Friday, September 9, 2016

Finally Friday

Hey look at me and back to blogging for a second time this week!!!  I took a break and it was great but I'm planning to be back more now to share my randomness with you more often.  This is a new one for me and pretty much just where I'm going to put out whatever I'm thinking about on a Friday about the week before.

  • I love a holiday week where the boys don't have school however it does make the rest of the week seem so long.
  • Today is the last upper 90deg day here for awhile and I can not say I will miss them.
  • To make the week longer it is early release from school today so the boys and I will be heading to the pool before it closes for the season.
  • I have a huge To Be Read pile of books all and I really want to read them all but I'm going to finish up the series I started awhile ago first. The final book just got here this week so I know what I'll be picking up this weekend. It's got lots of time travel and a bit of romance all mixed into a nice little YA package.  They are so good and the new fall show Timeless actually reminds me of it. So you know that one is on my list.

  • Speaking of TV. Did you see my TV chart? I posted it yesterday and if you missed it you can check it out HERE!!!!  It is actually one of the smaller ones that I've ever had. Less TV means more time for reading.
No big plans for the weekend here. We have a birthday party tomorrow and probably try and get to the pool at least one more time. I'm ready for fall and the cooler weather that is coming soon. I just can't wait.

Have a great weekend,

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