Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TV Talk

Back again after being away and just really need to talk some TV. As always there will be SPOILERS below so enter at your own risk.

Let's just start right in with The Walking Dead.  OMG they started off with a bang this spring season. I kindof knew about Carl and that whole scene from the comics but it did not start out how I was expecting. I didn't think that Daryl, Sasha or Abraham would be killed but the others getting blown up was just WOW I'm not sure what to say about it. But can we just say how awesome Abraham is.  His little side remarks are just great and I love them. So glad they came and saved the town.  I can not wait for next week.

We are a little behind but M and I just finished up the fall season of the Librarians.  I LOVE this show. It is easy to watch and while very corny it does have an overlying story and mythology going through it. Plus who doesn't love watching Christian Kane each week? ;)  Since it had been awhile since it aired I didn't remember if the final episode was a season or a series finale and I'm not sure they did either when filming so they left it with something they could work on.  I loved the going back to Shakespeare and weaving the story characters in even more.  I'd love to see more of Moriarty but not sure he can come back with Prospero gone at least for now.  We will for sure be watching when it comes back this spring.

I can't go without the talking Vampire Diaries.  I know some people aren't really liking this season but I'm liking the new Damon. I am a bit confused with all the flashbacks and the Phenix stone stuff but it makes for a good story.  I said earlier this season seeing the 3 year time jump is still a great way to give some meaning to some of the goings on in today's time.  It seems like they will be dealing with the Huntress chick for awhile since she is still around in 3 years.  I do wonder what is going on with Enzo and where he was. We know that he ends up with Bonnie so she must forgive him for whatever he does.  Oh and let's not forget to talk about the ending of this weeks episode. I'm ready for Damon to get some of his swagger back even if it is with a weird who knows what kindof chick.

So those are what I have on my mind right now. What are you watching? Anything new I need to check out.  I have a ton of things on my Tivo but they just aren't calling me so I may need to do some cleanout soon and just say I'm not watching some shows.  I really need to look into that.

Happy Viewing!!!

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