Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Iphone Dump


I'm so glad that Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom is doing a link up. I told her since today was my birthday she had to do it so I figured I better make time to link. :)  Since I don't have an Iphone these are from my Droid and as you know getting the boys to stay still for a phone pic is so hard. Sorry for the blurs.

This was from this morning. C kept saying that his birthday cake needed batteries. N and I tried to tell him it was just turned off  but he was having nothing too it and decided he would change them himself. I do think he has his daddies fix it skills already.  Not sure if that's a good or bad thing in a 2 year old.

This needs to go in my Oh Caleb folder.  The other night I was working on dinner and he and N were doing "art"  well I turned away for a few seconds and look who has a mustache?  Yeap that's my boy.

We totally took advantage of the spring like weather the last couple days of winter. LOL now that its actually spring it is way to cold for this. :)  Jennifer we are using some old tupperware trays we "borrowed" from my mom. The boys thought this was so cool

We bought the first of our garden this week too.  A strawberry planter and some lettuce.  I had to bring them in yesterday but this is the location that N wants to grow the strawberries.  I guess we will see how it goes.

I did not put N to bed on the floor next to my bed but this is where we found him when we went up.  And yes before you ask he sleeps in his clothes most nights. Its just not worth the battle to get him to change.

N wants me to include this one. He won this duckie in a claw game at the local pizza place last week. He was so excited and calls it his new best friend.

So that's the look at our week.  How is your week looking? Big plans for any ones weekend?



  1. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you had a great day!!

    And I am cracking up because before I even read your comment I was like those are tupperware!!!! Love it!

  2. How cute!!! Love the mustache!!!!!


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