Tuesday, December 2, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday


Who is ready for some TV Talk?  Sorry I've been MIA the last couple of days. Very busy with Thanksgiving and having everyone home and then N was home sick yesterday :( He is back to school today so I should be on the upswing and will be doing some catchup this week but first we NEED to talk TV.

Let's start with the biggest show this weekend. The Walking Dead midseason finale.  Uhm yea that just happened is all I can say.  I was kindof expecting it but then the show just kept going and I was like ok its going to be ok but then at the end WOW.  I mean Beth wasn't a huge character on the show but she did have an arc and there was always the thoughts of her with Daryl and really they are kindof missing an age group of that older teen young twenty on the show that if the world is going to survive needs to be present.  However I think this will propel the group for the second half of the season and things will get a bit rougher for them.  And when Daryl broke down crying I about lost it.  While Rick is the leader of the group I think Daryl feels like he is the protector and he wasn't able to protect her like he feels he should have and that will get to him as time goes on.

Now onto something lighter. Dancing With the Stars finale last week.  Did you watch this season?  I don't watch every week but C and I will chromecast it up to the tv during the week and have dance parties along with the performers. ;)  I was not surprised that Alfonso won. I think most people picked him from the get go but I was glad that the girls all stepped it up and gave him a run for his money.  Can we also mention how many past So You Think You Can Dance dancers are on the show now. I love SYTYCD each summer so I love seeing all the dancers again but are there no other dancers out that that want to be on the show? or are they trying to cast pros that might already have a bit of a following?  

Is anyone elses kid obsessed with Max and Ruby? C is obsessed with them and somehow we have two different Christmas episodes on the Tivo and he wants to watch them over and over with Ruby's Christmas Tree being his favorite. :(  I really just want to know where their parents are and as I was a big sister and had my little brother with me a lot why does she not throw a fit about it ;) Since we all know that as the older sibling to always have to deal with your younger brother isn't what you want to be doing.  LOL ( love you bro)

So those are three very random shows this week. LOL many shows are getting ready to go into hiatus for the holidays so I hopefully will get some time to catch up on shows I'm behind on like Castle, Bones, Pretty Little Liars and White Collar.  Pretty sure there are some others too but those are the ones I can think of.  I'm not too behind just a couple episodes so we should catch up ok.  Oh and speaking of shows I'm trying to decide about how to watch The Flash/ Arrow crossover this week. Should I watch The Flash tonight and Arrow tomorrow or should I wait and watch them both tomorrow?  Totally a first world problem but I just can't decide. LOL

Happy TV watching,

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