Thursday, April 27, 2017

TV Talk - Supergirl, Flash,and Supernatural

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I've been so busy that I've gotten behind on my tv watching and it is piling up on my DVR.  I did sit down today and watched a couple new episodes of some of the shows so I thought I would do a CW catch up today.

Let's start with Supergirl.  I'm so glad that it is now on the CW. It fits in there so much better then on CBS last season. I also still love how they work so many Superman genre actors onto the show and how it really  just works. It all just works. This past episode has Kara getting her job back and in the process they deal with her friendship with Lena Luthor.  I love that they are friends but I have a strange feeling it will come back to bite her in the end.  I was pretty excited with the nano-bytes in this episode and it reminded me of Revolution.  I really liked that show and it just ended with no resolution which sucked and I don't think it got much love but in Supergirl they tied up all the nano ends nice and pretty in one episode.  I can't wait until we get more of Terri Hatcher and what all she is up to but I'm thinking she is supposed to be around for next season so they are just giving us the set up now.

Next up lets look at the Flash.  I still really do enjoy this show and while I do think this season has been a bit rockier then the past I still look forward to it each week.  The big bad this season is Savitar and we still do not know who it is. It is a big surprise and since we don't have many episodes left I'm sure they will bring it up.  With the end of this past episode and Killer Frost/Caitlin immediately following him I'm leaning to someone who isn't in the collage above. What if Savitar is Ronny? He was the love of her life and she never really got a chance to get over him. It seems to be just as much a possibility as any of the others and would be a big shock to everyone. I'm finally not always seeing Draco Malfoy when I look at Tom Felton and he really does like Caitlin and I think he is going to be heartbroken in the end. I do hope he sticks around since I think he makes a good addition to the team.

And let's end up with Supernatural since I actually watched it this evening.  This season has been a bit up and down for me. I'm really more into the serialized part of the show and this season I feel has had a lot of stand alone episodes which while good I really like the overall arcing stories.  Tonight's episode was all about the arc and it had Castiel in it which I love. He is so much a part of the team and he's been missing for far to long.  It really brought us back into the story and set us up for the last couple of episodes and I can't wait. I'd love to finish this baby storyline and I'd like to get rid of the British Men of Letters. They seem so odd this season and maybe that is why I haven't been all into it as much.

So I just reread that and I'm really all over the place. I guess it goes with my randomness and my thoughts this evening. It has been a busy long week and hopefully will slow down some this weekend and I can take a breath and watch some more tv.

Have a great night and enjoy your TV watching!

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