Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall TV 2015 - TV Talk

My Entertainment Weekly finally came today. It should have been here last Friday but of course it was late since I was waiting on it. However I have made my first pass and I think I have my shows for the new season all lined up on my chart.  Yes for those new to my blog I make a TV chart each fall season and see where the shows fall out and since I can only record two shows at a time make sure I don't have conflicts and then decide what I want to do when I have a conflict. Etc.  This year I'm going to give you a little nightly thoughts below the chart so stick around and check me out.

Here is the chart......

So lets check it out for a quick daily thoughts.  I will go into more detail when I resume my TV Talk Tuesday posts next week.  I'll also be adding a linkup each week so come out and link up to talk TV.

Sunday - Lots of new shows for me tonight. I wasn't originally thinking of watching Blood & Oil but the previews make it look like soapy goodness so we will see.  Flesh & Blood is about the dance world and has the main guy from the movie CenterStage in it so I have to check it out.  I of course don't have Starz so I'll probably have to watch it once it makes it to another platform but it still has me very excited.  Oh and lets not forget the one night only CSI finale.  I haven't watched CSI in years but I will watch the finale and see how they hopefully go out with a bang.

Monday - This is kindof crazy for me as Monday is usually such a busy night for me but for some reason not this year. LOL I wonder why they moved all the shows I watch off this night. Hmmm  As for the new shows I can't wait to check out Blindspot I think it looks like a unique way to start a procedural drama. I will also say that we still haven't finished 2 Broke Girls from last season. I'm hoping this season starts out good as I don't think last season was their best or it might be on my now it's time to say goodbye list in the spring.

Tuesday - So it looks like tonight is my night for new shows and conflicts (kindof). I for sure want to check out Scream Queens. It looks so campy and AWESOME.  I love Rob Lowe and Fred Savage so I'm hoping Grinder is a good half hour show that both M and I will enjoy.  I just can't decide on Limitless so I'm going to try it out. I mean who doesn't want to watch Bradley Cooper every week? Now for the kindof conflict. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before but I really want to like SHIELD but somehow I only make it through the first half of each season. LOL so since its the beginning of a season I might give it another try however NCIS:NOLA and iZombie take precedence.

Wednesday - Uhm is there any question that I will be watching Arrow and Supernatural? I mean I liked SPN before it was all the rage and as popular as it is now. LOL  I also really liked the first two season of Heroes so I'm in for a new ride and I hope it starts out as strong as the original.

Thursday - Another much of the same night for me however I am beyond thrilled to have Vampire Diaries and Originals on back to back.  I can get all my vampire love in on one night.  Elementary is another one the M and I are still behind on from last season but we do like it we just feel that it is a good binge show so we keep holding off and hmm looks like we are almost out of time. LOL I guess we can work some more on the Tivo and just plan some watch time.

Friday - my loan show Reign got moved over here.  I love Reign and will watch it no matter what night it is on.

So I think that about sums up my first thoughts and looks.  I'm still reading through my EW so I may add and/or remove some things but this gets me started.  Looks like a lot of shows start next week so I'm going to have to take some time this week to set my season passes and clear out the stuff that is no longer on there.  That might have to be another thread with just my season passes. Oh my do I have so many. :)

I'm beyond excited and ready now for the new season. What are you most interested in? Anything new that really catches your eyes?

Happy viewing,

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