Saturday, December 8, 2012

POP Up Pantry November 2012

Wow in my September POPSugar Must Have box there was a coupon for a company called POP-UP Pantry. I had never heard of them but I knew I wanted to try it out. Basically its a food delivery service and you get an appetizer, an entree and a dessert for two.  Being that it was my first order I got to select just one meal but after your first order you have to choose at least two.  My order came the other week and tonight was the night to try it out.
The box.  Compares to most of the subscription boxes this was huge.
Opening the box and you can see the items and the ice bag.  When you place your order you tell them which delivery day you want.  So you know when the food is coming and you can get it moved to your freezer.
The food once I took it out of the box.

 And here is the entree and the appetizer.  I selected the stuffed peppers and it came with a mixed green tart as the appetizer.

and blueberry tart for dessert.

The result: It was ok.  I followed the instructions provided and then still had to keep the food in the oven a little longer to make it really hot for me.  Also they had sauce for the peppers that you cook with them and I wish they would have had some for the side. I ended up warming some of my sauce for the meat.  The pepper was very thick with meat.  Overall probably not something I will do often but since it came in my box  it was good for a try.

Has anyone else tried POPup Pantry? or another food delivery company that I should look into.   The September POPSugar Must Have box rocked and this was only one of the great goodies.


disclaimer:  That is my POPSugar affiliate link. You sign up under me and I get credit. Right now they have a waitlist to get in and the next open box is February so if you are interested put your name on the list.

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