Monday, September 21, 2015


Good afternoon!!!  I really love doing my recaps this way so I'm back to link up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post :)


Exhausted--- My niece had her birthday party at chuck-e-cheese yesterday and while we were only there a couple hours I'm worn out.  My boys loved it and if you couldn't guess N found his favorite game.  He spent most of his tokens throwing the football.

Slack--- C needed a family picture to take to preschool last week and we didn't have any newish ones so the little girl next door snapped a couple with my phone in the backyard.  She did a great job and he was excited to have a picture for school.  Now I need to get some real ones taken soon. LOL

Energized--- M participated in a Dragonboat race this weekend and while his team did not win they did have a great time and we all had fun watching the boats and hanging out at the festivities.  I'm pretty sure that Saturday was the hottest day we've had here in a month though. LOL we all about melted.

Lighter--- I told you guys I was participating in a consignment sale at my friends church last weekend and I took these two huge loads to her sale.  I sold 98 items so I was stocked. I still have some tiny little clothes so I'll list those on some local sites and then pack away and/or donate what is left.  I'm so excited to get rid of some of this and helping a good cause along the way.

Inspired--- I saw this on fb last week and sent it to my sister so unfortunately I have no idea who posted the link but I'm in love.  I also have no idea if someone drew it or if its wallpaper but I'd love some wallpaper like this.  I love it in B/W but I love the thought that it can be colored in. I think it would be so cool in a craft room or office for when we just need a mental break for a few minutes.

So that's a quick recap of last week. This week is just a regularish week I think with Disney work for me, school for the boys and work for M.  C is out one day for a teacher workday so we'll be park bound then and I need to start packing for my scrapping retreat next week.  Eeehhh so excited for a couple days to just create and hang with my girlies!!!!

Have a magical week everyone °O°

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  1. Dragonboat racing looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for joining my Currently link up this week!!! It is so good to hear what you are up to!
    Have a wonderful weekend & Choose Happy :) XO Becky


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