Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Waffle Bat

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day I decided to show you a Halloween Page. :)  Enjoy!!!

This is from last years Halloween and it was a rainy nasty night but that's not really what I'm showing you on the page. ;)  I have been buying the waffle papers from Stampin' Up as they come out but I don't use them a ton.  When I was creating this page I made a not and it looked like a bat so I added some googlie eyes. I love the final result.

So let me know when have you used something a little different on your pages?  I may need to try it out.


disclaimer: Yeap thats the link to my site. I'm a demo so I do get credit when you buy from me.


  1. I ordered some of this waffle paper because of this page you did!!! I loved it!!!! GREAT job!!!


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