Thursday, April 20, 2017

TV Talk - LSB, GH, and OUaT

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Good evening everyone!  I'm watching something and I just had to share.

So who watches Lip Sync Battle?  I'm obsessed with it and when I saw who was on this week I had to watch right away.  I'm a GH fan and loved watching Ricky  Martin from back in the day and then to see where all he has gone is amazing.  This show is always hysterical and so fun to watch and I LOVE getting my LL Cool J fix each week,  Oh and talking about tonight's episode Ricky came out and was ready to go. It was so fun tonight and I loved all of the song choices. These two really came out to win it and put all into it.

Speaking of General Hospital I am still a watcher. I record it everyday and then usually let it play while I'm cleaning and making dinner etc. It is not something I have to sit down and stare at but I do like it as my background and what's going on.  I'm trying to decide what my favorite story right now is and I might have to go with Tracy's story. I know they are working up to Jane Elliots leaving the show but I love when she is front and center and she is just balls out in all of her scenes.  I'm a bit over all the Jake and Jason/Elizabeth stuff.  I like both Jason and Elizabeth and I know that they have the kid together but its almost like their stories have done in such different directions they need to just stop trying to push them together.  That story line is a bit annoying and I think Elizabeth and Franco could have a good storyline without the Jason interference.  I'm excited to see what summer storylines they come up with soon since I always feel like those are some of the hotest ones and it is getting to be that time.

So I am still behind in my Once Upon a Time Viewing. I've only watched three of the new ones this year but it is my current binge so that I can get ready for the wedding/musical episode coming up. I'm a sucker for a wedding episode and then to make it a musical and you know I'm sucked in. I can't wait and I'm sure to  be back once I get a chance to watch it. Now for the show I've been watching since the beginning and while I don't think it has kept up the same awesomness that it had at the beginning I'm loving this season more since its back to the main cast and not as many outside characters getting in the way. They are still there but I feel like the focus is back to more of our cast and I love that.  I've been reading the news about another season and them doing a bit of a reboot and I think that could be good for the show. I'll be watching to see what happens with that and how they move it but my Disney loving heart just can't give up on this show yet.  I do however love to binge it so I will record a couple months and then catch up which is what I'm working on now.

So those are my random shows for the week. I've been really busy and haven't had a ton of time to catch up on a lot of tv besides my HGTV shows, Bones episodes and the Twilight movies they keep showing on Freeform.  Hmm well maybe that is where all my tv time is going ;)
Happy viewing,

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  1. Most definitely looking forward to the musical episode of Once!!!


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