Thursday, February 7, 2013

Julep Jan 2013 Review

I jumped at the chance to try Julep. They had a special the other week where you could get your first box for 1cent plus shipping so for a total of $4.00 I got 3 polishes. Yes please sign me up.  Julep is a monthly subscription box for $19.95 and they will send you the selections they have chosen for you and you can pass on a month if you want.  When you first sign up you fill out a questionnaire and they pick your selections from there.

From my questions they decided I was classic with a twist. I would say this is right on for me.  The first look into my box was so cute.

 I was already excited when I saw there was an extra goodie in it for me and a cute little package with my polish.

And now for my selections. I'm excited to try them all.

  • Barbara - this is a pretty purple glitter
  • Meryl - This is a great silver grey. I've been wanting a grey so this is great
  • Essential Cuticle Oil - this says to apply daily to strengthen your nails and maintain your manicure. I'm up for giving this a try if it will make the polish last longer. :)
  • and the extra is an SPF15 lip balm. I love lip balm so this is great. The scent is Vanilla Mint and I'm going to use this as the days get warmer.
Over all I'm very happy with my $4 polishes.  I'm not sure I will get it every month but I can see getting it every couple of months to have some new fun polishes to play with.


disclaimer:  Yeap that's my affiliate link in there.  If you decide to try it out through my link I get credits to use towards products from Julep.


  1. This is awesome!
    I just signed up too using a promo code I found on to get a freebox and only had to pay for the shipping.

    I am also Classic with a Twist now my question is .. is this the intro box? Because that is what I bought after doing the Style Quiz..

    and then I assume it continues to be monthly after that?

    Great blog btw :) I love subscription boxes! wish there were more options for Canadians!


    1. I'm not sure if this is the intro box or not. I found the code and just signed up. LOL It is monthly but from my understanding they will send you an email when your collection is ready and you can opt in or out of it for a month. Since this was my first month I haven't gotten that far yet.


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