Saturday, April 29, 2017


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It's been awhile since I've done a post like this so I thought I would jump right in. Here is a flash of my life the last couple of days and what I'm up to Currently!

Currently Reading  Immortal: A Novel of the Fallen Angels  from J.R.Ward .  This the last book int the Fallen Angel series and when I started this series this one had just come out and I somehow never read it.  The boys and I went to the library this week and I saw it and remembered. I love all the books I've read from J.R.Ward. She does great paranormal books.

Currently loving that my boys love books.  Speaking of libraries I love that when they are tracked out one of the first things they want to do is go to the library.  I'm still a huge fan of real books and being able to curl up and read and I love that they are getting into it too.  I was a little shocked when I realized that C was in the actual kids fiction section and not over in the early readers and picture readers.  When did my little guy get so big.  Time goes so fast.

Currently creating my first Cricut Explore Air 2creation! I'm so excited and went looking around for things to put some vinyl on then I looked over and just had to add a little touch of love to my cabinet.  Since I keep some of my Disney travel supplies in the cabinet it just had to have some love. It is still a learning process and I'm sure to make so many more fun items but I'm so happy with my first one.

Currently smiling when I look at this shelf. In my redo of my craft room I got some new shelves of different sizes up on my new eggplant painted wall. I did not set out to put these on the same shelf but as I was arranging my collection this is how they ended and it just makes me smile so much.  I just love my Tinkerbell and  Bobby Singer . The represent two of my favorite things in Disney and Supernatural and my boys gave them to me for Christmas and I love them. I just can't help by smile.

So that's what I'm Currently into right now. I'm going to go back to watching Grace and Frankie now. I just started season 3 and I'm ready to watch more.  I know I'm a bit late for this season so who all has watched? Did you like it as much as the first two?

Have a great weekend and let me know what you are Currently into!


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