Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I had a busy day yesterday so here it is Tuesday and I'm getting a chance to work on my Currently post for the week. As usual I'm linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post and to talk about my week.


Decorating--- For Christmas.  We have officially started and the boys are having a blast.  Most of the ornaments are on the tree but I still need to do a little rearranging ;)

Inspired--- By all the possibilities that a bare mantel has.  I cleared off everything and was just inspired but all the things I could do. I've started so far but I need to get a couple more things as I'm shopping to finish it up.  I'll share a finished product when I get there.

Reading--- with N.  Well we are need reading this book together but we stop and read every night at 8 now and he is reading his own thing so I'm working my way through my stack.  This was next on my pile and I'm actually getting into it.  I love JR Ward and especially her Black Dagger Brotherhood series and this is set in the same town and kindof and off shoot and its pretty good.  Not my BDB guys but these are pretty good.  

Laughing--- with this statement since it is oh so true. The other week while my guys were at the football game I spent most of the time in my craft room sorting and organizing and looking at all my pretties but there is so much but I love it all and really can you ever have to many craft supplies?  I think not :)

Have a great weekend!!!

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