Tuesday, September 29, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Yay it is finally here. The new fall season of TV. :)  I'm beyond excited and while I haven't watched all the new shows or the premieres of my existing shows I have watched a couple.  Let's chat about a couple of them.

Let's talk about my big one from last week Scream Queens.  I will admit while I thought it looked great I really just wasn't sure about it. Then I watched it and I LOVED it. It is so campy and perfect.  It is a lot like the movies Heathers and Jawbreakers that I really like and while it is current they do give a little wink wink to the fact that people know the genre and the era.  Oh did you notice the soundtrack too?  It was full of mid 90s music that is really the feel of the show to me.  Now for the story. It is corny but I will say after the first episode I think there could be a number of actual masked killers.  Oh and that ending!!! I was beginning to be worried they were going to kill off all the name actors and then that.  So not what I was expecting.

I also got a chance to watch Scorpion.  I think it did a good job of getting the team back together.  The story was a little contrived but really most of their cases are but I love the team dynamic with everyone.  I can't wait to see where Paige and Walter go from here. I know they will draw it out but they really are good together and they obviously like each other and they have heat so it will be fun to see it play out.

M and I caught NCIS:New Orleans this week too.  It is a good procedural to watch for both of us.  I liked the first one and they jumped right in with excitement. I also think they set us up for the season long mystery that they will pick up here and there with Pride being a target.

That is my talk for today.  I'm not sure which shows I'll get a chance to catch this week as I'm heading for a girls scrapping retreat where GASP the hotel rooms don't have TVs. LOL  I know can you believe such a place exists.  I'm actually usually so busy and having so much fun that I don't miss it too much ;)  What shows did you catch last week? Anything new you are loving?  

Happy Viewing,

Monday, September 28, 2015


Good morning!!!  Since I was up early today I am getting this posted in the actual morning. Woohoo!  I really love doing my recaps this way so I'm back to link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post :)


Moist--- It has been raining here pretty much for days. While we do need the rain we do not need it everyday for a week. :( oh and I just had to use that word since I have some friends who hate it and will get a chuckle. LOL

Organized--- The boys and I got some new bins for their Raskog Ikea cart. I was planning to use them in my cart but they wanted it so I said ok as long as we did some sorting.  Then came the discussion and this is what we ended up with. Question: Do you sort your craft supplies by type or by color?  N and I want it by type and since we did most of the work that is the way we went however C says it should be by color so I'm sure he will spend a whole afternoon switching it up sometime.

Stylin'--- With the rain we have had cooler weather and C finally got to wear jeans to preschool.  This is a huge moment here in NC. He also decided on his tie shirt so he was looking good for school  We love Warrior Poet clothing here and this shirt is just a sampling of our large selection.  They have great shirts for boys and we love thier motto of #beboth. My boys are definitely both a warrior and a poet.  

Listening--- C is obsessed with music these days and specifically R5.  With the great weather we had before the rain he was out in the treehouse with his Ipad singing at the top of his lungs.  I apologize now for any neighbors who heard him. LOL

Busy--- The Early 2016 WDW Discounts came out this morning so I was up at 5am working on getting it applied to my clients.  I love the rush and excitement of discount day.  If you are thinking of going to WDW in early 2016 now is the time to book.  Check out my other post for more info HERE.

So let's see what about this week. It is a busy one for me. I head out to a scrapbooking retreat with my friends and I can't wait to get my crafting on. Be ready for tons of scrappy page posts to come and have a great week.  And if you are near me try and stay dry they are calling for more rain all week :(

Have a Magical Monday,

Early 2016 Walt Disney World Discounts

It is time for the Early 2016 Walt Disney World Discount.  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


The new season is really kicking off this week so as I'm working on my list and setting my Tivo I wanted to talk a minute about season passes.  My season pass manager is a little ridiculous. LOL granted not all shows are on at the same time and I tend to leave them in the manager until they are really cancelled.  So far I have 60 shows on my list. Yes you read that right I said 60.  
And here they are................
Big Bang Theory
2 Broke Girls
Vampire Diaries
Pretty Little Liars
Once Upon a Time
Walking Dead
So you think you can dance
Big Brother
Food Network Star
General Hospital
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team
Talking Dead
Rizzoli & Isles
Young & Hungry
Donnie Loves Jenny
Love It or List it
CSI Cyber
The League
Lip Sync Battle
Celebrity Family Feud
the Kitchen
Mr. Robot
Lachey's Bar
Fear the Walking Dead
Scream Queens
Heroes Reborn
Blood & Oil
Brother vs Brother
American Restoration
Counting Cars
Cajun Pawn Stars
Ink Master
Storage Wars
Auction Hunters
Pawn Stars

Oh WOW that is a long list but as you know the aren't all on at the same time of the year and this covers year round programming.  It is also both M and my shows since those down near the bottom of the list are not things that I tend to watch. LOL A couple of these are also still on here and they only come on very limitedly throughout the year but I don't want to miss it so it stays.

So how many season passes do you have set on your Tivo/DVR?  Do you clean it out each season or leave it up?

Happy Viewing everyone!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Good afternoon!!!  I really love doing my recaps this way so I'm back to link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post :)


Exhausted--- My niece had her birthday party at chuck-e-cheese yesterday and while we were only there a couple hours I'm worn out.  My boys loved it and if you couldn't guess N found his favorite game.  He spent most of his tokens throwing the football.

Slack--- C needed a family picture to take to preschool last week and we didn't have any newish ones so the little girl next door snapped a couple with my phone in the backyard.  She did a great job and he was excited to have a picture for school.  Now I need to get some real ones taken soon. LOL

Energized--- M participated in a Dragonboat race this weekend and while his team did not win they did have a great time and we all had fun watching the boats and hanging out at the festivities.  I'm pretty sure that Saturday was the hottest day we've had here in a month though. LOL we all about melted.

Lighter--- I told you guys I was participating in a consignment sale at my friends church last weekend and I took these two huge loads to her sale.  I sold 98 items so I was stocked. I still have some tiny little clothes so I'll list those on some local sites and then pack away and/or donate what is left.  I'm so excited to get rid of some of this and helping a good cause along the way.

Inspired--- I saw this on fb last week and sent it to my sister so unfortunately I have no idea who posted the link but I'm in love.  I also have no idea if someone drew it or if its wallpaper but I'd love some wallpaper like this.  I love it in B/W but I love the thought that it can be colored in. I think it would be so cool in a craft room or office for when we just need a mental break for a few minutes.

So that's a quick recap of last week. This week is just a regularish week I think with Disney work for me, school for the boys and work for M.  C is out one day for a teacher workday so we'll be park bound then and I need to start packing for my scrapping retreat next week.  Eeehhh so excited for a couple days to just create and hang with my girlies!!!!

Have a magical week everyone °O°

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall TV 2015 - TV Talk

My Entertainment Weekly finally came today. It should have been here last Friday but of course it was late since I was waiting on it. However I have made my first pass and I think I have my shows for the new season all lined up on my chart.  Yes for those new to my blog I make a TV chart each fall season and see where the shows fall out and since I can only record two shows at a time make sure I don't have conflicts and then decide what I want to do when I have a conflict. Etc.  This year I'm going to give you a little nightly thoughts below the chart so stick around and check me out.

Here is the chart......

So lets check it out for a quick daily thoughts.  I will go into more detail when I resume my TV Talk Tuesday posts next week.  I'll also be adding a linkup each week so come out and link up to talk TV.

Sunday - Lots of new shows for me tonight. I wasn't originally thinking of watching Blood & Oil but the previews make it look like soapy goodness so we will see.  Flesh & Blood is about the dance world and has the main guy from the movie CenterStage in it so I have to check it out.  I of course don't have Starz so I'll probably have to watch it once it makes it to another platform but it still has me very excited.  Oh and lets not forget the one night only CSI finale.  I haven't watched CSI in years but I will watch the finale and see how they hopefully go out with a bang.

Monday - This is kindof crazy for me as Monday is usually such a busy night for me but for some reason not this year. LOL I wonder why they moved all the shows I watch off this night. Hmmm  As for the new shows I can't wait to check out Blindspot I think it looks like a unique way to start a procedural drama. I will also say that we still haven't finished 2 Broke Girls from last season. I'm hoping this season starts out good as I don't think last season was their best or it might be on my now it's time to say goodbye list in the spring.

Tuesday - So it looks like tonight is my night for new shows and conflicts (kindof). I for sure want to check out Scream Queens. It looks so campy and AWESOME.  I love Rob Lowe and Fred Savage so I'm hoping Grinder is a good half hour show that both M and I will enjoy.  I just can't decide on Limitless so I'm going to try it out. I mean who doesn't want to watch Bradley Cooper every week? Now for the kindof conflict. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before but I really want to like SHIELD but somehow I only make it through the first half of each season. LOL so since its the beginning of a season I might give it another try however NCIS:NOLA and iZombie take precedence.

Wednesday - Uhm is there any question that I will be watching Arrow and Supernatural? I mean I liked SPN before it was all the rage and as popular as it is now. LOL  I also really liked the first two season of Heroes so I'm in for a new ride and I hope it starts out as strong as the original.

Thursday - Another much of the same night for me however I am beyond thrilled to have Vampire Diaries and Originals on back to back.  I can get all my vampire love in on one night.  Elementary is another one the M and I are still behind on from last season but we do like it we just feel that it is a good binge show so we keep holding off and hmm looks like we are almost out of time. LOL I guess we can work some more on the Tivo and just plan some watch time.

Friday - my loan show Reign got moved over here.  I love Reign and will watch it no matter what night it is on.

So I think that about sums up my first thoughts and looks.  I'm still reading through my EW so I may add and/or remove some things but this gets me started.  Looks like a lot of shows start next week so I'm going to have to take some time this week to set my season passes and clear out the stuff that is no longer on there.  That might have to be another thread with just my season passes. Oh my do I have so many. :)

I'm beyond excited and ready now for the new season. What are you most interested in? Anything new that really catches your eyes?

Happy viewing,

Monday, September 14, 2015


Good morning!!!  It is actually Monday and morning and I'm here to link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post :)


Loving--- My little C.  He went to the football game with M and N on Saturday night while I stayed home so on Sunday he just wanted to sit on my lap and watch tv.  He said he missed me at the game so he needed extra mommy time.

Busy--- I participate in my friends church's consignment sale each year and it is this week so I've been tagging and pricing clothes like crazy. LOL  Nothing like waiting til the last minute as I plan to do my first drop off tomorrow morning.  Eeek oh and this was just the start of my sorting and hanging.  My floor now looks like clothes threw up on it as I'm sorting out the sizes and tagging.

Cheering--- For football.  With the first NFL games on Thursday my 3 guys were ready.  N especially could not wait and has been talking about it non-stop.

Shopping--- I feel like I'm already behind in my Christmas shopping.  I normally have a bit of a toy stash already and this year I just don't.  What are you guys looking for this year?  I know my boys want a basketball goal and Disney Infinity 3.0 so I know those will be their big gifts but I'm not sure on what else to add to their stash.

Planning--- my week.  This is a crazy busy one for some reason. Not only do I have to finishing tagging the kids stuff but I have an eye appt, C has a dentist appt, N starts run club, and I have Ns school conference.  Somehow I'm squeezing it all in but at least the weather looks gorgeous.  I even wore jeans today which makes me so so excited.

So how was your week last week? Do you have any big plans for this week?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday and I'm back to link up with Jen for some Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • I swear both of my boys are growing like crazy this year.  Poor C is a jammie boy and all of a sudden all of his are just way to small.  So we ran into Carters the other day and he picked out a new pair.  I was hoping to get more but he was more interested in the footwear and once I said he could get those he was done. LOL  they are stinkin' cute though.

  • I saw the new trailer for this season of Supernatural and I almost peed my pants. It looks so good and so dark and I can't wait for it to start back up.

  • Speaking of new TV I saw on EWs FB this morning that my What to Watch is coming this week.  This makes me beyond excited and I will be working on my TV chart as soon as I get it.

  • You all know I have two boys well N is obsessed with sports and especially football. He will spend hours researching statistics and learning facts.  LOL needless to say his only concern for NC State football this season was if he got to go to all the games.  Then he wondered when we would wear the elusive all black outfits.  He is beyond stoked that we are doing a black out this weekend and he is already planning his outfit.  Since the weather looks like rain I'm working on my reason for not having to go with them ;)

So those are some random thoughts for today.  I'm doing some work this morning and then I have to pick C up from preschool.  My morning time goes way to fast.

Have a great Thursday,

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


disclaimer: This post contains referral links.

Good afternoon!!!  I'm here on Tuesday to link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post better a day late then never :)


Cheering--- for the Wolfpack.  Our home opener was this weekend and we had a blast. All the boys were very excited for the game.

Amused--- at the poses and places that C can sleep.  If you've followed me awhile or follow me on IG then you know that C loves to sleep in random poses and places.  While not an overly odd place he was sitting there playing is Ipad one minute and the next he was out.  So cute. #Ilovesleepingkidpics

Excited--- for C. We went to the pool for a couple hours yesterday for the Labor Day Party and they had the kids break out into age groups for games. One of the games was to collect coins on the bottom of the pool.  Cs was in the kiddie area so only about a ft deep and he could just reach down.  The leader said they could keep the money so make sure to look for silver money and that is what he did. He racked up a whopping $4.16.  Woohoo  He was so excited.  His little hands were full. #bestpoolgameever

Sad--- that this is Cs last year in preschool and next year my little man will be in kindergarten. :(  It is so sad to see them grow up so fast and I will miss all the teachers and leaders at his preschool.  We've been there for 5 years now and it will feel weird to not be going there everyday.

Happy--- C had a great day on his first day and he gave preschool and his yummy lunch a thumbs up.

Working--- with C back in school and my mornings a little more free I am planning to really get into working more in the mornings. I spent this morning doing Disney work and updating my planner.  This is a huge thing for me and I really need to keep the planner up to date.  I'm also trying to decide which one I want for next year.  I'm thinking Erin Condren horizontal? What do you think?  Oh speaking of Disney work I ordered the cutest notebook from Shutterfly last night.  Did you know they have some Disney options?  I didn't but while I was placing my order I saw them and I was so happy. they are so stinking cute.

No big plans here this week.  Both boys have school so we will be doing that and then just hanging out.  I'm hoping for good weather so they can play outside some when they are home. They love going outside. How is your week looking?

Have a Magical Week,

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Ipsy September 2015 Spoilers - My bag Update 9/7

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link for Ipsy and if you joining through me I will get credits for future goodies.

New updates at the bottom!!!

 I've been following Ipsy on snapchat and on facebook and they have been sharing some spoilers.  They usually release it on snapchat the night before it shows up on facebook if you want the first look.  I'm going to share what I have found so far. :)

This month is all about Face Fashion!!!
See you backstage. #ipsy #SeptemberGlamBag#FaceFashion

SNEAK PEEK #1: VIP? That's right. There's a Very Important Product in your #SeptemberGlamBag. Fierce brows or fashionable polish? #ipsy #FaceFashion

SNEAK PEEK #2: It's Fashion Week every week with one of these runway-ready picks. Glowing complexion or gorgeous eyes? #ipsy #SeptemberGlamBag#FaceFashion

SNEAK PEEK #3: Discover the ultimate backstage beauty secrets with one of these must-haves. What lip shade are your ready to wear? #ipsy#SeptemberGlamBag #FaceFashion

 Ipsy  shared that they will be back with sneakpeaks next week. So far it is looking like a good month and I'm excited!!!!

Updated 9/7/2015  - They have posted your bag online if you want to take a look.  I just grabbed a pic of mine. I'll hold out until it gets here for a review but it does look interesting and good for me so far.

Happy Ipsy day,

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link for Ipsy and if you joining through me I will get credits for future goodies.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

thredUP - online consignment store

disclaimer: this post contains referral links and I will get credits if you purchase through my link. 

I've been eyeing some of these online consignment sites and decided to give it a try with some tops I had around here.  This time I decided to try thredUp.  It was pretty easy to use and all you had to do was go online and request a bag. Then when you get the bag you fill it up and send it back. They will do the rest.

I'll admit I ordered my bag awhile ago and when I go and look I think it was back in May when I asked for a  thredUp bag.  LOL  Yes it took me that long to actually do this.  I finally filled up the bag and shipped it out.  I got an email from  thredUp on Aug 7th telling me that they got my bag and I should expect it to be processed around August 22nd.  That seemed pretty good to me.  I will also say that this bag is bigger then you would think. I was able to fit a lot in it and there was still room for more.

My pile of goodies that I sent in. I can't find my list of items now but I'm pretty sure I sent in 13 items.  There are certain brands that  thredUp will accept and you can find those on their website.  I collected my items and then went through the list to make sure that they were all good.

I got an email on Aug 21st telling me that my polka dot bag had been processed and I could log in to see my account.

So for my 13 items I'm making a payout of $26.81.  These were not new with tag clothes and according to them some had some wash wear. I honestly do not remember that but I didn't hold them up to each other or anything I just did a quick look for stains.  I'm pretty happy with my payout. Around here selling women's clothes is a huge ordeal and then they don't sell well. If I was having a yard sale I probably would have only gotten $1-$2 for each item so this was a quick and easy way to clear them out.  I also sent in what I would say were some of the lower brands that they do accept so I wasn't expecting anything huge. I am curious to send in some higher end items to see how those do.  As you can see many of my items have already sold and I plan to do some fall shopping for my boys with the credits and/or maybe a few new somethings for me :)  I haven't decided yet. LOL

So would I do it again? Yes and actually I've already ordered another bag.  
Do I plan to make a ton of money? No but I love the ease of it

Have you guys tried  thredUp yet? Have you purchased from them? I've heard great things about what they sell so I can't wait to get some for myself.  If you purchase through one of my links then you will get $20 off your first purchase and I will get $20 too.  :)  That will make us both very happy. 
I do need to do a huge closet purge so hopefully I'll have some goodies that can go in my next bag.

Happy consigning,

disclaimer: this post contains referral links and I will get credits if you purchase through my link. 

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday and I'm back to link up with Jen for some Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • So very random but I was talking to some people about dinner routines and when M is home for dinner the boys have some set questions they ask him.  They always ask " How was your day?" "What did you have for lunch?" and "Did you get anything done today?"  I have no idea how it started but it really gets them at least involved in the conversation. He is turn asks them about school and playgroup or whatever else he knows we did that day.  Do you guys have a similiar routine? Do you get the kids involved in your dinner conversations?
  • Speaking of my boys while they may fight and yell at each other one minute. The next minute they will be like this and happy as can  be.

  • C and I hit up Target this morning since N wants to do appetizer-palooza for dinner since football is on tonight. I think we will be switching between the UNC game and the Panthers game. He is in little boy heaven. Anyway while we were there C was working on his Christmas list and wanted to make sure I took a picture of him with the new Disney Infinity 3.0.  I will admit this one looks pretty great and I can't wait to let the boys play ;) ;)

  • Speaking of football NC State kicks off this weekend and the boys are all excited.  I've been loving the timehop this week as it keep showing me the opening game pictures.  I can't believe how little the boys look.  Check back on Monday for my Currently post and I'm sure to have some pics from this weekend :)

That's it from here. Besides football we don't really have any plans for the weekend.  Do you guys have anything going on?

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!!

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