Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

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HaHa look at this it is still technically morning and here I am blogging.  Poor C has a bit of an upset stomach so we were up with him about 3:30 this morning and then again around 9ish. He basically gets a bath each time.  I'm hoping now that he is awake it will be better but its made for a rough morning so far.  They are now up in my room watching tv with their Ipads while I'm downstairs catching up on the computer.;)  With the rain outside it is just one of those days.

So I'm going to do a picture heavy post today so just bear with me.  Lots of very random pictures going on. LOL but it sums up the weekend so far.

Let's start off with Saturday morning and the kids waking up to SNOW. Yes it was snowing here in NC and since we all knew it wouldn't last they ran out in whatever they had on.  It didn't stick and quickly turned to sleet and rain but it was very pretty for a little bit.

That afternoon we had Christmas with my side of the family and my mom got M and I matching Mickey watches.  I love love love them.  N thinks we NEED to plan out next trip to Disney right now so we can wear them together. LOL

Once they left me and the boys made a run to Target and C saw this new PS3 controller on clearance and he just had to have it.  He used some of his new Christmas money for the pink controller.  I don't think he and N will be fighting over who uses which one now. :)

Then because you know it is C and he is crazy he decided to play with his new cars on the blinds.  I mean doesn't every kid line up their cars on the blinds?

And then my yesterday was spent finally getting my Christmas cards ready to mail out today and since I wasn't late enough I decided to update my Erin Condren address book. I have had it for awhile but I haven't really filled it out so now it is all nice and pretty and my addresses are all in one place.  I'm in love with it. Do you guys still use an address book? 

Last night we headed out to one of the local shopping centers that does a light show on the front of the movie theater.  C said he would be in the picture with me to show we were there. LOL it was a little cool out there but we liked the show and its a fun thing to do each year.

So what is up for the rest of your week?  While I'm pretty sure I'm done shopping I still need to wrap everything and get a list ready for the grocery store.  We do Christmas Eve and my brother and sister in laws and then Christmas morning and home with friends coming over for dinner that night.  There is so much food going around but it is so much fun and the kids love playing with each other and talking about all their new gifts.

Have a Merry Christmas week!!!

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