Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Favorites Cravebox

 My Winter Favorites Cravebox came yesterday and I couldn't wait to dive right in. I had read the spoilers so I was really excited!!!

First look at the box.  The outside is a bright turquoise and so pretty and the inside always looks so well put together. I love when the boxes are full and this one was full.

All the goodies!!!  This one was a little different in that it had three colored envelopes in it and each envelope and some free coupons. I love coupons so these will be put to good use.

Here is what all was in there:
  • Heinz chili sauce - I've never heard of this was but came with a recipe and it sounds good.  
  • Mary Kay Lip gloss - I love lip gloss and this is a great purse size and a pretty red color.  I will be using this over the holidays.
  • Campbells Butternut Squash soup - M doesn't like soups (I know he's crazy) but I can see me eating this with a grilled cheese sandwich when its really cold outside. Ok that sounds delicious maybe today ;)
  • Belvita - It says it is a breakfast biscuit.  I have never heard of this so something new to try out. It also came with a BOGO coupon if we like them.
  • Vitabath - People have been raving on this and I've never tried it. These packs will be great to take on trips since I can just throw them out when I'm done and free up that little bit of space for more goodies that I've purchased.
  • Coupon for Free Pillsbury Rolled Pie Crust - we love these and I use them for chicken pot pie.  M will be excited to know that he will be having a pot pie soon.
  • Coupon for Free Pillsbury Cookie Dough - This one has N written all over it. He is the cookie hound in my house.
  • Coupon for Free Nancys frozen appetizer or dessert - I've never tried these but they sound great.
  • Coupon for free International Delights creamer and half gallon of iced coffee - I'm not a big user of this but I know people who will love these coupons.  These were supposed to be in another box but they were delayed so added to this one. Since I got the other box too I'm glad I did get the extra coupons.
Overall this is the best box I've gotten in awhile. I've actually liked the last couple I got Thanksgiving and Cooking light they just weren't all that exciting to me.  This one was WOW when I opened the box.

For those that aren't in the know Cravebox is a little different then the other subscription boxes I get.  Here you signup for a raffle and if you win then you get the box and they charge you the fee. The prices range but are usually in the $11-$14 range.  You will know the theme but not the contents until the boxes start arriving.  They have a couple good boxes listed as coming up so I can't wait to see if I can get one of those too.


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