Friday, January 25, 2013

Cravebox Zatarain's Big Game Box Review

Yeah what is better on a wet snowy day then getting a box in the mail. :)  Today was a Cravebox day and I love getting their box everytime. Its so pretty.

For those wondering Cravebox is a little different from my other boxes in that you sign up and then they will announce when a box is available and you say if you'd like it or not. There is then a drawing and you might or might not get it.  I was lucky enough to get this one and then since I tried so early in the process they sent an email that they were doubling the goodies so I got two of everything.  Double bonus.

And onto the goodies:

  • Jambalaya Mix - M will be so excited we got this since he loves Jambalaya. We are going to have to make this soon.
  • Red Beans and Rice - Not normally one of my favorite meals but I've never tried making it at home so I'll give this  a shot and see how it goes.
  • True Lemon Iced Tea - who can't use some tea.
  • Cajun Mustard - If you know me then you know mustard is my go to condiment. I can't wait to try this one out. I have a notion in my head that this will be great with a pretzel so I may need to make some of those to go with it.
  • Creole Seasoning - Two containers of this is a lot of seasoning. I will have to share one of these with someone but I'm glad to have it. I can see a modified form of a shrimp boil one night here.
  • Then of course the big game is in New Orleans so no party would be complete with out some beads. We love these beads at my house so the boys will love this.
I'm very excited with this box and so glad that they doubled all my contents. I love a full box and this box would have been a little wimpy looking with just one of each item.

Did you get this box? What did you think?


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