Wednesday, April 12, 2017

TV Talk - Arrangement, the Originals, Fixer Upper

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When people ask me what my hobbies are one of the ones I always say is watching TV but its more then just watching I also love reading behind the scenes info and casting news and locations etc.  I get Entertainment Weekly in the mail and read it cover to cover to help feed my need for info. So even if I don't watch a show I normally know something about it and chat it up a bit.  I've started a couple shows recently that I want to share now.

The Originalsis back and started off with a bang. I love this show and while they haven't officially announced that it has been canceled it does have a short season this year and has just started so its not looking great. With this season they did a 5 year jump in time and Hayley has finally gotten everything she needs together to wake up the Michelsons. Waking them up is the least of her worries as people are still going to want to kill them.  I've decided that I NEED some Klaus in my weekly tv viewing but then I watch and decide I really just need the whole clan. Not to mention Jason Dohring is back on and I LOVED him in Veronica Mars. I just binged the first 4 episodes and can't wait for the next couple. Now that they have gotten them back and have set up the big bad for the season I'm ready to see the gang back together and how they work it out.

So has anyone else started watching The Arrangement?  I'm hooked. It is so good and really grips you right from the beginning. The basic premise is that a very hot and popular actor starts liking a new actress and in order to really date her he makes her sign a contract with lots of rules and requirements in it.  He is also part of a place called the Institute that is ran by the Michael Vartan character.  I love me some Michael Vartan from back in his Alias  days and really he is part of why I tried this show but now I can't wait to catch it each week. If you haven't watched yet this one will really suck you in quick.

I'm also a bit obsessed with Fixer Upper . Their style isn't really mine but I love seeing them transform the utter disasters of homes they get into masterpieces. I love a good recycle story and this is it to the max. The nastier the house they start with the more I love to see the results in the end. I've been binging the show a lot lately and while I had known what it was I had not really watched before but I'm totally hooked now. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Speaking of fixer upper shows did you see that they are bringing back Trading Spaces? I LOVED this show and it really ushered in all of the design shows we love today. I watched it every week and of course had some favorites and some WTF reveals and I can't wait to see how they do the new show.  I haven't seen if they are bringing back any of the original cast or how it is going to work but I can't wait to check it out when its back on.

That's it for now. I'll be back soon to talk about some other shows and with the seasons winding down all of them are really heating up. Are you watching anything new that is just AWESOME and something I need to check out? I'm open to all shows so let me know.
Happy Viewing,

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