Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Noah and Kali scrappy layout

As I said in other posts I went scrapping with friends this weekend and this is one of the pages I created.  I was digging through my stash and saw this frame. I have had this frame forever and when I saw it I knew exactly which picture to use with it.  Then I started looking though my paper and saw this Etcetera paper pack and all the frames and I was on a role.

Included in the Etcetera Designer Series paper was the measuring tape page. This was so great since with N and my cat Kali both stretched out it looks like they are trying to see who is the biggest. ;) And yes before you ask my cat is that big.  I added a touch of ribbon to the frame and a piece of hardware that reminded me of a sliding scale on a measuring ruler. Pretty sure that is the engineer in me coming through.

I was then looking at the page which is actually how I did most of my scrapping this weekend just laying things down and going from there. I had not pre-planned.  I decided to pull out a new set from the Sale-A-Bration 2014 sets.  This is a sneak peak for those that are interested. It is the cute little banner stamps and the small punch that punches them out.  I inked the different stamps and stamped them on a scrap of very vanilla paper to punch out. What I loved about this one was that the punch cuts just inside the stamped image so there is no border around it.  Some stamps have a border and some don't but with this one I was happy without one since I think alot of times I will be layering this on another banner piece and I would have had to fussy cut those borders off.  Finished the banner off with some twine and small buttons.

This was a very Stampin' Up page.  I loved how all the colors came together and the picture stayed the main focus.  I'm also loving the Sale-a-bration sneak preview items I have and can't wait for the sale to start in January.

Have a Happy New Year and keep crafting!!! 
The Stampin' Up items I used are listed below.


Used products:

Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Morning Musings 12/30/2013

So hard to believe this is the last Monday of the year.  It seems like this year has gone by so fast.

This weekend I spent it scrapbooking at Archivers with friends.  I went Friday and Saturday and got some great pages done.  I will be posting some over the next couple of weeks.  It was so much fun but I was so exhausted yesterday we didn't do a ton. I did get some more kids clothes sorted out and will be taking one last donation bag in today.

The boys and I hung their Disney countdown chains. Every morning we take a link off and then we know how many days until we leave. They are loving this and we count them every morning.  These are what I made and had in a box to give them for Christmas. Hmm I guess I just realized what I will be doing this week and that is organizing and packing for our trip.

N got quite a few new Warrior Poet clothes for Christmas and as he keeps saying he wants to wear one everyday. C has a couple either hand me down or ones I've picked up from people and they both decided to wear them the other day.  N loves this brand and shhh don't tell him but he's getting some more for his birthday.

Hmm just noticed I haven't done a Christmas recap either. I'll work on that this week and get it posted. It will be picture heavy I'm sure. ;)  Now how did I get there you ask? Well M got me a new laptop since mine tends to randomly cut off and once I opened it then he asked me what I wanted in a new laptop and decided that we needed to exchange what he bought for a different one.  So off we went on Thursday to make some exchanges.  Not as bad as you would think. However N was being a totally hoot and wanted to have a photo session in the Office Depot parking lot. I got some really cute photos of him but realized that we really need to get his hair cut. LOL

Isn't he just crazy?  Not sure what mail I will be getting this week with the holiday.  I'm not expecting any boxes this week.  I've ordered a couple things online with after Christmas specials so I should still be getting some boxes in the mail ;)

We are pretty much staying home and just chilling for the week. M is off so he can help and play with the boys so maybe I can get some organizing in. I also need to get my Erin Condren planner going and filled in to start the new year.  That has me the most excited and giddy almost. LOL

What are you up to this week? Anything fun and exciting for the new year?


Wantable Dec 2013 Box Review

I was out scrapping on Saturday and then I got the text that my Wantable had been delivered.  I had to wait all day to get home and check it out. Then of course I was exhausted so I didn't really dig into it until this morning.  Oh my goodness am I excited.

As usually the Wantable  box is nice and white. It also has some of the best guts around. They use egg carton type packaging so nothing moves in shipment. This is great since they send full size items that are often in glass.

Here is my list this month.  I believe it was last month that they added a complexion products category to their questionnaire so I had to go in and modify to add that.  I also finally placed eyeliner in my disliked column. As much as I do love eyeliner and it is one of my go tos I have enough to last me years.  However if there was a way to say no black or brown I probably would add it back but so far you can't be that specific. LOL I like going in and changing things up each month and then seeing what I get. So I will be back in there again before my trip so that I don't forget later.

And not what you have been waiting for.

This months goodies:

  • ncLA nail laquer in Cookies and Gold ($16) - ncLA is a 5 free polish and says this color is a creamy white that is dripping with prismatic gem sparkles.  I can not wait to try this one out. It looks like so much fun and I love when I get sparkles and stuff in my polish.
  • Starlooks shadow in conquest ($12) - I've gotten quite a bit of Starlooks products and I've liked them all. This is a great dark purple color that they say will be great as a liner or as a definer for the crease. 
  • Color Club Magnetic Nail Polish in Magnetic Force ($12) - This has me the most interested as I've never had a magnetic nail polish before. The description says its a deep shade of purple with a silver shimmer.  I've never used this before so very curious to see what it is all about and what it can do.  And what difference the magnetic portion has with it.
  • Sorme Perfect Touch Concealer in True Ivory ($24) - I use a concealer everyday so I had to add it to my likes list. This says that its a silkin fixing fluid that makes flaws, dark circles, wrinkles, dullness, and signs of fatigue appear to virtually vanish.  This is something I have to see.
  • Michael Marcus Prime Foundation Brush ($20) - Since the Sorme needs to be blended in I'm glad they send a brush to go with it. I don't wear a ton of true foundation but I do use creams and lotions so this will be good for that. I think I've also said before I recently dumped all my brushes so I'm working on stocking them back up.
  • Skiin Instant Skin Tightener & Line Filler Sample - Every month Wantable includes a sample product. I believe I've gotten this one before but I haven't used it so now I really need to since I have a good amount to give it a real trial.
What do you think? Every time I see nail polish in my box I get excited right away and there are some really different products for me this month.  Overall I come up with a total of $84 for this months box and since Wantable only costs $36 a month its a great deal. They also have an option for a single box for $40 if you don't want to sign up for their month subscription however they make it really easy to skip and modify on their website. They also make it easy to return your whole box if you aren't satisfied with it. I have not had to do that yet since I've loved everything but the option is there as others say its really easy.

So tell me did you get a Wantable box this month. Since each box is so different what did you get? Now I have to wait for my intimates box to come before I get another makeup box. :)

Have a great week!!!

disclaimer: The link above is a referral link. I will get credits towards my next box if you sign up through me. Even with that all opinions are my own and if I didn't like something then you for sure would know.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday Thoughts 12/26/2013

Linking up for some Holiday Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer.

  • How was everyone's Christmas? Ours was pretty good. N got us all up at 8am and we went down for the presents.  Opened the stockings and looked at the unwrapped Santa gifts and then we had a donut break before digging into the rest of the gifts. After all the opening was done we did out breakfast of meat, meat and more meat. :) Yeap I made bacon, little sausages, and country ham for breakfast to go with our hashbrowns and biscuits. LOL we will be eating leftover meat for days.
  • Did you get a favorite gift?  I can't say what my favorite gift is but I got to finally open my Erin Condren Planner and my October Afternoon Santa Grab Bag.  M surprised me with a new laptop which is very much needed since mine will randomly just cut off.  Of course now he's not sure its the one that I really want so we may exchange it for another one this weekend and go from there.
  • I asked N what his favorite gift was and he said "All of them and I love my giant eraser" Uhm yeah kid the one thing you call out is the giant Darth Maul eraser that we got super cheap on clearance at Target. LOL
  • We had friends in last night and did Kabobs on the grill. So yummy and per the kids request my homemade mac-n-cheese.  It was a random combo but oh so yummy.  It also worked in wearing my boys out who went to sleep very early (for them) and I was in bed and asleep but 9:30.  It was AWESOME!!!  Wait that might be my favorite Christmas gift of the year. Going to bed that early. :)
  • Are you heading out shopping today?  Not sure if we are or not.  I took a friend to the airport so I'm up and ready but M is just now getting in the shower at 11:30am and the boys are still in jammies.  We are not fast moving today.
  • Oh I get to go scrapping at Archivers tomorrow night and Saturday night so that makes me very excited and will be a great ending to the Christmas Week.
I hope everyone had a great holiday and has a great new year.
Happy Clearance Shopping,

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Love The Mouse Disney Christmas Card

Sharing a Christmas Card I made for people who have booked travel with me.  I like to make a special Disney card to send them each year.

I call this one of my Washi Tape Wonder Cards. The background is strips of washi over and over.  I love love love it.  Then I used my big shot and a die I found while out shopping for the Santa Mickey and Reindeer Pluto flying over the city.  

If you book a trip with me then you can look forward to a great card next year too. :)

Merry Christmas and wishing you a year full of Pixie Dust,

Buttons, Buttons and more Buttons

My scrappy friends and I get together every holiday season and get little gifts for each other.  This year I had a plan and of course waited until the last minute but I did get them done and they loved them. :)  It all started a couple months ago when I saw a post somewhere that had a plaque with and initial in buttons.  We made comments about who ever has extra buttons and from that point I knew I wanted to make these for them.

Isn't this so great?  I love love love it and will need to be making myself one.  It wasn't that bad to make and the supplies weren't hard to find.

First up you will need some buttons.  I bought a grab bag up buttons and then roughly sorted them out.  C helped and we sorted the larger ones into colors and then as I was going we filled in with the smaller ones.  C had a great time working on his colors and helping select the perfect button.

If you've read any of my scrappy posts you already know I have an issue with naked buttons ;)  All button holes should have something in them either ribbon, thread, paper etc.  So for this project I bought some canvases and a new needles and used some linen thread to sew the buttons onto the canvas. Yes I sewed the buttons on the canvas.  I am not a sewer so this was really outside my comfort zone but not too hard to do.

I didn't take a picture of the unfinished back but I had printed the letters out in the size I wanted and then traced with a pencil on the back.  You could not see it through the canvas but it gave me a go by as I was sewing.

Then to finish off the back I just used some of the Stampin' Up fabric from a couple years ago and glued it down.  M got me some hangers and I nailed them into the frame.  

Here are the other letters that I made.

See I really do need to make one of these for myself. They are just too stinkin' cute.  Are you making any crafty gifts this year?  I need some ideas for next year.

Merry Christmas,

Monday, December 23, 2013

My Paper Pumpkin November 2013 Review

I've had this My Paper Pumpkin since the middle of Nov but with all the craziness I just didn't have time to put it together. I knew that I was going to keep it just as shown and use them for teacher gifts so we just needed some time.

Hmm well it looks like my box pictures are missing so I'll just have to tell you what was included.  The red star in the Noel and the Wishing you a Merry Christmas are stamps and they came with Real Red Ink Spot.  We also got some extra garland in our boxes.  I plan to use that on a Christmas scrappy page.

I'm waiting on the December My Paper Pumpkin now. My shipping said expected delivery today but it did not show up so maybe tomorrow. LOL  If you are interested in the kits or just want to check them out. My Paper Pumpkin is a monthly subscription box from Stampin' Up that is $19.95 and it sends you a project that can be completed in about 30min.  So far they have sent cards, mini albums, notepad holders and I've made some as shown and some I'm mixed up into something else.  

Happy Crafting!!!!

HauteLegs Dec 2013 Review

So excited to have won a contest from Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for a 3-month subscription to HauteLegs.  I was so excited after seeing her reviews for this one to try it out. I do not have a need to wear tights and hose often but when I do I love some funky ones and this is great to a get a sampling of some fun ones.

Hautelegs ships in a envelope and there is no mistaking what you are getting.

First look and I was excited. I'm a sucker for  good packaging and the pink tissue paper is so fun and bright.

Without putting them on I'm not sure the best way to describe them but I got 2 pairs this month.  The Black ones are fishnet.  I haven't had fishnet in ages and M is excited for them already ;)  The brown are kind of a leopard spotted pattern and I'm in love. I need to coordinate and outfit together so I can wear these. They are so great. Fun without being too loud and they will be great here in the winter months.

Hautelegs is a subscription box service that sends tights and leggings each month. You can choose from 3 pairs or 2 pairs a month. Since mine was a prize I don't know what I will be getting so its a real surprise for me but if you sign up then you do get to do have some selection and questionnaires so they can send you something that you will love.

So excited with my win and getting a chance to try this subscription out.  Do you get Hautelegs?  What do you think about your selections?


Friday, December 20, 2013

Plated 12/18/2013 Delivery

Yeah!!!  I finally got a chance to cook my Plated meals today.  I've been wanting to try them and the other week there was a coupon so I jumped at the chance.  However due to lack of thought and planning on my part I ended up cooking both meals today.  That's is ok though since they did get eaten and it was so much fun.

I love their boxes and everything was delivered to me on Wednesday which is the delivery date for me here in NC. Plated had everything in my insulated box packing materials and I had no issues with it when I went though it all.  Not much to see from my first look but I was still really excited.

Nissan's Soy Ginger Salmon Burgers with Parsley-Garlic Chips - This was M and my favorite of our two meals.  I've never had a Salmon burger before and when I first ordered I assumed it would just be a piece of salmon but nope I had to dice it up and mix it with stuff almost like making a regular hamburger.  I'm keeping this flyer since it is something we both said we would eat again.

The ingredients. I will say it looks like a lot but nothing was too hard to deal with. Some dicing and mincing and dumping so not too bad.

My final plate. I do think I did a pretty good job if I say so myself ;)

Seared Flank Steak with Escarole and Marcona Almond Salad - I will say this is the one that had me try this week when I saw Plated was offering it.  We do things like this at our house a lot and I knew we would like it. With that being said while it was good it was something that I do already cook here so M said we should try things we wouldn't normally make next time.

I had no idea what some of the items in this box were. I'd never heard of sunchokes or the cheese but again nothing was hard to deal with and Plated tells you whether you should dice, dump or mince.

My finished plate.  They had said to cook the meat medium rare but I can not eat my meat that red so I cooked it and then sliced it and dropped it back in the pan ;)  Still really juicy but not mooing at me.  I can't do the mooing. LOL

Overall I'm very happy with my Plated meals.  They have a limited menu next week with it being Christmas so I'm skipping it but I do plan to order again in the future.  If you want to sign up or just check out what Plated is all about take a look here (Plated) to try 2 plates for free.  You will get 4 plates for the price of 2 ($30)!!!

Do you get Plated already? Did you get this week which ones did you do?  What have been some of your favorite meals from them so far?

Happy eating,

disclaimer: My referral link is all over the post about. I will get credits for free meals if you try them out through one of my links. Thanks in advance.

Friday Phone Dump 12/20/2013

Linking up with Jennifer again for the Friday Phone Dump.

C and I had some shopping to do Monday and that meant we were eating at the mall.  That of course meant he wanted Chic-fil-a and then we traded in the book for ice cream. He has only recently decided he likes ice cream and this was how he ate most of it. He couldn't wait for me to get him a spoon he had to dig right in. ;)

This is also the week that the boys have decided they want to sleep together. They have done it for 3 nights and once we get over the me telling them they have to stay in bed and not bounce around its been working.  I laughed at this their first night since they started out on their own sides and then in the morning when I went to wake them up they were all smooshed together.  So cute and so bad they both had school and I had to wake them up, LOL

C had his school Christmas program this week and while he did get onstage and shake his bells he did not sing at all.  I did get to hear the songs over and over that afternoon.

So do you remember on So What Wednesday where I told you my sister thought my boots were ugly?  Well C loves them and wore them all around the house the other afternoon. I tell you that boy is a nut.

And finally C had his school pictures last week and we got them back yesterday.  He did so good and looks so stinkin' cute.

That's my week in pictures. How was your week? Any big plans for the weekend?  I know next week will be crazy with all the pictures people are taking. :)


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So What Wednesday 12/18/2013

Linking up again for So What Wednesday with Life After I Dew.

This week I'm saying So What If...

  • I'm meeting the girls tonight for Christmas dinner at the Melting Pot and our gift exchange and I just finished making them last night.  Be ready for a blog post on it later this week. They turned out awesome.
  • We don't have a single gift wrapped under our tree.  Just haven't gotten to that yet.
  • C had his Christmas Program yesterday and he didn't sing a word while onstage but I got to hear the songs all the rest of the day.
  • I didn't sign up to help Ns class build their gingerbread houses tomorrow. I sent in candy but I hate doing gingerbread houses so when I saw that the helpers slot did fill up I was glad I didn't have to fill in.
  • All I want to do for Christmas Break is go to the movies.  There are so many either already out or coming out this break that I NEED to go.
  • I wore my new boots yesterday. Even if my sister said they were ugly. I love them and they were really comfortable.

So that is what I'm saying So What to this week.  How about you?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TV Talk Tuesday 12/17/2013

So who all remembers my Fall TV Chart?  You can see it HERE.  Well I'm still working my way through the season but wanted to share some of my thoughts.

So where to start? Hmm I think I'll just go by day of the week and see how it goes. I'm hoping to do this more on Tuesdays so I won't have so much and then I can gush about my favorite shows all I want on a certain day. I can't guarantee that I won't talk about tv the rest of the week but I will know I have a set place for more discussion. :)


  • I'm loving Bones this season and I'm caught up so far.  Last season I thought was a little slow but its back up to the fun now.
  • 2 Broke Girls is as funny as ever. It is so uncouth and we could never get away with what all they say but I still love it.
  • Now lets talk Castle.  Who doesn't love Nathan Fillion?  Love love love him and the show is doing good with the engagement thing. Better then Bones did from the start.
  • So if you look at the chart you'll see I'm also planning on watching How I Met Your Mother and Sleepy Hollow on Mondays well I've watched the first couple episodes of both but haven't gotten any farther. LOL I know what M and I will be doing over the hellatus this month. ;)


  • Oh can we talk about Tuesdays.  I am loving SHIELD, The Originals and of course my favorite show on right now Supernatural.  I will say that Supernatural in the fall finale was WOW and I was not expecting it at all.  Does anyone else watch? RIP Kevin :(


  • This is a slack day for me.  I have picked up The Tomorrow People and after the first couple of episodes I think its really hitting its stride.  I'm anxious to see what they do with the back half of the season.
  • Well after rushing to watch the  whole first season of Revolution M and I haven't watched any of the second season yet. I think we had a little bit of binge burnout. ;)  I do like the show and we will probably catch up soon.
  • I do want to watch Arrow its just a dark show and my family room is so bright I have to watch it in the evening so that I can see it. LOL Well that just hasn't happened yet but I'm sure it will soon.

  • I have a bit of a Tivo scheduling issue on Thursday so I couldn't record Once Upon a Time in Wonderland so I've decided it just isn't a show I get to wathc :(
  • Big Bang Theory is Awesome as always.  It just gets funnier with time.
  • Have I told you how much I love Amber Tamblyn?  M and I have always watched Two and a half men but she really brings so much to the show. I'm actually laughing when she is on the screen.  Must have Vagina. Hysterical. (and no that is not something I thought I would ever be writing. LOL)
  • Elementary is another show both M and I enjoy. It is our new Mentalist. We dropped that one the other season when it got too repetitive.  So far this one still has lots of fresh ideas and I enjoy watching it each week.
  • Now lets talk about new shows.  I added Crazy Ones and Reign to my Thursday nights.  Loving both shows.  Sarah Michelle Gellar is awesome and who doesn't love Robin Williams.  Reign I'm going to say is the best new show this season. It is so great and the historical accuracy is so off but its still so fun to watch.  I just caught up on the fall finale last night and I can't wait for the season to start back up.  Really if you need to find one new show give this one a try.  I just want to watch more right away.

  • I had Dracula on my list but I never recorded it so I haven't watched it.  Oh well I didn't need to add another show to my list.

  • Of course no new shows on Saturday.

  • Once Upon A Time is good.  I know some people haven't liked the Neverland story but I did and thought it was really good.  I also watched the fall finale last night and the ending was so great.  I totally love me some Hook and Emma.  This one doesn't come back until March which makes me sad but it will run out the last of the season without breaks so I can wait.
  • I have all of this season of Revenge on the Tivo;)  Another show that I'm hopefully behind on.  Really these kids of mine are making me fall behind on my shows. LOL
  • So this one wasn't on my chart since its not network tv but who all watched the Walking Dead?  Pretty sure everyone does right.  The fall finale episode was OMG that is all I can say about it and all my brain can process. It has to be one of the best episodes of TV this year. It was AWESOME.
So what do you think? I know I watch way to much tv but to be honest most of these shows are on while I'm blogging, surfing, doing my nails, crafting etc so I'm not just sitting here staring at the tv.  When I have to list hobbies I will put tv on it as it is my downtime and I love it.

Are there any shows you watch and love? Anything I should see about adding to my list? Let me know your thoughts and what shows you are watching. I'm always up for talking tv.  And I don't care if you give me spoilers. I love to read them and do frequently.  I like to see how I read it and how it actually gets filmed and shown. To me its like reading a book before you go and see the movie.

Happy TViewing,

Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Morning Musings 12/16/2013

Ugh another Monday ;) However this is a good one since its the last week of school for N until Jan 23rd so we will have a little bit of time that we can sleep in.  Well he can sleep in and I'll be up with C but it all works.  We also have Christmas coming and our trip to Disney World.  All great fun to be had.

This weekend like all weekends in December seemed to be pretty busy.  Friday my sister was here and we went to do some shopping. Well she had to get a new phone since hers was croaking and C and I hung out in the car after screaming our way around Best Buy. LOL  I'm pretty sure C had more fun in the car.

It was also Ms birthday and like I mentioned last week we didn't do anything over exciting. We had thought of going out to see lights but then we looked it up and the place we were going to go was a hayride and uhm it was really cold so we bailed.  He and the boys finished the outside decorating and decided we needed another blowup so we went out to Home Depot and then to Kohls for a small tree.  Fun fun fun.

Saturday morning we had breakfast with Santa and California Pizza Kitchen.  If you have one near you you should check it out. Ours does the Easter Bunny and Christmas and they make breakfast pizzas and he walks around.  N loved it and C is already over Santa so he wouldn't get too close.

Saturday night was our first Christmas Celebration with Ms brother and his family.   The kids had a blast and we also had a little birthday party for M with them.

Sunday we spent the day at home with the boys creaking havoc and me crafting away.  I'm meeting my friends on Wednesday for some Melting Pot fun and I needed to finish up their gifts. However while working on them I decided to modify a bit so C and I will have to do some shopping today. I'm sure he is as excited as I am. LOL

Lets see what else does this week hold. C has his Christmas program tomorrow and is supposed to be singing a couple songs. I can't wait to see that.  The 2 yr old classes are always so cute when they get up there.  N has normal last week of school stuff and then he is building a gingerbread house to go along with his 2D/3D modeling lessons. Yes you read they right they are learning 2D/3D shapes in his second quarter of kindergarten.  Wow just Wow is all I can say about what all they are doing.  Heading to my families this weekend to celebrate Christmas and then we are home until our trip to Disney.

No clue what all I'm getting this week with the mail service. I should be getting a Sweet Pea Box, Stampin' Up My Paper Pumpkin, and possible my Wantable Makeup Box this week but you never know how things are going to go.  Oh and my huge Stampin' Up order from last week is scheduled to be delivered today.  I'm beyond excited for that.

So what is your week looking like? Did you have a crazy busy weekend? Are you ready for the holidays?
Have a great week,

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Phone Dump 12/13/2013

Linking up again for some Friday Phone Dumps.

I totally let N go to school in this outfit today. Friday is spirit day and he tried to wear blue and green.  So what if it was 25deg out this morning and the pants are too short. LOL (I do not see these pants making it back into his closet ;))

Gotta love my C. This was his style the other day. Yes this hat is way to small but he loves to wear it so I just go with it.

Poor C went to school on Tuesday and seemed fine and they said he was fine however not long after we got home he got whiny and then eventually threw up. :(  Pretty sure this is the first time he's ever really thrown up and he did not like it.

That night he didn't want to be in his room and he didn't want me to hold him so he was laying on the floor and he fell asleep. Slept there a long time before we took him up to his bed.

With the issues going on this week I didn't get a lot of decorating done but I did get to hang one of my favorite banners.  My friend gave this to me last year and I love it.  It looks so great.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll blog with you next week. :)
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