Monday, January 18, 2016

Currently 2016

Happy Monday!!!  Are your kids home today? Both of mine are with one going back tomorrow and the other on Wednesday. So we've been busy getting things ready for the week and then track out that starts next week. So checking in with my normal Monday link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post and a little recap.


Amused--- with the weather.  It was 60 the other day and then yesterday it snowed and today its in the 30s.  Craziness here but that is what we get in NC.

Hungry---and I want more bundt cakes. LOL  N had early release on Friday so we ran to Nothing Bundt Cakes for a little weekend snack. Hmm I wonder if the boys would notice if I went while they were at school this week and got one to eat all by myself ;)

Watching--- football.  I'm a boymom and out numbered here so with all the games this weekend we did a lot of this.  Yesterday with the snow and rain we stayed in and wore jammies all day. It also meant pizza in front of the tv.  Go Panthers!!!

Sad--- shopping.  I realized this week that we are really out of the toddler section.  C can wear a 5T if the store offers it but the regular 5s fit better and he really wants to older kid look of a 5. I'll miss shopping for all the little clothes.

Laughing--- at this floating around my feeds last week. This is the best and if you have Disney kids you will totally understand.  I'd love me a toodles to work around my house.

Have a great week everyone and stay warm!!!


  1. I was sad when my daughter grew out of 5T, but it was because of the increased expense of clothes.

  2. I know, It is sad to have them out of the cute little kids sizes :( My daughter is wearing 6's now.
    60 degrees sounds incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!


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