Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So What Wednesday

Its So What Wednesday over at Life after I Dew and I'm linking up. Today I'm saying So What If....

  • I've never done a link up before and really have no idea what I'm doing :)
  • my boys have worn the same shirt every other day since we got it.  I have washed it but some people will wonder.
  • I cancelled a couple subscription boxes only to join some others. ;)
  • There are still so many boxes I want to try
  • Its also Supernatural Wednesday and I can't wait to see it
  • I still haven't seen Les Miserable
  • I kindof want to see the Warm Bodies movie and I'm pretty sure that I'm way to old for it. LOL
So that's my list for this week. What do you think and what are you saying so what to today?


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