He could not do those just a couple days ago.  They grow way to fast.

  • Speaking of C he had a majot meltdown last night when his finger spot of his blankie ripped through. OMG he was so upset and me suggesting we just throw it away was not well received. LOL

  • So I watched a mashup of dances from a ton of movies this morning and now all I want to do is have a musical marathon today. Hmm housework will still get done if I'm watching tv right?
  • Speaking of mashups did you all see Tom Hanks acting out all of his movies? It was awesome and I was laughing so hard. He has been in so many great movies and then he's been in so many bad movies too. LOL
So that is my random for this Thursday morning. I hope you all have a magical day!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Whatever Wednesday

Good Wednesday morning!!!

  • I find it so cute when C is playing Disney Infinity and he doesn't complete a mission he goes "It's ok I tried my best"  It is so cute and he will just keep playing.
  • Did anyone watch Pretty Little Liars last night? I caught up and watched the finale. No spoilers until next week but I really enjoyed the whole episode.
  • I'm beyond excited to have my friends over for scrapbooking this weekend.
  • Yesterday turned into a beautiful day even with the rain they are calling for today.  Of course it is going to be freezing this weekend.  Good thing I'll be inside ;)
  • I ordered produce for the first time this season and I'm just a little too excited for tomorrow and all the freshness coming my way.
  • I love that C and I both have a similar happy place.  ;)

That's it for this morning. Have a great hump day!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Good Evening!!!  C and I have been out and about all day today so I'm just getting a chance to get on and finish up my talk.

Starting this week off with Glee.  I have not been one to watch from the beginning but I have watched on and off and even if I haven't watched the whole thing I do love watching the musical numbers online. Plus the Glee Pandora station is AWESOME!!!  So I did watching the finale on Friday and I loved it. I loved the look back and how everyone met and then the Cory Monteith bit was pretty perfect.  The second hour was all I ask for in a finale. It was a whats going on now and flashforward to what is happening in the future. I loved it. I do not like when either a show doesn't know its ending or they do and they kindof ignore it and nothing is really settled. Glee finished out on a high note and let us all know that it works out in the end.

Now onto out weekly Walking Dead talk.  So this weeks episode. Uhm I'm not really sure what to say about it. I think Rick has lost is ever loving mind.  LOL I'm curious to see how they deal with him in the finale next week. They have to do something but I think just as Deana said that they need Pete since he is a surgeon she also knows they need Rick since he leads the group and that is also important.  So many ways they could take it I think and 90 minutes next week just doesn't seem nearly long enough for all I want them to do.  I am hoping they do at least give us an idea of the who is doing the W( well I'm calling them a W but so many people online are saying a possible M but for now I'm keeping W).  I'm thinking they can't be good and why in the world would you just mark the head and not kill the thing. I mean its not like the walkers are going to just sit there while you carve into their head.  I am going with whoever they are they are not good and will cause some trouble for the people in Alexandria.

So The Flash last week just blew my mind. I was like what the what and then it comes out that it was time travel.  I guess that Barry really did run that fast.  I'm curious to see how that works into the story.  

So that is my chat for tonight. I've got 2 episodes of Pretty Little Liars to watch before I can watch the big ReveAl tonight so I'm going to work through those.  I'm sure to talk about it next week.

Happy TV watching,

Monday, March 23, 2015

Walt Disney World Summer 2015 Discount

Good afternoon...it's a BIG SUMMER BLOWOUT!!!
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Monday Morning Musings

Good Monday Morning!!!

How was everyone's weekend?  I had a great birthday weekend and am now fully ensconced in the 40s club. :) My friends had a get together on Friday and then Saturday the boys and I went to the park and enjoyed the day before we got a chance to watch the NCState Wolfpack win their basketball game that night.  WootWoot.  Sunday we stayed home and I just enjoyed the day pretty much doing nothing. It was AWESOME!!!

Celebrating with my sis

Not much going on this week.  C is on spring break so he is here with me for the week. It is Ns last week before track out so they are doing all the end of quarter stuff.  He is really excited.

This coming weekend they are both going to my mom's house and my friends are coming over to scrap the weekend away. We will have a blast and I'm hoping to get lots done but normally I do a lot of talking so we will see how it goes.

Shh don't tell but C and I are having cake for breakfast. :) I think that is a great start to Spring Break LOL he deserves it with all the errands we are getting ready to run. I need him to start in a happy mood.

So what are you guys up to this week? Are your kids are spring break already?
Have a great one,

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Snail Mail Sunday

I'm back and again "borrowing" this one from my friend over at Surviving as a Mom.  I love reading her post every Sunday and seeing what she has gotten in the mail so I'm going to try. I can't say I will do it every week but we'll see how it goes. :)

If you've known me for awhile I sign up for most things I see online. I do skip things that I really just don't see any use for and don't know anyone I could pass it on to but really I'm sure that isn't too many items. LOL  What I need to do is start a list of things I sign up for that I can cross off when I actually get them. Hmm something to go and get a new little notebook for ;) 

This week I got:
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine - I will flip through this and then pass it on.
  • Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash - this one came from an online Sams sample.  Since I'm kindof picky about my body wash this will go in my donation basket and I will pass it on.
  • Disney Parks 2015 DVD - Since I don't remember signing up and asking them to send me this I'm going with it being a mail freebie.  My boys love these DVDs but I haven't gotten any that I've used in a couple years so they will like watching this.
So that was it this week. Not a ton but all good items. I did get a ton of birthday cards and then my regular mail so the box was pretty full everyday. I love getting mail and I love when my box is full. :)

Did you get any good mail this week? Here is to hoping for another fun mail goodies week.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

I'm back again for some Friday Favorites with a couple things I'm loving this week.

I like to listen to books in the car. The boys and I have been going through the Harry Potter series but I needed a break from that so I went looking around on the libraries site and came across these.  I liked Kami Garcia's Beautiful Creatures series so I decided to give this one a try.  First it is spoken by Candice Accola from the Vampire Diaries so I keep hearing Caroline coming through. This is not a bad thing as the main girl in the book Kennedy is pretty kick ass just like Caroline so it works.  Then they referenced the Lost Boys movie and I'm loving this book so far.  The Lost Boys is an AWESOME movie if you haven't seen it and one of the characters loves the soundtrack and I totally agree.

Spring starts this evening and it has me excited since it marks the official beginning of jeans and t-shirt weather. Oh and lets not forget my birthday on Sunday ;) It is only my favorite day of the whole year.  I also love the colors of spring. Everything looks so bright and new and clean and fresh. So pretty.

Oh my did anyone else watch games yesterday? I had them on off and on through out the day until the NCState game came out.  It did not start out good and then right before halftime I started doing some Disney work so when I came back with a couple minutes left it was closer but I still thought we would be one and out but WOW Holy Crap we came back and won with a last second basket.  Amazing and so intense I'm surprised I didn't wake up the boys I was screaming so loud. LOL  When I was watching the highlights it looks like there were a lot of close games yesterday which is so rare in the first round. I can't wait for more games this weekend.

I finally ordered my Stampin' Up Sale-a-bration order and its in picking which means it will ship soon. These are two of the goodies I selected for free with my order and I can't wait to get my hands on them.  So exciting.

Target Clearance. I always love to have time to walk around and see what I can find. I purchased a couple of these album in a nice apple green when they got marked 50% off but the other day I was able to find this great pink one at 70% off. Wahoo. Since there was only one and it usually takes two for me to put a year in I plan to use this one to store my pocket pages so they are easy for me to grab and then if I have a project that just needs one album I'll be ready to go. I may need to go and see if I can find more of these at another Target. I can't been scrapbooking albums for under $6.

So I'm watching the Flash as I'm working on this and Roger Howarth is on this week. Since I also watch General Hospital and I love him I just had to smile since on one of he GH episodes they were talking about a tv actor and he said that I heard he has a recurring role on The Flash now.  I laughed then and I chuckled again this morning as I'm watching him on the Flash. I know he is just recurring but I hope that he sticks around for awhile.

So that is my Friday Faves. What are you liking right now?
Have a great weekend,

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

It's been a busy morning so not that its almost 5 I'm going to link up with Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • I have no idea where all the day went today. C and I had a couple errands to run and then I came home and did some Disney work and a little training but then WOW it was time for N to get home and now it's time for dinner. So crazy.
  • Speaking of errands I got some bad chicken at Harris Teeter the other day. I opened the bag last night and about passed out. It smelled so bad. So I sealed it back up and threw it out.  Then I took my receipt back to them and told customer service what happened and she refunded my money. However they have a double back guarantee on fresh items so she gave me twice what I paid. I had no clue they did that but it was so nice and they were so good about it.  I love my local store even when you get the occasional bad item. 
  • I finally ordered my Stampin' Up Sale-a-bration order. I've been talking about it and looking at it since mid Jan and I finally ordered today. I'm hoping it gets here by next weekend so that I have it to use when the girls come over to scrap. :)
  • I have now discovered why people put their gaming systems in another room. My boys are obsessed with Madden Football and Disney Infinity and they always want to play. Well the PS3 is on our main tv so when they want to play I can't watch anything.  :( I think this is what is causing me to be so behind in all my shows. I swear I was just caught up and now I'm weeks behind again.
  • And this has absolutely nothing to do with anything above but I won a Divergent prize pack and when I picked it up yesterday it had a poster rolled up. Well of course I had to open it when I got in the car and uhm WOW is it a good one ;)  I keep wondering if M will notice if I put this in our bedroom. LOL

So that is is for my late entry on this rainy cold day here. Hope you are having a great Thursday.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Good Afternoon!!!  C and I have been out enjoying this weather so I'm just getting a chance to get on and chat today. :)

Let's get a Wahoo!!! for Hindsight getting picked up for Season 2. I mean after the cliffhanger of a season finale last week they had better been picked up. Even with Becca trying to change things the blowup with Lolly still happened and the are still estranged.  I'm hoping this time they can deal with it and not let it go and end everything since really that wouldn't make much of a show if that happened. LOL  Can we also take a minute to talk about the elevator at the end? Does it take her back? is it just an elevator? I can't wait to find out.  If you don't already watch Hindsight then try and catch it now and be ready for season 2. It is so great.

And now for my weekly Walking Dead.  I was flipping out at this weeks episode. OMG I knew that Noah was going to die since the actor got cast in another show but still I wasn't expecting it like that. I mean WOW that was a graphic intense death even for the walking dead.  RIP Noah.  Also the gang is obviously taking over the town one job at a time and while we also knew it was coming I'm glad that its just kindof falling into place. Of course with the new info on the doctor an with Father Gabriel spreading all the demon news I can see it coming to a head soon.  The last couple of episodes are going to be interesting. Oh and I had to use the above picture since Abraham said the best line of the night in Mother Dick. LOL I was rolling when he said it and thought it was so perfect for him.

So that is it for this week. My new shows are back on the week and I can't wait to watch the Flash Arrow and Supernatural. I NEED to get my boys fix in ;)

I'll be back next week to chat some more.  
Have a great rest of your Tuesday!!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Morning Musings

Morning everyone!!!

How was everyone's weekend? We didn't really do a ton of stuff but that makes a great weekend.  We had plans to go to the movie on Saturday but when we all slept in that just didn't happen so we took our time getting ready and headed out for some errands.  It was a nasty rainy day anyway so all was good.

Sunday however was beautiful and we spent most of the day outside playing.  N had a great time throwing the football.  And can we just talk about his outfit. This is where I have decided that I am just not going to pick a fight over it.  As long as he is dressed I think I'm going to give him a pass. LOL

Did anyone look at your NCAA brackets yet?  I have no idea how to pick a team on there but I do have a great time choosing and seeing how I do. I do have a bit of a plan on how I pick the teams at least for the first couple of rounds. I look at each game and see if I have an affiliation to either team or if I know anyone who went to that school and that is the team I pick. Of course I don't usually pick a 16 to beat a 1 but all other upsets are free reign. LOL So as you can see I'm not usually very good with my choices but its fun anyway and who knows my bracket could surprise me one of these years.

Let's see this week looks like a regular week. Just school and C has a dentist appointment. Since it will be in the upper 70s today and tomorrow  we will probably park for a little bit at least and grill for dinner.  It is going to be 50s and rain by Wednesday :( So basically this past weekend was more spring like then when spring actually starts this weekend.  I can't complain too much though since I do remember a year it snowed on my birthday (which is next Sunday ;)) I do not want that.

So what are you all up to this week? Anyone have any big plans?

Have a great one!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Snail Mail Sunday

I'm totally "borrowing" this one from my friend over at Surviving as a Mom.  I love reading her post every Sunday and seeing what she has gotten in the mail so I'm going to try. I can't say I will do it every week but we'll see how it goes. :)

If you've known me for awhile I sign up for most things I see online. I do skip things that I really just don't see any use for and don't know anyone I could pass it on to but really I'm sure that isn't too many items. LOL  What I need to do is start a list of things I sign up for that I can cross off when I actually get them. Hmm something to go and get a new little notebook for ;)

This week I got:
  • Family Fun and Parents magazine  - I usually flip through these and take out any coupons that I will use. Then I pass them on to a friend or I let the boys use them for cutting out pictures etc before putting them in the recycle bin.
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair - this came from a Walmart sample and it is huge.  Usually when I get samples from Walmart an Target they are small size but this one is huge.  My boys skin has been really dry lately so I'm hoping they will let me use this on them.
  • Some Jamberry wraps - I was invited to a FB party for a friend and I won a contest in there for some accent nails. These are the first Jamberry's that I've ever had and I'm already used one of them. They are fun and very different then what I was expecting in a good way. During the party she decided to sign up so if you are interested check out her site http://staceywarner.jamberrynails.net/
  • Julep Hartleigh - Another contest win. This one over from Hello Subscription.   I am a nailpolish girl but I've been on a little bit of a pause in my monthly Julep boxes until I use some of my stash ;)  So I was very excited to win a new bottle and can't wait to put it on.
So all in all not a bad week I don't think.  Lots of fun goodies for me to play with.  What do you think? Do you sign up for lots of freebies and contests? What was your favorite win?
Happy Sunday,

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stampin' Up Paper Pumpkin Sale-a-braton Special

With Sale-a-bration ending at the end of March I wanted to make sure you saw the Paper Pumpkin Special!!!
Right now you can get $5 off a 3 month subscription to My Paper Pumpkin and you will get to select an item from the sale-a-bration catalog. This is AWESOME!!!
You can place your order though my online store and don't forge to check out all the other great new products we have out.

Here is the kit from a couple months ago that I just pulled out to work on.  I'll do a full post when I'm done.

Happy Crafting!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

I don't have a title picture for this one yet but I'm trying something new and if I decide I like it I will make a banner. :)  I'm going to share a couple favorites of mine right now today.

I know I've been talking about this all week but the weather right now is AWESOME!!!  This is my favorire kindof weather. I call in jeans and t-shirt weather. It is so easy to get dressed and head out.  That is what we did again yesterday afternoon. It was too nice to stay home so we went out to the park with our neighborhood playgroup.  I know we have some rain coming this weekend but I'm hoping we have some of this weather next week too.

This card.  I'm am such a homebody and this is exactly how I feel sometimes.  I so rarely watch anything live. I've had a Tivo since 1997 so I've been recording shows for so long it is rare I watch anything but sports live.  While I love hanging out with my friends sometimes I'd rather just stay in and watch something.  

I was looking on the Disney Store website and I ran across the new Pandora beads. I really like them all. My boys usually get me some new beads for any gift giving occasion so I'm sure I will end up with some soon. :)

While I was online shopping ;) I went checking out the new arrivals over at Kate Spade. I'm always on the lookout for a new bag and with it being spring soon I will need something a little more festive. And while this is not a bag I could ever carry and not look like a crazy lady I'm loving the bright flowers and the springiness of the whole look. It is just so pretty.

So you all know I'm a scrapbooker and I have lots of Disney to scrap.  A couple years ago Simple Stories came out with a line called Say Cheese. It is what I'm using to document my last trip.  This year they are releasing a new update to that line called Say Cheese II and I can't wait. I'm loving all the pieces and can't wait to get my hands on them all. I am trying to be good but if I get some birthday money ;) then some of these pieces are coming home to me.  Woohoo

So what are you loving right now? Anything I need to take a look into? Share share share and enable me LOL

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stampin' Up Sale-a-bration 2015 March Update

Time for a March update!!!  Sale-a-bration time is almost up. You have until the end of March to get your order in.  For a special March option Stampin' Up has added 4 new products that you can choose from.

You can see a couple in the picture and the rest are in the brochure below.
I'm loving the twine and the large Thanks stamp. 

Check out all the information below and as always let me know if you have any questions!!!

Starting off the second month of Sale-a-bration!!!

For every $50 in Stampin' Up products you purchase you can get a free item from the Sale-a-bration brochure. This is my favorite sale of the year. Check out the available free items here 

And the head over to my site to order your goodies today www.jennylouthan.stampinup.net 

and since I've posted about my kits before there is also a My Paper Pumpkin Special during Sale-a-bration.
Right now you can get $5 off a 3 month subscription to My Paper Pumpkin and you will get to select an item from the sale-a-bration catalog. This is AWESOME!!! http://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=137859&dbwsdemoid=94340 

Happy Crafting!!!


Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday so that means its time to link up with Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • Oh my the weather has been so great so far this week. We have been in the 70s the last couple of days and it isn't too humid yet so we can actually be outside and not get too sticky.  Yesterday C and I spent 3.5hrs at the park and then after dinner N,C and I took a walk. The boys have been playing outside until about 7:30 each night too. So great. 
park fun
  • Woohoo NCState won their first game of the ACC tournament last night.  That is exciting and I'm always hoping for a good run. I also can't wait until the NCAA brackets are announced on Sunday night.  Not that I really follow basketball but I still get excited and have fun making my brackets.
  • Uhm have I mentioned that my birthday is coming up? I will turn 40 in 11 more days!!  I mean really I'm not freaking out too much and I'm in the you are only as old as you feel mind so 40 is just a number but I do love my birthday and that it is my day :)
out for a walk/scoot
  • Do you buy buttered microwave popcorn? I always do but lately I've decided I like it with fresh melted butter so I add more butter to the butter popcorn. Wondering if I should try the regular popcorn and then add butter.  Yes I know that was random. LOL
  • My brother is staying in Denver another week so I get to keep my little house guests a little longer. They are loving having the windows and doors open. They can be awful cute but boy having two kittens around at one time can be a handful. ;)

Have a great Thursday everyone. Let me know if you are here from the link up.

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