Saturday, January 16, 2016

TV Talk - American Horror Story

TV Talk

So I'm mixing it up a bit this year and I'm going to chat TV or whatever as I think about it and not just a certain day in the week. This way I can get my thoughts out there when I have them.  It may be about multiple things or just a specific thing or who knows.  Anyway we'll see how this goes and I can change it up from there.

Since this is TV Talk it will have SPOILERS and since I don't watch things in order since I Tivo everything these could be new or could be older shows.

Today I'm talking about American Horror Story: Hotel

So as I've said before I haven't watched any other seasons but I've heard great things and with this season having Matt Bomer whom I love I decided to give it a shot.  I liked the show as a whole. I'm not sure it is one that I will go back and watch the seasons that I've missed but I  might watch next season depending on the cast and theme etc.  Anyhow lets talk about the finale.  I love when a show gives me a flashforward at the end and I get to see where everyone is in their lives. AHS did that great this week. I will admit I had expected them to somehow kill the ghosts or  cleanse them or something but really they all kindof turned into a big happy family which is odd but I totally get.  While I think they really played up Lady Gaga and she did a good job I'm glad while the show was centered around here she wasn't the end all to the season. She wasn't the only thing going on in the hotel. I love her true feelings for Liz and while Liz was not great to her she still loved her and wanted to be with her when she transitioned. It was also nice to see Liz have a grand way to stay in the hotel in the end and not just be there and die of old age.

Who all watched this season?  Did you like it? How do you think it compared to other seasons?

Happy viewing,

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  1. you're now allowed to discuss spn! :)


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