Wednesday, April 5, 2017

TV Talk - Time to Say GoodBye!!!

Hey look at me and I feel the need to chat so I'm joining in with some TV Talk for a couple of series/season finales that I've watched recently.  There will be some SPOILERS below so enter at your own risk.

I'm going to start with BONES and say how I have always loved this show. I started watching it way back when due to David Boreanaz and I have never looked back. While it had all the elements of a case of the week it had just enough serial arc to keep me hooked.  I love that they knew it was going to end so they could bring back previous cast members and could then tie up the story. This is a show that I can turn on anytime (and lets face it it is almost always on TNT) and still watch and not get bored with it.  

Onto VAMPIRE DIARIES and this show is a little harder for me. I stuck through with it every season but as it went on I tended to record and then binge it after awhile and it was not one I had to watch right when it came on.  This last season especially the second half changed that for me. They had a lot to work into the finale and I think they did a great job. I even commented to my friends that I should not be crying during Vampire Diaries but I was with the last couple of episodes. While I knew they were bringing Elena back I was not sure exactly how and I was concerned it would feel really contrived but I think they did it as right as the could and I love that they gave us a sense of what happened in the future and how things turned out. There are two ways I really like a finally and one is that they do lots of flashbacks and another is they do a flash forward and this flash forward was perfect.  I've since read some scoop how there could be an opening for another spinoff with Caroline and Klaus and not that I'm expecting that but I would totally be in. I love Klaus and I still love the Originals which has just returned but if that ends then I would be on for another one.

Jumping a bit to the season finale of THE WALKING DEAD and some random thoughts.  Since I have a spoiler junkie I had ideas of what was going to go down but I still love to see how it plays out and they did not disappoint.  I think with all the tension in last seasons finale people were expecting something like that this time and pretty much this season has been a lot of build up for seasons to come.  As the time goes by in the apocalypse it only makes sense that there are going to be more groups of people and differences and there is going to have to be war and that is what we are going to get.  Now that I've watched I'm ready for next season and I'm curious if it is going to pick up right where we left of or if possible could there be a time jump and then we will get fill in with flashbacks.  I could see it going either way.  I'm also wondering where all the main cast ends up and with which colony. Since we've had so many deaths lately I think we need to start adding a couple more people to the main cast. I know the cast is already large but if we don't add some then when we have deaths they won't mean as much since we aren't as invested in the characters.

These are my two time travel shows and I love them both with TIMELESS still on the bubble but not looking likely for renewal and TIME AFTER TIME already cancelled.  Before the season started I read a book series by Rysa Walker in her Chronos Files series Timebound (The Chronos Files) so I was ready for some time travel drama. The book series is really good if you want to check out some YA time travel.  TIMELESS came on first and I was hooked right away with the cast jumping through time to try and stop whatever Flynn was trying to change. My main issue with this was it seemed a but hectic with them going to a different time each week and then not really staying in that time long. For example they made a jump to the 80s which should have been a fun decade to check out and they didn't really show much of it at all which left me wanting.  If this one by chance does get picked up and I hope it does then I will be in for a season 2.  TIME AFTER TIME has already been pulled from the schedule and in all reality cancelled and that is a huge shame. While I liked Timeless I was already hooked on Time after Time and the story of HG Wells chasing through time after Jack the Ripper. I think the cast was strong and it was only picking up.  I think what hurt it most was its time slot and then starting here in the middle of the season. Some shows can start mid-season but a heavy serialized show in a season with so many other shows with a similar pretense was going to have a hard time.  I'm hoping that they do come out and burn off the rest of the filmed episodes sometime this summer or at least release them online since I would like to watch the rest of whats out there.

So that is my random chat on what I've seen so far. I'm loving this year with the shows playing through with fewer big breaks between new episodes even through that means we are getting season and series finales scattered through the year.  I'm sad with some of the shows we are loosing this year but I'm excited for some new ones to be released.  
What have you thought about the finales so far? Anything that really jumped out at you?

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  1. Great post! So hoping they keep Timeless! Love that show!


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