Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Playing around with My Digital Studio

At the beginning of October Stampin' Up had some free downloads for their digital scrapbooking program My Digital Studio (MDS) for Digital Scrapbooking week.  I of course downloaded them and tried to use them but I hadn't upgraded my MDS to the newest version and they just weren't working well at all.  With the special this week MDS was 50% off so I finally upgraded mine and decided tonight was the night to take a look.  I started with one of the free templates that I downloaded and added a little to it and changed the colors so that it worked with my pictures.  So what do you think?

Speaking of MDS.  Stampin' Up currently has another free download.  If you are interested you can check it out on my site. :)  Here is what it looks like.  I need to find just the right picture for this tag.

Now I'm off to watch Supernatural. :)

Happy crafting,

disclaimer:  I am still a Stampin' Up demo so if you click and order through my link I get the goodies.  Thanks.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Goodies Nov 2012 Box

I was very excited to get into the Goodies box.  I signed up for the list and got my invite so November was my first box. Goodies is a subscription box that sends you a box of food items each month for only $7. WOW  being my first one all I can say is yes it is a great deal.

Now onto the picture goodness.:)

 As with my other boxes this one came with an information sheet.
 But this sent a special gift this month of a market tote. It is a really nice one and I can't wait to take it to the store with me.
Well this picture looked better on my camera.  Sorry about the glare.
  • Oogies Gourmet Popcorn in White Cheddar. I'm not a huge fan of these popcorn type things but I will give this a try.
  • Bobbysue's Nuts this is a great togo size
  • Bigelow Tea Eggnogg'n thank goodness there is only one bag of this since it really sounds disgusting. LOL.  I'm going to see if I can pass it along to someone who must be more adventurous then me. ;)
  • American Vintage Wine Bisquits.  The info card says they are handmade. Not really sure why they needed to be since they are a cracker but I have some leftover dips from Thanksgiving so I should pull them out and give them a try.
  • TheLazyBaker Brown Sugar Pecan Shortbread mix. Now this is really intriguing to me and I can't wait to get my bake on and make these.  Not a huge pecan fan but I will try them and probably make them when I need to take a little something somewhere.
  • Flourless Bliss Pumpkin Souffle mix. This is a little ready to go container and I love it. Since its getting cooler this week I'm sure to try it out one night.
  • Lotus Bakeries Smooth Biscoff spread.  There is only a small togo container of this and the infor says its good on toast and fruit slices so when I'm having my crackers this week I might grab this out with some fruit too. 
So even though everything isn't exactly what I would eat I do love getting new things to try and hopefully finding a couple keepers and for only $7 a month its a great deal.
Happy eating,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wittlebee November 2012

After taking a month or so off I ordered another Wittlebee box. This time I got it for C and let me tell you I am so excited. The box is great and one of the outfits will be his Christmas outfit. I'm trying to find a matching one for N now in a 4T if anyone has one. :)

 I love getting these boxes in the mail.
 First look and already I'm loving it.
 A 2 piece Carters outfit.  Its short sleeved and long pants which is actually ok since here in NC we have many fall/winter days that this is what he can wear.  Its also a little big so maybe we can get spring out of it too.
 Wittlebee brand grey knit pants.  A nice neutral color that should go with lots of shirts.
 And now onto his Christmas outfit.  I love this 3 piece outfit from Calvin Klein. It has black pants with a long sleeve deep red/cranberry shirt and a sweater.  Love Love Love this.
Now for the info.  For those that don't know Wittlebee is a clothing subscription box.  When you sign up you fill out a profile with your child's information and favorite colors,patterns, needs etc and for $38.99 a month they will send you a box of 6 items for you.  If you use my link you will get $10 off your first box.  That is a great deal!!!

Happy Thanksgiving,

disclaimer:  There is my affiliate link above. In addition to the discount you will get on your first order I will also get credit for you too. 

Oh Caleb

So for those that don't follow me on facebook my youngest son can get into everything.  I have a series of photos that I can only say Oh Caleb when I see and post them.  I really need to make a scrapbook of them for him as he gets older.  So today I'm going to share some with you.  Tell me do you have one of your kids that is into everything?


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 2012 Birchbox Review

My Birchbox women's box came last week and I like it.  It looks really cute in its package and for those that don't know you can review the items for points on their website and for every 100 points you get $10 off a full size purchase.  I haven't ordered anything yet but with the reviews of my women's box and hubbies men's box we are racking up the points.  hmm I should look and maybe I can get some gifts on there. ;)

This months theme was Give and I got box 5.  There are alot of different boxes that they send so people get all different things.

Opening the box is always a joy.

and onto the goodies.
  • Stella Cadente Perfume.  I'll admit I've barely smelled this one.  It looks so pretty in its little package that I will get to it eventually but I don't wear a ton of perfume anyway so these sample sizes are always great for me.
  • I was a little concerned when I first saw the little packages in my box.  I got dry shampoo last time and didn't really want the same thing but once I picked them up I realized that they are actually hand soaps from Caldrea.  I can't wait to use these.
  • I was a little confused with the cupcake upon first look. Wondering why I got it in my box. LOL then of course thank goodness for the card since I read and its a bath bomb from Feeling Smitten. I'm  not a huge bath person but I will have to take one and try this out.  It looks just too cute to waste.
  • A mascara from Fibre.  This is a full size container and what I think is great is that it has a mirror on the back on the tube.  How convenient is that for touch ups or applying on the go.
  • The small spray bottle is Pronto Texture and Volume Spray by Oscar Blandi. I  just got a new haircut this weekend so I can't wait to try this out since it says it will give you a voluminous, sexy, tossled look. ;)
  • and finally a little extra of a Soy Joy bar.  I have never tried these and truthfully not sure I will try this one either. I'm just not big on bars like this but I know alot of people like them so I will be passing it along.
So incase you didn't know or don't remember  Birchbox is a subscription box that costs $10 and comes once a month.  The also have a mens version I've gotten for M for the last couple of months if you want to look through my other reviews.  You can then review the items and get points to spend in their store. 


disclosure - my link for birchbox is included.  You order through that and I get points for their store. :)

November Ipsy Review

I loved this months bag.  The theme was Party Perfect and was shades of browns which work really well with my skin tones.

This was my second Ipsy bag and I love last months chevron bag so much I think the brown one is a little boring. LOL  Its still a great little bag and goes well with the theme but not as eye catching as the chevron. It did include some great items and I've already used a couple. :)
  • First up is the Nailtini Millionaire nail polish. I don't think you can ever have too much nail polish and this is a great brown glitter sparkle. It just so happened I had a brown color on my nails when I got the bag so I immediately added the glitz. :)  I got lots of compliments on it.  I might do the same combo again when I change my polish.
  • Next is an eyeshadow from theBalm.  The color we got is called Matt Batali and is a rich deep chocolate.  I don't wear eyeshadow a ton but this color looks great.
  • This was my either or item.  Some people got a mascara but I got the eyebrow defining gel.  I have dark eyebrows so I will have to give this a try. My friend who also gets these bags said that you can use it as a mascara primer for your eyelashes so I may try that too. 
  • Another thing you can never have to much of is lipgloss.  My hubby says I'm addicted to it and I will probably agree.  I love this Dare Devil shade from bareminerals. It looks great and smells so good going on. It also lasted a long time when I wore it so that's always a big plus.
  • and finally laying down in front is chocolate eyeliner pencil from Starlet Cosmetics.  I have really dark brown eyes so this color is perfect for me.
I can't find my little card right now since I have had this box for a week or so but I'm pretty sure I got everything in there.  Right now this is probably my favorite subscription makeup type box that I get.  Of the last two months I am using almost everything and they are a great size for larger samples.  The bag only costs $10 a month so try them out if you want a little fun.


Another Yearly book gift

I  made a book for the new little man of one of my friends. I finally got to meet the little guy this weekend and pass on the book so I'm going to share some of the pages with you.  Enjoy!!!

I really need to remember to take pictures before I put them in the books so that I don't get the glare but you can get the idea.


Monday, November 19, 2012

November 2012 Citrus Lane Review

This is the my third Citrus Lane box and probably my last one for now unless you guys all buy through my link and get me some freebies. :)  I do love them every month but with C being my younger son alot of what we are getting I have something similar.  But we shall see how it goes and how I hold out.;)

 All packed up with my little information card.  This months theme was Fun with Food and of all my boxes so far it follows the theme the closest.  Just wait and see.
 These bowls are from Green Eats and are a snack bowl set of 4.  The card tells me they are made in the USA from recycled milk cartons. I love these and C loves to dip and put everything in a bowl so these will get alot of love.
 This is a great bento type box from Goodbyn Small Meals. There are two compartments in this.  My older son N has lunch bunch at his preschool on Wednesdays so I know this will be used then.  We have one but I like this size so we will be giving it a try out.
 Another food pouch.  I know that lots of people are complaining about these but my son C normally loves them.  Last months potato mess aside.  I made alot of his food when he was little so he thinks these are a great treat and are great for on the go snacking.  This is a Strawberry mush mash from Plum Tots so a flavor he will down quickly.
 Can you really have too much play food?  I don't think so. Even though I have two boys they both love a good kitchen set.  I've actually be hiding this little container so that I can give it as a gift in our advent calendar this season. I've never heard of Plan Toys but these are really nice wooden toys that I know they will love.
Onto the little extras that are in the box.  There is a coupon for Tiny Prints and some Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer.  Always fun little extras.

Citrus Lane is a subscription box (Can you tell that I'm a little addicted? :)) that costs $25 a month but you can save 10% on your subscription if you use the code SPRINGFUN. You will fill out a profile and they send a box of age appropriate items. So a smaller child will get different items then my 20month old.  I do age him up to about 24months so I get things he can move into.


disclosure:  My affiliate link is included. When you order through my link I get credits for free items.  Thanks for looking and ordering.

Cooking Light Cravebox Review

I've really been loving the craveboxes lately and this one wasn't an exception.  Cravebox is a little different from my other boxes. You never know if you are going to get these boxes or not but you sign up if you are interested.  I have read from them that they are changing it slightly but I haven't looked into that part to much yet. Its on my list for when I have some extra time. LOL

I am loving these boxes.  They are so pretty.

It was stuffed full of goodness!!!

All the contents.
  • I've actually had the Dole Crisps before and they are yummy.  I can't wait to have these as a little treat. 
  •  Unfortunately I have a Keurig coffee maker so I'm not able to use this but I already passed the coffee on to my grandma.
  • I'm not sure what to do with the Salted Caramel flavoring.  My friend said to try it in my hot chocolate so I might be doing that. :)
  • Who can't use some nectresse?  With the holiday season coming up I'm sure to put this to use.
  • and finally the McCormick seasoning.  I do with it had been two different flavors but I will use this. I actually own some of this already and do use it alot so very excited for some more.
Over all a really good box and I can't wait to really dig into everything.  I'm currently waiting on the Thanksgiving box that should be here today or tomorrow. Unfortunately I didn't get into the Holiday box but that's how it goes sometimes.

November POPSugar Must Have Review

My November POPSugar Must Have box came last week. I'll start with this was just an ok box for me. I think I will get use of everything but nothing was over WOWing to me like in the last couple of months boxes.  I can't wait to see next months box since it is Christmas and then see from there. :)

 I do love opening the boxes and seeing all the goodies for the first time.  I am horrible about spoilers and I almost always peak but its still so exciting to see for yourself.
 Mor Lip Macarons smells great.  I got the French Vanilla scent and haven't used it yet but it does smell great.  Did anyone else get a different scent?
 La Boite Spice Mixes.  I have been cooking more so I can't wait to try these out.  It also included a little recipe card so maybe I'll give those a try.
Snow and Graham Thank You Notes - Well since you all know that I rep Stampin' Up and make my own cards I probably won't be using these.  I do have someone I can pass them on to though so they will be put to good use. With that being said they are really nice and a great quality and pretty.
 Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy DVD so not sure about this. I've never done yoga and I'm not really an exercise type person but I might give this a try.  I keep talking about starting something physical up and maybe this could be it.
 I'm going to ask a question right off. Who all owns a doughnut pan?  When I saw this Stonewall Kitchen mix I was really excited till I saw that I needed a special pan for it.  I don't even know what one looks like but I guess I need to get one now since these look fantastic.
and now for the big item in the box this month.  Its a Gorjana Parker Bracelet.  I was really excited for this but it is so small noone I know can get it wrapped three times around our wrists like you are supposed to.  I actually can get it wrapped around my left wrist but not my right and since I wear my watch on my left and it was a little snug I'm going to try and pass this on.  I know a couple people with really small wrists so maybe they will have better luck with it.  I do like it though and it looks so pretty I just wish it had like another inch to it.
So as you can see I think I will use or pass on everything but nothing just stands out to me. 
For those that don't know the POPSugar Must Have box is a subscription service that sends you a box each month with some great must have items in it.  It goes for $35 a month and I think it is really worth it.  This was my third box so you can look back through and see what else I've gotten.
Disclosure:  Yeap you know it I have affiliate links in this post.  You click and add and I get some free goodies or compensation. Even with that all the reviews are my own and my opinions.

I'm back!!

After the whirlwind couple of weeks I think I'm actually home for awhile.  I have alot of reviews to do and some pretty scrabooking pictures to share. :)

Just a little housekeeping. 

Breaking Dawn part 2 Rocks!!  I had a great time at the movie marathon with my friend from 3 Monkeys throwing around some paper , my sister, and her friend. Seeing all 5 movies in a row was a rush and I was going WOW and Oh My Goodness all weekend long after the final act. I actually went again on Sunday to see it for a second time and just so you know it is still just as good with repeat viewings.

Also for my scrappy friends Stampin' Up is having their annual Online Extravaganza sale.  It started today and ends on the 28th.

I'm working on uploading pictures now for some reviews.  I'll be posting alot over the next couple of days and there are more boxes coming this week so it will be busy.  I'm going to apologize in advance for all the posts.

Have a great Thanksgiving week!!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's going on Nov 13!!!

Sorry I  have been MIA. I really was trying to post almost everyday but its been a crazy couple of weeks and this one isn't getting much better.  Last weekend I went on a 4 day scrapbooking trip with my friend Michelle from over at 3 Monkeys throwing around some paper.  We had a great time and I have tons of great new projects to show you in future posts.  It was a big trip though as you can see by our packing below ;)

Yeap you are seeing that correctly we had the car full!!!  Good thing is we decided that we did use some of everything so we didn't over pack. ;)

I got home late and then I'm only home a couple days this week before I head back to Charlotte to go to the 12 hour Twilight marathon with Michelle, my sister Emily (Hi!!!) and her friend Kathleen.  We are all Twihards and can't wait to see the final movie however I'm not sure what we were thinking when we signed up for 12 straight hours of movie watching. LOL

With all of that I will be back next week with lots of new projects and subscription box reviews.  Its that week around here and lots of boxes have been coming in with more scheduled this week.  So exciting.

I'll check in soon,

Friday, November 2, 2012

Scrapbook Gift Album

I went to a wedding in September and wanted to make something for the couple.  I decided to make a "Our First Year" album.  All they would have to do is add a picture to the pages and after a year they have a full album of their first year of marriage.  How great could that be?

I'm going to post the pictures below.  All products are from Stampin' Up some are discontinued but this is a great kindof project to use some of those extra pieces. I only started with a couple ideas. One was that I wanted a solid base throughout so that the book flowed. I decided on Crumb Cake since it is such a great neutral.  I then decided I was going to have the months all on different kinds of labels and tags so I took the scraps from the pages I cut out and ran them through my Big Shot and had a stash of labels to use as I went through and laid out my pages.

Take a look through and enjoy!!!




I apologize for the photos. I already had them in the book when I remembered to take them.  Just let me know if you have any specific questions.

disclaimer:  I'm still a demo so its my Stampin' Up link above. You buy from me and I get a commission. :)
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