Monday, January 14, 2013

Ipsy January 2013 review

Yeah my Ipsy bag came today.  I was hoping to get it Saturday like last month but I'll take today. :)  I'm really excited for this bag every month and this month was no exception.  For those that want to know Ipsy is a monthly subscription bag that comes with beauty products in it for only $10 a month. And for my local NC girls this one ships from Harrisburg, NC so we get it early in the delivery process.  This makes me really excited since some of the other subscriptions seem to take forever to get to me. ;)

And without further to do here is the bag....

Now I will admit this isn't my favorite bag.  Its a goo size but its a navyish color with stars and just not my thing.  However it will make a cute gift holder or something so I will share it like that.

Onto the good stuff:

  • Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play - this is one of those brands that I have seen but never purchases and I love this size since its great to take on vacation. I see this getting used when I head to Vegas in March.
  • Nailtini - I love this polish and we got a great glitter one the other month. I know there are two colors that were sent out this month a red color and then this light pink.  Its called Frappe and while not a color I would normally buy I do like it as a neutral and since I have alot of reds already this is great to add into the mix.
  • Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil - I have no idea what this is but reading the packaging it sounds like a great all over moisturizer.  It can go on your face, nails, hair, in the bath etc so I'm sure to try it out.
  • Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter - I just need to say this smells delicious.  I read someone say that and I was like no way but now that I have it I'm all in and loving the scent.  I can't wait to use this.
  • Soho Concealer Brush - Since I'm getting all of this new makeup and fun stuff monthly its nice that they sent a brush.  I don't really know what a concealer brush is used for since my normal concealer is a cream but I will look into and put it to good use. Who doesn't need a good concealer.
Over all a great bag and contents.  I can't wait to see what we'll get next month.


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