Monday, December 17, 2012

Wittlebee Mystery Bags

My two mystery bags from Wittlebee.  They had some flash sales the last couple of weeks and for $10 plus $2.95 shipping you got 5 items in a bag.  I love a good grab bag so I grabbed two different bags in two of their three sales.

Here are my selections and except for getting the same outfit twice I'm really happy.  N will have some really cute items for summer next year.  We knew going in that alot of items were off season so that wasn't a concern for me.  And I'm able to pass the duplicate item on to a friend for her son next summer.

No got the following items:

  • 2 Kenneth Cole Reactions swimsuits with coordinating tops
  • 2 Carters outfit sets
  • a Calvin Klein long sleeve t-shirt
  • Gioberti plaid shorts
Pretty great for a total of $25.90 for it all.  I hope they do this again and I'm able to get one. They went really fast.  For those interested in the regular Wittlebee program they are currently making some changes to the program so if you go through my link you will be placed on a waitlist and they will let you know when you are in.  You will then get 6 items a month for $39.99 and when you sign up you pick a profile of types and looks of items that you might like.  A stylist will then select the items and mail them to you.  You can also cancel or pause at anytime.  So far I've gotten a box for each of my sons and for those that know me know we don't really need anymore clothes at my house but I plan to keep getting a box every couple of months.  Another reason to go through my link is I get credit for you and you get $10 off your first order. :)

Happy shopping,

disclaimer:  As stated above this is my affiliate link and I will get credit if you sign up through me.

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