Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So as I said I had some Tupperware boxes here when I came home.  They had some great deals in February and I just had to take advantage of them.  Then as luck would have it the author of one of my favorite blogs is  now a consultant for them so I was able to order through here.  :) Check out here blog Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for lots of great information on Tupperware, life and having a subscription box addiction.

Are you as excited as me. :)  The bowls were actually BOGO so I have another set of them here for my mom. It was like Christmas this morning as I was digging through.  I'm ready for my produce box deliveries to start up now and once I get some chalk labels for the canisters I'll  be ready to organize my pantry some.  I'm not sure how the pantry can get so crazy so fast in there but these will certainly help.

So excited and I can't wait to get going and organizing. Do you use Tupperware? I have some cheap stuff here but it really just does not compare. I'm going to be cleaning it out and replacing as I go.



  1. I like the colors!! Plastic is the devil....devil I tell ya!!! I HATE cleaning and organizing the tupperware drawer!!!!

  2. Yay! I am glad you love it!!!! You got all the best deals too ;)!!!

  3. I love some Tupperware! I got the three piece bowl set, actually! I used to have it but my 3 year old (when he was two-ish) decided his favorite trick was to go into my tupperware cabinet and wear the two big bowls on his head and run into walls (remember, the movie Parenthood and the child who would wear a bucket on his head and continually run into walls--yep, that's what Andrew was doing!). So, I finally replaced my set! Yipee!


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