Tuesday, February 23, 2016

TV Talk Tuesday

Time to talk some more TV. I've been in a TV mood lately so I'm working through some shows. As always there will be SPOILERS below so enter at your own risk.

We NEED to start with the Walking Dead.  Oh my gosh I really liked this weeks episode.  It was a little more light hearted then the last couple and that ending oh my.  I mean you could see it coming and can see how it could easily happen but I wasn't really expecting it yet. I am however all for Richonne.  They make a great couple.  Now lets talk about Jesus.  I know he is from the comics so I've been told a bit about it and I think I like him. At least so far.  Even though he is messing with our boys it seems to all be in fun and he had chances to really hurt them and doesn't so he could be good in my mind.  Of course waking two naked people from their sleep was probably not the best idea and I can't wait to see what they do about that next week.

Saying Goodbye!!!

So this is a little different from my normal talk but I've been doing some Tivo cleaning and season pass cancelling and I'm on the fence about a couple shows.

So far I have deleted and cancelled the season pass for :
CSI:Cyber - I just couldn't get into this season 
Colony - I never even started this one.

I've got episodes on the Tivo that I just haven't watched and am not sure I will:
ScreamQueens - I have 5 episodes left and I just don't know if I can watch them. The show really is horrible and I can't believe it was picked up for next season. I keep thinking I should just watch out the episodes but I'm leaning towards just deleting.
2 Broke Girls - I really liked the first couple of seasons but it is just stupid and bad now.  I have a dozen episodes recorded and I really doubt I will watch them all.

Shows I haven't started yet but still kindof want to.  Both of these look good and I want to watch but need time.
Mr. Robot - I still want to watch this one so it sits on the Tivo just waiting.
Zoo - This one is coming back this summer so I will try and watch before then. 

So what about you? Any shows you've given up on this season already? Ones you wanted to start but just haven't gotten into? Thoughts on my list and a reason I need to keep and/or watch any of them?

Happy Viewing,


  1. I loved Zoo. And Colony is actually really good. Enough of a hook for me. And Jesus rocks!!! ;)

    1. Yes I keep looking at this one just haven't jumped into it yet. You know I love Billy though.

  2. Mr Robot is AWFUL....hated it....deleted!

    1. but Christian Slater. So hard to pull the plug on that one.

  3. hated mr robot, delete delete delete.

    1. Hmm so maybe I can just delete that one. It got such good reviews and has Christian Slater in it though. So hard to decide.


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