Tuesday, March 15, 2016

TV Talk Tuesday

M was out of town last week so I've taken some time to catch up on some shows and try some new ones. As always there will be SPOILERS below so enter at your own risk.

Since I'm getting ready for the final tonight let's start with Pretty Little Liars.  I was hesitant to watch this season with the time jump but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  With the first episode I was like WTH but it really sets us up for this season and while there is an "A" type person the girls are a little more Oh Hell No with their dealing with it.  I am also liking the mix up of the couples since we all know not everyone in a group is going to stay with their high school LOVE so having some of them not together and with others makes perfect sense.  I do think this show is best served by binge watch so glad I waited until now to watch all the episodes from this season.

Next up is Recovery Road.  This is a show I don't is served by its title. I mean I get that the show is about her Recovery but its not all about that and the premise of getting her to the sober house is a bit hokey but once she is there and the people there are AWESOME.  This show is totally addicting and I blew through all the episodes I had recorded and can't wait for a new one each week.  Have any of your tried this show?  Freeform is really pulling out some great guilty pleasure shows here recently.

Is anyone else watching Colony?  I recorded this one since I like the dystopian worlds and the cast is phenomenal but I really had no true idea what it was about and I've watched about 6 episodes so far and let me say I still don't really know. LOL  I'm hoping we get a bit of backstory in one of these episodes but here is what I get so far.  Aliens have invaded the Earth kindof. They are not living on the earth but they took out all our defenses and put up walls around certain cities and homeland is keeping piece.  Some how people got separated and many people got killed and I really want to see at least maybe in flashbacks the initial invasion.  The people are threatened to be sent to "the factory" which I haven't really seen yet but it looks like it is on an alien spacecraft but we don't know what happens there.  I do like the resistance and the who is behind it mystery so it keeps me watching.  I think this week is the season finale so I have 3 episodes for them to give me some answers.  I'm so confused.

So those are three of the shows that I've been binging.  Do you watch any of them? Any other shows that you are currently binging and loving?  My normal shows will be back from their hellatus soon so I'll be back on my regular shows but these were all good to fill in my downtime.

Happy Viewing,

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